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Dug Down Deep.

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posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 04:22 PM
I have this memory from when I was a kid. I made this up. As a kid. Basically I was a parasite.

I remember thinking that a certain person would have just as deep roots in life as me producing a certain word that would be just as equivalent as to what I could produce no matter how hard I worked or tried, but we would've had our own unique variational equivalents as each person is unique. Dug down deep.

So to combat this I envisioned their roots and parasiting and sprouting from the bottom of their roots so that my roots would be even deeper than them. It was like they did all the hard work to get so deep and progress the word so far and I just built from their work and depth and got even deeper.

This was all done with what I called the word. The word is a root into life.

Like I could attach to their root and as deep as their roots went mine would start sprouting off at the very bottom of their roots which meant mine were even deeper and stronger and therefore produced a better stronger more complex word overall.

This was all from when I was a kid and had a vivid imagination and interest in spiritual things. It was to be a risk depending if on how deep they went but the theory was that no matter how deep they went I was still a parasite and would launch off of them which always meant I could go deeper than just on my own even if they only chose to go very shallow it would still provide a small advantage as some of the work would be done for me to get deep.

Hope this helps your imagination. It says to humble ourselves as kids. My kid as myself prescribed deep roots and building on anothers word as a parasite. This was the way to get the deepest possible roots and most complex strongest word.

Probably just my imagination but at least i'm trying to war against death and dying. This is spiritual possibly.

Your words have power and can hold you into life and keep you alive. You need to dig deep and let life know your not going anywhere. You need a sure foundation to support your self. I remember thinking something like you could go deep with your words which can be roots and this would keep you alive.

So yeah humans can be spirtual parasites maybe.

How deep have you dug?

posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by leeda

Hi! I find this post utterly fascinating and yet.... I haven't a clue what you are talking about and yet... it rings a bell!

I kept a pet word when I was about five. I feel it was perhaps my "true" name, that I kept in a vintage glasses case. I can still remember facing a particular direction when I opened it, letting the word out and connecting by saying it out loud or in thought. The connection was an overpowering, almost orgasmic sensation of communion with everything in the universe. I felt empowered by it and could fix wrongs with it.

Will think on your post.
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