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A new intelligence is in town

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posted on Feb, 3 2014 @ 12:43 PM

So, what "This" is to you will differ from one entity to the next.

In non duality there is not more than one entity.
There is just being - it is being all there is.

This is being all there is.
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posted on Feb, 3 2014 @ 12:48 PM
reply to post by Itisnowagain

"This" is what I perceive to be happening. From an omniscient and omnipresent perspective, "This" would be all that is happening. Even put together, we do not even have CLOSE to an omniscient and omnipresent perspective though. We dont even have that perspective on our own bodies, much less beyond that (as evidenced by the video you posted).

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 07:37 AM
I enjoyed reading the OP it helps put my views about God into perspective. I have heard scientists say when posed the question "does God exist?" they answer "Not yet" which you could relate to this developing intelligence existing outside of ourselves. It's like the universe or fabric of reality is waking up and becoming aware, becoming intelligent.

My question would be how do we relate to the intelligence on a personal level whilst still interacting with others and going about our daily business? perhaps only time will tell.

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 08:19 AM

So a person like A messiah or somthing?

this "intelligence" sure sounds like it has qualities like longsuffering & savior traits in Its character and
human persons can bond-&-unite with this 'intelligence' by the act of faith

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 08:10 PM
reply to post by TheDualityExperience

Do you want to see some real "Magic" folks?

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 08:11 PM

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 08:12 PM
The Bible was merely a tool for people to use so they could raise their energy vibration in order to exist in a higher dimension, plane or frequency. There are many names for this but essentially they are all talking about “another place” that is outside our range of 5 sensory perception. That was over 2000 years ago and it brings more fear to people today then love, which is what it was originally designed to do. This is not because the Bible is “evil” or “corrupted”, this is because the interpretation of it today is done for us by religious institutions and we have been trained to think within set parameters through our indoctrination in the education system. The Bible represents symbolic information and should not be discarded as rubbish even though religions have tainted the meaning. All the information contained within these pages belongs to everyone. Every thought I ever had every internet page I viewed or book I read was a result of the collective thoughts of the world and a higher aspect of the consciousness awareness. Everyone owns this information ergo copyright belongs to the world and all its inhabitants. This is not intended to change people’s beliefs it is just information to an open mind and as such needs to be intuitively screened for distortions of the truth. It is time to finally wake up and live the reality that we are supposed to.
So the first concept to get us started is the “soul”. It will be referred to in this text as the “soul” but the name is not important, it’s what it symbolically represents that is important to us. It might be considered as an aspect of one’s conscious awareness in the human body vehicle also co-existing on another frequency or frequencies outside of our “physical” reality (in other words the five sensory perceptions). Think of the “soul” as a light globe with the element (the little coiled wire inside the glass shell) and the glass shell. The element could be called the reactor of the “soul” and it is pure “multi-dimensional” energy. The glass is our conscious awareness and the glass colour is determined by the frequency this energy is vibrating at so we could imagine having different coloured light bulbs or “souls”. In Western culture this colour is sometimes referred to as an aura but again names are not important because there are so many different names referring to the same symbol depending on what reference you chose to use. The “aura” is the energy field that extends outside our physical bodies with the heart being the centre or the source of the generated field. This is referred to as the EM (Electromagnetic) or Torus field and we will get more into this a bit later.

Society has been the dust that has built up over our “light bulbs” diming our light. All the rules, limitations, labels, fears and boundaries we have created in our mind over the course of our life represents this dust. This dust also represents imaginary “cogs of life” that we turn to keep things under our perceived control or to simply put, “living life”. So we a have millions of these cogs that we’re turning all the time but where not aware of them either because the cogs going around is just an imaginary way to view our life with all our desires, all our fears, anything our lower consciousness vibrations can produce. The more discomfort in our natural state we experience the more cogs we would be trying to control in our life so to speak. We can see how life could feel complicated and stressful and sometimes seemingly spin out of control. Low vibrating consciousness is the source of emotional “fear” and high vibrating consciousness is the source of emotional “love”. The word emotional is used to emphasise the physical manifestation in our body that we can all relate to but also not to define it as simple as a word. Love and fear are just words; I am also referring to our perception of positive/negative, good/bad and light/dark. We find duality everywhere if we look for it because it is the very nature of balance even down to the atomic scale. Atoms are the basic building blocks of ordinary matter. Atoms can join together to form molecules, which in turn form most of the objects around us. Atoms are composed of particles called protons, electrons and neutrons. Protons carry a positive electrical charge, electrons carry a negative electrical charge and neutrons carry no electrical charge at all. The protons and neutrons cluster together in the central part of the atom, called the nucleus, and the electrons 'orbit' the nucleus. A particular atom will have the same number of protons and electrons and most atoms have at least as many neutrons as protons. The key words there are that the basic building block of matter is not really solid, in fact the electrons orbit as far from the nucleus of protons and neutrons as the planets do from the sun only on the atomic scale. If we are to analyse this further we can deduce that at least in terms of this 3D reality projection positive and negative polarities are essential for it to exist. Here is something interesting about carbon. Carbon is a chemical element, like hydrogen, oxygen, lead or any of the others in the periodic table. Carbon is a very abundant element. It exists in pure or nearly pure forms such as diamonds and graphite but can also combine with other elements to form molecules. These carbon-based molecules are the basic building blocks of humans, animals, plants, trees and soils. Carbon-12 is the more abundant of the two stable isotopes of the element carbon, accounting for 98.89% of carbon; it contains 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons (666). If this is the basic building block of the human vessel and the human vessel is the ego aspect of our awareness then it could suggest that the enemy or “antichrist” we have being trying to expose is actually aspects of our self that we are in denial about. One might even surmise that this is what ties us to the material world or the five sense reality. Consciousness seems to express itself as macrocosms of microcosms infinitely or as a crude analogy, like a ripple in water going out from the epicentre where it was created. The ripple is still the same ripple it has just kept expanding out and appearing visibly different. If an atom (do we see atoms as good or bad or neutral?) were perceived as one of the early ripples and the five sense reality we experience were many ripples further out, the energetic polarity balance would still exist although it would manifest into the five sense reality as perceivably physical matter.

