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The Tara People

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posted on Feb, 3 2014 @ 10:22 PM
Wasn't something similar to this on a "Doctor Who "episode?

posted on Feb, 3 2014 @ 11:11 PM

i'm wondering why the poster asks us instead of her friends and family?

Cause if you come from a family like mine were my parents dont know my true colors due to there negative outlook on life and set mind set that will destroy your goals, hopes, dreams and reaching a full potential in life then sometimes its best to keep things to your self or chat on fourms. Further more friends can be extremely judgemental. The second you have a fight your secret is out. And your friend is now playing on your colours and becoming your enemy very fast.

posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 12:45 AM
I was only up to pge 6, but it became a bit tedious to pursue this any further until the OP provides some additional information.
OK, OP, tell us more about yourself:

How old are you now?

How old is your son now and has he been home schooled during this whole time? What grades?

Where's the father of your son and since when has he not participated in your family life.

What does he do/did he do 3 years ago?

Could you rule out your ex partner/husband/son's-bio-father as being complicit in any of this 'harrassment'?

After 3 years, why are you still opening the door, like a Stepford Wife/automaton, hoping that by repeating the same ritual 300+ times, over and over again, without altering your approach, you hope you'll get a different result?

What are the facial expressions/body language/responses of these 'Tara People', once you've told them "Tara doesn't live here"?

Do any of them get upset when finding Tara isn't there? What are their different reactions?

Haven't your reactions to this evolved in any way during these 3 years?

Are you delusional in other areas in your life?

Have you confined your son to your home, denying him any freedom or autonomy in his life?
That's why I want to know how old he is he in his 30's or 40's, maybe?

Something about your casual mention of your son and lack of any description of his state of mind/being...worries me.

Are you yourself confined to an institution of any kind? Or have you isolated yourself from reality in some way?

There's something about your lack of relating to how your son reacts to all of this. Hasn't he grown up a little in these 3 years to maybe glean some insight into what's going on?

And lastly, do you really have a son, Tara?

Sorry, but I don't buy your story either

posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 01:12 AM

Ok... Now that I've had my morning coffee...

1-3 visitors a week (2 average) x 156 weeks (3 years) = 312 people knocking on your door and asking for Tara.

312 people??

And you've never asked even the most basic questions to find out who it is? Really?


312 people.
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I agree I've lived in the same house for almost 10 years and I guarantee I haven't had that many visitors, that includes invited guests and random people!! I certainly would be getting to the bottom of this and not because it's creepy but just because I'd get sick of answering the door!!!

posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 01:53 AM
*curses Google* I know damn well I've read this exact story before somewhere within the last couple of years, the difference being enough words & sentence structures have been changed to make it un-googleable in it's current version. The mystery woman's name wasn't Tara in it, either, but I can't remember what the damned name was. This is making for a very fruitless & frustrating google sifting without the character's name or knowing exactly which words have been swapped out. I've tried swapping out "Beautician" with a few other professions (hairdresser, seamstress, photographer, Avon lady even) but none are pulling a search hit yet.

Can anybody help me search around, maybe ideas on how to search for similar stories on creative writing sites? Or Creepypasta even, if the original is submitted there?

If the OP is the original author of it, fess up, it was great work the first time I read it. If you plagiarized someone else's story to string people along with, that's vile on multiple levels of vileness.

posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 06:42 AM
reply to post by Starling

Unfortunately the Op has disappeared due to al the animosity aimed at her

posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 01:24 PM
This really was an interesting read! I must say that gangstalking is the biggest idea that comes to mind. Hopefully OP isn't gone for good and just refusing to respond. I can see why anyone would refuse to do such given the tone of some posts but opinions are opinions. If this is still being monitored by OP then I hope she stays safe and maybe keep a log of her visitors in case this is gang stalking.

posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 05:30 PM


If the OP is the original author of it, fess up, it was great work the first time I read it. If you plagiarized someone else's story to string people along with, that's vile on multiple levels of vileness.

I looked it up too and found squat, even on creepypasta I looked up knocking on the door and couldn't find anything, When I was reading the story I thought that Tara was going to be like one of those I picked her up on the side of the road and gave her a ride home and here is her jacket/object left behind story.

Though I do think that I remember a story with a beautician in it but like you I cannot place it. I wonder if it would be in the shadowlands story section?

posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 05:42 PM
reply to post by fenian8

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!! i asked questions too!

