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Ever ask yourself Why you did not Die that day?

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posted on Jan, 22 2014 @ 11:07 PM

Maybe our thoughts go so fast that our consciousness travels to another reality where we don't die and there's some place where we have died. Essentially, Quantum Immortality.

This has been my thought as well. If all events cause a branch in universes, consciousness could be drawn towards the split that did not involve death, and replicate when both outcomes involve life. I don't think it has anything to do with the perception of slow motion since thats been explained by adrenaline, but I'm with you on the immortality aspect.

The great thing is, if its not that way, you would have no way of knowing. So from a philosophical standpoint, it might as well be true because it is the only thing you will experience...unless you subscribe to mystical views of life after death- which would beg the question of why you don't remember life before birth, and again suggests that you have no way of knowing or remembering death itself in either case.

There was a great speaker whose name escapes me who has a famous speech on youtube around fear of death. From the scientific perspective, death represents the cease of functioning. If you subscribe to a purely scientific view, then you need not fear death because it will be no different than before you were born and you will not know when it has occurred. If you wish to grieve your own death because of the loss and separation from family and friends as their lives continue, then the best way to do it is by rejoicing each day with those you love. I can't think of a more comforting way to accept the unknown without the introduction of self delusion.

posted on Jan, 23 2014 @ 08:08 AM
reply to post by infoseeker26754

Wow man that sucks. I have only spent 3 weeks with the steel toilets and rubber shoes back when I was 18. I got into quite a bit of legal trouble when I was mid teens and had a file(pretty thick file) from all that I kept. About 10 years ago or so I sat out by a fire pit and read through it one more time. Every page I finished I threw into the fire. I've been charged with close to 30 felonies and a few more misdemeanors from back then. I will say without question that money protects. My parents wrote a 10,000$ check when I was 15 to keep me out of serving 8-10yrs. My record has no felonies and no convictions at all today. I don't deserve it but it is what it is. I say I was a different person back then but that's not really true, I'm just more in control now is all.

As far as roaming again....yeah maybe. My current gf is taking her journeyman test for electrical next month. One year from that she can take her masters. We have talked about when the kids get out of school just taking off for a while. So maybe we will, or maybe her and I wont work out and my itch gets the best of me and I grab my old bedroll and stick my thumb out. Just have to wait and see.

posted on Jan, 23 2014 @ 12:49 PM
when i was hit by a car on state road 84 in davie, fl in 1984, i was the first non-fatality on that stretch of road in 20 years! as i was flying over my bicycle handlebars, i distinctly remember feeling "hands" grab me under my arms and i believe my landing was rendered less impactful because of that "divine intervention". i did a faceplant, but only had minor abrasions on my nose, chin, forehead and cheeks. i was not knocked out and was able to drag myself (had a 20 inch laceration going around my left leg, just missing the knee, probably from the front bumper of the car) to the side of the road in order to not get hit by oncoming traffic. good times!

posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

Having resolving host problems again, Rats! You reminded of a time ago; while I did drink, got lost! Very easy to do when you move out of Denver and end up in nowhere land!

While being drunk and lost; doing the girl to boy talk, the drunk passes. Wondering where to go; did not have the mountains to use, followed the only road out of the field. As I came up to a turn, a bunny rabbit jumped out and stopped us! No matter what I did to get him to move; nothing like bad things. He would just go like 20 ft up the road and wait.

This went on like Forever, was getting mad somewhat yet Something told me to follow the rabbit! I swear, that little frickin thing took us to the main highway 23 and took of going left! Was pretty good! Till then, I could not tell How to get home. To this day I would have to say that rabbit was no rabbit!

Sometimes, Others, pets. Phone? adds to the change to things to come. Children, pets and a phone; lol somehow know this too! In order to know something is happening, one would have thought you already did do it before! One person did bring up Shifting; would imply somehow you did die and shifted to another point in time. Continuing!

All these posts are bring up other times in my life something did not completely make any sense, Just that it happens to be odd. Anybody else getting any flashbacks that can relate to this?


posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 07:18 PM
reply to post by Lolliek

Sorry to here about the Pain, seems we all have it in levels though. For me, its my feet! Run is not a word ever to use! So Bears, I'm playing dead! I used to forgo the pills and do the drink. Pills are Way to Creapy now! Yet had to slow that down too! Found that just because the feet hurt does not mean everything else does. Yet I remember months I had to stay at home, doing the What If?

You have gone way over Overcoming so Hats Off 2 Ya! Theirs Wishful Thinking and Theirs Hope! If You can do It, we can Too! Take Care!


posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by infoseeker26754

Interesting thread, haven't read replies yet but I have twice. Once was almost certain death and once I only believed it was certain but the feelings were the same.

