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(MUST WATCH) NASA leaked DECLORATION OF WAR against us... This is shocking.

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posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 08:32 AM

reply to post by Mianeye

LINK to document-Check Mick West response for copy

The guy from the 2nd post gives a perfect summary of all this:

* It's not a new document, it's an old powerpoint presentation from 2001.
* There's nothing in it that's not in many other books and papers on the future of war, or futurism in general
* Here's an example similar TED talk
* Much more comprehensive web site:
All it is is speculation about what the future of warfare MIGHT be like, so that that the military can think about what they might want to do. There's no plan in there. It's all just speculation.
The document is real, it's a real NASA document made for the military. But it's not secret. And it does not contain anything like what she thinks it does. She's just not understanding it.

posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 08:35 AM
reply to post by chrismarco

yeah, i got it, just had to do a little digging on it, but figured it wasn't a topic for me to disscuss as i saw it as a mudsling back and forward about it being a real scenario.

But it seems ATS has become more civilized when it comes to such topics.

Another funny thing though, the link you just posted(that took a minut to find), was the first one i got when i did a google

posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 08:49 AM
reply to post by Jacker44

Thank you Jacker44 : ]
Im not sure about this, bout it being safe.. or if ever productive. But i kind of want to start a Anti tyranny and Pro human rights movement... But a strong one... Im kind of looking for advice from you guys.

I want too get the hard scary stuff... and put it out there.. maybe on the street... Im not sure if i should do this.. Might i come up murdered or changed.. or prolonged imprisonment for becoming an activist/terrorist.

posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by OpinionatedB

1. It was written 12 years ago & was not based on current usable tech. (As the video would have you believe)

I think our tech is already beyond it. I think the majority of others would agree... If nano tech is mentioned in mainstream media as aplicable.. then tech is 30+ years old. and is only being sold or controlled by commercial entities and that is why you are hearing of it.
Do you know what kind of genetic data even the nazi's had? By the 50's they figured out how to reverse age.. revert the body back too its 20's or they are transfering their conciousness into clones (this has been publically admited that xfer is possible and being used), and transhumanism. You do know howmany test subjects they had too work with right?

Second off.. Its not of any major conciquence that this is a NASA document or a Kinko's document... The reality is these weapons and instutions directing them exsist and they are implimenting the global depopulation agenda
People have been saying this for years... And look.. look now at what you are finding on what.. NASA.. Imagine what black projects are doing.. I dont just want too sit here...

Dont forget they are prettymuch refering to us as expendable unevolved cattle.. Under that pretense how far do you think they were willing to take science with regaurds to our well being. I do not want to debate weather this is a truth, i want to do something about it.. Im going to need help.. ideas.

Please dont take this as.. another time you have heard of things like this... Look at it as... the sources of that information are multiplying... People have been warning us for years. What about the politician that was just murdered... for stating these facts.. ive seen the video before, His speech, Although i cannot find it again or remember his name, ive been looking for almost a week now for that video.
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posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 08:57 AM
try it,.. it enhances your intelligent side

posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by Evergreens

Hmm... this was in the .pdf file from NASA and it does say capture and torture U.S. citizens on prime time. I do think this is brainstorming. But still, it shows what is being thought about.

.pdf Link

So, this would be like a think tank document, I am thinking. But it is very interesting and there is a lot of analysis in there - although NASA probably doesn't endorse it - this should be where things could possibly be heading.

reply to post by ChaoticOrder

ChaoticOrder is correct though - this is like a summary of current topics. I don't think it is a bad idea for you to promote human rights, though - someone has to be around to stop things like that torture from being okay in the future.
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posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by Lil Drummerboy

Did you not read my original post? Keep that crap out of here and stay on topic. I want to accomplish something here.... Not make a thread for undesirables to troll on

Excuse me? get off of my thread if you have nothing to contribute other than insults.
I decided to drop out of school at an early age.. I was making probably more money than you are now when i was 16 years old dude.
Not only that but public schools are a fraud and a front.. i have my reasons for not returning too school.. and that was mainly after i started to remember very disturbing instances where i had been experimented on through one of those rocafella funded institutions.
I don't want to subscribe to any institution that kidnaps CHILDREN.

