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What really needs to change.

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posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 11:08 PM
First off I'd like to say that this is my first thread so if I do something wrong or whatever then please go ahead and msg me about it. Mods, if this is in the wrong place then please move it as you wish.

I'd like to talk to you guys about this video right here.

If that's not working then

Anyway I got really pissed after watching this video because the conclusion was dreadfully mistaken and it was from discovery news. I love discovery but this just might be the most ignorant thing I've ever heard from this channel. So they said in the video that "No, you don't have a sixth sense." but really that's just plain wrong. First off we have more than 5 senses including sense of temperature, pain, balance, and time and many others as well as proprioception. Secondly they used this one single study to disprove all other data from every other study that could have been used to prove ESP as just simple subconscious deductive reasoning. Sure this could make sense from the stand point that I can sense that the picture changed after a few notices but from what they're saying is just completely wrong. It's like they're saying that there is no proof of ESP at ALL. What they should have said is that people can make subconscious observations but no... They went all out on this one.

So I'm here to say that what needs to change is the view on the subject of paranormal studies. Ignorant people like the hosts on this show don't care to delve into the deep history of studies and experiments that could easily bring fair arguments to the table. Remote viewing is a perfect example of a sixth sense yet they fail to mention that of course because they are either too full of themselves on this topic or that they just enjoy ridiculing the average persons views on a subject. I literally hate with all my guts anyone that ever tries to be like these ungrateful news hosts. Without proper studies with SERIOUS outlooks by well known scientists, the world will never and I mean never truly except the idea of any paranormal concept simply because they think either that we're high, hallucinating, or have subconscious tweaks in our brains. News flash, if a paranormal activity is being reported often and widespread then its not swamp gas or any other BS you can think of. This utter crap that I keep hearing about from people who think they know what they're talking about makes me want to defenestrate my laptop for all the hatred from this pure ignorance and oh I hope there are people like me who bleed with wrath when someone spreads false sh!t like this.

Okay glad I got that outta my system. It's just that as a society, no... as a race we must be open to study any topic extensively or else we will never understand our origins or what is meaning of this universe we live in. Humanities purpose from my viewpoint is to learn the truth and to do that we need to caste aside these ignorantly rushed conclusions that have no scrutiny from the average person because they're afraid to be called to stupid and be embarrassed. This video was to me the breaking point between what the average person should watch because it spread false claims or rather claims that have no extensive research to back up with.

Hopefully the people who read this will understand my pain. Oh and to what they said at the end of the video this was not science but skepticism that was poorly put together as an attempt to disprove ESP.
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posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 11:47 PM
Good thread but use paragraphs next time please.
Makes it easier to read and prevent my eyes from feeling sorrow.

Other than that I completely agree with you on this one. There is more to paranormal than what most people would like to believe. We have a third eye, biologically it is called the pineal gland.

Oh and don't worry too much about discovery channel, they are just trying to push people further away from undeniable truths. But I feel your pain.
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posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 12:02 AM
While you may not agree and I try to distance myself from the paranormal myself, they are entitled to their own view's as ignorant they may act they probably do this on purpose to rile up the crowd. Here's a quick story.

I came from a rather diverse family made up of many cultures and religions. Whenever I was forced to do something with my family I didn't want to do, I figured the easiest way to disrupt the peace and slip away while everyone was fighting with each other was to bring up religion, beliefs and anything else considered controversial. The easiest way to do this was to pit the family against each other. I didn't really care what happened as I never was religious and I could turn family member's religions against each other. For example my little brother was Christian and all I had to do was start making jokes or start arguing with him about the pro's and con's of his religion, while everyone else was listening they would soon say something either helping him or start arguing against him. Now this would create a chain reaction of bickering and arguing amongst everyone at the table giving me the best chance to sneak off allowing me to effectively do whatever I wanted.

It's a simple concept which worked well on most people I know and still works to this day

So effectively this video is targeted specifically at believers to get them to watch the video or show because lets face it sometimes people go looking for a reason to argue and fight and if people like me realise this were obviously going to use it against you.

posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 08:11 AM
I saw this video on their channel yesterday and i highly disagreed with thier "well, science says so" attitude.

One study does not equal 100% fact.

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