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Confirmed Satanist And CIA Agent Jackie Killed JFK

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posted on Feb, 8 2014 @ 07:43 AM

Reverse speech quotes from the LULAC gala in Houston on 11-21-1963:-

JFK – “Before we seal this with farewell, err, tie a knot in it. Help me bid farewell, err, set veil on it. Here’s the lady I fear most” – hands over to Jackie.

Jackie – “Deep. I’ve helped the Illuminati with murdering, and I say it, I threaten I’ll kill you” – she shoots JFK in Dealey Plaza the next day.

Jackie – “That’s not all…hear me. Make them listen to us. Let them celebrate (applauding audience). The Illuminati never hard sell it. That’s good. I love you Satan. I love you Satan. I change not. Tsunami does nay look nice. Now that’s it. I say it now, these things are of the Illuminati, and all of them, they obviously must be important. My lips speak not. I know this, that’s in the sky. I say it, I threaten you, and I say it out here” Jackie then closes with:-

Jackie – “I love you Satan, I do. I mean, move to heart. Yes I love you, in my head. Open my heart out. That’s it, seal it” – she hands over Lyndon Johnson.

More shocking discoveries follow below. These include, Jackie pleading with family friend CIA kingpin Allen Dulles to join the CIA, Dulles orchestrating the JFK assassination and cover-up, the faked death of Oswald, the use of a JFK body double at Parkland Hospital, and Jackie’s role in the death of Robert Kennedy.

From the article "CIA Agent Jackie Killed JFK":-
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Maybe you should speak with Jim MARRS. I think he would laugh at this theory.

Jim MARRS one of the best investigative reporters who has investigated and wrote a best seller book on JFK's killing.

posted on Feb, 8 2014 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by Jesuslives4u

He has replied to emails from me previously, but not this time. The theories in the article, undermine other theories/vested interests. Researchers do not like to admit that their existing work is wrong, and that someone else has done a better job.

posted on Feb, 9 2014 @ 05:31 AM
I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to raise this topic on C2C AM. I have got on 3 times before (on other topics), but my number is clearly blocked now.

Who would like the honor of telling middle America who really killed JFK? Just call George Noory, stay on topic initially, and then say something like:-

"...and George, have you seen an article called, CIA Agent Jackie Killed JFK? It is very interesting, to say the least."

Call in numbers etc:-
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