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I may have cancer, and my insurance is killing me...

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posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 04:33 AM
reply to post by Libertygal

You poor thing. Looks like you've been through hell and back over the years. My heart really goes out to you. I hope you have a good support system at home with family and friends. You're quite the warrior battling all these things.

posted on Feb, 3 2014 @ 06:26 AM
Liberty... please truly consider the chlorine dioxide treatment.. the only thing you have to loose.. is the 20-40 days it takes to do the treatment, N' the money for the distiller, 200$ max.
Please try a natural remedy before you let the medical industry take charge i cant stress enough about the scandals behind the medical industry.. Sure they might make you better.. but its more than likely in that process they will give you medications that will give you problems 10 years later that are equally as harmful to your health.. Thats not exactly a secret.

If you want a simplified recipe i can send it too you. along with the link for a glass distiller.
Im sorry im sorry i feel like a jerk for being pushy about it, I understand its not really my place..

But ! i genuinely care about your health you seem like a really sweet girl. : / And if it was possible you could heal naturally rather than letting the medical industry play games with your health

Not to mention its only as expensive as the distiller.
Honestly it is a very valuable thing too have it may save your life one day

Please be safe !

Doctors cant be trusted !
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posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 01:33 AM
reply to post by Evergreens

Well, I don't know if it's cancer yet! I am still undecided what I am going to do.

Awaiting the biopsy results, and regardless of whether or not the cysts are cancer, and the growth on the ovary is, they could be benign, they still have to come out.

Once I have a definitive diagnosis, then I have decisions to make. Right now, I am preparing for the worst, hoping for the best, and taking whatever comes along.

My concerns lay with affording it all. Many types of female cancer are curable, some, depending on how far along they are, simply by removing them.

I guess I am saying I will have to cross that bridge when I get to it.

Thanks for the support though, I do appreciate it!

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posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 04:46 AM
The waiting can drive you nuts. I used to focus on reading a great book, watching good movies etc, anything as a diversion.

We'll be right here waiting with you.

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 01:33 PM
reply to post by Night Star

Yes, the waiting is agony. It's harder, I think, than hearing anything I can imagine they might say.

I have to wait for the biopsy results, which, I wasn't even expecting him to do. Then, I have to wait to see what they find out in the surgery.

As if that's not enough, I have to wait to find out whats going on with my kidneys because that all got put on the back burner to push the ovary thing.

To top all that off, I have a spot on my face... been needing to see someone about that, and a mole on my back... so yeah, lol. Things are crazy right now. Lots of hurry up and wait. The mole on my back is mainly bothersome because it has stabbing pains, like something is biting me, and itches constantly. The area around it is getting numb, and that area is spreading, too.

My last mammogram, they found 15 cysts in my right breast, (Huge change from last mammo) and even though they said they weren't likely cancer, the doctor referred me to a general surgeon. That made me scratch my head. Now, obviously, I cannot help but think the worst. What if, what if, what if...

I can't say how much it means knowing I have support. The waiting is driving me insane,, because your mind can really play tricks on you. I know though, the only answers will come from the pathologist. And therein lies the rub.

I am trying to stay off of Google, trying to watch movies, but I can't do my artwork, my mind has a block, and I just sit there, thinking. Nothing seems to be able to come out. I have jewelry to make, polymer clay things I want to make, pictures to draw, and nothing. It all sits here, staring at me accusingly, almost begging me to pick it up, and I just CAN'T.

Kind of like life is on hold, all except the essentials of living. Eat, sleep, shower, work. My off days have become very stagnant, and withdrawn. Just feel like being alone a lot. Partly due to not feeling well, but also because I know I am dwelling on it, and no one wishes to talk about it all the time.

Oh, and even though I have no appetite, and can not eat much, I have been seeking out comfort foods. Basically, I gave myself carte' blanche to eat anything I want. Amazaningly, nothing really fits. I ask my husband, who does the shopping, for something. Say, cookies. He gets them home, I have one, maybe two, and they don't taste like I imagined, and then I no longer want them. Or, the nausea hits, and any food just about triggers that.

