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Huge thing is moving over Oxfordshire

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posted on Jan, 23 2014 @ 07:28 PM

HOLY MOLY anyone SOUTH OXFORDSHIRE seeing that thing out there??!!

BIG. SILENT. LIGHTS. SLOW. WTF.......... moving West

sorry I am shaking bad right now. that thing wants to be seen...whatever it is....

Swindon please look out your window..!!
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HOLY MOLY no pic? NO anything? Why do people do this?

I was actually quite excited to see what you may have got......but all i got was a "story" which I don't believe.

You chose to ATS it instead of gathering some real evidence. Nonsense

posted on Jan, 23 2014 @ 10:17 PM
In the day and age of a mobile phone with a camera in it in almost every household in the world, can't you take a picture?

You're obviously able to connect to ATS well enough to post, your mobile device should be able to post a picture as well.

Sorry, but this posting just isn't credible at all - mods, can we move to "hoax" section ?

posted on Jan, 23 2014 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by babybunnies

Is that your full on modus operandi?

Go to threads, troll, then holler for the mods to move it to the hoax bin?

If you bothered to read even a percentage of the posts on this thread you would have doubtless realized that this thread has already been reviewed by the moderators, don't tread on me, I believe, was the mod in question.

Seriously this is the second thread today I have seen you post this same response on. At least contribute something beyond what has already been said well over a dozen times.

We know the OP failed to capture visual evidence of his encounter but that does not mean he is lying about it.


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posted on Jan, 23 2014 @ 11:18 PM
Well. Many shills on this US-based forum. Your government is paranoid. Hope your getting paid your appauling minimum wage . . . Anyhoo.

In my opinion, this may or may have not been a human machine you saw. There may or may not have been pics you took. It kind of doesn't matter. If you were indeed having an experience, who cares if nobody believes you. Least of all randoms in a conspiracy forum (where there seems to be a noticeable abundance of denialists). Sure we're social animals, but really? What difference would it make if you had a crystal clear Cannon 50Gb low-light picture of it? Just look at the Betty and Barney circus. Fire in the Sky? Who wants that life?

I also have seen strange things in the skies after being intoxicated (4 beers or so). As I only drink with mates, I've had the comfort of having witnesses. But usually sightings happen best with only one witness (i.e. two slightly inebriated friends). Also - as a point of interest (and in keeping with your story) the most spectacular sighting we had (which would have looked awful as a photo had we had a camera or the presence of mind to pull out our smartphones during the excitement) was spotted after talking about UFOs over beer.

Literally, as a joke, I tell my also mildly-inebriated mate, "Hey look - it's a UFO" (it was clearly a plane - making lots of noise) and he grabs me by the collar and thrusts my head in the exact opposite direction. There, about 3 lamp posts up in the air was an orange orb UFO heading very slowly towards. It went out like a faulty light globe. Like a "Chinese lantern," I said. We laughed and shrugged it off. It could have been anything. We stayed outside by the cars talking and then about 10 minutes later it flickered on again and started drifting away. We'd been talking about it and also why aliens might be monitoring us in this half-obscured (but also half-visible) way instead of just doing it 100% in secrecy (which would be so easy).

So - back to your story.

I think they are interested in human reaction to their presence. They probably don't even need to read this post as they see it as I write it - using 0.0000000000*1% of their hive-mind - jacking into the great unconscious..

So - in short - I believe you. Pics are rubbish anyway. You don't need that headache. You don't need external verification if you believe what you saw was true. The best pics would be considered hoaxes and you'd be even more infuriated and called "a bigger liar".

Be happy that you enjoyed the moment. I think they saw your inebriated state of mind and wanted to see what you would do emotionally. And for the genuine conspiracy nuts - they might even be behind the building of this site - employing a few military grunts to discredit UFO sightings enthusiastically for their what - $5/hr? Do you take tips, boys?

S&F to you.
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posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 10:25 AM
Haha, the shills
The shills have eyes, and unfortunately, keyboards with which to type too.

Well, I can't at this point rule out UAV or something like that so perhaps them shills were in control?

I've just found out Fairford have had some Osprey's there training back in December, but from all video footage etc I can only assume if it was an Osprey flying low directly over me, I would have heard its blades, and the shape still doesn't quite match, but meh. Fairford seems to have some occasional partnership with RAF Mildenhall which could perhaps explain the flight path.

Thanks for your experience and admittance to not just reaching for a camera like a crazed journalist. It's rubbernecking at its finest during those kinds of experiences.

And I also hold similar beliefs to you about the reactions. Perhaps it does require a bit of work, but as I say, I have, for the past year opened up my mind and heart to allow them to get closer to me if they wish. And this felt like a gigantic answer to that. But, I wouldn't (and couldn't, for lack of evidence!) say I see aliens or anything, but I would count this as my fourth major experience of this "phenomena". At least, I would label it as such - experiencing a phenomena of some kind.