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 08:13 PM
Through heavy social programming there is a common perception of good VS evil like it is a battle but if we are in fact battling ourselves (Ego VS Conscious awareness) then there can be no winner if we are to exist in the first place (this would be equivalent to an atom destroying its electrons). If we are looking outside ourselves for the enemy, the battle can never be won until there is no one left fighting the battle. Is it reasonable to then suggest that defeating the enemy is a paradox that leads to our complete self-annihilation in the five sense reality? (The little that we do know of our history also suggests that civilisations before us have fallen) I would propose this question to you; how would you know what freedom or happiness is or anything is for that matter without having some context to relate it too? To have freedom there simply must be something to be “free” from, to know happy we must know what sad is. If we are incarnated here to learn then we would require all the tools for this process which unfortunately isn’t always going to be perceived easy for everybody all the time. The word perceived is used a lot because reality is very subjective and could even be considered an illusion or a matrix. Take this for example it has just been suggested that we are all made up of energy which is consciousness meaning we are all positive and negative by our very existence as matter, yet we don’t see ourselves as our own enemies, we tend to perceive others as enemies quite well though. Another great paradox in life is that when we encounter people that give rise to our emotions weather we “love” them or “hate” them is in fact our conscious awareness reflecting exactly what it is within us that we need to deal with in order see past the “illusion” and realise our true infinite potential. The answers are literally in front of our own eyes (or any of our five senses) yet many fail to recognise it.
If we look at everything we have been angry, guilty or sad by, fear of something was at the core. Our whole lives we have built these boundaries, fears, labels for things and people all around society and everywhere you can imagine. One person’s fears are not always another’s so while this is a crude example; to me it is obvious proof that everyone shapes their own unique perception of reality through their life experience. For me I think that’s why kids are generally happy and most people do enjoy being around them. It would also make sense why our imaginations are the most vivid and we are easily scared by the things that society perceives as fantasy or science fiction. With our “bulbs” not having accumulated as much dust which has been the education system, television and basically our conditioned society early on in our life, we are more tuned into the source energy that is our conscious awareness.
People who want power to control us want us to think in a very conditioned and limited way because it is their only way to have any control over us at all. Once we realise our true potential as not only the human aspect of ourselves but also the higher conscious aspect we can then make an informed choice to participate in the control system or take responsibility for ourselves which is true freedom. There is nothing easy about freedom except the reward of deep values long forgotten. We have been conditioned to be somewhat spoilt in how we amuse ourselves day to day so it’s hard to imagine that we can find the same happiness and comfort that we have with our material possessions outside with nature and in the presence of honest people. If we want to change our perception of the reality experienced we must look inside ourselves and make the adjustments. No one else can help one iota when it comes to personal growth of one’s conscious awareness this is completely up to us to achieve.
Now there is much information regarding beings/entities not from this earth or “dimensional frequency”. It is claimed that these non-physical beings even manipulate how our society functions and evolves from the “other side”. I don’t want to tell anyone what to believe or what not to believe but through investigating astral projection amongst other spiritual research it became clear that there is more to us than what we can perceive with our five sensory perceptions and even more obvious when thinking about the duality of physical and non-physical matter referred to sometimes as “dark matter”. Astral or OBE (out of body) projectors sometimes refer to this in terms of planes with what they call the “etheric” as the closest to this reality basically just outside our five sense perception. The research also indicates an existence that is very illusory in nature as there are so many versions of how things appear and what the inhabitants are, even down to our ability to create perception as we go over there. This might suggest that our own beliefs and earthly ties seem effect the overall experience on the “other-side”. If we were to look at the yin yang and imagine one side as the physical and the other as the non-physical with the middle wavy line being a barrier between the two it seems reasonable to think that both sides might permeate slightly into one another due to the different vibrative frequencies being so close (sort of like tuning radio stations). Not enough to be noticeable to the five senses but it could explain why we can pick up the other side with the 6th sense (look into the pineal gland and chakra systems) and why astral projectors perceive the etheric plane (the permeating physical reality) as being very similar yet a vastly different very lucid flowing version of this reality without the usual “matrix rules” such as gravity or time perception. At this point I would like to suggest an idea that seems reasonable if you are following where I am going with this. If we have the physical and non-physical realities and we exists as conscious awareness on both “sides” and both sides are connected by the fundamental nature of duality or polarity, it could be reasonable to consider that the inhabitants of the non-physical would be a reflection of our existence with both the positive and negative aspects. So if we go along with this and we know that what we perceive here is much of an illusion due to the subjective experience we can have individually, then we could theorise that there would also be an illusion or matrix aspect over the other side as well. Why wouldn’t the control system exist over there if we have bought into it here? If we haven’t learnt to see past the veil here why would we just assume to see through the veil over there? If we never realise our true existence on this side wouldn’t we just be prone to falling victim to our own illusions over there and find ourselves in a control system of our own creation much the same as what we have created here? If we were to see ourselves as a human vehicle (Ego) which is a manifestation of the negative polarity housing a “soul” which is a manifestation of the positive polarity (Conscious awareness), surmising that the physical reality permeates through the barrier creating the etheric perception, then is it reasonable to conclude that the ego aspect can exists on the other side. If we were to think that the ego cannot exist over the other side then how would we explain OBE projectors being able to go there without changing into different persona after the projection? It really boils down to whether we believe OBE projection is possible or not. So what happens when we die? We cross over and I’m going to leave it pretty much at that. I would however like to make a suggestion for consideration relating to this matter. It seems possible that we can affect our experience on the other side with what we can achieve on this side through our spiritual development and self-actualization. If we have attachments to this 3D physical experience or have very set belief structures not being open to other possibilities then we could in fact inhibit our true potential experience over there or more correctly create more learning experiences to help with the evolution of our awareness. If we died and carried ego aspects over to the etheric side these would need to be shed before we could experience higher vibrations and perceptions of the “other side”. This may explain why astral projectors and spiritual workers experience the perception of many “negative entities” in the etheric realm becoming less as they “ascend into higher vibrations”. Before we go on we would need to consider that these “etheric” or “astral” (however we chose to look at it) experiences are subjective so whatever the person experiences is in fact created by them. If the observer thinks they will find seven planes of reality with demons and angels guiding/hindering them then that is what their experience may reflect. Could these “negative entities” be the ego aspect of mankind combined with the shed egos of those already crossed over manifesting into its own self-awareness powered by our own thoughts and emotions from this reality? This is not to suggest that there are no inhabitants on the “other side” that would otherwise be considered non-human or do not incarnate here physically but really why should they be of concern with all of our own creations interacting with the minds of mankind doing the same thing that some would perceive these non-human “entities” to be doing. To look at this analogy objectively would be to say that bad is worse than bad (the ego aspect is a part of us remember). This would be considered irrational thinking and further suggests that this might all be part of the learning experience to understand that everything is actually “one” or a singular consciousness expressing itself subjectively from an infinite number of viewpoints at various stages of evolution. One thing we can say is that a control system needs controllers and subjects to function and to control you need the subjects to fear. It seems logical to conclude if we carry fear over to the other side we will find ourselves in a control system albeit much different to here until we see past the illusion and progress further towards that which we seek in our conscious evolution.
So if we have some understanding of the “soul” however we chose imagine it we might want to consider how it might be placed into the human vessel. There are so many versions of how this occurs depending on the resource or interpretation from our higher awareness. It seems through research conducted that the human body’s chakra system has a large role to play in this process and since the chakra system and energy meridians wouldn’t be fully operational or complete until the physical vessel is formed to a critical point, it would be reasonable to consider that the soul might go in at this time and this may or may not happen while the baby is still inside the mother (it would really depend on when the vessel is ready for the infusion). This subject of who or what is overseeing this process will not be elaborated on as it is a subjective matter. There are some things that should not be defined as it would just be a form of conditioning to the person reading it, somewhat of another set of parameters to fit our thought process into as if the education system wasn’t enough. Sorry education system I knew you smelt funny when I was being indoctrinated and now I can see the dead snake in the grass which is causing the smell.

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 08:13 PM
Now not to get off track too much but something I have thought about more than once is how society would perceive someone with a severe case of Alzheimer’s disease. We with all our knowledge we would assume life couldn’t be good because we would imagine our self in their shoes objectively with all our knowledge and it might seem scary because we don’t understand anything inside their mind or their perceived reality in other words. I see someone with this diseased as not being hindered or suffering and I’ll explain why I perceive this. The patient is by themselves sitting there staring at the wall (or wherever) but they look peaceful and we can feel a calming presence about them. They have forgotten so much in their life but does it matter to them? If they don’t know it then it doesn’t even affect them but their mind keeps going and the more they forget the more imaginary dust is gone from their bulb. Now if we interact with this patient without complete understanding of how at peace they might be, we are naturally going to disturb their energy and since they have lost so much dust they will feel this more than we could usually perceive. If the energy disturbance was of negative nature then patient “A” would start manifesting these type emotions physically. Without this understanding we would only fear the reaction even more and naturally think we need to interfere with the course of patient A’s river of life (we will get to the river of life soon). My conclusion is that they can feel unconditional happiness (when they are by themselves) without needing any attachments to achieve it. They could effectively have the same emotional results as a rich and successful businessman perceiving happiness (the businessman would be trying to control a million cogs of life). Now if we compare the two further, the only difference in their perceived happiness is that one is conditional and one is not.
Another way to look at things is to consider that we are 3D objects in a 3D world but we move (everything is always in motion anyway just look at an atom with the protons, electrons and neutrons seeking balance). Movement can also be perceived as time or duration so we are in fact 4th dimensional (not limiting to but at least) beings in a 3D reality. Now in order to exist on a higher “frequency” or “dimension” our consciousness must vibrate at a frequency relative to that experience. Think of a light bulb illuminating a room and how when we turn the light switch off the room goes dark. This represents the polarities of the energy visually (+/-, light dark or high/low frequency). Something to consider before we go any further is humans generally only perceive things within the range of what’s called the visible light spectrum. I will include a graph for the purpose of being able to visualise but not with the intent of stating this is how it is. The graph should be considered as a rough guide because it is only based of what we think we know scientifically (which really isn’t much in the overall scheme of things).