Last weight check, I was down to 214, so I know it's still coming off. Even when I am really hungry, I can't eat. I have a terrible case of "eyes bigger than my tummy", and I overbuy, overorder, etc. I end up making a meal last two or three meals. Can't seem to correlate my actual intake and appetite to my buying/ordering. At least I am no longer going two or three days without food due to abdominal pain, so I see that as getting better! Just seems even the smallest amount makes me feel very full.

It seems like it is all I CAN talk, or think about. Wish I could change that. But, right now, it is what it is. Perhaps the first answers may change that. Not sure yet.

So, I will just keep doing what I am doing. Seems to be working for now!

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posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by Libertygal

For me, people kept saying over and over, "Oh it's probably nothing." I had a small very hard lump and a decent sized mass in one breast. I thought to myself, well millions of women get breast cancer so I'd better prepare myself in case. I was glad that I did because not only did I have breast cancer, but two kinds of breast cancer and one was an aggressive one.
In any case, the doctors moved quickly, I had tons of appointments and tests and now I'm cancer free. I got away with just a lumpectomy.

If it does turn out to be cancer, it can be treated and you have me and others who will be here every step of the way for you.

posted on Feb, 16 2014 @ 08:56 AM
reply to post by Night Star

I am so glad that you caught it soon and only had to have the lumpectomy, that's wonderful! And yes, preparing for the worst is just because I don't want the shock or embarrassment of breaking down due to being caught off guard, or not knowing what comes next.

I don't know details, but I know what the process outline is, at least. I also cried a bit, got over it, and forced myself to relax. I had to.

Just got my confirmed surgery date, Feb. 26, at 9 am. Yes, all I hear is it is probably nothing, and it probably is, but tumors just plain scare me. I have no doubts I am losing my left ovary. Maybe my right, but not so certain about that one.

Right now, my prayers are that the tumor is stemming from the ovary, and not the bowel, or some other location. I want this to be simple and overwith, and non-cancer. Mostly, I just want to be rid of the pain.

So, the doctor wants almost 900.00 before he will do the surgery. I have a pre-op appointment at the doctors' office, when they will collect payment.

I already saw my pain doctor, and he provided my post op pain med prescription, and had me fill it that day. 50 mcg Fentanyl duragesic patch, 10 patches, 150.00 plus, don't remember the exact amount.

My debit insurance card preloaded with 1500.00 is almost empty already. And, that pain patch is on top of the 8 mg Dilaudid, and 350 mg Soma that he changed from 3, to 4 times daily because my shots wore off and I am having so much break through pain.

Owell, at least I am getting some relief, and things are going to be handled.

Still have lots of nausea, and the insurance only covers zofran 9 pills a month. It is regularly 6.00 a pill, and I will be getting the rx discount of 3.00 a pill and self pay after that. They did say I can fill 10 or 5, however many I need. The doctor wrote for 30 per month with 5 refills. CVS said it is normally given to chemo patients, so that's why it is so expensive.

Consider that rationale.

It is normally given to chemo patients for nausea, so that is why it is so expensive.

Doesn't that just reek of price gouging chemo patients? I am still sidelined by that remark and rationale. Seriously.

It is given to chemo patients, thereby, it is expected to be costly. It is available in generic, but, since it is given to chemo patients, you are going to pay out the arse for it. I shudder to think what namebrand costs.


I am seriously screwed if I have to do chemo. Someone said it runs 26k per treatment. Even at 90/10, I can't afford that, and I have barely made a dent in my 2700.00 deductible.

However, my medical deductible is rapidly getting met. I have a couple of places I have made small payments to, and now with surgery, the doctor bill and hospital bill will definitely push me into the 90/10 range by the end of February.

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posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 03:38 AM
Just dropping by to post a quick update.

I had settled down, relaxed, for the most part. Then, someone said, "Wow. Your surgery is next week."