As a teenager on a church trip to California we went to the beach. While swimming in the ocean I got caught in a powerful undertow. For a split second I wanted to panic and fight against the current. Actually tried briefly, then I realized if I panic and fight it I will die. Instead I swam as hard as possible with the current. It seemed like forever but finally I qas able to pop free and gasp the deepest breath of my life. As I glanced over a lifeguard was running towards me, I waved and he went back to his spot. I was very close to death there.

The other time was in the navy and in the middle east. One of the tjreats we were warned about was snall personal aircraft flying overhead dropping chemical or biological weapons on us. The chemical alarm went off while I was on the bridge of the ship with doots open. Then the Captain announced that this was not a drill we were to get our gas nadk immediadely. Knowing if I left my station I might miss vital information from the lookouts or the CIC (combat information center) I stayed on station until relieved. Most panicked and before long no one was on the comms. I stayed on station not knowing when people would return and prepared to pass on vital info. Finally someone came to relieve me in full CBR gear after what seemed like forever. I knew I was exposed to whatever it was already and headed to het my gear. Then the Captain announced some idiot spray painted in the chemical sensor.

Many panicked and needed stitches slicing themselse on the gas mask filter containers. One big guy ran naked from the shower to get his gas mask pushing people put of the way. I was able to laugh at all of them later and feel sprry for the state of our training at the same time.

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posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by drivers1492

Yo! I Hear You! When I go to Jail; I Relax~! It's like having a Tent only your Unable to Leave! LOL! Death could Not Touch me in Camp! Sorry, you have to do Time to Know this. Sad part IS, No Thing called RE-HAB_CON-SID-UATION! You have to DECIDE 4 Yourself.

People LOVE Prison; excuse to live Free! Other then Toys 4 Tots; Ain't nothing more to do but School Yourself. Welcome to a New Understanding of How to get # Done! Sad Part is, 75% are Lazy! School teaches this, weeds out the un-open, and Loves the I WILLl Listen people. DEATH comes in Many FORMS`1

OMG! My resolving host problem has gone AWAY! I do have a Friend that does claim BOT'S do have a say-so! Finding out Info no one can Explain! I've come to find out since this OP that Death does Have It's Advantages! Some can OverCome it's Pain and all IS GOOD! If you do not Place lables On what is G and B.

You can Never Get Old unlees U Think U Are!


posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by cleversprite

I have heard that too, someone Holding you. As I see It, no matter HOW it happened. Something was there; depending on one actually See's it. Call it what you will, something outside the Box has a say-so. Or some claim plain Old Luck!

We have some Thinking to do, led's to more Questions and why even bother? Way better then Doom Porn and actually means Something. Who Knew?


posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by inquisitive1977

I can see something here. You could not PLAN anything really. When It comes, who has any idea and has plans? No one Thinks of Death! It comes unanonced no matter what! Never in the Form anyone considers, just tossed out there for one to deal with. Some do see it coming, an act of God, some power inside who tells U No! Or Hello!

In a way we Die everyday, some a month and then the Ones who do not Listen, 2 Themselves! Life Is Great!


posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 05:02 PM
I've ridden bikes since I was 17, there's barely been a week when I didn't think I should have copped the big un.

that's just life I reckon.
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posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by infoseeker26754

I was told by the medical staff that if I hadn't been so fit and healthy at the time of the accident I would not have made it, luckily I was keen on sports and quite competitive so at fifteen years old I was just about as fit as I could have been, the main key was the cycling, I cycled over forty miles a day, what with my paper round, school journey and leisure activities, which along with playing football and competition weight lifting, my body was about as prepared as it possibly could be to deal with major trauma. It was ironic that the bicycle was the reason I was on that particular path that day and also it would seem to be the main factor in my survival.

I think the recovery was so speedy due to a multitude of aspects, I had a lot of friends and a large family, luckily I was brought up to have a pleasant attitude so I had a lot of love and encouragement around me, this was probably a major factor too.

At that age I didn't want to be in a hospital bed, I had a keen and active social life and wanted to be out doing things with my friends, I felt I was missing out and I was pushing myself hard to get back on my feet, sometimes too hard, and I put myself back a couple of times through nievity.

I was also missing out on a lot of education just when I was about to take my GCSE exams which further pushed me to get back to my old self as quickly as possible, I had a lot of sympathy from my school and had hundreds of visitors whilst I was hospitalised but I don't ever remember feeling sorry for myself, infact I am pretty sure to this day, I never have.

When I was moved from the ICU ward I was placed in a large shared ward with a group of adult males instead of a children's ward because the medical staff thought it would be beneficial for my recovery time, they were right, some of the people in my ward were very sick and to be honest I really didn't want to be there too long. On one occasion the gentleman opposite me died during the night, I am positive this was a factor in my recovery time.

