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Ancient Peru. The Enigma...

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posted on Feb, 6 2014 @ 09:32 PM

Though you won't see them as prime examples there were supposedly late 40000 BC neanderthal skull's found with craniel capacity more or less equalling our own at about 1800 Cubic centre litres where modern man ranges from as low as about 850 to about 2400 cubic centilitres and einsteins brain is regarded as the larges (NON ABNORMAL) brain on record, he never donated his brain it was actually stoled after his death.

You are correct that the average Neanderthal brain was larger than the average Homo Sapien brain today.


The cranium protects the brain, which, for an average adult male weighs about 1400 gram (49 oz). The brain of Russian novelist Turgenev, weighed 2021g (71 oz), Bismarck’s brain weighed 1807g (64 oz), while that of famous French statesman Gambetta was 1294g (46 oz). Female average brain mass is slightly less than that of males. The largest woman’s brain recorded weighed 1742g (61 oz). Einstein’s brain weighed 1230 gram (43.39 ounces), meaning Einstein’s brain was smaller than average.


posted on Feb, 7 2014 @ 07:12 AM
I am just gonna go ahead and throw this out there because I see a lot of posts implying that these skulls were intentionally deformed to resemble Aliens or they are the result of genetic hybridization projects conducted on early man by said Aliens.

As such if this is a possibility, wouldn't it also be possible that some distant ancestors of more intelligent dinosaur species like the Troodon that managed to survive the extinction could also be the inspiration for the intentional deformation of the skulls and even perhaps be the very source of hybridization that is so often claimed in early man. I am sure at least most of us have heard/seen the ancient Ica stones showing dinosaurs that are prevalent in Peru.

I mention this mostly because the ancient Peruvian myths seemed to focus more on fetishes and totems before it evolved into the worship of gods, and I for one could easily see a situation in which these ancient people discovered fossilized skulls of a dinosaur species that not only survived extinction but continued to evolve further. To these ancient people such a skull, once again easily the size of a human skull or larger, would be viewed as sacred and worthy of emulation.

Or ya know, Dinosaurs continued to evolve and eventually became a dominant and intelligent species before dying out sometime in the earliest memories of human evolution leading them to interpret these ancient beings as Nagas, Lizard Men and the like. Either way I still like to think that a species that survived and evolved for millions and millions of years should not immediately be discounted from the conversation simply because of a little extinction level event (or 5).

After all, there are still sunken continents and archaeological curiosities deep beneath the waters that still need to be fully explored.

Which leads me to my second line of thinking that another possible explanation for these skulls and their mysterious shape lies not in the stars or in the distant past but in the very oceans from which so much is gained and is often the focus of religious devotion. Cephalopods are among the smartest animals we know of in the modern age, and even a casual glimpse at the head shape shows some distinct similarities. The oceans are vast, largely unexplored and just as capable of supporting a large population of evolving beings as the land and sky.

Finally, with the subject of sunken continents and ancient curiosities still fresh in mind, I am struck by the similarities between the shape of these skulls, the location of Peru, and the famous Moai statues of Easter Island.
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posted on Feb, 7 2014 @ 05:55 PM
It is also exactly as possible that these people were seeing into the distant future, when human descendants have big skulls.

Their visions led them to imitate our descendants.

It's also exactly as possible that they worshipped chayote.


posted on Feb, 27 2014 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by SLAYER69

Thank you Slayer for talking about this, I've said before this is another key that many in the main academic fields want to forget about. Having these heads being found all over the planet can't be all to do with binding, even though we know binding happened. And then we have legends of giant people that are told in legends all over the world who have done many things and such. In my opinion I think the giants may have been people that are or where 6 foot 6 to 7 foot tall. And then We have the dinosaurs and them being so large when in reality they shouldn't have been as large as they where unless the pressure and/or gravity of the planet was alot different (less) than what it is today.

What if there was a race of people or homonids that formed a million years ago that where 7 foot tall (maybe a little taller) and had elongated heads. They may have had an ability intelligence, telekinesis or mental abilities that made it possible for them to overcome their primitive age before the rest of the other groups of hominids that where walking around. And in so doing what if this group was able to start forming civilization and culture well before we started and became the dominant culture on the planet. We could have easily have been (both homo-erectus and neanderthal) slaves to these people for a time or even considered lesser because they had "culture". And then over the course of eons a a war of attrition happened where our numbers became more and theirs became less and add on top of that cataclysms that happened along with interbreeding.

We may have a people who where on top at a time and succumbed like all civilizations into the dustbowl of history and the ones that remembered didn't want to remember that they where on the bottom and so did everything they could to erase them from history. I think your on to something Slayer and I agree also. There is a group in our society that for some reason wants us to never to remember what really happened back then. And it may be that it has to do with another different type of people (funny looking head beings) and their descendants where the innovators and builders and leaders of the dynasties that built many of the recent megalithic structures and defintitely the older ones.

posted on Mar, 28 2014 @ 12:41 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

I am relatively new to ATP. Just ran across this thread (sorry, a few months later, I know.) However, You did a really great job pulling together multiple examples of cone heads and setting the stage for recognizing the difference between cranial binding and authentic alien cone head skulls.

In my web site, I'm doing similar things. I have broken down the differences in REAL AUTHENTIC CONE HEAD SKULLS and cranial binding into these scientific and medical realities:


The overwhelming evidence of scientific fact means:

1. While some skulls found in ancient regions are, indeed, artificially shaped, OTHERS ARE AUTHENTICALLY NON-HUMAN!

2. Arguments that mutations or cranial binding forced things like greater bone density or eye and jaw size are ridiculous. (Mutations don't show up with consistency across non-family lines and other continents! And, deformation cannot increase the cranial cavity size or change the location of the Foramen Magnum!) Ask any medical doctor to confirm. I DID!

3. Primitive people who served under these alien rulers (upper class) forced cranial binding on children to imitate their "divine" rulers. We see this today when tatoos and piercings become fashionable or signs of social circles. Who wouldn't want their children to have a chance to be regarded as upper class?

So, there you have it. Much more detail on these web site page (above) if you care to see the evidence and analysis I made. It continues to baffle me how mainstream science and society chooses to ignore these alien skeletal remains. But I do appreciate the fact that some minds are not mature enough to handle the core-shattering-truth...we are not alone.

Let me know what you think...


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