Just felt the OP was being jumped on a bit. I enjoyed the story - and it's not SO beyond the realms of possibility that it may be true.

But i'm bored now.. hahaha! Goodnight!!

posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 06:01 PM

reply to post by Starling

Unfortunately the Op has disappeared due to al the animosity aimed at her

Yeah well, for good reason too!
Only a person who is untruthful, manipulative and evil would back off from facing the crowd, as she has done here.
You can't be a wimp on ATS and if you are, you'll be eaten alive by the ones who can recognize insanity.

posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 09:46 PM
Well, it's an interesting story and a mystery worthy of investigation but I think the OP has given up on this thread (rightly or wrongly). She seems to have taken the story elsewhere for answers. The Tara People
I would ask that if she ever gets an answer to her question that she return to this thread to put us all out of our misery. Best of luck to the OP in her endeavor.

posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 11:27 PM
I have come back as I do want to express thanks to those that have at least tried to question what I have written so far, and have at least had an open mind (I don’t expect everyone to believe, so I can understand skepticism, this is something that is pretty bizarre, so I do understand) enough to at least throw out some suggestions. I will try and answer all questions that have been put forth so far.

As for my husband, he passed away 9 years ago from cancer. He worked for a therapeutic horse center (hippotherapy) which is where we met I was/still am a volunteer there. To my knowledge I cannot think of anyone who would be vindictive enough to set up a scheme such as this. Since he passed some time ago – years before this started I can’t imagine why anyone would wait this long to start things up, or why they would for that matter. Though I did not know about gaslighting, it is a very scary read and I can only hope that it isn’t the case here as it does give a more sinister tone to the visits, and makes me more afraid to open the door in the future. I will have to research this avenue further, though I am not entirely certain that is what is happening here (at least I hope not anyway).

To this day I have not received a last name, I have asked but none is given. From what I have gathered so far, most of these people seem to be the kind that come to your door normally (in this case just en masse) people like salesmen, the LDS, etc. Thinking back there is something rather strange. There have been other religious groups that have knocked on the door mainly LDS and Christians. They have said they have spoken with her, however, when they are told she is not here, nor has ever lived here they are more than willing to go on their way. Now, when we lived at our last house we had had religious people at our door asking for the former resident, when they discovered they had moved they didn’t just leave. They started their spiel on us, asking about our religion etc. To date this has never happened. They thank me and are on their merry way without trying to convert me. I have never asked for a phone number, but may have to try that. You would think on their first meeting of Tara some basic information should have been recorded.

As for the office woman searching by name, I too have always been able to search customers by first name/city. For the most part you really don’t want to run a search like this as it will take a really long time and there is no use for it. In this case it did not take as long as it is a small complex not a city and could provide something to go on at least. When I moved here the apartment has my name on the lease, my son is also in their files as you must provide the names of everyone living in the apartment. If I were to live in an apartment with someone else over 18 as AutumnWitch657 suggests without reporting them to my complex I would be in violation of my lease, their names have to be listed and at least at my complex, a background search would need to be completed – I’m not quite sure what they are talking about here as it defies anything that I have dealt with as far as renting an apartment so I will leave it at that.

I do not have multiple personalities – as far as I know people know when they have this, besides the point I look nothing like the description of Tara. I am 37, Tara is in her 50s, Tara is petite, I am 5’9, Tara has grey hair I am brunette so far knock on wood not even a strand of grey, the only thing we have in common is blue eyes. So, even if I had a personality that was named Tara, I do not look like the woman they are reporting to have seen.

I only work from home; I do not hold an outside job, other than volunteering a few hours a month (all I can do due to my heavy workload at the moment). I live in an area that does not have many jobs, and the jobs that do exist do not pay well. I do not need to work 16 hours, at the moment I am helping a friend as she cannot find anyone with experience for the work she needs completed. Usually, I only work 8-10 hours. The 16 hour days are only temporary until she can find someone more suited for the position.

