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The Recovery Project [Jan2014]

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posted on Jan, 21 2014 @ 11:25 AM
THE RECOVERY PROJECT (Jan. 2014/non-writer/smcneil01)

The hunt for our friend is in it's 5th day. He was ill prepared for such an unprecedented event. The snow was not uncommon to us. Yet, the amount that had already came down to the surface was huge and far more was than expected. Our scientists believed that it would continue to snow for years. Maybe even centuries. Mankind had finally found the one of cruelest ways to exterminate it's self.

No one was prepared for the way Fukushima ended it's history so violently. After it's initial earthquake, it was believed that various reactor cores had melted into the nearby water. And that most of the radiation had already made it's way across the sea to America. Fools! The powers that be in Japan painted pretty pictures with false hopes and beliefs. Nothing was being done with Fukushima. No one was willing to go in and survey the ever increasing damages that were pilinTg up day by day.

New Years Day was celebrated with the usual fanfare. Then, minutes after midnight, there was the explosion that wiped out most of Japan and it's surrounding waters. A tidal wave of unbelievable heights reached out to neighboring countries. What wasn't wiped out by tidal surges, were devastated by the earthquakes that were triggered by the massive event. Then came the radiation. Like a volcano, burping into life, a massive cloud reached out. Things were dying rapidly. The waters. The Earth. And man.

We recover our friend. He is sick with radiation exposure. Fortunately, he is used to the cold. We can repair him and get him back through our stargate in time. Mankind calls us the Abominable Snowman. Yet, we find them to be the most abominable.
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