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If gay were straight, and straight were gay.

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posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 08:56 PM

reply to post by jacygirl

Yes, and I've been there, too. I spent an entire year of my life being the one in class everyone picked on, just cause. I spent time contemplating suicide ... in third grade, and it has impacted ever since.

You don't need to set up such an absurd scenario in order to touch on that theme and tug heart strings.

Everyone gets bullied, everyone. This is not a new thing, nor is it something that only happens to homosexuals. And it certainly isn't something that only causes homosexuals to feel like killing themselves.

Far better to draw on commonality shared across people than to try to create a scenario that cannot exist in such a fashion and try to get everyone to suspend their disbelief.

Sorry too hear that, honestly.

But I do know where you're coming from 100%. Yes I understand that this scenario is unrealistic. And it would be more complicated to be sustained.

But you have to consider many people around the world find comfort in stories that are not realistic. Religions would be a pretty good example. Plus you also have morale fables that do not have a religious or spiritual undertone. Some people may literally believe some of these events, or they may view them as symbols and metaphors to get a certain point across. The only beef with religious folks when it comes to that topic, is that they try and make religion the sole provider of their morale codes and ethics. Which to me is not true, since they are nothing more than reflections and symbols we have already accepted, and these things are already with us naturally and instinctually.

Sometimes it helps trying to look at the unrealistic in order to put realism into perspective.

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