I am atheist and therefore follow no traditional religion whatsoever. My husband and I decided that we would prefer to homeschool my son when he was 7 years old. We were not happy with the education he was receiving at the public school he was attending. We could not afford private school and therefore the decision to pull him was the best solution – one I have never regretted. He is now 17, and has been homeschooled for a little over 10 years, he does not need hand holding at this point. We belong to a homeschool co-op which he occasionally attends classes there, and has tutors for subjects that are well beyond my educational range. So while he does most of his learning out of the home, he does have social interaction, and tutoring. My involvement is minimal at this stage in the game other than the support and encouragement that I provide. Once a week I can go over all of his work and make sure that he understands the material. It is not a complicated process, or one that takes up hours of my time daily.

Tara could be a code word, but, I am not sure they would make up a whole person to go along with the code word.

Our apartment is fairly small; I am not sure where a person would hide, though I have heard stories like that of strangers living in the basement/attic, which if our place were larger I would have taken into account.

The time theory is an interesting one, I am still not sure this is supernatural, though the thought is entertaining enough to throw out a question or two about the door knockers’ time, something I may have to try.

On my floor there are 3 other apartments other than mine, I do know these neighbors quite well. They do not experience any strange callers showing up at their doors other than the routine Avon ladies and the like. One neighbor has taken an interest in those that show up at my door as she commented on the amount of “friends” I must have as she hears them every time they knock on my door. I have thought of knocking on the doors of the other buildings, but as I’ve said I am rather shy and do not want to appear to be an absolute loon. The hours that I work also at least at the moment make this hard to do as I am usually working during the hours that would be the most polite to knock on a stranger’s door.

I have never even for a split second noticed my apartment looks any different than what it usually looks like – I think if I had I would definitely be ready for the funny farm if that happened.

Those that claim to have been inside said that the apartment looked the same but the decor was dated. My apartment aside from the appliances that came with the apartment (which are far too old!) is fairly modern, I do have some antiques but nothing like they are describing, which has always made me think they are mixing up the apartments, I just don’t understand why there are so many of them and how they can all think my apartment is the one. Before I moved here, even 4 years into living here I could probably count on my hand the number of times random people/salesmen showed up at my door in a year.

A PI would be interesting; my problem is I am not sure I could afford one to hang around waiting for one of them to show up, as it could be a few days before one came along. PIs aren’t cheap, even if it only took two days; they would most likely need to follow more than just one or two of them I would suspect.

The beautician, she was the second person ever to show up looking for her. She also happens to be the one experience I recall most vividly as she did scare me quite a bit. She didn’t have an appointment with Tara, from what she told me, it sounded like she had gone around to apartments trying to find people to have their hair done. She told me that she had spoken with Tara months earlier about this and had decided she wanted to use her for her portfolio as she wanted before/after photos of a certain demographic and decided that she would come over and ask her if she would help her out. Her story also seems the fishiest, she was very nervous, shaky and her eyes kept looking down the stairwell, I was certain that had I stepped outside the door I would find someone at the bottom of the stairs. Her whole demeanor was odd, not to mention she was/is the latest of all of the visitors to date at around 8-9pm on a weeknight – which is a really odd time for someone with that story to show up at someone’s door, even if they had spoken to them months earlier.

The signs could be interesting, however, I am not sure that I want to field calls for Tara as well as the door visits. I am certain at least in my area, that I would receive a lot of prank calls if I posted my number.

There is no code in my post I am afraid, though I do appreciate the research Earthlurker has done, there is nothing relating to Africa here I am afraid.

My door numbers are correct, nothing has been changed – I did go check just to make sure as I normally do not look at them.

Nothing to my knowledge happened 4 years ago that would trigger such events. No enemies that I am aware of, I am a rather easy going person so I don’t tend to step on people’s feet.

I have talked at length to this with friends and family – some have even been here when I was fortunate to receive a visit. They know I am not mad, but are quite frankly tired of hearing about it, and have offered up as many suggestions as they possibly can. The general consensus is to move. Which we are, I am the sort of person who doesn’t like to move once settled in, and again we are not moving because of the visits – though after reading about everything in this thread I am starting to think it is a good idea all the way around.

To answer Startling:

I am 37. As already stated my son is 17 and has home schooled for 10 years. My husband passed away 9 years ago. I can think of no one that could hold a grudge against me. I am still opening the door because I am hoping one day to find someone who can give me more information – over the years I have altered my approach and questions asked – not sure if I have really mentioned what that is so far, so not sure why you are assuming there.

