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The Tara People

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posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by athenatree

im interested and think maybe its like little rips in time. like little portals that open and close in the blink of an eye. this is so interesting. I just keep wondering what if a person just fell to test it and what if they went somewhere to or just hit the ground. emotions are a form of energy and I think could last years if strong enough or held onto by something. it could even be snips of the future yes things were out dated but shes and old woman why wouldn't she have things from her childhood or anything like that. I happen to love old everything so I would have done the same. maybe its amounts of energy that open the little rips. and the people came through because its more energy obviously with the concern. im just rambling but maybe im on to something I don't know. good luck my friend

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 12:43 AM

reply to post by athenatree

Interesting mystery and, I might add, you sound sincere.
Putting aside the con artist theory, which seems to be the popular explanation...

Three other possibilities come to mind:
1.) Least likely: You or someone in your home in suffering from multiple personality disorder and unknowingly IS Tara.

2.) Perhaps 'Tara' is really a password for a secret meeting, anonymous group or organization: 'Friends Of Tara'...perhaps along the same line as 'Friends Of Bill (Wilson)'.

3.) Tara is a very powerful witch.
Certainly, the name is an unusual one for a 50+ year old woman....and one indicative of Irish witches (among the most powerful).
The itinerant beautician, eager to do your hair in place of Tara...may have been trying to get a lock of your hair in order to initiate a control or questioning spell over you...perhaps regarding Tara's whereabouts.
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I was wondering if it weren't something similar to #2 myself. Maybe "Tara" is the code word to buy drugs or something from someone in one of the other apartments.

Or maybe they're all lost galactic travelers and you're misunderstanding when there asking where Terra is

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 02:42 AM
Could Tara be a ghost?
and these people have actually seen her at that apartment? Didn't the OP say the "Tara people" said the apartment looked different? I would ask the next person looking for Tara....what the apt looked like, was it dated?

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 02:46 AM

Sounds like Tara is really social. Different people each time, 1-3 times a week for several years?

Have you tried putting a sign on your door reading:

No, Tara does not live here
I have no idea where she is
I have no idea who she is
Please do not disturb myself and my family
Good luck finding 'Tara'

That was MY first thought! (Actually, I have to admit my first thought was... no way you've put up with this for 3 years without losing your patience and screaming at the last 200 people who came a'Tara knockin. Is this for real, really?)

If it is, I'd start asking to see some ID, and copying down the info. Then I'd start Internet searching each and every one of these folks. (Or hire a P.I. Or contact Unsolved Mysteries.)

Also, at least ONE of these folks ought to know Miss Tara's last name. Or cell number. Especially the one who was gonna do a makeover. After all, who just write down someone's first name when you plan to do business with them later?

These people show up unannounced at your home. I'm curious that it didn't occur to you to get more info out of them, considering all the time and bother this has caused over the course of 3 years!

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 03:03 AM
reply to post by fenian8

Ok, just to expound on this...

surely you and the police

Let the police know that 300 people are worried about this grey-haired missing lady, and can describe her to T, and a sketch artist may be able to solve this once the picture is posted all over the TV news...

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 03:46 AM
People forget that the OP is a single mum and is vulnerable to a degree. The OP has already stated that asking deeply probing questions is impolite and even more so when these strangers appear to show signs confusion.

There is a possibility, that the OP is a target of organized gang stalking/harassment/community mobbing. A form of victimization for reasons unknown. Such visits from the Latter Day Saints may have been a cover for the OP to let her guard down a little. The visit from the beautician was the initial provocation to identify how the OP reacts, (as the OP stated her reaction was feeling afraid) and continued to exploit in order to justify further actions to control the target. Interesting that the OP mentions that items in the home move this is a common in a targets experience of OGS.

The Gang Stalking Phenomenon - Paranoia or Real?

Dr John Hall Discusses Gang Stalking
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posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 08:00 AM

To clear up what I can: First off a friend nicknamed them the Tara People. I felt that would be a better title than “Droves of strangers appearing at my door asking for someone I do not know” or some such title. As for the black eyed people, they were referenced earlier, not something I would toss out there as I never equated them to black eyed people. I was half joking about the whole alternate realities, personally I have no idea what it is and have exhausted myself trying to figure out why this is occurring. At the same time I won’t completely discount the strange things that have happened in my apartment either. Are they related? I really haven’t a clue.

