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Dr. Jacques Vallee ~ The Control System

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posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 12:14 AM
reply to post by The GUT

Hey Bro,

You know I have been following...
please take care of yourself and do not worry.
Get some rest; let your heart and mind
rest from the battle...knowing it all works out.
You've borne your burdens well, now take respite for your soul.

So very sorry to hear about your loss, my prayers are with you.

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posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 07:33 AM
Things just don't happen by chance. This thread putting proof to it.

The night before you created this thread I was comitted to being done with ATS for awhile. To be honest, I haven't really participated in any other thread since, except to put out the petroglyphs thread. Too beautiful of pictures to keep to myself.

Anyway, I'm still taking a break and I think its interesting the timing of this thread and all those who came out to play. That coupled with minimal interference, likely because they were sitting back eating popcorn with the #s and giggles, made this quite the thread and odd evolution.

We all have to walk a path and somtimes they intertwine, its what we make of those experiences that are important. Some people call it happenstance, others destiny but the fact is we've all touched one another on some level. We are but words on a screen but behind those words are expressive curious creatures. There is some good in this world and perhaps if we focus more on the greater good and less on the trolls of the world the ship will 'right' itself.

Gut, your an amazing man and have much to offer this world. Suffering a loss is always difficult and I know how you feel brother. Remember the good and know she doesn't hurt anymore. Her footprints will always be here.

Stay Sacred.

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by RedCairo

It’s a mystery indeed why “God” allowed the sado masochism of this world to proceed from the primordial fall of man

The mystery of why has been solved though and I am glad to provide the answer.

Listen carefully because this is very esoteric.

When humans fell from the state of perfection over a period of time that perfect Garden turned into a tolerable hell—this worlds life. This is an inward thing.

Then the outward was eventually adjusted based on the universal cosmic law AS ABOVE SO BELOW

The Hell is the perfect state turned into an imperfect corrupting state assessable to what we all know

The archetypes eventually formed into negative MATRIX habits of 5 natures:

Now why:

The only reason why is because evil efficiently transforms a certain kind of energy.
The question is what or does the alien UFO phenomenon have to do with this?

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by Willtell

There was no fall of man.

That was the first lie.

That is how the negative control loop started.

Also you were prompted to make this post.

The two currents Rosinitiate mentioned are still swirling through this post.


posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 12:18 PM

Post by Autograf

Not at all - your post was extremely lucid, especially by comparison to most of the thread. The words "control system" seem to bring out the paranoiacs from the woodwork. We're talking more about carburetors than Big Brother, here.

You bring up a great point about the UFO flaps at nuclear bases in recent years. Joining hands and singing Kum Ba Ya hasn't invited the UFOs. But preparing to destroy parts of the world seems to get their attention.

Was this part of JV's reluctance to expand more on the possible routes to feedback, this sense that the only way to effect it was by great evil?

Hi everyone - this is the first of my posts in this most excellent thread, composed by the great friend of ATS whom we know and love as The Gut.

I just wanted to give you props for the salient point you raise, Autograf. This idea of the only means to elicit a response from the Control System being to perform some great evil in the world. Now my first thought was of the FooFighters during WW2. Did they appear on the scene in response to the evils of Naziism, and crucially, to pilots of which side - Allied or Nazi - did they appear first?

Were the FooFighters in effect trying to motivate the Allied forces to fight harder, by giving out the impression that the Nazis might be working on a secretive war-deciding technology? If they appeared first to Nazis, were they a Control System response to the evil of the Nazi regime - perhaps 'putting them in their place' in terms of actual air superiority?

After the war, we see a major uptick in UFO reports, perhaps as a distractive/suppressive tactical move of the Control System, Iin response to the development and testing of nuclear weapons? After all these years of secretive investigation by various 'Gubmints', do they now understand that the Control System is in place to prevent annihilation of the species, and (most worryingly) are they now trying to find a means to bypass the System, perhaps through exceedingly dark mechanisms? All in the interests of 'resetting' the System itself, allowing for an elitist Utopia?