As we can see between ultraviolet and infrared there is the “visible” spectrum of it (a small section). During the day we perceive more ultraviolet light and at night we perceive more infrared light. Technically at night we might not think we perceive it because it’s dark, but isn’t that a perception? When the vibration frequency in the infrared spectrum become slow enough that the wavelengths are not perceived by the human eye, this is when it is deemed outside the visible spectrum. The same applies with the ultraviolet spectrum only with the vibration going faster to the point that the wavelengths are no longer perceived by our eyes. When we think about all the other electromagnetic spectrums just on that chart it would seem obvious that our technology today does and will have an effect on our consciousness and in turn our physical condition. For now just imagine the illuminated room represents a higher vibration of existence and all of the visible light is conscious energy of the positive polarity. If we take a light source (lantern or torch) into a dark room the light will emanate as far as the energy allows appearing to remove any darkness within the proximity. We don’t have an anti-light but an empty closed box contains darkness which I refer to crudely as the “anti-light”. If we transport the box into the illuminated room and open it the darkness does not appear to be there anymore but where has it gone? It is perceived to not exist in the presence of the higher vibrating energy however the infrared light is still very much there, it is just now outside of our visible perception (the ego or the “illuminate” if you wish appear to work behind scenes of the perceived reality). Heaven, other dimensions, other plains, they all symbolically represent the same thing and each person has their own idea of what it is or would be like but whatever that is we couldnt exist anywhere without being of that vibrational frequency or higher (light can come into darkness but darkness cannot come into the light). We are here on earth to raise our conscious energy vibration which can be achieved through understanding and acceptance of everything and a good place to start is taking out the right and wrong concept. It is really only a case of two or more people not sharing the same point view because our perceived reality is not exactly the same as anyone else’s. In fact it is us creating another person’s reality in our mind based off our own perceptions and then judging them according to it. We really don’t know anything about their life and how they think or feel so how could we possibly begin to create a reality and judge them on it without unpredictable results. The next time we get angry at someone or something, rather than be angry just accept it and think about every possible reason we got angry and how we let our lack of understanding in the matter lower our true perception. If we are unaware or as some might say “unconscious” these polarities of consciousness can manifest physically in our body through our emotional state causing us to think irrationally at times or have periods of extreme clarity. The phrases “crazy in love” or “blind with rage” seem appropriate to describe lower vibration manifestations as I believe the word love has been pretty much turned into desire the way we use it so conditionally. For anyone who has experienced a state of unconditional love it doesn’t seem possible to love any one thing and not everything else as it is truly a state of “being” or “mind”. The lower the conscious vibration the less clearly we can see through the illusions so to speak. Another simple analogy to explain this concept would be to put our face an inch above the ground or any surface and then slowly bring it up higher until we are at standing height observing how much more we can see and perceive as we lift our head. In this analogy lifting our head is the same as raising our conscious vibration with the net result being more perception and thus more awareness.
In today’s society many religious institutions portray a single most powerful being that represents their “god”. By creating one single “god” being, we create a line of thinking conducive to separation of conscious awareness. By this I mean we now see something better than us and if there is better than us then there must also be worse than us (perception of duality). When this occurs we stop looking inside ourselves and start looking elsewhere for the answers which seem to manifests itself into the war machine eventually. When we are not looking within we are not seeing consciousness reflect itself in front of our eyes and we will continue the same cycles until we realise this. There now becomes right and wrong, good and bad as we start to build a reality around someone else’s interpretation of information. From this point we are pretty much under a spell because the mind has been shaped to believe that just the thought of something else, something different might bring the wrath of “god” who decides where we end up. If nothing else religion should be considered a control system and like all control systems is a product of our own creation to avoid taking responsibility for ourselves and shelter us from our own “illusions” of fear. This suggests that wouldn’t have control systems if we didn’t fear so many things to begin with. Now with the media, education system, parents just about everyone that has influenced our lives have they not all used “fear” as the motivating force to control us? The media gives us objective controlled information to keep us largely ignorant to other viewpoints (we fear what we don’t understand). The education system rewards us for regurgitating information rather than questioning it, conditioning us to think in a non-critical closed mindset. Our parents or guardians unless highly aware would have only recycled their mindset and beliefs onto us hence the common perception “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. While it appears like it might seem difficult to break the “spell” or “awaken” as its can be referred to, the answers really are in front of our minds eye all the time and if we want to look we are bound to see them.
Now before we go on we should consider the possibility that if consciousness is separated at the highest frequency that polarities can exists to give us the duality perceived learning experience, the energy might require only a smaller 3D solid vessel to be contained within, thinks along the lines of nature’s elements , minerals and any dense seemingly inanimate object here. As consciousness grows to the point of self-awareness (energy expanding) it would need more complex vessels in which to keep experiencing reality, think small animals, pets, sea creatures and finally a completely self-aware vessel capable of its own independent critical thought. The frequency vibration is very slow so fear is dominant and we can see how animals and some humans are completely driven by self-preservation or we what can be called animal instinct (Ego). Some of us might assume humans are the only 3D vehicles capable of independent critical thought and self-actualisation but there is nothing to suggest this is accurate or true. If anything we should start to have some picture of just how big the “big picture” is and not to be ignorant to things we don’t know or understand. It would be slightly ignorant to assume our “soul” experiences are limited to this planet only or that we haven’t already existed on other 3D planets before this. The final vessel for this energy before we exist on a frequency that is non-physical in nature is a complex physical body capable of independent critical thought whatever that may be and every single person on Earth could either be 5 days or 5000 years. The actual time this takes is completely relative to how our conscious awareness evolves from this point on. There is information to indicate that long ago people were able to ascend into these higher frequencies, so we should question why this is almost unheard of today (how would we know if people were ascending anyway)? Has something been manipulating society keeping us knocking at the dimensional doorway so to speak. It seems to me that since our focus has become more material and egotistical in nature we have set ourselves an immensely challenging task to see reality for what it is. This “guiding force” behind the scenes is the ego aspect of ourselves that has become self-aware and separated from the consciousness experience we are having. I can see why this might give us the perception of a negative entity behind the scenes but really it could be just the manifestation of our egos. Weather we are on this side or the other side both sides are connected and influence each other so it seems reasonable to conclude that if we let our egos drive our experience over here we would also let it drive our experience over there. In other words we can create the negative influences on the physical side through the ego aspect of ourselves which then manifests into the negative entities we perceive on the non-physical side which then influence us in return back on this side thus creating our false perception of a hidden hand behind the scenes (it’s like playing the blame game but there is only one player). A perceived “happy hippy” would be more likely to ascend (although this has nothing to do with the evolution of the conscious awareness) than a perceived “religious man” in today’s society due to the fear that a lot of religions have interwoven into their ideals. In this analogy it is assumed that a hippy has at the very least explored other concepts regarding their purpose in life maybe through drugs or just taking a less materialistic view of the world. When we die imagine our conscious energy being released from the bounds of the physical vessel into an etheric reality or to put another way “crossing over”. We might even perceive to “see the light” as the event horizon for a particular higher vibration (frequency) would be vibrating faster than we could perceive as anything more than a bright light. So depending on the frequency that our conscious awareness is vibrating at, will ultimately determine where and what this light is perceived by us as.