I kind of blinked, then it settled in, and all nervous again. Not like I never had surgery before, but again, it's the unknown that's driving me crazy. I don't know what they will find. I have been repeating the mantra, "It will be okay, it's nothing, it will be fine", when in reality, I just don't know.

It works for the most part. Other times, I know I don't know, and get scared all over again. Sigh. I feel like I am playing head games with myself, in a way I am, but whatever it takes at this point. It's a hard thing to understand until you are in the position.

I got my pre-op registration paperwork meant to "fast track" me through the registration process. In reality, it's the doctor's office collection notice, reminding me how much my self pay portion will be, and that if I don't pay, no surgery. Sigh again.

I know they have to get their money, but they won't even be seeing me until Monday. I have the money, at this moment if I had to, I could entirely self pay it if I had to. I couldn't eat or pay my bills, but what's more important, right?

Anyway, the self pay portion is 825.00, so I am thinking I will pay out of pocket 425.00, and use the debit card for the other 400.00, and leave myself some wiggle room for surprises. I know some portions of the hospital bill are going to be seperate, like radiologist, likely pathologist, maybe lab, anesthesia, not to mention just the actual hospital co-pay itself.

The prescription benefits company also told me, and I don't know if it was true, that all drugs given in the hospital will be billed seperately as a part of my prescription benefits. Omg, are you KIDDING ME?! I am certainly going to be sure that I take my meds from home, and get an order from the doctor, "May take home meds", and use as little meds from the hospital as possible. This is turning out to be unbelieveable.

Anyway, I am not sure what my hospital co-pay is going to be. Under my HMO plan, outpatient surgery was 200.00, then 280.00, so no telling what it will be. I have been, as of yet, unable to figure out what formula they are using to determine my portion of the bill. I do not think I am paying 100% until the full deductible is paid, but that was what I was told I was going to do.

I hope I will get a statement showing the full amount of the doctors' charges, and maybe then I can figure it out. Perhaps this is just the "negotiated rate".

My husband went to get my refill on the zofran for nausea. I stretched those 8 pills out as long as I possibly could. I am able to take 3 per day, but only been taking one per day, right before I eat. Not eating but once a day, anyway.

10 pills for 33.00 self pay. I didn't get any more, as I am hopeful once the surgery is over, the nausea will go away. If not, I will just get another refill as I can afford it.

This whole thing is bad enough to cope with, the anxiety and all, but the added anxiety of monetary issues adds to it, making a complicated issue even worse. Go Obamacare and all the issues it has brought with it! I suppose I should be greatful that I do not have an exchange plan, considering the horror stories I have been hearing about that.

Anyway, that is my update for now. Will update if I have anything more, later.

Otherwise, I will likely post on surgery day, hopefully once I am home, safe and sound, and cancer-free. That is the most important thing, at this point. The bills will get paid, as I can afford them. Meds will have to come first, but hopefully, I won't have as much need once this is all over.

Ttyl, ATS.

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posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by Libertygal

Wow. You have insurance? Im facing surgery Monday....and have nothing. Just got my other scripts...$400 for one month. Yes, I work with a good job and lousy benefits.

Sometimes, you should realize that others are way worse that you are (like myself and others). Not to belittle you and your issues. Just that others are way, way worse off than you.

Good luck to you. I wish you well! You've got my prayers as well....MS

posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by Libertygal

I'm hoping it all works out for you. I had surgery in October, I know it can be a stressful time. It's heartbreaking you have to suffer all these financial burdens on top. I can't imagine the stress of that. Everything with cancer is free at the point of service in my country. The costs are paid through national taxation. I'm not making a political point over something so serious, but it can't be healthy to have to suffer the stress induced by financial ruin or just plain inability to pay for cancer treatment on top of any disease you may have. It makes no sense at all.

Try not to worry too much. There's only so much you can control. Put your faith in your surgeons and the medical proffionals.

posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by woodwardjnr

Thanks so much for your reply. I completely agree with you. I would, in a heartbeat, vote for single payor at this point. National Healthcare, at it's worse, would have to be better than this.