Very interesting line of thought, no matter the answer.

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 12:49 PM
I like the ideas I posted 20 or so posts ago that FLY mentions, about the nuclear facilities being the object of the attention of the UFOs.

I wonder does the research support that. I imagine it would.

As I said, it may be that simple, but the element of what the superior intelligence will do with the reprobate human for erecting self destructive weapons comes into play.

Imagine if animals were destroying themselves and we intervened and stopped it.

Would we try to prevent such destructive behavior from occurring again?

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

People assume because ufo were interested in nuclear facilities that they have commonly held human motivations for having done so. I think that is an enormously bad assumption to make.

I think the exact opposite has all but been proven; that the entities in question do not necessarily operate anything like the human mind does. We can't paste our semi incoherent wishful thinking fantasies on them and expect that to get us anywhere.

that's the exact mistake we have been making for all of recorded history.

That's just my 2 cents.


posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 01:35 PM
This is an interesting line of direction of thought. Great to see you FITO.

So one of the things that "triggers" the control system to react is nuclear explosions. What are some other triggers? Like Fly mentioned, aerial combat seemed to "trigger" the control system which produces UFO phenomenon. Off the top of my head, space exploration, leaving our biosphere seems to trigger the control system also. Anything else? Do natural disasters often follow with UFO phenomenon? I want to say yes, but I'm not certain.

I was reading in an interview, and Vallee stated, in regards to the control system -

If you think you're inside a control system, the first thing you have to look for is what is being controlled and try to change it to see what happens. My friend Bill Powers proposes the following analogy: Suppose you're walking through the desert and you see a stone that looks as though it was painted white. A thousand yards later you see another stone of similar appearance. You stop and consider the matter. Either you can forget it or - if you're like me - you can pick up the stone and move it a few feet. If suddenly a bearded character steps out from behind a rock and demands to know why you moved his marker, then you know you've found a control system. My point is that you can't be sure until you do something. Then you realize that what you were seeing, the thing that looked absurd and incongruous, was really a marker for a boundary that was invisible to everybody else until you discovered it because you looked for a pattern. I think that's exactly what we have to do with UFOs. We have to do something that will cause them to react. And I don't mean building landing strips in the desert and waiting out there to welcome the space brothers.


He also goes on to state in that same interview, that the only way to approach this is to immerse yourself into the phenomenon itself. To experience the phenomenon personally.

So what would be practical ways to trigger the phenomenon that aren't so destructive like those I listed above?, and in doing so, in trying to infiltrate the control system - how much danger, how far down the rabbit hole does that put a person.


posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 01:53 PM

Maybe it's in the direction of utopia. There doesn't seem to be much evidence for that yet. I've also heard it said that a pessimist is just an optimist with experience ha.

When looking at the state of the union so to speak, maybe "realist" is more accurate than "pessimist."

I'm willing to be wrong, but the only hope for utopia would seem to be only AFTER a lot of suffering and the total breakdown of the status quo. It would certainly be a historical 'first.'

Obversely, admittedly, it could be that the reason the phenomenon seems so mysterious--and even malevolent at times--is because the bad needs to be expedited before the good can take root.

Then again, maybe the phenomenon itself is indifferent. Maybe it's the human "manipulators of belief systems" we have to watch out for.

I've highlighted some text in your post above, TG, as I totally agree with you on the matter. Not because of my being pessimistic by nature - I'm a positively inclined realist truth be told. The reason for my agreement is simply based upon two things.

Firstly, the "Haves" are overwhelmingly not inclined to share with the rest of the species - and the pursuit of more 'STUFF TO HAVE' inevitably leads down the path of corruption and suffering of some sort being inflicted on others.

