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Is it really our FAULT????

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posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 04:51 PM
Is it really our fault that other people arent ready for the truth?? I feel that everyone here on ATS and many non-ATSNers are mature enough to handle the truth regarding the existence of E.T.'s, but what is everyone else's problem?

The government doesnt want to disclose becuase it will cause panic, fear, and riot. That's what happens when people have been ignorant of the possibilities of life off earth.

So is it really our fault that other people want to whine, complain, and cry becuase E.T.'s exist? We are not the center of the universe!!!!!

It's becuase of people like that, that contribute to one of the many reasons why we dont have disclosure.

posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 04:53 PM
Errr I think that you will find that the reason that there is no "disclosure," is because there is nothing to disclose.

posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 04:55 PM
Well let me ask you this, hypothetically speaking, if their was something to disclose, and I mean something big which ties in many of these theories you hear from the disclosure project, would you be able to handle it?

You probably could, but many others wouldnt. You still have people out there trying to confirm the existence of fast moving UFO's.

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posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 05:43 PM
In this technological age, disclosure means disclosure to the entire world. I think that there are many reasons why it is to remain a secret.

For example: In the Official disclosure it was known that unknown Secret organizations were carrying out biological experiments on the population using E.T material/dna.

E.T disclosure ties into many areas, I think, which is why it will always remain secret, unless those who visit us wish otherwise.

posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 07:45 PM
Yes it is OUR fault. If everyone started their ’peace harmony engine’ in their brain we would be in contact! It couldn’t be simpler, but is it possible? Everyone are so selfish about their thought ‘ignorance’ joust look (closely) at any thread on this forum(you can look at any forum any debate everywhere) do you see any switched from 0 to 1 any place? Nope so it’s hard, leading to ‘it’s our fault’… No one could survive alone therefore it’s of course our fault we all are 1 no matter what. Is it that we don’t realize we are so lame high. There is something well, wrong? With everyone? For now all are joust a piece of darkness in an empty space. Everyone got their lives jumping around happy and sad everywhere that’s all we are for now. Firing up a cozy thread on ATS and that’s all nothing more. Around and around as always. Start with your self! Ill bet my whole life that everyone could know their self EQUAL like any other human did without force.
Lie down when you are going to bed and relax, then ask your self “who am I” don’t answer with your name. What you feeling?

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