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Let's play devil's advocate and pretend we're all Creationists. What then, is the creation story

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posted on Jan, 29 2014 @ 05:53 PM

Lucid Lunacy
reply to post by uncommitted

I'm not sure about that as I haven't read any scientific theory that doesn't state that at some point this universe didn't exist. The debate (which I'm not sure can ever be answered) is what was there before - absolute complete nothingness, an earlier universe that had itself succeeded one before itself etc. etc.

If Universes existed prior to this known universe existing, it would still serve the point he was making.

Hello, sorry, I'm missing your point as I was answering a post that said that the poster had an issue with a Divine Creator because they felt that that theory assumed the universe had a beginning and an end. I was stating that most scientific theories agree there was a definite beginning (though not a defined end) - is that what you are responding to, and if so, how?

posted on Feb, 20 2014 @ 09:54 PM

Text I only start this thread because I'm sick of the creation vs evolution threads that really leave out the meat of the argument. It's really about Christianity vs evolution and young earth Christian creationists against the rest of us. Meh.
reply to post by amazing

You are amazing-
I don't think most creationists are against you or want to argue with you. You have your she god and I have my He God and what is most interesting is that neither you nor I can produce our creators. But one thing about this whole Christian thing is that not all Christians are the same. In fact there are many religions in Christianity. Going back to the true Christian is like taking a trip back in time to a different world altogether. I would venture to say that out of all of this Christian dumping grounds there are very few true ist century Christians in this world today. Now that doesn't mean that the rest do not have there own beliefs of their creators. But it does mean that 90% or more creationists are not true Christians (my belief). They are a mixed up bunch of people with their own ideas just like you and me. Joe blow disagrees and starts his own little church and they still call themselves Christian.

Now about evolution? Evolution is actually creation. The universe is still being created. How do I know this? I believe the physicists who say that this universe is still expanding. Now if it is still expanding then something has to be created to fill the void. So if something is filling the void then it is being created and not evolving. If the universe is expanding at a very high rate of expansion then evolution could not keep pace with the speed of expansion. So it could not be evolution but creation.

Why not apply that theory to all life forms? Did people evolve or are there actually periods of creation that we are looking at? Maybe man has many creations of or steps of creation rather than evolving in genetic mutations. Isn't my theory as observable and provable than any other theory? Adam and Eve may not be your ancestors but they may be mine. The white or black or brown or red or yellow people could be different creations by the same creator and maybe at different times. The difference being that the record keeping is simply more or less than the other.

Enough of this theory stuff because I can't really prove a thing. Just my way of spouting off. Out of all of this being mad at each other is just plain tom foolery. You nor I can change any ones mind in arguing because its all theology in the first place. Have a good day amazing.

posted on Feb, 20 2014 @ 11:06 PM
Go into some quantum physics instead, and infinity concepts, layers, infinite layers and realms/universes. Also infinity within and without all things. We could, for example, be a grain of sand lying on the beach of a huge ocean, in a Beyond that is fantastic eutopia, with an infinity within, or we could be in a infinite inwards acorn fallen from a large tree or shrub, or we could be, infinity within, the crystaline drop of water on a the bough of a heavenly cedar. But I believe we're in a holographic, simulated reality that equates all the scenes as if non linear snapshots, like a very advanced simultaneous roll of film, not quite like ours here. There was no big bang, but instead, after the energies get recycled, the Creators and Designers turn on the set. For the new school. Who are they?

Fractal Zoom Mandelbrot Corner

The only error is they shouldn't have shown one fractal in the beginning. For in infinity there are infinite fractals, and infinite portions of infinite fractals, still more and still more and still more, and we all have, Mom/Dad, but also Uncles and Aunts, Great Grandparents, and Great Great Greats, from which we as fractal seeds emerge yet are infinite in ourselves. Our infinite volume equal to the infinity within and without all things. All equal infinite parts of infinity.

posted on Feb, 20 2014 @ 11:27 PM
reply to post by amazing

Well, I'm really not sure I understand exactly what "Creation" is.

I get the general Idea of it, there was nothing(well there had to be something, I'm just not sure what it is, nor do i think anyone has really figured out exactly what the very first instance was and how it came to be.)

In a remarkably beautiful, unique and powerful event this singularity explodes in a triumphant symphony of birth!

This enormous, pure energy gave birth to matter in a process we are only just beginning to understand. The energy that was not transformed into matter, became the carrier bringing matter through out all there is making empty space occupied.

Massive Clouds of hot gas dance among the vastness that is space, Enormous heavenly wombs in which stars and planets will be born.

Over many millions of years this matter collects into enormous masses and another unique beautiful event we understand a little more happens. A star is born, a young mother. This star with her glorious influence, pulls more matter about her with her sheer presence(gravity). Her Heat, radiance and influence( still gravity) cause this newly collected matter to form Masses, and under their own influence(yeah still gravity), and free will(chance or destiny you choose) they form comets, asteroids, and planets. Through their own unique influence which could differ immensely from their mothers they capture or influence the creation of moons.

This is a simplified condensed story of the creation of our universe. The story is much longer, as it continues to this day as old as time itself.

The creation of life is an all too different story, involving a planet(daughter) and her sun(mother). In this instance the very same object that birthed the daughter will help her create life. As far as we are aware one is absolutely impossible with out the other, playing equal parts in both their creation as well as their survival.

My god is commonly known as Sol, or the sun. I'm thankful for my mother (Earth), as well as my keeper(the moon). The moon didn't really play a part in our coming to be, but it has played an absolutely vital part in protecting as well as influencing Earth's life. We Human's, as well as many of Earth's creature simply could not have happened with out our moon. Life on the other hand, would likely still exist but far different than it does today. Would this life have ever evolved to our intelligence, I can't say I believe it would.

I am not religious, at all. I can appreciate religion and I understand it's romance, but I can not say I could ever follow it myself.

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