Secondly, ten years of experience and the evolution of my own personal spiritual walk have led me to believe that we all - individually, and at some point as a group - must go through the times of trial that lead to genuine spiritual refinement. We all must strive towards characteristics of humility, the beneficence of a merciful disposition, the dispensation of true justice and equality of opportunity for all, and so forth. Any so-called spiritual path which doesn't or can't identify with those goals is the wrong path.

Apologies, I know it's a bit off topic to speak directly on spiritual matters in a thread focused on the assessment of JV's worthy theories, but some purportedly 'spiritual' folk have been churning out haughty, ill-considered diatribe in your excellent, well-considered thread. You managed it again TG - yet another thread which addresses very important issues affecting much of what we experience in our earthbound lives.

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posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

one persons haughty I'll considered diatribe is other people's pure gold. It's this dismissive attitude which characterizes the very control loop that pits brother against brother.

Now in my observation it's not even the control loop itself doing this. It seems that humans have become addicted to the control loop and will actively resist new ideas because they feel that they are losing part of themselves. But in reality they are going through something akin to drug withdrawls.

my 2 cents which I'm allowed to express on a public chat forum designed to elicit dissenting views.

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by CirqueDeTruth

Thanks Cirque, nice to see you again too - I've been off ATS for a while, but Gut drew me back into the fray with this tribute to Vallee!

Running with the ball as you have, I would posit that any psi-type activities might get the phenomenon in motion. Admittedly that's a bit of a leap from the tangible manifestations we've already noted, but if the system is designed to act on our individual and collective consciousness, then focused activities oriented around the capabilities/ nature of consciousness, would perhaps raise some hackles - or enable us to interact in some meaningful way.

Trouble is, we know so little about these realms, we perhaps wouldn't want to risk direct entanglement with phenomena we have no idea how to control once the wheels start rolling.

I've had several kooky experiences of late, including out-of-body travels, night terrors and interaction with demonic, ghost and angelic beings, all unsought and all within a few weeks. I feel like I'm in a 'high strangeness boot camp', and it certainly feels like part of this is in response to my desire to understand what Vallee was getting at. Seems someone is allowing me to see some of the 'treasures stored in secret places'. And all in all, I'm glad of my improved understanding in the wake of the totality of recent experience.

Hope all is well with your good self?


posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by KellyPrettyBear

Who said that my comments were directed at you? And where did I try to censor anything? You seem to enjoy conflict and an inflated ego.

Now you've made it all about you, I will concede that you've cut across and trampled people all over this thread, and much of it is pure nonsense, not pure gold.

Just my two cents. Which, I too, am privileged to be able to share - without forum-sliding the thread to centre it around my warped worldview.

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

Your "high strangeness lately" prodded me to say that I had a night terror/sleep paralysis/paranormal event last night.

I was awakened and brought out of deep REM with the swirly D_T effect at 3:30 A.M. and as I came more awake and alert and wondered what happened I felt a pressure on my bed like someone was on it besides me. I was alone, btw.

That made me quicken and I looked down at the foot of the bed and saw a hand sized depression be made and felt the rebound, bringing me fully awake and frankly, scared spitless.

Strangely, I made myself laugh, pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep... which makes little real sense to me today. Turning on all the lights, fetching holy water and a gun, watching TV cartoons while drinking hard liquor seems more appropriate.

Anyway, I hadn't had any real weirdness like that in a year or more... for what it's worth.

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

Not at all. You've 100% misread me as anyone who knows me on or off of ats would tell you.

I welcome anything you have to say and have kindly feelings towards you.

but I don't like elephants in the room so if there is any real chance that I'm the elephant then I'd rather clear the air.



posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by Baddogma

Makes perfect sense.

"The best way to defeat the devil is to mock him."

That's a metaphor but also very true.