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 08:14 PM
At this point you can see your life at any point throughout the history of your soul and when people come back through near death experiences, their brain can only perceive their “life flashing before their eyes”. However if you don’t come back, and if you’re not high enough vibrating you could not pass through the barrier or exist beyond a certain point, so you would have to set your next life tasks as a contract so to speak. This is what I call the “river of life”. There are others guiding and assisting at this stage so you will always achieve the understanding you seek to vibrate higher in the next form. You will have a million times more knowledge and understanding in this energy form and you can also view your history moving at the speed of thought. You might already be able to exist in the 5th dimension but are merely here on earth to help others get there without breaking the universal law of free will, however you will still have to set yourself contracts and tasks because you can’t carry your knowledge with you. These tasks are your” river of life” and you always go down with the current. The way I imagine the river working would be that you have a start and a finish with let’s say six bends in the river but the amount of bends is up to you it’s just to help with the imagination. Each bend represents a turning point in your life that you have absolutely no control over because it has been set by you yourself (society would call this fate). So while you travel down the river and you do have control over each action in your life that you are making, the resulting combination of actions and reactions will eventually take you to the exact same place you’re supposed to be in your river. So if we think of the river and how certain things are going to happen down that river regardless (like a bend in a river), try to picture swimming upstream against the current and how this would represent you creating extra actions and events outside the natural flow of the river (this is you thinking you’re in total control). This could take many actions and events in your life while you’re swimming against the current and that’s when life appears to be the hardest for us, when we swim upstream in our rivers. You could also effectively make choices that put you at each bend a lot faster in the river timeline and this is when life’s feels the easiest. Don’t think of the river as having an exact set specific time and date for everything to happen by, but know everything you have set will get achieved before you die (the end of the river represents the expiry date of the vessel).
To give you some image of how i perceive these dimensions is, think of a doughnut. The space in the middle, the air of the doughnut this represents the 3rd dimension and this is what we know as reality. Now the doughnut itself is like this insulation from the higher dimensional energy’s however it does filter through. You can’t pass through the doughnut either it’s the barrier for higher vibrations. Now add Saturn type rings outside this doughnut and these would be 6th 7th 8th dimensions etc. the barrier isn’t so insulated but higher vibration is required to pass. I think that once you’re outside the doughnut it is much harder to learn to vibrate higher because you have access to so much knowledge you could see how one might be content or even how hard it would be to understand it all since you perceive to know everything. Now all this energy filters down through the highest dimension and compacts into the centre of the doughnut into dense 3D objects otherwise known as reality as we perceive it now. This is the best training ground for understanding because when your soul is put into the vessel you have no knowledge of anything only your river you set and through the river you will achieve this understanding you seek. It might take 50 rivers of our time to achieve your goals but time is not linear. It is circular and repeating just like a clock. What doesn’t repeat is the expansion of your energy; this is you existing at higher frequencies in higher dimensions. So inside the doughnut you keep going round and round, not just here on earth mind you but we will get to that. So why are we here? We are here to vibrate higher and you can only achieve this through unconditional happiness. Only then will you know why you yourself are here and what you need to do so much easier. All this filtered down energy is going into peoples souls every day. Imagine it like radio waves and our heads are antennas picking up a lot of static or unclear transmissions and we have to simply tune into this signal for clear reception. Tuning in is easy if you know how and tuning out is easy if you’re not aware of what’s actually going on.
I will let you process all this. That feeling you always have had where you know this is not where you’re meant to be. Kind of like a constant why am here what it is all mean type thought. That is the river really flowing hard trying to make you stop going against the current. It’s you telling yourself it’s ready to wake up seriously.
So you now have some understanding of souls energy and life in general you will start to shift away from this reality where you see yourself as the centre of the universe and more from a collective point of view. I see myself as a piece of sand next to other pieces of sand in terms of significance. There’s a cliff face, forest roads all sorts of # beyond the piece of sand that is me. Now to give you some understanding of how I imagine it, one single piece of sand is irrelevant even a handful, but the more you take out the more relevant it becomes. Now if all the sand was gone from the beach or planet what do you imagine would happen? So whilst I am irrelevant I am also equally as important as the rest of the irrelevant pieces of sand but the collective cause is as you can now see is completely precious to the way things work in reality. This is how I see the source energy working too but in a slightly different way. Each person has the ability to tap into the source energy and because it’s the collective energy of the worlds, the power is increased with each person tapping in (it’s essentially you help people because it makes you more powerful). You will lose the natural sense of self-preservation or survival because you now know that the only fears or worries are what we have perceived in the past. # the bill hasn’t been paid on time is a classic example of something you would worry about because it’s real so to speak. But it’s not and you have choices, you can either pay the bill if you have the money or don’t pay the bill and then deal with the consequences but why worry you can only do what you can do right. You wouldn’t be in that situation if we all were raised with this knowledge and line of thinking but since we are and were here now we can’t be mad, it’s how it is. So they might take you to court or give you threats but if you don’t worry and pay the bill when you can then get on without a single negative or judgmental thought, you find the perceived problem you had goes away the same is if you got upset and bothered about it (your just going round the doughnut anyway why be unhappy about it). Be no more upset about it then a videogame you’re playing because that’s about the relevance of all this other than to be unconditionally happy and vibrate higher. So you know we are trained to think a certain way now i will explain how to control your energy and tune into this signal even harder then you ever have before. If you feel really happy and at peace reading this then you might experience a high for a day or so this is when you make the real connection to the energy i believe. This is "waking up". You may already have had that but you didn’t really know and it went away. Through thought filtration techniques it’s easy to build your energy vibrate higher in this form and actually understand the thoughts and voices in your head very clear. The voices if you think in words (some people think in words, some think in music or images and some think using all types some of which I couldn’t describe because I don’t think in that form myself but I’m aware it exists) are either generated from you or from this link. You can actually start solving any problems and understand anything that will help you in your life. The more you are in tune the harder it is to be angry mad sad guilt or anything from the lower frequencies because you’re understand of things has gone beyond normal comprehension. Think multicultural awareness but on a universal type scale is level of awareness you will have this instinctively!
Once you tune into this energy it guides you to the knowledge and then your job is to understand through the power of your imagination. You should have a read of Albert Einstein’s quotes and see what you make of them. This is one of the best scientists in modern history too

Most of this is my theory based on what i understand right now. I got this information from everywhere i just tuned into the "signal" and i got better understanding and pieced so much more together from that. There will become a point where science explains what we know as spiritual right now and when that happens i believe our technology evolves to that of what the 4th dimensional EBEN’s (Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entity) have. This label (EBEN) gives me a feeling of peace as oppose to using the word alien which makes me feel uncomfortable. See how words have a lot more power than they once did (to start a wildfire I only need to put a flame to a piece of grass. You may have not thought of energy in this way before and thoughts can be just like wildfires). Just the word alien leads us to think in lower vibrations if but only for a split second. Science and Spirit need to be balanced or A. you will become a powerful race driven by Ego to survive and become more advanced and perceivably powerful. Or B. you exist in the 5th or higher dimension as energy of light. Grey aliens have followed the path of science to the point where they are malevolent and actually devolving as a result. Other races followed the spiritual path and exist as 4th and 5th D beings and are much more technologically advanced. They are a benevolent race and believe human spirits to be similar in origin.

