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Grounding ( earthing ) Kits ?

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posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 09:28 PM

reply to post by Timely

Decided to take my own advice and grounded the heads on my winter car. There is a small increase in torque. It is a 99 Taurus. I have larger diameter wheels than stock and was seeing a bit of lugging at cruising speed of around 50 mph as a result.

To make your speculative results stick (not that I don't believe you) you, or someone that has access to a dyno bed needs to do the following;

Test the car beforehand
Test the car afterward
Compare the result to factory specs for your engine when it was new.

While I do believe that your car has shown an improvement in performance, I would hedge a bet on the fact that it being a 99 car (15 years old now) your electrical system was suffering some degradation to start with and the earth strap has overcome that problem, but the figures would be closer to but not higher than factory original specs.
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