IMO, you don't go looking for UFOs. They turn up when you're NOT looking for them. You've possibly already made a connection with them at some other point in the day and they appear to you later on that day at the prime moment when you're going to be "looking". It's very, very clever if true..! You will spot them without even looking for them, because as I say, that connection has possibly already been made.

You're willing, they're willing, you both commit to a little piece of time together subconciously perhaps, and perhaps that moment actually fulfilled. For some reason, it never feels meaningless. I had a major sighting after I first ever saw that NASA Tether video. I know that video opened my mind up to even more possibilities, and later that evening, a bona-fide phenomena. Had I made a connection that night? It felt like it. And I did feel quite connected the other night when I saw this thing, TBH. But I can't back that up, I can't provide evidence of my mind, sorry

So now it's a question of whether I go forward believing what I saw, simply open to the fact it was part of the phenomena, and that my particular mindset that night really did play a part in it, or whether I continue to search for conventional answers so as to disprove my own sighting. By taking the latter route, I'll destroy that mental flow I had been on up to this point (whereby I'm happy to assume it's some kind of desire to see them that influences it) - and everything becomes fact based etc. By taking the former route I may remain oblivious to the truth but remain faithful to my ideals/ideas/theories about the phenomena/aliens, whatever you want to call it/them

I'd like to catch some video of these things... but I also now see the importance of just going with the flow to have the better experiences. Maybe it's worth respecting their privacy? Not sure, for the rest of the year I'll be trying to video them, if no luck, then I'm going back to a personal connection because I'd rather have the experiences than not

It's without a doubt many people here aren't really going to understand or accept, or even appreciate, the kind of mental training (or openness) that's required to start seeing UFO's and continue seeing them - and even I can't say whether that's a fact or just theory. But it does deserve some credence in my view, so it's interesting you feel the same way! ty
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posted on Jan, 27 2014 @ 12:11 PM
reply to post by markymint

RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire isn`t too far away from you and it has facilities for the B2 Spirit stealth bomber could have been on of those

posted on Jan, 27 2014 @ 12:29 PM
Im still On your defense my friend there in the U.K.
If everything seen in the night sky was as easily explainable as scientist lust for them to be,then what would be the drive anyway to try to obtain even a shred of answers to our real existence.

posted on Jan, 27 2014 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by overanocean

i,m still going for the basic lack of evidence.

no offence but i saw something in the sky that i thought could blow everyones mind and i didn,t have the means to capture it then i,m sure in the time this was suppose visable i could have found someone with a camera.

you can,t tell me something like this and you couldn,t chap a door near by that 1 person had a camera phone.

posted on Jan, 27 2014 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by sparky31

knock knock

"can i help you?"
"yes. can i borrow your moibile cos i want to take pics of something in the sky i think is a ufo. i'll bring it back later after i've downloaded the pics to a conspiracy site. sorry i haven't got one myself cos i'm a bit st on ed."


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posted on Jan, 27 2014 @ 08:09 PM
reply to post by sparky31

everyone carrys a mobile these days

I don't. I am a someone still.

posted on Jan, 27 2014 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by Char-Lee

i have a mobile but no camera in it.

posted on Jan, 28 2014 @ 12:07 PM
Thanks. The plot thickens, but favorably towards the conventional - as there have been B2 stealth bombers landing at Fairford today, maybe yesterday and with such a quote as this:

But an MoD spokesman insisted that the MoD could not comment on the movement of any US aircraft.

Could suggest it IS what I saw going on the other night. It has the closest hallmarks to a B2 stealth landing at night, it WAS heading DIRECTLY for Fairford, despite the lack of wing tip flashing lights or anything, and after watching a couple of B2 overhead passes (at slow speed) I still don't see the same shape/underside configuration as what I experienced, but it seems the facts on the conventional side are stacking up.

It was suggested by someone previously, but hey, perhaps those pilots DID go out of their way to trip me out!!!! Hahaha. Only THEY know!!

Thanks for keeping an interest! I appreciate the support
With the fact there's a high chance of conventional explanation, I doubt I'll follow it up anymore but if I see something similar (if they're now stationed at Fairford, it's likely we'll see some air traffic where I am perhaps at night) I will keep calm, assume it's a B2 and video it
In the meantime though I'm still going to invest in some IR equipment and concentrate my efforts on the high altitude fastwalkers that still have little explanation.
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posted on Feb, 27 2014 @ 10:46 PM
Hello - sorry to drag up an old thread, but I thought I'd make a post quickly for those who are interested, or perhaps followed this when I made it and gave it some credence. I've given it a little time for the dust to settle, and had been on the route of thinking perhaps it was just a B2 bomber.

