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We Haven't Been Visited? Examining Arguments Against ET Visitation.

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posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 04:53 AM
reply to post by dragonridr


"So, he said that I could have the book if I wanted it, and I
picked it up, and I was delighted. I mean, this was more than I had ever
hoped for. And I'm standing there and I'm saying that I had never seen
anything like the book, and that I was very pleased that he had given it to
me, and that maybe someway I could figure out in time how to read it." 1

A dream recalled under hypnosis?

When we compare this hypnotically retrieved information to Betty's
dream sequence, we find that they are nearly identical. However, the
dream recall is not nearly as rich with detail as the hypnotic recall, which
suggests that she might have confabulated to add more detail to her ac-
count, but that is mere speculation.

Dreams of aliens means a real encounter with aliens and that this could be confabulation is "mere speculation"???? Stanton, you are a genius!

In "Dreams or Reality?" she wrote,
"I suggested that what was needed was absolute proof that this had hap-
pened; maybe he could give me something to take back with me. He
agreed and asked what I would like. I looked around the room and found
a large book. I asked if I could take this with me and he agreed. I was so
happy, and thanked him. I opened the book and found symbols written in
long, narrow columns. He asked jokingly if I thought I could read it, and
I said that this was impossible; I had never seen anything like it. I was not
taking this for reading purposes, but this was my absolute proof of the
experience, and that I would always remember him as long as I lived."

Next, Betty interrogated the leader about the location of his home
base. She begins, "And so, then I said that... I asked him where he was
from. I knew he wasn't from the Earth and I wanted to know, where did
he come from? He asked me if I knew anything about the universe and I
told him no, that I know practically nothing, but that when I was in grade
school we were taught that the sun was the center of the universe and
that there were nine planets. And then, later of course, we did make
advances and I told him about seeing... I think I met him one time. ..about
Harlow Shapley [an American astronomer]. And he wrote a book too.
And I had seen photographs that he had taken of millions and millions of
stars in the universe. But that was about all I knew." 2

Then the leader crossed the room and pulled a map out of an opening
in the wall and asked Betty if she had ever seen a map like it before. She
walked across the room and leaned against the table, looking up at the
oblong map with dots scattered all over it. Some were little, just pin-
points, and others were as big as a nickel. On some of the dots, there
were curved lines going from one dot to another. Then, there was one
large circle with several heavy, solid lines that connected it to another,

Betty's Interview With the header -*^ 131

slightly smaller, circle. When Betty asked the leader why some lines were
solid and heavy, and others were dotted, he informed her that the broken
lines were expeditions.

Next, Betty became curious about where the leader's home port was
located on the map. When she asked him where he was from, he asked,
"Where are you on this map?" Betty laughed and informed him that she
didn't know, and he replied, "If you don't know where you are, there
wouldn't be any point in my telling you where I am." Then he rolled the
map up and put it back in the space in the wall and closed it.

waitasecond... "where are you on the map?"

Again, Betty's dream sequence is nearly identical to her hypnotic
recall. In "Dreams or Reality?" she wrote, "Then I asked where he was
from and he asked if I knew anything about the universe. I said, 'No, but
I would like to learn.' He went over to the wall and pulled down a map."

more Stanton genius...

It is apparent that Betty's dream mimics 1961 technology: The leader
pulls down a map reminiscent of classroom geographical maps, which he
later snapped back in place.

good call but wait!

Under hypnosis, Betty said he removed the
map from a hole in the wall. However, when she later consciously re-
called this portion of the abduction in an interview with Kathy, the map
became "almost like looking out a window about three feet wide and two
feet high. The pattern was in the forefront. Other stars were there but
not so noticeable. The stars in which I had an interest were those that
were connected by lines, although three others were noticeable to me,
maybe from the angle from which I was looking."

There was alien technology involved after all!!!

There is so much wrong with this before you even look at the drawing of the star map that is recalled from a dream while under hypnosis.

This must be one of the aliens from zeta-retarduli
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posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by ZetaRediculian

As i already said her story changed multiple times even between different hypnosis sessions. The map was in one pulled out of a drawer and shown on a table to her. In another it was given to her to look at apparently alien had pockets. In another it was a 3d map displayed in mid air. And still another it was a book the alien gave her. So all and all i dont think she knew how she saw this map if she were abducted big if than she may not have seen a map at all since this came out only because people didnt believe her in the first place and wasnt even part of her first telling of the story. Her story even gets crazier do you realize she said she used a compass they had in the car to check for radiation before they drove home in the rain. Barney Hill resisted attempts to recover his "memories" through hypnosis for many months and apparently based his description of his abductors on an episode of a TV show he had seen.namely the outlimits episode which is an exact match to their description of the aliens.

And barneys story well the changes there are just huge. Even when they first spotted the object from the car, Barney thought the object was an airplane or helicopter and felt that his wife was pressuring him into thinking it was a spaceship from beyond the stars. I think a good indicator of Barney's unwillingness to change a totally terrestrial, albiet perhaps a bit strange and a little scary, incident into something involving space monsters can be seen in the fact that his story changes over and over again. Initially, he's looking at a perfectly human man, wearing a leather jacket, a black scarf, and a nice little hat, and later, he's looking at some sort of bald big-eyed naked space gorilla.
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posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 05:30 PM
The Majorie Fish starmap was debunked quite a while ago, wasn't it? Interesting case, but ultimately I don't think it was ET.

posted on Feb, 16 2014 @ 09:27 PM

The Majorie Fish starmap was debunked quite a while ago, wasn't it? Interesting case, but ultimately I don't think it was ET.

Yeah well she wasnt stable i swear i love this part of her story at least her husband tried to remain rational.All i know id she actually tried to use a compass thinking it would detect radiation. I guess Gieger would have been surprised. Compass is going to detect metal however.The woman was crazy as hell and she drug her poor husband in to the insanity.

Betty discussed her fear of contamination with her sister and she in turn contacted a physicist. He suggested any ordinary compass might detect radiation by the needle showing disturbance on contact with the car’s surface.

Finding a compass, Betty rushed out into the rain and ran the compass along the wet side of the car. At first there was no effect, but then she saw some shiny circles on the car, each the size of a silver dollar. At that moment, she recalled that the beeping noise they heard the previous night came from the direction of the trunk. When she placed the compass on one of the spots, the needle wavered. “She almost panicked, but got control of herself.” She tried it again and the needle went out of control. She eventually got Barney to do the tests, but he didn’t think anything abnormal was going on and suggested that the compass was just reacting to the metal of the car. The test convinced her, however. This left her haunted by the realisation that she and her husband had been contaminated.

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posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 10:33 AM
Interesting replies from all. Will find time to read them soon.

posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 08:47 PM
Welp, sorry if this has already been posted but, in my own BIASED OPINION we have been visited, and there are other being not from this world cooperating with our government, and they WOULD give us more technology and visit us and reveal themselves if the human race weren't such "warmongers" as said by ex Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer on live news.

Paul Hellyer interview:

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