I guess to sum up the recovery I would suggest that because of my age I knew nothing of life, with exception to the way I lived mine, and my mind wasn't of a nature to change, it was always positive and not willing to give up, luckily my body was just about in a position to keep up with it.

I never managed to get myself back to peak fitness but I was very active, very quickly, and lived fulfilling teenage years, I am not as healthy as I used to be, obviously over twenty years on! But I am not restricted in anyway apart from the fact it is slightly uncomfortable to kneel, my scars have healed well and are great for shock conversation along with proving the fact that girls realy do love big battle scars.

I do often think about how cruel the world is when the genius doctor who treated me and gave life back to countless others had to leave us the way he did, I am sure there are a lot of saddened people, especially those he saved from car accidents, the human race lost a valuable asset that day.

The whole experience and subsequent rippling events did end up changing me, I don't take anything for granted, I would say that I have a lot of depth of mind philosophically, and that I value life, friends and family a whole lot more than I did before it. I do believe that frequent thoughts of how the events of that day could have been any different humble me and keep my feet and mind firmly grounded, maybe even a little extra cautious.

posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 06:24 PM
My mum has told me before that I did die as a baby.
I stopped breathing for so long my lips went blue and they rushed me to hospital. The doctors were not sure why I started breathing again on my own so they classified it as something like failed cot death syndrome (they had no idea)
I never questioned why I did not die but I did wonder for a long time if that is why I was a little 'different', you know maybe brain damaged for going so long without oxygen.

posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 09:09 PM
reply to post by TheDualityExperience

Sometimes you have to wonder just whats goes through a DR's head when they say stuff like that! Even that form we all have to sign Before Treatment stating it's just Practice, Good Luck! Only take this pill for now and come see me in 2 weeks has always made me wonder.

As for your brain, who knows! Mine somehow has a short and can see things others do not. Like the left and right both work at the same time or togetter if you like. Or just experencing Death somehow bypasses something in your head. Although it does not explain the Before part either; seeing it beforehand.


posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 09:17 PM
reply to post by infoseeker26754

As my life stands now i wish it had taken me when it had the chance. My life has been horrible since.and to be honest ice thought about finishing what the fates started. Unfortunately the will to live is strong. So i soldier on through cold hunger poverty.what ever it takes to make it past the next day in hopes of change.

But i won't hold my breath

posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 09:20 PM

reply to post by TheDualityExperience

Sometimes you have to wonder just whats goes through a DR's head when they say stuff like that! Even that form we all have to sign Before Treatment stating it's just Practice, Good Luck! Only take this pill for now and come see me in 2 weeks has always made me wonder.

As for your brain, who knows! Mine somehow has a short and can see things others do not. Like the left and right both work at the same time or togetter if you like. Or just experencing Death somehow bypasses something in your head. Although it does not explain the Before part either; seeing it beforehand.


She told me when I was about 15, so I have known for a while and was aware of possible implications. I always thought I was just a run amok out of control running of my own schedule so to speak.
Always 'blamed' my actions on not having enough oxygen as a toddler

Then something happened recently, a spontaneous event that caused me to become, how do I say this correctly, incompatible with communication? I was somewhere else as far as other people were concerned.
My mum eluded to this being an anniversary of sorts for my baby incident but she was way to uncomfortable to talk about it.
For me I just had fun talking with plants and animals haha

posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 10:21 PM
it has been interesting to read the replies to this thread..alot have faced the possibility of death, but what i dont read is a reflection apon what happened and if it changed/made them think...i responded at the beging of this theard but didnt give any specifics...

car accident while working, slide thru a stop sign onto a 4 lane divided highway, he never saw me. he never had a chance, hit me in the driver door.sent my truck (a montero) across 2 lanes hit a snow bank, went airborne for 10-15 feet landed on the tires went up the embankment and onto the oppisite road facing the oppisie way,,we both walked away with,,,,,nothing, just bumps...LEO were candided about the accident, kept saying it was the 'classic accident, i shouldn't be alive'..thanks guys, i appreciate the honesty..

floating down a small part of the gunnison river, CO..., we had been floating down a calm part of the river next to the bank, about 100 feet or so, just a like laying in a bath tub, just to get out of the 105 heat..3rd time down an odd current grabbed me, i was wearing a long sleeve shirt at the time, my GF had gotten out and was wading by the shore..blind as a bat without glasses...i had been dragged down 3 times, on my 4th time up trying to get air, she grabbed my sleeve..laughing and smiling about the fun we had been having, never having seen the panick or heard my cries for help, i would have been swept out to the main part of the river...

taking pictures at a fort in FL, been there a dozen times, stepped off a rampart to step onto another one 3feet down...something stole my attention and i looked away, fell 7 feet to a second rampart about 3 feet wide,did a nice "side fall" ..if i had missed that it was 40 feet to the bottom, screwd up my knee bad, took about 5 years to regain full use..