I used to not feel that way, but after the changes in the past two years, but this year especially, I am changing, have changed, my mind.

I am glad that you are able to get the services you needed. I was so worried about Obamacare, the beaurocratic side of it, but also the financial issues.

Turns out, today, I find out at 4:30 pm, I have a reason to be concerned about the beaurocratic side of it, as well! I am extremely angry and just had a huge cry out anger and sheer frustration.

The doctors office called, the woman that has been handling the insurance. She informs me that she still has not received the insurance precert. My preop is Monday, and surgery Wednesday.

If my precert is not received by the time of my preop appointment, surgery will have to be postponed. I am NOT proceeding without a precert. She explained to me she has called every day, and not until today had she finally gotten to actually speak with someone about the delays.

They have had my paperwork since Feb 14.

Do they need any further information from the doctor? No.

They ask her, "Does she have cancer?"

"No. She has cysts, a growth on her ovary, and pain."

"Well, I have to forward this to the doctor."

She then calls me and tells me all of this, and tells me to call the insurance company, and speak to someone in the precert department.

So, I call. I am not ALLOWED to speak to anyone in precert.

I ask the status on my precert. Pending.

I ask what is the delay?

She tells me usually the doctors office has not sent enough information. I explain what I was told. That no, they had no need for information.

She then explains the nurse handling the claim was unable to make a decision, and had to pass it to the Medical Director for a decision.

So, all the claims about Obamacare panels? It's true. A panel, not my doctor, will be making a decision on my surgery. Someone who has never seen me, is totally unaware of my life, the pain I am in, the level of inconvenience this has caused, the total ramifications, AND totally seeming to ignore that this COULD BE CANCER!

When she asked, "Does she have cancer?", I exclaimed, "They have to open me up to be able to take a biopsy from the ovary to find out! How ignorant is this "NURSE"?!"

I was beside myself, and I still am.

To avoid saying something I may regret on the phone with the insurance company, I simply hung up, texted my boss about what was going on, and burst into tears.

Thank you, Obamacare, thank you Decision Panels!

And look. I have PRIVATE insurance! This is not an exchange program! Not Medicare, nor Medicaid! This is OFF the chain. I am fit to be tied, I am so incensed right now.

I am seriously thinking about taking this story to the media at this point.

I want to get drunk, and I don't drink!

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posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 05:28 PM
Nothing angers me more than the cost of medical crap. My X who still lives here with me, just got a letter from his medical coverage that our local hospital will no longer accept his medical. WTH????????? Now he has to find something else and he has so many serious health issues. I too have to find something affordable. But with the damned high deductions and what-not, it's insane.

Just think, soon your pain will be gone and whatever problems you have physically will be taken care of. I know all about the stress and anxiety you are going through Honey. I am still here for you and wishing you well. Hugs!!!!
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posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by mysterioustranger

Good luck to you in your surgery.

posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by Night Star

There has been SO much in the news about certain hospitals and medical providers not taking insurance plans, especially ones from the exchanges, so this doesn't surprise me after what happened to me today. It just adds to my growing anger at Obamacare, and what it is doing to our country and our medical system.

For all the people that did have insurance, millions that lost their plans still have zero coverage due to not being able to afford exchange plans.

The previous remaining uninsured still are, for the same reasons. The only ones we really are hearing about is people that qualify for Medicaid going through the exchange, who didn't HAVE to do that to begin with! I believe the media when they say the administration is fudging the numbers. Even IF they are not, the number that lost insurance and the number claimed to have signed up, subtract the number claimed that were added to Medicaid, and you still come out WAY short.

At this point, insurance is really doing me ZERO good. It is costing me a monthly premium, I am getting little to no relief on medications, and paying out of pocket for almost all services in high amounts which used to be a manageable copay.

At least I have been able to keep my doctors, but that is only because I work in a hospital, the insurance is through the hospital, and my doctors all work there. They pretty much are required to cover me.