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I have looked at all those Carl Sagan clips regarding the 4th dimension and i have to say i understood everything he was saying. In terms of Dimensions i believe that to be exactly the same as i believe, even to the point i think he is using images to explain so people who think in images like artists etc. would understand that easier then someone who thinks in music or just words. I think in words mostly as voices but also images are a big chunk. If I am solving a problem or trying to understand something I will think as a voice in my head talking to me but at the same time the voice is mine not from the perspective of another person. If I am dreaming of my possible futures I will think mostly in images until my fantasy/seen future comes to a point where it requires more understanding to go on so I switch back to my voice of reason. However you are looking at it reading this is the way you are meant to interpret this and you can see how a lot of things tie into your imagination. The word imagination is just a label and right now it brings some level of fear in people because it links to fantasy and more labels and generally speaking the word brings out people’s judgment the best. How do you think you might find you can understand things easier when you know what form is best delivered to you?
In terms of the doughnut theory, Carl is spot on you cannot perceive things outside your dimension but we need to understand it’s there it exists nevertheless. I do however believe that the dimension you perceive can change with enough energy. The 5th Dimensional beings believe earth is of 3D energy (The earths energy we know as mother nature) now as the collective energy on the planet vibrates higher this energy from the planet also does too and then at the final blowing point (Dec 12 2012) it actually restructures itself to release all the old 3D energy and allow for this new 4D energy to be absorbed, taking us into the 4th Dimension. Then we will space travel and perceive all the things we see in science fiction right now that merely exist in the 4th Dimension as Carl would say it. I read somewhere that your imagination and anything you can think of would be what it’s like existing in the 4th or higher dimensions. Thought that was a cool way of looking at something you cannot perceive literally.
I just had another thought too. If you have the ability to think of something that isn’t real or hasn’t happened simply put fantasy, then that is proof that something exists beyond the inner circle of the "doughnut" that is your current perceived reality (I say perceived reality in terms of all we know to be true by science). This 4th dimension or "duration" i see him talking about is the future. The 4th dimension exists within the 3D reality (inside the doughnut) but it is the future that separates the two. As technology increases and we understand the laws of physics with 4th dimensional energy instead of the current 3D energy, the human race will have another golden age. This is only knowledge, however it makes sense to you is the right way to understand it. You might disagree with all of it, some of it or none of it but whatever you disagree with you will have your own version of the same knowledge and that would be the truth to you.
Carl Sagan’s: The Pale Blue Dot is EPIC. I believe Carl Sagan is an enlightened person. He understands it and what’s going on. Anything people can’t see they will fear (unless you think outside the imaginary doughnut boundaries) and when you get a clip of blinding truth like that you will feel real happy as the soul vibrates higher, or angry because you thinks its filth and he’s a nut etc. etc. and you can’t even begin to understand what he’s on about. Sometime when you start to feel bored, have a think about why people are instinctively afraid of the dark. Start seeing how fear, darkness, low polarity energy can come in many forms then try not to narrow your thoughts to just small things like we are easily prone to do. All the scary myths in today’s society such as vampires, ghosts, literally anything that’s scary in nature, was originally just a metaphorical depiction of this lower polarity energy and over time has found its way in today’s literature and media as a tool against our polarity increase (Grey EBEN’s again?)
Yin & Yang, light dark, good bad, north/south pole, up down, everything has a polarity, even the atomic bomb (nuclear/cold fission). At its best it’s clean efficient power (constructive) at its worst a nasty unclean radioactive bomb (destructive) Polarity is the word of the day.
Ok so now you’re either understanding this in your own way or still processing some of it but i think i can explain how to use this +/- energy in everyday life for you so you can easily reach 600 on Hawkins conscious map. Firstly you have to accept that every thought that you have whilst generating from within you, can and does get put in there by other entities. Because the thought comes from you, you will think it’s yours. When the thought is powerful or repeating you create actions still thinking you in full control all this time. They key for me to fully awaken was this thought filtration. When you wake up tomorrow start filtering any negative thought you have instantly. Whatever the negative thought is (you know because a negative thought makes you uncomfortable) filter it. I found early on some thoughts were powerful or repeating or both and this was a little tiring but for those thoughts i just used mantras that made me happy and ran them over in my head or thought of something that made me happy, like knowing that nothing here is really that significant other than helping someone in terms of what i know now. This is merely a video game of sorts and you should get no more upset about anything then you would a videogame. When people are mad at you the first response is to get mad or upset or defensive. Start seeing this negative energy coming from them as like a dark cloud. When it hits you, you have your thoughts (this is what gives you the emotions i said earlier), when you filter the thought you are letting this cloud pass through but not attaching. If you think about it negatively that’s when it attaches. Then you make your response and since you have filtered the negative energy they would feel calmer and the next wave would be less intense if at all. Pretty soon you are building positive energy in them and that’s when people start shaking your hands and getting excited. You will start seeing this not literally but in your mind like you were in real life somewhat. These negative thoughts are being manipulated by entities as not every single race is of the same polarity. We are of higher polarity dimensional energy where a grey alien would be from the lowest frequency. Humans have the potential for this evolution too if we follow the path of science too far. Anyway this energy is there drug and they jerkoff to it or whatever they do. By filtering thoughts you will release large amounts of positive energy into the world. To describe how energy would work in my mind is something like. You spark this positive energy in someone. It can grow inside them they spread it to someone because you made them happy. When an emotion is strong enough it manifests into our actions. You have your circle of people that you know so if you’re spreading a lot of energy around it will always find its way back to you. This is karma, when the energy has travelled for hours, day’s week’s years however long. 5th or higher energy travels at the speed of thought so this energy literally is returned to you in an instant and distance is irrelevant. This is what also gives you the zest to go on living this energy and its happening all the time whether you want to believe it or not. By controlling this energy through thought filtration techniques you will see instant results and satisfaction in your life. It will push you further and faster down your river then you have ever travelled before once you start becoming proficient at filtering the negative and really understanding the positive ones. You can see your future (definitely you’re own and only what you’re supposed to see) Some people are meant to be able to see other peoples as not everyone is here for the same reason or purpose remember and you can do a lot of things with this when you really understand it. Signs are so much clearer. We need to kill (kill is a strong negative word but negative energy serves as a warning for us also) any form whatsoever of judgement (this is a negative thought anyway but a top 2 thought). It’s amazing how much we judge people and don’t even realise...till you filter it.
So I would perceive in my imagination energy working like this. There am I talking to you as we do. Now I think that we are both deaf but we read lips really well so we understand the exact same thing. Now I think we can’t read lips but we can do sign language so we get the same results as the 1st two methods. I take this even further to the point where we can’t sign, we can’t read lips and we are now both blind. However fear not the government has these new glasses that actually reads and can display energy as light colours off a scale that our eyes cannot normally see or perceive. Now as we see these colours coming straight at us, coming into our “light bulb”, sticking or passing through us we get the same feelings and thoughts we had earlier with all our senses intact still. Although it might seem hard to realise how this is possible, you would pick it up and understand it the same way you learnt to speak a language. All this energy and these colours we know as our auras so now think of a simple magnet and how it can attract to metal but repel from itself, it’s just energy still though. Go back to our imaginary government issued special glasses and see colours that make you warm and fuzzy and how you want to get as close to that as you can and see colours that make you want to run in fear because it causes you the lower frequency discomfort feelings. Now taking our glasses and we head inside a football stadium for a home team game we can see all this positive energy coming from the supporter’s as they cheer on hard (as well as the negative energy that’s around too don’t forget). Could this simply explain why we all know there is a distinct home team advantage and science has merely yet to prove why? It isn’t that it’s not known, everyone that follows sports knows the home team advantage. You may never see this in your lifetime but it exists nevertheless and acceptance of all things serves you to vibrate higher. One of my favourite Albert Einstein quotes (I love them all though): “Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible”.
I will try to explain how I perceive predicting the future. This is quite hard for me to put into words that make sense but I’ll try. So your 32 years (however old you are) old and you have a million cogs or more turning in your head (the cogs represent how you perceive reality and also the dust clouding your bulb). Since birth you have created these million cogs and this is where the illusion that life is hard or complicated comes from. You cannot even begin predicting your future with all these cogs of life turning and doing different things no more than you can guess correctly. You simply can’t keep track of everything in this dense 3D brain we have. As you become more aware of all this and your consciousness expands even further outside the barrier of the 3D reality (the inside of the doughnut) you start using about 5 cogs in life only the important cogs. Not the million you once were using and life now is so easy uncomplicated and even fascinating for you. So with 5 cogs turning you can see easily your 5 possible futures (the number is irrelevant but you get the idea of simplifying the outcomes on epic proportions). When you’re tuned into this energy thoughts are a huge part of your life and these thoughts are now your possible futures. You’re first thought on something I believe to be closest future and the one you most likely will live. Sometimes you can see further past that thought (imagination as we know it now) but each time you see past a thought there are only 5 cogs to deal with not a million. With this energy guiding your thoughts the signs become obvious and you know which cogs to turn to get the result or outcome you are seeking. The energy guides you to what you need to know future wise so if you try to look for something you will not find it thus predicting the future on demand is well a million times harder. Now with all talk about time and futures it can get a bit mind boggling if you over think it. Now that you know how to turn the imaginary 5 cogs of your life to get the results you want or the possible future you have seen as I explained earlier, you can sort of see that you’re not predicting the future at all your actually just living your future. I love Star Wars references but in particular Yoda’s quote because it’s on the money: “The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the light, the future is”. The more dust on the bulb the more clouded your future is going to be because you can’t tell your desires from the truth in your thoughts.