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 04:00 PM

So one of the things that "triggers" the control system to react is nuclear explosions. What are some other triggers? Like Fly mentioned, aerial combat seemed to "trigger" the control system which produces UFO phenomenon. Off the top of my head, space exploration, leaving our biosphere seems to trigger the control system also. Anything else? Do natural disasters often follow with UFO phenomenon? I want to say yes, but I'm not certain.
reply to post by CirqueDeTruth

It is not unusual to see strange anomalies and UFO's over our local paper mill, and outlying areas.
I have wondered if areas of high pollution are a target.
We're about 126 miles from Fairchild Air Force Base, for the record.

I have seen many strange things in this area; some are obvious military maneuvers, but the 'hologram' I saw of a space shuttle leaving orbit is the strangest. Yes, there was another witness.

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 04:06 PM

KPB, I'm not sure whether to pull up a stool and sit at your knee and listen, or bash you over the head with it and make you shut up.

The former. Definitely.

ATS doesn't realize how lucky it is to have KPB here posting. But I do. For the record.

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 04:08 PM
My condolences Gut. But as you probably well know...I'm still a nuts an bolts saucer fan, along with an array of magnetically encased plasma shields surrounding the alien starships; on night OP's that lack starlight for the photon engine. I'm a proponent of photon engines that can break the speed of light barrier and proceed into the superluminal realm, all without the need of depending on interdimensional travel.

At least I hope I'm right --- but I also could be wrong --- Yet I welcome you're thoughts and aspirations on threads such as these, because as you well know ---- both of us --- have at least seen something that could be possible alien fiery foofighter starships, whether in the interdimensional realm or not; and I greatly appreciate your work that has been a great aspiration to me as well.


posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by nugget1

Makes me wonder if 'they' are interested in all forms of energy from nuclear to human to even living wood being turned into paper!


posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 04:22 PM

So one of the things that "triggers" the control system to react is nuclear explosions. What are some other triggers? Like Fly mentioned, aerial combat seemed to "trigger" the control system which produces UFO phenomenon. Off the top of my head, space exploration, leaving our biosphere seems to trigger the control system also. Anything else?

Hmmn. Good question. But --

Do all? most? nuke explosions trigger it? Really? I mean the main thing I've heard about nukes is more from the contact side than the UFO side. (Simple answer would do, not looking for detailed references, just curious.)

What aerial combat triggers it? (again my ignorance, sorry)

Space exploration -- does this trigger it? I mean just because we SEE them in space, does that mean that we triggered them or just that they are commonly hanging out in that region?

Do natural disasters often follow with UFO phenomenon? I want to say yes, but I'm not certain.

I hadn't heard that one either. I'm sure it's just my lack of familiarity with the field in its details.

He also goes on to state in that same interview, that the only way to approach this is to immerse yourself into the phenomenon itself. To experience the phenomenon personally.

Ah. Short of the candlelight vigil approach (...) that makes me feel like we switched to the contact topic instead of UFOs.

I did seem to trigger some version of 'them' once (intense experience and woke up with implants) but I doubt a person could just do it on purpose. (And it seemed triggered by a long, artsy review in altered state of the full Thoth tarot deck. I know, I probably just pissed off every nuts&bolts person on this thread, sorry.)

Also in my previous ceremonial magick days, every time I focused on enochian the cat-eyed lizard guys in their red-orange nearly-round pulsing plasma-orbs would show up (I am not fond of them which itself would have been a decent reason for dropping the topic), but I am pretty sure they stick to pulling you out of your body (forcefully if necessary) and do not do any "physical" abductions the way the blondes/fragiles (nordics/greys) seem to.

I'm not sure, should we 'worry about' anybody that doesn't overlap more than barely into the physical focus bandwidth? Or should we just stick to concern about what's fully in our bandwidth (as in, enough to scramble our jets)?

Or maybe it's a technical issue for both (as suggested in a post above) hadn't really thought of that except with the blondes who are clearly (to me at least) able to do both.

So what would be practical ways to trigger the phenomenon that aren't so destructive like those I listed above?

If all of those things do it (I'm not sure), then can we look for what they have in common? Is destruction the only thing?

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