But I did some more searching this evening, wanting to try and find some vids of a similar incident - and I did, new evidence has come to light - that supports the unexplained theory - and I wanted to share it with you. I didn't capture video myself but I've come across a heap of footage of this craft, at least, I'm positive it's likely the same one. There's a youtuber called whotookmymojo (for the record I've never heard of until today) that I'm convinced has captured the same thing that I saw. In fact, he managed to get a video of it the night before I saw it:

Although the front edge in that video is more elaborate than my sighting, the back half is exactly the same. And the stranger thing is, that when you watch all of his videos, you notice that whatever this thing is, appears to change shape - rather, HAS changed shaped on each night it's recorded, yet the back end is often similar (what appear to be wingtip lights and the red flasher underneath). For me, it's in several of his videos, exactly as I saw it and recall it.

So I can tell you I am baffled again! That here on video is an almost identical (if not identical completely) to the object I saw, even captured as the youtubers "first sighting of 2014" literally hours before I saw it. (YT in Oregon USA, I'm in the UK...).

In another of his videos, he comments on the difference in shape, but also you see a light emitted from it at one point. And that's the kind of brightness this object had when I saw it (what I thought were headlights) so you can see why it got my attention originally, those lights were bright!

And one more, the back end of this video shows it moving away in the distance, and that's how it looked when I tried to chase it but had gone down a windy road so it got away.

I just wanted to let you know about this connection between my sighting and videos that exist that appear to show almost exactly the same thing (one filmed at almost exactly the same date). What does it all mean? I don't know. But now I'm less sure about the B2 bomber and more curious about a possible shape shifting thingamebob that flies around silently
Perhaps someone else will feel a little more convinced, so better to say it than not IMO.

Thanks! (and thanks whotookmymojo for some awesome videos - if you're faking them - well damn...!! you went all out to fly the thing over my area!!!
) I wouldn't even care to speculate at this point, for me now, it's all about seeing it again and going from there..

Hope some other folks spot it. Like the guy says in one of the videos, "hiding in plain sight?". It's weird that I couldn't describe/understand the shape of the thing I saw, and this guys videos shows the same craft over and over but in slightly different shapes. Someone care to throw some speculation this way?

EDIT. For the record, here's his latest video from 25th Feb (a few days ago). I'm not promoting, just by watching all these you have a very clear idea of my experience on 22nd Jan, only it came a bit lower than and headed directly toward me (where as it flies by this guy and he captures what could be a change in shape). If you see that red flasher out there, get your camera rolling!!

His vid from 25th Feb showing similar silent, slow moving UFO:

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posted on Feb, 28 2014 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by markymint

I believe the unusual steady, purpleish, diffuse glow in spots could be coming from "dielectric barrier discharge" plasma generators. There are high-voltage AC circuits and electrodes on and under the skin. This technology is under experimentation for radar stealth and aerodynamic improvements (e.g. lower drag or better maneuverability).

There's a rumor that B-2's were retrofitted with an early version of this technology.

Notice how the color looks a bit like "lightning in the dark" or "spark" color? Interaction of high voltage with various atmospheric conditions can make unusual colors or lights.

The flashing red light looks like a conventional indicator light, and the color doesn't seem to be any natural phenomenon.

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posted on Mar, 1 2014 @ 01:00 PM
I like the part in one of yer posts where you say that the whole time you were on the hill you were thinking about how you could improve your ufo videos. Effing priceless.

posted on Mar, 2 2014 @ 08:33 PM
Heh - Yep, I was in a positive mood about my involvement in UFOlogy whilst I was there, and whatever it was that flew over on my way home only made the experience more memorable
Mind you, the thread I had been thinking of making - I never did in the end. But I certainly have some great ideas for my UFO videos - which btw - are mini-documentaries, NOT hoax videos if that's what you were thinking!! My aim is to some extent prove all this bollocks one day.... not fake it
It's a real phenomena for me. Whether it's sometimes perfectly conventional or not... there are things to be seen when you step outside.

mbkennel - Thanks a lot, that's food for thought and certainly a possible explanation. Did you see one of those guys videos where there's an airplane looking craft and something in front of it by a hundred feet or two? That's a weird video. Whilst I don't think your explanation is a bad one, that video makes it seem a little odd. Why would they put that protective thing so far in front of a plane, and light it up like that?

Also, after your ideas, I still can't figure why they wouldn't use aviation lights of any kind, wingtip blinkers, even on a B2. There are videos of them and they all have their wingtip flashers on. Even previously top secret drone footage you see them with aviation blinkers. There would be no reason to fly over Oxfordshire in stealth mode - hardly that when it was as clear as day and shining massive headlights in my direction to begin with. Maybe there's something I need to learn about wingtip blinker use. But thanks for the info... It'll certainly keep me thinking

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