All I do know is that there are lots of people showing up at my door asking for a woman that to my knowledge has never lived here in this apartment. When I ask about it, I am getting attacked about why I have not been asking the right questions, or why I am interviewing them. It seems I can do no right here one way or another asked if lonely or why I am not talking enough (I work 16 hour days, I can’t instantly reply, nor would I want to even if I had the time)

I am not offended, I understand there are skeptics and that is fine. Rest assured I am not writing a book as I feel the book would be a terrible one. After 3 years all I know is a first name – yes that is it, that’s all I have and no one so far has given up a last name. I am not threatened by these people; for the most part they appear to be normal. Aside from following them and seeing where they go when they leave my front door the book may be more of a pamphlet as there is no substance, the road so far leads to dead ends. I wouldn’t pay for that rubbish, nor would I expect anyone else to. Fiction, perhaps, unfortunately I can think of a lot better stories to come up with than this one. While I may be able to form a sentence together, I do not have the writing abilities to pull anything like that off, sorry. And I am a woman, so no bro here. I highly doubt as suggested a local film crew would be interested. Honestly, I do not see what the fuss is all about here. It is an oddity, but it isn’t like I am claiming that anything magical has definitely happened, so far Jesus hasn’t shown up at my door looking for Tara. Unfortunately, Publisher’s Clearing House hasn’t been looking for her either.

I don’t think these people are connected in any other way than they have at one point talked to Tara, or at least they are claiming to. As far as I know they have not been victims of a scam, if I were scammed out of money I would be irate. The beautician wanted photos for a portfolio, LDS wanted to follow up on their talks, there have been a few salesmen, some that just ask for her and do not give a reason. So far not one person that is close to her – no friends, or relatives.

I don’t think I will be posting here any longer. I was hoping to maybe figure out what was going on or at least get some ideas for what I could try next. Instead I just feel like I am being accused for something that I did not even ask for. Ridiculed for people showing up at my door, far as I know I’ve not asked for this. Skeptical questions, I totally understand, otherwise I haven’t a clue what more I can say. I thank those that tried to at least try to take this seriously even if skeptical, I appreciate it. As for me I will just endure, only have 8 more months here and then the new tenant can take my place.

With all due respect athenatree,

If you are not on your own thread anymore, we cannot really help.

Like i said before, please dont let your emotions get in the way of ATS trying to find logical solutions. If you reply to us we can actually get to the bottom of this.

Me and many others take your word for it thats this is not being made up, we believe you. However, your 'giving up' on this thread is not helping credibility or getting to the bottom of this.


posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 08:20 AM
reply to post by fenian8

When did i say i believed it? I just didn't discredit it because it was unbelievable or didn't make sense. That's ignorance.

I'm not sitting here believing every bit of her story... but i just get annoyed at how people come here to say "FAKE, LIES, FICTION"

Frankly, if you've been here long enough you should know that anything is possible just as much as people make up stories. So what makes you or anyone able to jump to the "fake story" conclusion before you even gave her a chance to reply is beyond me.

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 09:00 AM
Have you tried posting sign(s) around your apartment complex, stating something along the lines:

Looking for Tara.
Please call (your number) with information.

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 09:14 AM

United States of Tara is an American television comedy-drama created by Diablo Cody, which began airing on Showtime in 2009. The series follows the life of Tara (Toni Collette), a suburban housewife and mother coping with dissociative identity disorder.

Principal photography takes place in Los Angeles, California, while the show's setting is located in Overland Park, Kansas.
The show's third and final season premiered on March 28, 2011.[1]

Tara Gregson is a wife and mother of two children in Overland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City, who has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID).

When stressed, Tara often transitions into one of her alternate personalities: wild and flirty teenager T; 1950s style housewife Alice; and male, loud, beer-drinking Vietnam vet Buck.

A fourth personality, Gimme, is introduced later in the first season. During the second season of the series, two further personalities were introduced. The former, called Shoshana, is Tara's "therapist" of sorts, while the sixth personality's name is Chicken, an infantile representation of Tara when she was five years old.

Another personality emerges in Season 3; that of Tara's previously unknown half-brother Bryce.

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posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by athenatree

i don't know if this will help or not , but have you tried to ask at the other apartment blocks if they know the woman ?

i am assuming that the other apartment blocks have been built to the same lay out .

if thats the case then try asking them if they know her or of her .

describe the woman to them , maybe she is or was a clairvoyant and tara was her trading name and she was known by her neighbours by another name .

and these visitors are calling for a reading . have you asked any of the visitors why they wanted to speak to her ?

i hope you find closure on this and you can find some peace .

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by athenatree

I'd like to ask if this is still occurring ? Are these different people still coming to your door looking for Tara ? Or has it subsided ?

You can take advantage of the situation and learn as much as you can. You obviously are questioning why
this is occurring so you need to build a plan to find answers.

I agree with what some of the other folks have responded with... ask more questions when they come knocking.