I believe I have answered their reactions, but perhaps not in depth. Some are concerned, others are baffled asking me questions and swearing that they were at this apartment and spoke with her before. They cannot understand why she is not there…Just as I cannot understand why they are there at my door. Some could care less and go on their way after finding out she never lived here. None are violently upset, more concerned, or not understanding what is going on – as if I am pulling their legs.

As for my reactions, I have to admit I am not afraid of them (Or I wasn’t I should say) other than the beautician. I have run the gamut of emotions from fear of the beautician, to disbelief, to anger and suspicion, and now just acceptance along with disbelief and well I still have absolutely no clue what is going on.

I have never been institutionalised. To be able to do my line of work, nope can say I am fully functioning and very much in this reality. I may work from home, but I am far from isolation. I do not bring my son up very much as he does not pertain to what is going on. He answered the door once to one of these people, he is home schooled. What more needs to be said about him? Have things changed since they’ve begun showing up for him? Yes, he no longer answers the door if he does not know who the person on the other end is, he lets me know. Otherwise I don’t really know why you are continuing to try and bring him into this.

I’ve never posted this account elsewhere, nor have I ever come across anyone with this exact problem, if anyone ever does find something similar, please let me know what they find. Nothing to fess up, I am afraid. I do thank those that offered insights and their personal stories, if I have missed anything don’t hesitate to let me know.

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 12:22 AM

Well, it's an interesting story and a mystery worthy of investigation but I think the OP has given up on this thread (rightly or wrongly). She seems to have taken the story elsewhere for answers. The Tara People
I would ask that if she ever gets an answer to her question that she return to this thread to put us all out of our misery. Best of luck to the OP in her endeavor.

I wouldn't hold your breath for any breakthrough. She will never be back.

This woman is clearly delusional and is suffering from a multiple personality disorder.

Here's the HUGE clue:

It shows itself during the 'encounter' with the beautician...

This writer is Tara's nemisis who's speaking' on her post(s). Call her Hylda, for argument's sake.
Hylda suffers from a vastly debiltating inferiority complex and is full of rage that she never gained the popularity nor aprobation among her peers, such that she's observed in other more 'worthy' girls that surround her; so she creates this fantasy of a popular princess type called Tara....(as in Tiara!) know, the one who everyone knows, adores and wants to emulate.

Hylda and Tara 'live together' in this apartment, where indeed Hylda's adult son Joseph lives too.
You see, Hylda has no son.
His character has been modelled after somebody else's son, so that she can relate the things he 'does', (but never actually manages to describe in any realistic way except impersonally).

Notice that 'Son Joseph' has no face!

These three personalities intermingle with eachother during the day, all playing within this theatre that takes place in Hylda's dingy of about 600 others all looking the same; (this is designed just to confuse the reader and divert their attention from the writer's own lack of attention to detail!)
The 3 personalities are as follows:

Hylda, the embittered old drone.
Joseph, the retarded and submissive son.
Tara, the ever elusive star of the show.

Hylda and Tara are interchangeable, but only to strangers that arrive in droves for 3 whole friggin' years to seek out Tara.

Hylda is much older than Tara...Oh yes, I mean, she can't totally lie about Tara being this young and beautiful lady, for that would be too distinct from her own appearance. It would estrange her from being mistaken for Tara by the 'Tara People' who have 'surprised' her...300+ friggin' times, over and over again, at her door.
So she chose the age 50.
But still young compared to Hylda's own decrepit age.

Full of rage that nobody has ever really taken notice of her, nor given her enough validation throughout her life, Hylda sets out to create a fictional drama that would attract attention towards herself and hopefully banish 'Tara' forever.

And this is where the Beautician Clue comes in...loud and clear!

Ms Beautician, upon finding that Tara is not there, nor ever even heard of, (because Hylda is slowly trying to kill her off, in her imagination), OFFERS 'HYLDA' THE SAME PAMPERING BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT SHE WAS GOING TO IMBUE ON TARA.

In other words...Hylda has now become as worthy and deserving as Tara is.
Tara is a figment of Hylda's least, one of them...
Her son 'Joseph was conveniently created to fend off the Tara People from the front door, as if he were the hired footman.

'Hylda' is seriously demented and suffers a complex personality disorder that encompasses at least 3 conditions described in the DSM-4/5 of psychological disorders.

That's my bet.

My fantasy is that TARA herself arrives at Hylda's door one day, and.......

