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Humanity and its Survival

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posted on Jan, 21 2014 @ 08:31 AM
"An individual has not begun to live until he can rise above the narrow horizons of his particular individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity." —Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King,

Many of us lead lives which usually involve us as individuals seeking to better ourselves and our families and those lucky enough to have them, close friends.

Unfortunately survival has been made much harder due to the systems which we have made and amalgamated into our society, this affects each and every one of us, and some are concerned in just basic survival and others trying to keep up with the pace of life the systems demand of us.

Yet some of us can think beyond our own existence here and think of wider humanity, and the problems it faces now and in the future. Decisions and mistakes made now are going to have affect decades and even centuries to come. Some believe that our environment is very important and should be protected, since it is our life support system. Yet our species seems to be more concerned with excessive materialist life style which the system of economics encourages. This in turn can lead to the destruction of our environment in exchange for this type of life style.

The political and religious divisions have been long standing in our history, it seems a vicious cycle and we have locked our line of thinking into our own individual beliefs. These divisions have created enormous problems for our selves as a whole, and instead of unity, it has created disharmony amongst us. If humanity can unite for the common good, many of the problems we face could be solved almost over night.

posted on Jan, 21 2014 @ 08:58 AM
Although I agree with you, most people are stuck on acquiring what the want more than in being satisfied with what they really need. Since the majority makes the norm in society I cannot see things changing easily.

This will mean that there will inevitably be more civil unrest coming up shortly. The people in some of the countries are creating chaos because they want to keep their wants. Other countries seem to be revolting because they can't get what they need to survive. The ones revolting because their needs aren't met are sometimes having problems because the rich countries businesses want cheap products so they can compete better and this contributes to substandard wages and unsafe work conditions.

I do not see a change in the future, the countries that desire cheap products do not seem to worry about the polution the countries they acquire their products from. It is all about consumerism. Not much about the future of mankind.


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