But, now, with the beaurocratic red tape, I am beside myself. So, I am to take away from this, unless I already HAVE cancer, I don't qualify? And, if they DO deny, and it turns out to be cancer, I am going to sue the CRAP out of them, and OWN that insurance company.

And, the first thing I will do is close it.

After I apologize to all the people it hurt.

And refund their premiums for this year.

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posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 05:57 PM

reply to post by Libertygal

Wow. You have insurance? Im facing surgery Monday....and have nothing. Just got my other scripts...$400 for one month. Yes, I work with a good job and lousy benefits.

Sometimes, you should realize that others are way worse that you are (like myself and others). Not to belittle you and your issues. Just that others are way, way worse off than you.

Good luck to you. I wish you well! You've got my prayers as well....MS

I wish you well, as well. I hope everything goes smoothly.

I do want to say that yes, others may be worse off than me, but it in no way lessens what I am going through.

I have not even begun to total my prescriptions for one month, as I have not needed to have them all filled as of yet, however, it appears I am nearing over 800.00, maybe close to 1000.00 a month, for meds alone. Once I have all my refills, I will be better able to total them up. Right now, however, I am still going through 3 month prescriptions I thankfully filled in December.

Add to that my monthly premiums, and my insurance costs alone come close to 2k a month.

That does not include mandatory every 3 month visits to my primary care or my pain clinic.

The benefit in your position is, you can negotiate a rate with the hospital, and you can make payments.

I can not make payments at the pharmacy. My doctors are also demanding payment up front, prior to the visits, not just prior to the surgery.

So while yes, others may be worse off, I have to deal with what I am going through, and I can have compassion for them while doing so. My experience is not lessened because I have insurance. I actually am not feeling any positive impact from the cost of the insurance, at this point.

Good luck, and let us know how you do!

Oh, at the beginning of the thread are some messages about a pharmacy discount program I found. Please do check it out, it may greatly benefit you with your med costs. It has helped me greatly. I got zofran for 3.00 a pill, when it retails for 6.00, so half the cost.

I researched this, and it is free, and not a scam.

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posted on Feb, 22 2014 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by Night Star

Thank you for that! Not matter what, Im blessed every day and grateful for being here.
Thanks means a lot.

posted on Feb, 22 2014 @ 01:16 PM
reply to post by Libertygal

You know I wish you well? We are both in a similar situation where neither of us are any better off. I still have $1,000's in bills in collections, and I pay them when I can, and what I can.

I hope all goes well for you, and youll be in my prayers. And remember this when youre down....God doesn't place anymore on us than HE KNOWS...that we can handle.


posted on Feb, 23 2014 @ 04:03 PM
For 2013 it cost us over seven thousand dollars in presciptions and other medical costs. Mark had coverage, I did not. Most of those expenses were his and that was with coverage! Now they are saying our own hospital won't accept his coverage? We are livid! There are a LOT of very pissed off people all across the USA right now.

posted on Feb, 23 2014 @ 04:07 PM
I have been putting off even looking for health coverage because I fear the cost and high deductables and worry about who will even take the coverage I choose. I am too overwhelmed to even deal with it. A lot of people are choosing to pay the fine instead.

Everything is so damned over priced anyway, meds, tests, surgeries and what-not. Pretty sad when money matters more than human lives.

posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 05:39 AM
Well, the precert was denied.

(feigns surprise)

They requested a laparoscopy with bso. Whatever that is.

So, they submitted for a different ICD9, laparascopy, no mention of BSO, which I really think is removal of ovaries and tubes.

No precert necessary. *boggle*

So, I went to preop, and instead of 825.00, I only had to pay 350.00.

So, all that frustration, I saved 500.00!

Can't help but think that was why the insurance company did it to begin with.

Anyway, about to leave for the hospital. Have to check in at 07:30, surgery is at 09:00, and should last 1-2 hours.

Next time I check in, I will be post-op, home, and prayerfully, cancer free and pain free!

Thanks for all the support, and I will update with the outcome as soon as I am feeling able.

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