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 12:26 AM
I cannot remember if you stated this but have all the visitors said that they talked to/met her a few months ago? When the lady in the office did a search did she also search current residents? I know that my friend lives in a condo, there are 3 condos on the property and they all look the same, they all have a car park in the back of the buildings and I thought I was standing in his parking space and it turned out that I was at the wrong building. and even all of the condos have the same address.

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 01:15 AM
Sorry Staring, you were 5 minutes too late. Great story though, unfortunately completely, utterly and laughably wrong. I still have serious issues with why you are so obsessed with my son.

Sandman441 She did a search from the time I asked until well into the past, nothing came up under her search and your description does fit with our complex. Many deliverymen have been confused in the past. What helps less is the addresses for the buildings are all the same - the one single mailbox for all the residents which is on an entirely different street than our physical address.

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by Starling

That's a pretty thorough diagnosis you gave there for someone I presume you've never met in person. Are you a medical doctor licensed to practice psychiatry? A psychologist even? Also, if you'll notice the post directly above your own, made about an hour before your own, the OP DID return with a lengthy response to most of the questions posed.

Over the years there have been many posters whose rambling word salad and blatant paranoia have give me concern for their well-being but the OP doesn't fit into that category. What difference does it make to you personally if she IS delusional? How does it even affect your ATS reading experience? If you don't believe her, fine. Go read something else.

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 01:26 AM
reply to post by Starling

Perhaps you need to turn that analytical eye upon yourself.

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by athenatree

So why do you still answer the door?

And why are you acting so passively and possibly putting yourself in harm's way?

And why do you describe it as 'fortunate' that 'Tara People' came to the door when your relatives/friends were visiting? So that they finally had proof of your claims, so as to not think you were crazy after all?

I think you want this to be explained as 'paranormal' by those you are directing this to. It's exciting and sexy, and writing about it may bring you some relief from your boredom, as well as some apparently much needed attention.

Well, let me tell you something about Paranormal: An 'apparition' needs a pair of willing eyes to see it...
In all types of Voodoo, "it takes two to tango".
In other words, a sorcerer's 'spell' can only 'work' on you if you ACCEPT it unto yourself and allow it to overtake your spirit.
It's YOUR choice.
It is basically in your hands as to whether people 'mess' with you or not.
Why don't you use your 5' 9" stature to fend off those 'unwanteds'?

What I see you're doing here, by answering the door to unknowns, is perpetuating an aggravating situation by "dancing with the devil", so to speak. Yes you are dancing with it. Your curiosity has gotten the better of you...Why do you want to get to the bottom of this Tara bull#?
If you don't pay attention to it, 'IT' will get bored and exit your life...pronto.
"Energy flows where attention goes".
Energy creates mass, but mass exists only in the eyes of the beholder.

If YOU walk away from it all...IT will walk away too. Pranksters get bored, you know!

And here's another one: "Curiosity killed the Cat".

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 02:01 AM
reply to post by Starling

I still answer the door because of my own curiosity, although yes I do see what you are saying and that may possibly be a good idea, to only open the door to people that I do know from now on. I already doubt the mystery will ever be solved, I guess I’ve just been hoping one day I will get that elusive clue that will tell me what is going on.

When I used the term fortunate it was sarcastically, though I am glad that someone else could witness what I had been moaning about all of these years, so it did serve its purpose at the same time.

I have stated I really am not sure if it is paranormal or not, for all I know there is a more reasonable likely reason for this situation. I am definitely open to any rational explanation. To be honest I would like any definite answer, which I already know I am not going to get here, and most likely will not get by going further (opening the door, research, whatever I can do on my own).

As for fending off the unwanteds, they’ve never been combative, I can’t imagine I would need to fend them off, and really wouldn’t want to as I am not combative myself.

I do thank you for your reply, it has given me food for thought.

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 04:08 AM
reply to post by athenatree

Thanks for coming back and clearing things up. You sound like totally normal and logically thinking person who just wants to understand what´s going on.

At first gang stalking seemed possible (and frightening), but it doesn´t look like that.
Multiple personalities doesn´t add up too, because your visitors would insist that you are Tara in this case, because you´d look the same.

Might be some kind of clever scam or scheme that is very hard to discover and understand.

Or it´s really paranormal and has to do with timeslips or alternative realities

But it´s intriguing story!

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