I don't need to explain myself to you.. you are only pissing me off... im here hoping i can make a change in a life or death scenario that concern's all of us and this is all you have to say?

Really... don't reply to any of my posts.. i do not welcome your conversation.
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posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 09:37 AM

reply to post by Lil Drummerboy

Excuse me? get off of my thread if you have nothing to contribute other than insults.
I decided to drop out of school at an early age.. I was making probably more money than you are now when i was 16 years old dude.
Not only that but public schools are a fruad and a front.. i have my reasons for not returning too school.. and that was mainly after i started to remember very distubring instances where i had been experimented on through one of those rocafella funded institutions.
I don't want to subscribe to any institution that kidnaps CHILDREN.

I don't need to explain myself to you.. you are only pissing me off... im here hoping i can make a change in a life or death scianrio that concernes all of us and this is all you have to say?

Really... don't reply to any of my posts.. i do not welcome your conversation.
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and again,..

come on.. F R A U D..
just saying.. at least use spellcheck.. mr business man.... lol.. I will
get off your thread now..

posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 10:38 AM
Think about it people please.. This .. Was actually PUBLISHED for the world to see... You think annalists get paid to make jokes?
If we dont take things like this seriously.. do we even have a right to survive.. cmon.. if your not throwing me a bone here throw yourself one.

Are we that desensitized to... things like THIS?
My god... This is not Berlin 70 years ago, This is now.
We owe it too ourselves and to our brothers and sisters, mothers fathers aunts uncles neighbors cousins our teachers our kids.. These sort ideas and actions by our elected leaders, our taxes paid for that. You paid for that...They took an action that warrants a response.. Think outside the box, you are in the box like an item.. And they have assessed your value and usefulness. I however am not comfortable with living with an eye shut to that truth or those possibilities... They've gone through the contingency's..and have the ability to make this a reality..

And its not a secret behind closed doors its being openly discussed.. Even if this exact plan wasnt implimented.. LOL what do you think they would chose instead.. Something only slightly less hanous.. Please someone.. level with me here. Ive done mass amounts of research.. This isnt the only place ive heard things like this my god we have all read hundreds of things just as terrible as this.. ive been a victem of child abduction by the government I know in what regaurd they hold our lives ... please people smack yourself out of it. This is wrong. its up to us what to decide is to be done about it.
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posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 11:40 AM
Please understand.. i did not see 1 video and fall off of my horse.
For years and years ive been seeing more and more things like these, i could talk and link for hours about howmany things like this are out there... THIS IS THE PROBLEM.. STOP THINKING COMPARTMENTALIZED. THINK AT ONCE WITH THE FACTOR OF ALL THE KNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE LEARNED. This is a puzzle... See it with all of the pieces connected..
Take 20 steps backwards out of your eyes.. and look at the world from an aireal stand point.. Imagine that all of the things you have learned on these fourms, documentaries, news, radio... are boxes of info on the map.. Look at it from a high. Connect the dots.. can you add all of that info up too form a big picture. Do you see how it functions, Do you know what it REALLY is, What its done in the passed.
What direction we are going into? ... You arent damning yourselves your damning the generations to come : [ You are allowing it to happen.

none of this can happen here.. we arent in berlin. we arent in syria. we arent in north korea..We arent in china where millions of people were in prison camps getting their organs harvested... Governments arent capable of these atrocities... This isnt 50 years ago... no its now, its in the FRIGGIN FUTURE THEY HAVE MORE MONEY THAN EVER. And im willing to bet... They are gona do it how they have always done it.. And its 2014 and daddy got new toys.. Seriously i mean no dissrespect.. but wake up ? What the hell.

posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 11:51 AM
Obama's exec orders, the rape of the constitution, the what.. 500+ fema camps? The disarming of our nation. Our rights to free speech and protest are being met with accusations of terrorism.