and now i have overcome the worst part of lyme disease....

life can be taken from us at any moment, quickly or slowly..the luck of quick thinking, the unknowning help from a friend, the training of the past with some luck, and the carefull study and willingness to step outside a path advised for you....

the meaning of life...'TO EXPERIENCE' the light in the darkness, the light makes no judgement on what it reveals, what it reveals is for the individual to make that judgement....just chance, coincidence, providence, angels, devil, just whatever.....i dont believe occurances like which that have been told on this thread happen for no reason, if one thinks its nothing, then so be it, ...we live to learn, we live to experience...meaning and purpose are side notes, only important to the individual...."No matter where you go or what you do, you live your entire life within the confines of your head. ~Terry Josephson"

posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 10:42 PM
There I was. Thought I was going to die...

Hang gliding experiences, fairly often but short lived.

As a youngster, surfing way over my head, damned sure I was going to die. In the soup, too much water to breathe and not enough water to swim in. In the impact zone on the first wave of the set.

Simple. I never died because I didn't panic. Though on many occasions I had to make a conscious decision not to do so.

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posted on Jan, 26 2014 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by Another_Nut

Hold on there! If we can do it, You can TOO! Somewhere inside yourself is hiding your Power to overcome it all, it just takes Time. If somehow you are caught looking at just one side of the Picture and stay there, I say you need to address it! That is the hard part, no books can do this for you nor the words I am writing today either.

Hell for most will keep you there until you decide to do something about it. Sure you have friends who care, parents who go way out on a limb, only in the end it is You that has to make that choice. Or somewhere in your circle of friends keeps you there. Until you really look into it yourself, face whats bothering you, Hell will stay the same.

People do go end up in Hell, make it through and carry the pain with them forever! Something one can not forget only overcome and make the best out of it. Sometimes your plans need to be changed, or they get changed for you. Just remember all Wall can be tore down, walked around and at least take a peek over it!

Problem is, most see it as a Wall and nothing more! Could just be something you yourself placed there or Life did. Until you ask yourself what the Wall means, you never see but the Wall.


posted on Jan, 26 2014 @ 10:27 AM
reply to post by clearmind

Some have said How they overcame it, left out the cream for a reason. You just can not spill the beans when most of us are still in the pondering mode. I see it can not be placed into words, it just goes beyond what words mean. For each, it would only be How they saw and experienced it themselves. Why try to change it?

I've heard Disease is nothing more then Dis-ease within oneself. In a way, you can make yourself sick dealing with issues one does not address within themselves. In a way their are 2 different worlds playing their parts with Humans. Most is the lie we are One, yet knowing in the end of it all. It is You that has to make the choice. Everything points to something other then Yourself so your are caught in a trap laied out at the start.

Ones actions effect everything down the line, yet to actually see this. You should be looking within instead of whats outside yourself. I've come to find out what inside is most of what I learned since childhood and kept there as facts. Now I'm starting to wonder if them facts are even facts, since I have to say, so many holes!

Then when one grow up, spending time filling them Holes without actually filling them; more like masking, you still have the same holes anyway or new ones pop open! A good friend once told me that the trick was not to fill them Holes, make then wider! Never understood that until I actually worked on it. You be surprised on how much crap falls away from your mind! Or one way to look at it is the holes are what is real and the rest is being covered up.

Using my views anyway. It would seem something other then Ourselves has been in the mix for some time. We just use words to explain them, without question and labled them as facts. Who Knew!

So how did you overcome your illness anyway?


posted on Jan, 26 2014 @ 11:00 AM
reply to post by Phage

Hello Phage! Hows Life treating you these days?

Panic! That does seem to be an issue in most cases! Would not explain the before hand info coming to some who pick up on stuff. Panic would be getting oneself into something you should have thought out before actually doing it! You can not just get in a plane and jump without knowing what one need just in case.

Just like the bathroom; installing a tub, sounds easy, read and watched some videos. After tearing the Room apart I had to ask myself even why, nothing matched and some larger problem tossed into the mix, panic! Well at least wondering how all my tools came with legs included! lol

Even after doing what classes, being taught what not to do, Panic can still exist. At least you did not hit your head as some have done going under. Could explain the blackouts some do have, something over riding our Panic for us in ways we can not explain. It helps to take a breath; if not under water, to gather yourself and think before acting. Yet for some its natural, or took the time to learn before hand.

Then somethings just happen so fast you are caught not paying attention to anything around you. Ideas in your head one hold to as facts until one day it does not apply and you have to question why it was there to begin with! Who really even has questions until it happens? Tossed out in front of you one day for you to wake up to the experence of Life and not the words people use to discribe an experence they never actually experence it for themselves.

Thanks for sharing, did you change anything after that experence?


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