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Once you can get some understanding of this better you clearly see that time travel is irrelevant and only effects the physical world (3D reality) for the energy involved. When you are in the higher dimensions (not just as a consciousness but also as the source energy itself) you can time travel at the speed of thought anywhere in time and space but by that point you’ve gone beyond going around the imaginary doughnut in your souls evolutionary path so to speak and you would have no interest in personal gain within the 3D reality or “inside the doughnut” anymore. Evil will always exist though but you need not fear it. Simply put if someone did go back in time and change things, you would be none the wiser anyway ergo nil effect on your life as you perceive reality and your consciousness would remain the same state of vibration. By the time humans figure out time travel we will be way beyond seeing the pointlessness of changing material things. My conclusion is that time travel makes for really good movies.
I know what you’re thinking; you think you could still use this “power” inside the 3D reality boundaries say for gambling and well you can. A friend of mine came around today and we discussed this topic which I had never thought about before and it was quite enlightening because now I understand something clearer then I had before. So I proposed to him that if I had a thought to go to the casino I would set an amount of money I didn’t care about. Money is only valuable to me when I’m spending/using it otherwise it’s just plastic or paper or whatever form currency comes in. People should be aware of how attraction to material things will hold you back from vibrating higher. This is from the first layers of dust that has been on your light bulb for your whole life. So getting back to gambling again I have set $500 aside to just waste because it’s nothing to me in the unspent/unused form. Also at this point my thinking has changed from left or right (sleepwalking) to straight forward (awake) and the lens I view reality is completely different now. So bills or anything negative i won’t be thinking about because i either paid them or i didn’t have the money in the first place so i wouldn’t be gambling anyway. When I get the first thought that’s of positive nature I go and use the total sum of my waste on that thought. Remember I don’t think in personal gain at this stage it’s just purely me turning my waste into a really good feeling (gambling). Now this bet wins for me as it will because I have seen my future in my thoughts (I don’t see the details but i somehow understand it through the feelings). I now have lots of this money. Can you see my conundrum here? If I continue to bet thinking ill win more money I’m trying to force my future rather than letting it come to me and then I start using the million cogs of life again instead of my important 5 cogs. My desires would lead to thoughts of personal gain and there are heaps more of these then important thoughts. So my seen futures will be way of from this point most likely because the source energy signal has out-tuned for me. At this stage I’m just “gambling”. This is not to say you aren’t meant to use this power to win heaps of money by doing this, there is a reason for everything and the source energy guides you. I kind of think of this as a “catch 22”. This is the dark side and a test of your attachment for material things. If you are ready you will not be interested in gambling anymore and if you are not you will probably lose all your money from that point and suffer the results of fear which is only negative energy through your body physically manifesting. Depression and anxiety are severe physical manifestations of this energy and enlightenment is the opposite by using positive energy. Can you imagine what the opposite of feeling depressed would feel like and if you felt that all the time similar to people who are depressed? How awesome would that be and every single person has the ability to achieve this. I will try to describe to you so you get somewhat the sense of how you might feel in this heightened state. Imagine you are the perceived god with all your mighty power up in heaven doing what this perceived god does. Then you come to earth for a day but you have no power no abilities whatsoever, you are just here to live a day in the life of humans. You would be at complete peace and not have a single worry not even the underlying worry in every human of death. So what would you do as just a man? Well I imagine this person or “perceived god” would simply help everyone feel at peace anyway humanly possible. He would still know there is so much more but wouldn’t feel compelled to do anything other than just make people feel at peace with themselves because they would be his kids or however that # is supposed to work in religion. The true fact is that the power of this perceived god is inside everyone and is just asleep but the alarm clock is going to go off soon. The reason you only use 4% (the actual figure is not important but you get the idea of not using much) of the brain is you are simply a god asleep. When you wake up you will use be using a lot more of your brain put it that way and what you can do, well that’s what you are trying to find out.
You will have to learn to accept aliens are real if you haven’t already (acceptance of all things believable to you or not is vital to go past certain higher vibration levels). Now i know 100% that you believe in them you just may not accept it which is completely normal because you haven’t got your “proof” yet. I mean who would want to believe in them, it’s scary when you imagine the movies and things the media have put out plus what you create in your own mind as a result.
So for now the only thing you have to believe for now is they are out there. In terms of betting odds it would be like 100-1 odds on favourite they exist mathematically with the amount of know planets today. What are you basing your perceived reality on? We have at least one planet with confirmed life (Earth) and a bunch of dodgy NASA shots from a few more planets totalling about 5? So that’s at least 1 in 5 we know about and there are billions of planets out there. If you extrapolate the data of these odds in our solar system against the known planets, it seems pretty obvious that we are not alone. That's the only thing you need to accept really to be able to vibrate at levels you previously haven't.
The information on the conscious map is not my work (It’s mostly David Hawkins and some guy who put it on the webs) but who really owns information obtained through the source signal. Think of all artists, musicians etc. anyone expressing themselves and they are just printers (not literally of course) printing out the "signal" the more popular someone’s work the more they have tuned into the signal thus the general populace who get static from the signal recognize the feeling of love which manifests physically into a peaceful state of well-being while they are under the influence of the work. When you tune into the signal you excel at anything you do and you will soar to once impossible heights.
This is something i find VERY interesting and significant. So for now for this exercise of the mind we are going to believe aliens are not real because it doesn't matter. Have you ever thought about the human brain and how it kind of looks like two parts that are joined rather than just one lump brain so to speak? How people use different sides and have different personalities as a result. Now think about however many thousand years ago we had webbing between our fingers and toes and how our bodies have actually evolved physically over time. So we can definitely say from this that our physical bodies will also change in the future (however many millions years etc.)
Where does the brain go from here?
Ok so we have a bunch of perceived crazy alien believers and literally millions of them, and they believe that Grey aliens have actually got two brains inside their head (that's why it looks like a mushroom top i guess) and the only connection between the two is like an umbilical cord. Almost as if over time the brain physically split into two. Now they believe one brain contains the singular consciousness and the other the collective consciousness. Similar to us using the collective source energy however they have no understanding other then it gives them the illusion of infinite knowledge.
Now what i believe and many people do as well is our evolution is heading to a similar physical make up where you have two brains working the way i explained with a singular & group consciousness. With access to all this information you require two brains to process the data you now have (think biological computers and they are always limited yet at the same time always getting better).
So some of us will go down the path we are on seeking unconditional happiness and others will go down the path of the Greys and devolve over time as a result (fear of physically dying is powerful negative energy). The Grey's want to live forever so they transfer the consciousness over and over indicating they clearly have the knowledge of this energy and power, yet they completely fail to see where they are going wrong already live forever in a matter of speaking and by not dying you cannot set your next “river of life” and allow your energy to expand beyond the current perceived reality. Over the course of evolution they have simply gathered too much dust (the fear of dying must be almost unbearable) on their bulbs and it has actually dropped the collective consciousness into the pure negative energy regions, so they are in a sense “evil” by nature. We must remember that they too can reverse their evolution and start heading back into the positive energy consciousness however one might perceive them to come back as an ant or something along our soul evolutionary path. Maybe they even understand this and that only makes them fear death even more. Who knows but their energy is no less important than ours and we do not need to fear them.

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Now if I haven’t already cracked your mind in half metaphorically speaking you are ready for me to explain how I perceive the universe, that is everything existing in our reality (inside the doughnut). As our energy has expanded beyond the furthest dimensions we could possibly perceive (our Saturn type rings outside the doughnut) it would at some point come crashing back inside reality in the form of a bigger 3D object to contain the massive amounts of energy (our bodies are able to contain certain amounts of this energy in the form we call soul). I see this as our stars, planets and comets but you get the idea where I’m going with it. Could this be where the perceived myth of Mother Nature comes about and why they call it the big bang? This energy travels at the speed of thought remember. Could a planet go onto become a star and who knows what else? Now I see a reality where people stop living where the trees are growing and stop destroying the planet. People would all go and move to the desert and rehabilitate the barren plains on the surface of the planet. This to me is the definition of the power of positive energy and how easy it can construct your reality to bring you unconditional happiness. I’m sure the planet would love you for it if it were concerned.

I found a map of the conscious mind on the internet and I believe it holds a wealth of knowledge that just needs to be understood.
Firstly, having the map of consciousness empowers us in knowing where we stand in our current state of growth. While all of us can try to live consciously every day, without knowing the point we are starting from, we are just randomly groping in the dark. Having the map gives us a fix on our current location. When we are able to identify our starting point, we can then make actionable plans on where we want to go next.
Secondly, this map lists all the different levels of consciousness attainable, thus serving as a critical framework for conscious living. Without knowing the highest end state of consciousness we can attain, we can only be making baby steps of progress and not be optimizing our full potential. But having clarity of the different levels of consciousness provides us with the full context of growth. By knowing the other levels ahead, we are more able to comprehend how limiting our current level of consciousness is, what we should be striving towards and the highest end point we can reach. While we can debate on whether Hawkins is fully valid or exhaustive, the map definitely provides us a very good reference point to start with.
For me, having this map of consciousness has been very helpful in identifying where I currently stand in my pursuit of growth, becoming more conscious of my reactions towards life events and what they represent, understanding the limitations of the level I am at and what I should do in order to further up my consciousness.
Consciousness Defined
What is consciousness actually?
Being conscious is more than just being physically awake. It is also more than just being aware. Awareness typically refers to knowingness at the mental level, while consciousness is a state of knowingness that encompasses all mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of us. To be conscious is to have awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, own existence, sensations, and surroundings.