No... None of this is leading to any direction? Do you not see... what they are preparing for.
We need to help.. my god instead of standing up for justice and basic human freedoms... like using your voice without fear of prolonged imprisonment.. your in a way you are defending them.. protecting them by this not being SERIOUS to you..
Honestly right now. you have no idea how sad this has made me.. that this is the response.. to what you all know is true.. but just because some lady got half of it right, or could only prove half of it. yet we have all heard of these things happening in shadow projects from other sources in different decades... JEESSSUS CHRIST Should i stop wasting my breath? or is any of this important. Does anyone care about what the future may hold... again no dissrespect.. but i would think you lot.. would be smart enough to go hey... maybe better safe than sorry.
After all.. this hasnt happend in our near past before.
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posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 02:22 PM
reply to post by Evergreens

This is a very important thread, it show's how the so called civilian agency has been taken over by anti democratic corporation's and corrupt group's.
I truly hope the american people wake up now before it is too late.

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posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 02:29 PM

In the real world, might as well just pay taxes, to support an arms races against something that like a ghost, and imaginatively armed to the teeth. But then we will forget about the children, the future, and our dam problem.

Hows that? O wait, I hear tons of tax arguments.
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posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 04:53 PM

reply to post by OpinionatedB

I also can not say if the PDF is even based on his report because I can not find a full copy on the internet.

Boncho already posted a link the full document and claimed it was legit. If there's anyone I trust on this forum to state the facts as they are it's boncho.
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Much to my own chagrin, I have to admit that I have made mistakes in the past. In any case, I can clarify on why I believe it is indeed real:

Bushnell has done similar thought experiments for the navy.

If you look at the world future society, Busnell often gives persentations at future planning conferences.

And to solidify the veracity of it, here is exactly when and where it was presented (possibly incorporated into other forums and conferences as well):


Recommendations for Counter-Terrorism


34.) PowerPoint Presentations
Advances in Biotechnology: Promise and Peril.................................................353
George Poste
Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare...............................................................360
Dennis Bushnell

And for the people who remain confused on the purpose, it was presented at strategic planning forums, where plenty of issues were raised, all in how to defend against threats. It's not a map of what to do, nor does it mean any of it will happen. Since the presentation is "2025", it's basically just a bunch of "what if" scenarios for people in charge of state defence.
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posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 06:43 AM
Debunked.. are you kidding me? No..
Seriously this is so sad of you people... DO YOU NOT KNOW.. WHAT THAT IS.
Do you not KNOW. most of those food and beam and tower weapons are in effect? For gods sake how are you so niave?

Oh heres some more human domination for you....

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 07:26 AM
DID YOU ACTUALLY LISTEN TOO IT, You people are hopeless... honestly. I give up.
Here is probably where some admin bans me or removes my comment..


[Just listen to the termonology in the document when refering to a sentient being..Human or otherwise.Don't mistake it, im going to say it for what they are.. your masters... and if such a man bestows such notions and information onto you and you sit aside and do nothing, saying its specualtion when more than half of that is a reality... Then you truely are his pets, you cannot think for yourself.. he does it for you. Hey dont we do the same thing with cattle? they think we are cool right? we feed them.. till we are chopping thier f'n heads off.. this is no different. my god. ] [ not only that.. but for the world leaders.. to hear that... LOL that is their life.. its what they do.. to you its just easy reading, why dont you think of it with the weight of reality LIKE THEY DO.. how.. can you not grasp the concept of the mentality behind that document, and what kind of power it has over you. DO NOT DISMISS IT.. I MEAN HOLY F' MAN...] i mean.. just WTF? Cmon.. do yourself some credit please

