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end of the world thought

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posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 05:17 PM
i am asking all of you posters your htoughts on hhow you guys will think the world will end..
this how i think
my end of the world

how do you guys think it would end..

posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 05:26 PM
Personally, I think it will end similar to the Ragnarok and Revelation prophecies say. War, natural disasters and probably a meteor storm.
But I think that whichever way it ends, the new beginning that follows will be like a breath of fresh spring air. No more obsession with money and power, no more 'Me me me', no more religious or racial hatred.
People will learn how to get along again because they will have to. They will not be able to rebuild the world unless they band together.
That's more important to me than the end of the old world.

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