Perhaps make a list of questions to ask each time someone comes a knocking.
1) How did you know Tara
2) How long did you know Tara
3) How well did you know Tara
4) What was the purpose of your visits to Tara
5) Why are you looking for Tara

so on so forth...

If you keep asking the same pre-set list of questions to all of these people, you are going to more than
likely see a pattern develop.

For Example: If the people continuously can not answer these questions or appear to hesitate to come up with an answer then you could likely be dealing with a gang stalking event or a group scoping out your place for another purpose.

Document Document Document
You need to record the dates and times of the occurrences. If you record every time someone comes to the door such as dates and times you also may see a pattern emerge.

I hope some of this advice helps you in your quest to find some answers. As much as most of the ATS'er folks (myself included) wanna help... we are not present at your location so your going to have to do some of the "leg work" to find answers.

& please if you do start documenting... I ask that you come back and post updates for us ! I am interested in hearing more.

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posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 10:09 AM
The OP appears to have abandoned this thread, but just in case she is still reading, and for those of you jumping on it as all a story...I highly suspect there's at least a nugget of truth to this. You see, I had something very similar happen, though on a smaller scale, at an apartment in Iowa. People speaking of and looking for someone that lived there only a few weeks prior, yet the apartment I was staying in had not had any other residents in several years. And there was something more to it than that...much as the feel the OP conveys of an unusual sort of urgency, these people they had more on their minds than the simple exchanges that a wrong address involves.

In addition to that, I have had some other unusual experiences that I would class as similar phenomenon, but I'm not certain I could effectively relate why I see them as similar, even if I were inclined to share them. Given that they would be very difficult to substantiate without relating a lot of personal detail, I am not inclined to share.

Now, I said a nugget of truth not because I think the OP is necessarily being dishonest, but because, speaking from experience, when there is a cluster of this sort of event, you begin to look at everything sideways and it can become difficult to tell what is part of the phenomenon and what might only be coincidence. And once your perception is drawn into that line of thinking, it can give a story an embellished air despite no intent to deceive.

As for what I would do, since the list of people coming looking for this person seem rather nice...try striking up a conversation, maybe forming a friendship, with some of them? Perhaps it is a matter of them seeking a Tara who is not there because it is you that needs something they might be able to offer, instead? The world tends to work in odd ways. Sometimes you find that perfect something you need just when you need it, and maybe that perfect something had a little help in finding its way to you. I've long since learned that, for all the knowledge we've gained as a species, terming anything as mere coincidence is a cover for the things we do not understand as often as it is a true coincidence.

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by lonewolf2

People forget that the OP is a single mum and is vulnerable to a degree. The OP has already stated that asking deeply probing questions is impolite and even more so when these strangers appear to show signs confusion.

Yes and to truly be helpful we would need to know if there is an angry Ex husband or such in their lives. Is the son affiliated with any friends who may have a problem with him or is he involved in drugs?

Why the son is home schooled, are they part of a religion.Is there a history of mental illness could she actually be Tara unknown to herself (the son would surely know).

perhaps to many personal things.
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posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 02:32 PM
It´s really pity if OP abandoned this thread. Just because there´s few rude sceptics? Even though most posts have been really interesting and helpful. ATS has some fine people who can do good investigation work, so I hope you returne to this thread and continue discussing different possibilities that people have though of.
Just ignore rude people, reacting to them makes thraeds so boring and leads to nowhere.
Consentrate on finding answers, that´s whay you came here.
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posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 02:34 PM
i hate it when someone posts a really interesting story and then gets bashed for it and leaves because it's exhausting arguing with people. it really ruins all the fun of this site. way too many party poopers. i would like to read more but i'm guessing the OP won't come back.

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 03:29 PM
I, for one, just gave the O.P. a F&S for support...and private messaged them to return to their thread.
Please do likewise, if you feel as I do.

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by fenian8


Not normal behaviour...not the 'Tara people'..but the OP's reaction, or lack of inquiry to the callers.

I smell a raT (araT - Tara)

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 06:16 PM

edit on 2-2-2014 by fenian8 because: because double post. in a way and am afraid the `tara people` may `get` me

posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 06:19 PM

reply to post by fenian8

When did i say i believed it? I just didn't discredit it because it was unbelievable or didn't make sense. That's ignorance.

I'm not sitting here believing every bit of her story... but i just get annoyed at how people come here to say "FAKE, LIES, FICTION"

Frankly, if you've been here long enough you should know that anything is possible just as much as people make up stories. So what makes you or anyone able to jump to the "fake story" conclusion before you even gave her a chance to reply is beyond me.

When did i say i believed it? I just didn't discredit it because it was unbelievable or didn't make sense. That's ignorance.

It is isn`t it!!!!!

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