Honestly its really getting to the point to where people surprise me with ignorance multiple times a day and i literally fear for the survival of us as a nation and eventually a race... someone is out there deciding these things for you.. And you ..shy at it? Sorry.. are you a MORON? These things are unacceptable. IM SERIOUSLY ... JUST OVER AND OVER SURPRISED.. how can you be so narrow minded as to not see what this would look like from a 3rd party view... How stupid Citizen joe was when he read this.. and could not take such a concept seriously... not coming from his stupid forum where he thinks he knows 1 thing from another because hes part of an enlightened percentile... This wasnt off of some crack pot website it was from his leaders...
Thick though Citizen Joe was... Surely he has recognized that in the 10 years since its publishment 90% of said document is dumbing and poisoning the people on a mass scale already!
And in 10 more years... Citizen joe.. being the idiot he was.. had someone greater than him decide his destiny because he simply didnt have the brains to recognize his Sheppard.. Well thats why they lead the lambs to slaughter my friend.

I seriously cannot believe how many negative comments there are.. And that people see things in such black and white, You don't see what that document really is..
Or the thoughts and belief's of those who wrote it... and what kind of influence they have at the United Nations.

I have done enough reading, enough cross referencing in the passed 2 weeks to realize this plan is in effect..Thats just what ive read up on.. But ive known for years... that uh.... GIVE OR TAKE A THING OR TWO OUT OF IT AS YOU ALL LIKE POINTING OUT SO MUCH... WHAT ABOUT HOW MUCH OF IT IS HAPPENING.. Just because its not happening all at once.. does not mean it wont. Sure in 10 years there will probably be revisions.. but that is agenda 21.. i thought we all knew about this already.
AGENDA.. 21 ? Ringin any bells.. skeptic.

I STATED WHEN I POSTED THIS THREAD.. THIS ISNT TO DEBUNK OR TOO STEER AWAY FROM THIS.. ! not only can you not think for yourself you cannot read either..? Ive said it before... Im truly embarrassed to share the same blood with you. I do not see how such radical shifts in logic are possible between 1 man and another..Im simply and completely ashamed to be human. What a waste.
I guess its why we are slaves, and they carry the whips...You sad. pathetic people... im going to pray for hours.. meditate and hope overnight that you come to your senses.
You are in a ATS forum .. Enough data is here.. even scrutinized and picked apart by monkeys yet you cannot see the threat as a larger picture.. i could understand submitting to it.. but not even recognizing it.. It not scaring the life from out of you? Maybe ive read too much, maybe i know to much about shadow projects but i see the big picture.. and its smack in front of your face everyday you have NUMBED yourself to it.. KNOCK IT OFF.. open your eyes please.. for my sake aswell as yours.

