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Columbia Mall in Lockdown; Active Shooter on the Scene

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posted on Jan, 27 2014 @ 07:45 AM



Someone in the other thread tried to say this was not a MASS shooting.. YES IT IS mass means plural more than one.

One person murdered is a homicide, two person killed is a double homicide, three people killed is a massacre.
Plus we do not know how many more people are injured or if there are more people dead yet.

If you're going to nitpick, don't do it where it can be tossed back at ya. The definition of mass murder is to mean many people are killed, not a couple. That's where the phrases "double murder", "triple homicide" come in. Technically, and as far as I can glean from news reports, since the shooter was killed, they killed 2 people before being killed themselves. Ergo, the shooter committed a double homicide at this point, not mass murder. Back off the overdone sensationalism by a lot, will you? You come off a uber-creepy here with your insistence.

All of the shootings lately are getting tiresome. This isn't a result of video games or movies, it's the result of a shallow, empty society with violence issues. This is what happens when we start shying away from repercussions & consequences for actions (bleep you, 80's & 90's self-esteem movement) Look at the ages of these perps, and look at the eras they grew up in.The Age of Coddled. It backfired, and this self-centered "screw all of you" mentality is the result.

People conveniently overlook that we have the lowest crime rate in 60 years.

We have always had shoot em ups, but people idolize the wild west or mob folks. It wasn't any less terrifying for those people.

posted on Jan, 27 2014 @ 07:46 AM

It appears as though the shooting was the result of what they're saying is a "domestic dispute."

A shooting at a Maryland mall that left three dead, including the suspected shooter, is being investigated as a possible domestic dispute involving a husband, his estranged wife, and her boyfriend, police sources told ABC News.

Before confirming that, law enforcement is trying to make sure they have the identities of the dead correct, and trying to rule out any other possibilities, sources said.


Yup, I called it when it happened.

posted on Jan, 27 2014 @ 01:14 PM
If there is a single defining characteristic to most of these young person mass shooting incidents, it is the lack of any motive for the attack.
Key points from the 6 p.m. press conference:
-- The motive for the shooting is still unknown.

There is no known motive in the recent Sparks, NV school shooting. There is no motive in the recent Arapahoe, CO and Roswell, NM Middle School shootings. There is no known motive in the LAX shooting, in the Houston, TX Airport shooting, in the Westfield, NJ mall shooting, the DC Navy Yard Shooting, the Batman Shooting in Aurora, CO, in the Santa Monica Community College shooting, the Taft Union High, CA school shooting, the Lone Star College CY-Fair TX mass stabbing, or the Ronald McNair Discovery Learning Academy, GA shooting. And those examples are just within the last year.

But there is always a motive. If they don't find out what it is, it's because they don't want to find out.

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