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Media & Feds routine? paint Whistleblowers as Nuts before silencing them

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posted on Jan, 26 2014 @ 10:18 PM
What could Miriam Carey & Diane Reidy possibly have in common?

Well, they were both in the media spotlight in October 2013, live on the air in action! Miriam Carey, with a history of 911 calls as a concerned, composed citizen, mother, on record, specify being stalked by Obama's adminstration, was reportedly shot outside of Capitol hill - but the video footage catches not even one bit of a glimpse of her presence at the crime scene. Well after the fact, the media painted her recorded, publicized calls with the image of a paranoid schizophrenic(?) complete with claims that her husband had calls on record (likely posthumously) all along, complaining he feared for the life of his child (if so, where is the record of such claims, what action was taken, what protective services by father to guard child's wellbeing?)

As for Holly Molly aka 'Diane Reidy' despite other(s) on the floor addressing her in the video footage as Holly/Molly... she has worked as a stenographer in Congress for some years(?) and obviously some representatives know her on a first name basis, is obviously entrusted witch a job of such caliber documenting Congressional minutes, yet when she exposed Congressional vote fraud, the story is twisted complete with audio dubbing, into yet another crazy woman on the house floor throwing her entire career out just to utter some rant about Freemasons and God?

One thing's for sure given the evidence at hand: people lied in Congress just in order to reopen the government! That's how pathetic US has become! The founding fathers have got to be rolling over in their graves over this, RIP.

Another thing is for sure, the Miriam Carey event which occured just couple weeks before Diane Reidy's (sic) is just as shady, but Miriam Carey reportedly died for her outburst.

Did Diane Reidy (sic) die for hers, will the world ever know?

And, who's next to be... silenced?!

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