Again.. i will say one more time.. i did not post this too debunk, or doubt. But rather see what options of assertive action i may take against it.. because it has to start somewhere.. And im not going to just sit here and do nothing when i could be helping my people.

~~~~For the last time, we are done discussing the possibility of its existence or its partial existence even though i doubt you have the facts i do otherwise you would be on this horse with me.~~~~

I want to prevent it. i want to spread this word. not shush it.. unless that is you F'n intention? because it seems like.. that is the case. either that or you are not even READING THE DAMN POSTS... AND JUST POSTING WHAT YOU THINK. even then it makes no sense.. because i stated "this wasnt my intent for this thread" Again.. surprised at the dwindling levels of intelligence here..
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posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 07:34 AM
reply to post by Evergreens

One, there are such thing as paid scepticts and debunkers whose sole job it so obfuscate and muddy the truth, sow doubt and deny fact's, ATS is a regular site and being one of the biggest conspiracy site's in the world they are definitely working the site though the site is not under there control, they work by posting comment's.
Now all debunkers are such but a select professional verge of psychologicaly trained agent's use there skill set in this corrosive fashion,

Two, there are others whom do exactly the same thing by producing false conspiracy as let's be fair the public love's a good story but they actually harm the true source, one such story from long before the net was freely available was about a professor maurice chatelaine (Whom did work for NASA as a consultant but this site has such paid member whom have tried to destroy any reference to him, - Why, well because he was genuine and wrote a book exposing his own theory about ancient science but he believed the ancient astronaut theory), his hurdle and one that nearly broke him as the amateur author Erik Von Danikan whom actually made stuff up for his book's, now von danikans book chariots of the god's became an international best seller at the same time as Mr chatelain released his book, it was obscurred by Von Danikans text and became a flop but when von danikan was discredited mr chatalains work was mocked as well despite being a genuine scientific founded work with conjecture and evidence but no lie's.

Three there are people whom what you tell will fear it, now we know erikson sold there mobile section to sony to get out of the mobile phone business as they believed that the future would see a repeat of the same law suit's that had struck the cigarette industry, there was more evidence of harm by mobile than there had been of cigarettes causing damage and given such they being a ethical company decided to cut tie's.
The information you put here is well know to be FACTUAL but try telling these people that as like any addict they will carry on.
The same people whom work to discredit this are actually among the same people this is targeted at so think lemmings whom being the smallest herd animal in the world, when they have finished there supply of food and there population is too large try to migrate to a land that no longer exists and litterally run into the sea,. Well that is these people.
Jessy Ventura may have been a wrestler and a showman but he was also a US senator and a good one whom cared about his country and people, now he has already made a very interesting documentary that covers much of this that you have shown on this.
YOU ARE CORRECT but there are factions within factions and what you are not seeing is the internal battle among those whom have implemented this anti democratic/anti human policy or whom is pulling there string's.
There is a throne there and no matter how they destroy the world they will always try to take it for themselves.
Sadly the there ilk are still infesting the human race like parasites and they do need to be purged from our numbers, the point is they know we would purge them so they are trying to purge us.

Peace brother and remember there are more people whom believe you than these (head in the sand) can ever stop.
I had to correct that as some thing's I can not say.

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posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 07:35 AM

Debunked.. are you kidding me? No..
Seriously this is so sad of you people... DO YOU NOT KNOW.. WHAT THAT IS.
Do you not KNOW. most of those food and beam and tower weapons are in effect? For gods sake how are you so niave?

Oh heres some more human domination for you....

You probably will comment that the title of the video was incorrect, yet.. completely dismiss everything said in it and furthuring the stereotype that its not worth watching by using those statements with a complete absense of logic too see that a contribution against such actions is the proper course you should be on. But no a small percentile difference between the document then and 10 years later reality.. and its debunked... JUST LIKE THAT YOUTUBE VID RIGHT THERE.. THE TITLE ISNT COMPLETELY RIGHT, THEREFORE ITS ALL DEBUNKED..

And you will remain hopless idiots too the slaughter. Im sorry for being so negative.. and insulting. But today was the day .. that i realized people arent beyond saving.. but people like you, make it so people that could normally be reached arent reachable because of you spewing your F'n garbage ignoring the cold F'n facts. Agenda 21 is currently residing in your skull clinging to you pineal tissue, Its in your bowels. and the LF's are obviously effecting your thoughts otherwise id be hoping for so much more.

*snaps finger* WAKE

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by LABTECH767

Im aware of the multiple factions, and the others that have intrest in us non diplomatically but even just pure genetically for study.
Believe me.. ive heard it all.. Think of my aditude kind of like mulders, i divulged until i found the truth. Now im looking for more than just speculating.. And i will not have someone derail a warning too a real threat.. it just so happend that NASA doc was the perfect catalyst that could be accepted by most anyone.. because it is NASA. But hearing.. what it says.. should open your eyes to a broader spectrum. I give it credit for how much black ops are openly crammed into 1 little document lol.. But the Logo is what will make it sell my friend

And thank you.. your post stopped my ranting. Im sorry everyone.. Im just frusterated. Its hard to believe people are still asleep.

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 07:47 AM
Do you realize that your nonsensical rants do more to insult your intelligence then anyone else in this thread possibly could?

Go back to school, learn some etiquette and try again later.

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