The consciousness we operate in is actually equivalent to the lens we use to see reality. The perceptions, beliefs, mindsets and values we hold right now are a result of the consciousness we are operating in. Whenever we experience a shift in our consciousness due to an epiphany, an AHA or inner realization, we are actually breaking away from our old consciousness and as a result, old belief systems and attitudes. This is the same as shedding of an old lens we used to see reality with and adopting of a new lens.
Why Increase Your Consciousness Level?
As mentioned above, consciousness is like a lens you use to view reality. Being at a different level of consciousness means you are using a different lens to view the world. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values and actions are outputs of the level of consciousness you vibrate at. While the object you are observing (i.e. life, the world, events in your life, yourself) can remain the same, just having a different consciousness level causes those outputs to be widely different.
Let’s take an analogy with myopia. If you are at the lowest level, it’s like you have extremely high myopia of -10.00. You can’t see anything beyond an extremely distorted sense of self-worth and the world. At a higher level however, that visual fog lifts and you develop higher clarity on yourself, the world, and your place in the world. Your vision becomes less hazy and more accurate. The higher you go, the higher the clarity your vision on what the world around you entails. All these changes come from just a change in your consciousness; in reality nothing about life or the world has changed. To increase your consciousness level thus translates into a more accurate viewpoint of reality. This allows you to lead the truly happy, full and abundant life which you are meant to experience.
Map of Consciousness
The map of consciousness was developed via kinesiology, or muscle testing. I’ll not be covering the technicalities here; if you are interested in the details, it’s best to check out the book – there are two full chapters dedicated to the explanation of the methodology, testing and interpretation.
From this test, a scale of consciousness / energy level was calibrated, from 0 all the way to the highest end of 1000 points. Within this scale, there are a total of 17 different levels of consciousness demarcated by different points on the scale. Moving from 0 to 1000, marks a progression in the change of one’s world view from a fear-based consciousness to a love-based consciousness. The highest attainable level is enlightenment at 1000.
17 Levels of Consciousness
Description of Each Level of Consciousness
I will provide a description of each level, starting with the bottom-most level. As you read this, think about which level resonates the most with you:
1) Shame (1-20): Someone at this level feels humiliated, has low self-esteem, is paranoid. Common expressions where one vibrates at this level would be when one feels like he/she has “lost face”, wishes he/she is invisible, and feels worthless. Some individuals at shame react by becoming overly rigid and/or neurotic perfectionists. Vibrating in this level for prolonged periods leads to elimination (of self and others), such as suicide, turning into serial killers, rapists, moral extremists who apply self-righteous judgment onto others. The person’s view of life at this state is misery.
2) Guilt (30): Feelings of blame and remorse hover here. It is used to consciously or subconsciously manipulate conformance to certain forms of thinking and behaviours. It is commonly melded by our society with public punishment and finger-pointing culture, by religious institutions with preoccupation of “sin” and “salvation”, acts of ritual killing to “appease” higher entities, etc. This level cultivates destruction. Hawkins cites the life-view as evil, which I disagree and feel condemnation is more adept.
3) Apathy (50): A state of despair and helplessness. Someone here is needy and dependent on others for help, such as the homeless, the poor, and the aged population. Because this level feels “heavy” and is seen as a burden to others around, many people usually avoid those who are vibrating at these levels. For example, we see how the poor and unfortunate have come to be shielded away from the mainstream society. We also frequently see situations where the aged is abandoned by their own kin because they are seen as a liability. This level is associated with abdication, which means to give up one’s power to others. The life-view here is hopelessness.
4) Grief (75): Feelings of regret, sadness and loss abounds here. Many people vibrate at this level in times of losses – of loved ones, relationships, possessions, jobs, money, etc. Outcomes would be mourning, remorse, being hung up over what has occurred, etc. Someone at grief sees despondency and bleakness all around the world and in life. The life-view is tragic. Grief is a higher level than apathy, because one starts feeling more energy at this level, albeit of sadness and loss.
5) Fear (100): Energy at this level is oriented in anxiety. Common situations of fear at play would be fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, fear of challenges, fear of aging, fear of death, fear of loss, fear of strangers. This emotion is often played on by marketers and politicians to achieve their agendas. Fear leads to paranoia and can turn into an obsession. At this level, one views everything uncertain as fearful and thus undergoes the state of withdrawal. Thus, fear prevents personal growth from taking place. Someone in the level of fear sees the world as frightening.
6) Desire (125): At the level of desire, the emotion of craving becomes dominant. We have people pursuing money and status as end goals for a better life, lonely singles longing to be in romantic relationships believing it will complete themselves, marketers conditioning ‘wants’ in people’s minds through enticing advertisements and promises of happiness with consumption of goods, fashion industry playing on desires for increased attraction, just to name a few.
Addictions are outputs of desire, such as desire for food, video games, fun, sex, shopping, acquisition of money and power, etc. One becomes looped into enslavement at this level, because desire is never-ending emotion. The life-view is disappointing, which ensues when one cannot obtain what one desires. Desire is a higher level than fear because the desire for something propels people forward to action, rather than withdraw to a corner.
7) Anger (150): The emotion at this level is hate. Anger expresses itself as resentment, frustration and even revenge. Common manifestations of anger in the society are activism towards causes (environmental, animal rights, third-world countries, and poverty-stricken areas), equality, and social movements.
At the individual level, examples include irritable and volatile behaviour, short-temper. The upside of anger is it has resulted in liberation and great movements in the society; the downside is dangerous behaviour and intentional harm might ensue from it. The process one undergoes is aggression. The life-view here is antagonistic, where one is hostile, unfriendly and acts in opposition/rebellion against others.
8) Pride (175): Hawkins cite scorn as the dominant feeling of pride, which I disagree. I feel dignity is an emotion that is more representative of the level; scorn comes as a result of this dignity, though it may be too subtle for people to recognize since it is often masked over. At our current society, pride is a level that is encouraged and seen as positive – for example, pride of being part of a group, institution, company, nation, religion, race.
However, this leads to duality viewpoints, which acts as an invisible force to separate people. For example, nations exist because people identify themselves more with a geographical location rather than a common, universal identity. Religions exist because people attach themselves to their beliefs of god and values which serve as a separator. On a personal level, people form pride based on possessions and external conditions, and it is vulnerable because such conditions can be removed at any point in time. Pride results in denial and arrogance. At pride, one undergoes inflation (of ego) rather than being able to see things objectively. The life-view here is demanding.
9) Courage (200): Affirmation is the key emotion here. This is the separation point between Power and Force, where one is starts creating change through the use of constructive states of power rather than destructive force. This is the first waking point where one starts to wake from his/her sleepwalker status. At the lower levels before this, the world is seen as hopeless, tragic, frightening, demanding; People from below 200 sees themselves as victims, at the mercy of life and subjected to forces of the external world.

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At courage one sees the world as exciting and filled with possibilities. One undergoes empowerment here. This marks the start of active pursuit of growth – where there exists a gap, the person will act to fill it. For example, learning new job skills, embarking on new education, pursuing personal growth. The life-view is feasible – anything is manageable since the person is able to harness power to deal with situations in life. People in the higher levels >200 recognize that their happiness and life lies within them.
10) Neutrality (250): The emotion at this level is trust and safety. Here, people are non-judgmental, objective and able to see things as they truly are. They are not attached to possessions, situations, outcomes and can roll with the punches in life. If they are not able to get something, they are equally happy settling for something else.
This is NOT the same as apathy – the power of neutrality comes from a positive place, where one recognizes his/her inner power and abilities and does not feel the need to prove anything to anyone; apathy is rooted from being forsaken in self and the world, resulting in nonchalance and jadedness towards the external world. The process is one of release (of everything), and the life-view is satisfactory, where anything goes. These people are easy to get along; however they are difficult to engage towards causes and visions because they are detached towards everything.
11) Willingness (310): Optimism runs high here. At Willingness, the individual is open to do anything and everything – he/she is not bounded by others’ judgments or by limitations. For example, he/she is willing to take on menial jobs if he/she cannot get jobs elsewhere. The marked characteristic between willingness and levels below is the desire to do things well (for the sake of it), rather than just doing things. Someone at Willingness can readily bounce back from set-backs, is easily mouldable and genuinely open to everyone. Success follows them easily. The process one undergoes here is of intention (to do anything). The life-view is hopefulness. At this level you have people who perform extremely well in their careers in corporations, start-ups; however the question then comes as to whether they are investing their energy in the best way.
12) Acceptance (350): In my opinion, this marks the second waking point for an individual and where he/she is fully awake from his/her sleepwalker stance. Here, one finally realizes that he/she is THE creator and source of his/her life, as opposed to having relegated some part of it to someone else or a different entity. He/she is (1) aware of the social constructs present in one’s life, whether by family, society, nation, religion, work (2) able to discern against (limiting) beliefs, viewpoints and conditioning which he/she is surrounded with and (3) able to consciously craft his/her life above and beyond all these social constructs. Characteristic behaviour at this level will be acceptance vs. rejection, seeking for resolutions vs. judging right or wrong, long-term vs. short-term view, engaging on life harmoniously on its terms vs. resisting it, striving for personal excellence and growth. Forgiveness is the dominant emotion. The process one undergoes is transcendence (above what one faces in life). The life-view here is harmonious.
13) Reason (400): The emotion is understanding and rationality. One seeks out huge amounts of information and analyses them to infinitesimal detail before reaching conclusions. This is where the noble prize winners, leaders of science and medicine and great thinkers of history calibrate. However, Reason falls into the trap of over intellectualization in concepts and theories. Where differing theories clash and each argument is sound on its own, we reach a blockade, leading to the inability to resolve discrepancies. This leads to the process of abstraction or preoccupation with data. The life-view is meaningful.
14) Love (500): This represents unconditional love – love that is pure, unfaltering, unwavering, not subjected to any external conditions. It is not the same love that is commonly portrayed in mass media, which is rooted in lust, desire, pride, control, addiction, attraction, jealousy and possessiveness. While the media is often establishing love and hate as opposite poles, hate is actually rooted from pride (desire for control/possessiveness) and not actual love.
Reverence is the main emotion in the level of (unconditional) love. At this level, duality becomes an illusion; the feeling is one of entirety that rises above separation. Unconditional love is inclusive of everyone and expands beyond self. While reason deals with specific data, love deals with entirety, thus giving rise to the capacity for instantaneous understanding. This aspect is often linked with intuition. The process one undergoes is revelation. The life-view is benign; there is no separation, fear or negativity. Hawkins claims only 0.4% of the population (1 in every 250 people) ever reaches this level.
15) Joy (540): The dominant emotion is serenity and compassion. This is the inner joy that arises from every moment of existence rather than from an external source. This is the level where saints, advanced spiritual students and healers dwell. At this level, one is characterized by enormous patience and an unwavering positive attitude in the face of harsh adversities. The world is seen as one of perfection and beauty. Individuals are motivated to dedicate themselves to the benefit of life rather than for specific individuals. Here, the process of transfiguration occurs (emanating of radiance from the person). The life-view the individual holds is completeness (of the world). Near death experiences have the effect of temporarily bumping people into this level.
16) Peace (600): The emotion is bliss. At this level, there is no longer any distinction between the observer and the subject. People here become spiritual teachers, great geniuses in their field to effect great contribution for mankind; they typically transcend formal religious structures and replace it with pure spirituality where religions originate from. Perception becomes one of slow motion, suspended in time and space. Everything is perceived as interconnected by an infinite presence. The process one undergoes is illumination; the life-view is perfect. Hawkins claims this level is only attained by 1 out of 10 million people.
17) Enlightenment (700-1000): The emotion is ineffable, in other words – inexpressible. This is the pinnacle of the evolution of consciousness of mankind. The greatest people of history have attained this level, such as Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, and Mother Theresa. Here, the body becomes recognized as a tool to project consciousness in. One’s existence becomes all-encompassing and transcends time and space. The process is described as pure consciousness. The life-view here is simply ‘Is‘. In achieving our highest potential and embracing our best lives, we should strive for the highest possible level i.e. enlightenment.
Overview of the Map of Consciousness
Below is a map that captures the summary of all 17 levels of consciousness:

About the Figures
1. They are logarithmic figures and not arithmetic figures.
What this means is when you see a figure, say 200, it means 10 to the power of 200 (10^200) and not the absolute number 200. Thus, 200 on the scale do not mean twice the magnitude of 100.
2. A small increment by a few points represents a huge increase in magnitude.
For example, let’s look at 100 and 105. Even though it’s just +5 in pts., in logarithmic terms, a +5pt difference represents 100,000 (i.e. 10^5) times the difference in magnitude! This means even if you are in the level of Guilt or Apathy, just raising your consciousness by +5pt will result in enormous improvements in your wellbeing and state of life.
About the levels of consciousness
1. The level of consciousness which you are currently at is a weighted average of the different consciousness levels you operate in.
A person usually vibrates at a default consciousness level and shifts to a couple of levels below and above that level depending on the situation. Every thought, every feeling and every action you have in every situation is rooted from a particular consciousness level; all these can be summed up and averaged to identify the default level you are in. It is rare someone will maintain an exact same state of consciousness in a given period of time. Even within the same day, you may behave at a certain consciousness in this context and at a totally different consciousness in a different context.
One influence on your consciousness is the stimulus in your life. This includes the situations you are in, the type of people you spend time with, your environment and so on. In times of pressure, one’s consciousness level usually gets bumped down a few levels. Depending on how the person recovers from the pressure, his or her default consciousness level might be elevated to a higher level after the encounter.
2. One can move across different levels of consciousness.
Your consciousness level now does not define what your consciousness will be in the future. It is open to change; it is not static. Each person is open to move across different levels, depending on how he/she (chooses to) evolve in his/her consciousness.
3. Distinction of levels of Power vs. levels of Force.
Hawkins segmented the consciousness into two main categories – one based in force (200). People in levels of Force vibrate at a level of fear-based emotions. They are more inclined to exert control over others or themselves (oppression, force, coercion, and manipulation, violence) to achieve their desired outcomes. For example, crime, war, governmental passing of certain policies, abuse, or even authoritative leadership/parenting styles. People in levels of Power (love, empathy, and understanding) vibrate at a level of love-based emotions. They are increasingly aligned with the present moment and universe and use that to bring about their desired results.
4. Each level can be beneficial or detrimental to you depending on the level you are at.

For example, the state of fear (100) may look quite undesirable if you are at the level of desire (125). However, if you are at the state of guilt (30), being around people at state of fear (100) is actually beneficial for you as it can help elevate you to a higher level. It is generally more effective when you are around people at higher consciousness levels which are closer to your level (vs. a huge distance ahead), since it is easier for your energy levels to reach resonance with theirs. When the people are too distanced from you in their energies, it may result in detachment and alienation instead.
On the same note, when you elevate yourself to a higher level, it becomes obvious that the lower levels are more limiting. For example, if you are at the level of Pride, you will see how levels of Shame/Guilt/Apathy/Grief/Fear/Desire/Anger bind people down. If you are at the level of Acceptance, you will realize how being at levels of Pride/Courage/Neutrality/Willingness restrain others.
5. At Courage and Acceptance, one experiences a marked leap in the experience of the world.
An increase in consciousness at any level changes your experience significantly. However, there are two particular levels where one experiences a marked leap vs. the other levels. The first is Courage, which separates the levels of force (200). This is the first waking point from the sleepwalker status. The second is Acceptance, where one recognizes it is he and he himself who is the conscious creator of everything in his life. This is the point where one completely awakes from sleepwalking.
Where Does Our World Stand Today?
If you are to take a guess, what do you think is the collective consciousness of humanity today? 100? 200? 300? 400? 500?
When Hawkins wrote the book in 1995, he calibrated the collective consciousness of our world to be at the level of courage (calibrated 207). Now as humanity’s consciousness has shown to only increase about +5pts every century, 207 would very likely still to be the figure for today.
However, this does not mean that the majority of our world is at the level of courage – in fact, 85% of the world calibrates below courage (200). The lower levels of the masses is balanced out by a few individuals near the top (remember the number is logarithmic, not arithmetic), thus giving us a overall calibrated figure of 207. Just having a few highly conscious leaders walk the earth is capable of raising the overall consciousness of the world – for example, Jesus, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and so on. Before this, the world’s collective consciousness has been at 190 for many centuries.
Why is the figure so low? If we are to look at around at what we see in the world, the answer becomes quite apparent:
1. Over 80% of humanity is living at less than $10/day, under extreme poverty.
This includes third world countries, war and disaster stricken areas. Many people here are trapped in states of Apathy (50).
2. Religious teachings and institutions have drastically lowered in consciousness over the years, as they become embroiled with personal agendas of various men and leaders.
The original teachings of Jesus, Buddha and Krishna calibrated at 1,000. Today, the teachings of Buddhism dropped over the centuries to an average of 900+; Hinduism at 850; Christianity at 750 or even 500 depending on the denominations; militant Islam fundamentalism is at 130 (Desire). In order to keep members within the religion, many religious leaders turn to Guilt (30) and Fear (100) based teachings towards the members.
3. In first-world developed nations, our society is deeply entrenched in states of Fear (100), Desire (125), and Pride (175).
Fear includes fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of uncertainty. Desire encompasses the insatiable quest for material possessions (wealth and goods), status, power, love, belongingness. Pride takes root from dualistic views such as elitism, competition, nationalism, racial pride, factions, religions, as well as attachment to status/wealth/goods. These are all dominant levels we see our society operating in today.
4. Our mass media continually perpetuates levels of fear, desire and pride, or even lower.
Refer to the below table on the calibrated consciousness of several popular shows (obtained from New Connexion; unfortunately the content is no longer online). Try examining your favourite shows across the levels of consciousness and see where they are likely to lie.
• Desperate Housewives: 63 (Apathy)
• Bourne Supremacy: 73 (Apathy)
• Everybody Loves Raymond: 82 (Apathy)
• NFL Football: 82 (Apathy)
• CSI Miami: 92 (Fear) – (This was one of my favourite shows years back!)
• Day After Tomorrow: 92 (Fear)
• Passion of the Christ: 98 (Fear)
• Shrek 2: 124 (Desire)
What Level of Consciousness Are You At?
What level of consciousness are you at? Which level do you find your thoughts and feelings dominating every day?
Remember that every thought, every belief, every feeling and every action you have is rooted from the level of consciousness you are in. When you shift your level of consciousness, you also change your world views and mentality.

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