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Nighttime visitation during sleep paralysis

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posted on May, 22 2003 @ 11:22 AM
I scanned the different topics in this section. I don't think this is a repeat topic based on that. Although bogeyman comes close, it's not quite what I consider this is.

Every once in a while, during sleep paralysis, I get this nighttime visitor whom I can't see (not sure if I want to either) come by stroking my hair by my bedside. It always freaks me right out. The only way to get rid of this visitation is to use all my effort to wake up completely.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this & do you think it could be caught on some special camera?

posted on May, 22 2003 @ 11:26 AM
I'm pretty sure that the visitor is all part of the sleep paralysis. I saw a show about it on Sci-Fi and it explained how everyone who suffers from sleep paralysis sees figures or a figure. Depending on what you believe you may see different things. If youre very religous, you will probably see demons or the devil, if you believe in ghosts, you may think that there is one with you, etc...etc...etc...

As for the camera, its worth a shot.

posted on May, 22 2003 @ 11:37 AM
I'm thinking this could have ALOT/if not same meaning as 'shadow people'-some would call 'it'? So here are some threads about it...if that's not what you are talking about then..I'll tell you more of what I know or 'think' I know


*let me go do some digging for the threads*


*Let me know if those threads touch on what you are asking* and also here is a good thread about succubus/incubus~


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posted on May, 22 2003 @ 02:42 PM
But I don't believe it's shadow people. From what I gather about shadow people is that they have less definition to their form & details in appearance. They also tend to be malevolent without a doubt.

Someone also mentioned in one of the threads that to avoid sleep paralysis, you should avoid sleeping on your back. Well, I got it sleeping on my side.

In my case, although I get freaked out, I cannot say for sure that this being is malevolent. They just like to come & run their fingers thru my hair & giving me a bit of a head massage. It's almost seductive in nature but not oppressive if you know what I mean. There was one time I can recall where they blew their breath lightly on the back of my neck.

It did help reading thru the links you gave me. I'm beginning to suspect that this being is a spirit who can only appear real to me when I'm in sleep paralysis & part of me is in a form that is receptive to this reality.

Maybe I could deal with this better if it happened during a daytime nap instead of the dead of night.

posted on May, 22 2003 @ 03:02 PM
I believe that what you think is happening to is is infact happening to you.

I have experienced similar and more in terms of visitations when dreaming.

Some answers might be christian based which do work as Jesus has the ultimate power. .

posted on May, 22 2003 @ 04:11 PM
link I'm thinking I've been wrong here to say that these uninvited guest during the night are shadow visiters. But..I'll tell ya a little something that happened to me once that made me think they were related-which sounds very much like what you've said and may also 'comfort' you to know that you aren't alone with your experience.

One night while I was dozing off in my room(several years ago) I heard my name being called, the voice was almost computerized sounding, but it startled me awake needless to say. I thought for a split second it was my mom or someone else in the house calling for me so I loudly said "What???" then decided after no reply that I'd go see what they wanted. So I went downstairs and all through the house..but everyone was sound asleep. So I thought ok? I'm dreaming or hearing things and went back to bed. Well a few moments after I was in bed 'awake' or so it surely seemed-I heard the voice again, only this time it was very soft and closer(it was almost like a whisper) I turned and looked at the diresction of the voice and saw a very large black figure standing in the corner. I said to myself "there is no way!" I'm seeing things! I qiuckly turned back facing the opposite direction and then seconds later, I felt a huge brush of 'wind' like as though someone were fanning me. Well the thing sat on my bed and I felt every bit of this and just kept my eyes tightly closed daring not to open them. When it put it's hand inside my hand. And it felt human! The touch was definately something physical rather then nonphysical. Well to coincide with this incident several days later on 3 consecutive nights we received *many* odd phone calls all of which had a male voice and all of which called well after everyone should be in bed and not calling your house! Each time my mother answered and each time the voice asked for me by name, and when I got on the phone the first time it actually sounded more like many voices speaking in a language that I could not understand(because I could not make out what he/they were saying) well...the last night that they called, I got on and immediately told them to speak up, and that I did not understand them! Then I heard the voice start to cry and almost pleading sounding he said he was going to die and I had to come and get him(something along those lines)Well I was beyond weirded out and now worried about who this was and why?? He said that he had seen me there sleeping and knew he had to get to me for help. Then I started saying where are you? Who are you? And even started to cry(with my mother standing there the whole time) and then the voice just faded and there was nothing but dial tone when I finally hung up.
Now..I certainly believe, no, I know that this was related to whatever was in my room that night because all of it seemed to fit and all of it seemed more paranormal then actually 'worldly'..

So really this is why I've always associated this 'thing' as a shadow type because that is how he/it has appeared to me. That is how my eyes saw it. He was a very large shadow standing there in my room, and I feel as though I was as awake as I am now typing this. For some reason on that particular night that I saw it, I did not so much sense that it was evil or even good..I was just frightened beyond belief at the sight of it...because I did not feel that it was human.

This is only one of many experiences I've had over the years with what I would call the 'shadow' but I just thought I'd share it with you and maybe together or through other readers we can certainly figure out what exactly this 'visitor' of the night is..

Also as you can do not have to be having and obe or even a dream to see one or sense one around you.

*and I also know for a fact that obe's can come no matter what position you are laying/sleeping in..that old saying about lying on the back flew out the window for me a long time ago*

posted on May, 23 2003 @ 07:52 AM
Building upon paranormal experience in the physical world is much easier than in the spirit world. I guess there's only one way to move forward with this thing. And that is to face it. Then I'll see once & for all if this is a shadow being, a human spirit, or something else. I just hope when I do, I don't wake up with instant grey hairs.

Magestica, you obviously have more courage than I do with the spirit world.

posted on May, 23 2003 @ 09:32 AM

Originally posted by Questor
Magestica, you obviously have more courage than I do with the spirit world.

Far from it..I may sound all biggy and bad(but I have grey hairs to prove I'm not)

I've have lots of help here recently with some of the paranormal things I've dealt with and the *helper* has
helped me feel more confident and alot stronger then I thought I was...I would have never posted this *above* before talking with him..

So Questor, it really does help to talk about things that go 'bump' in the can help you to 'face' the thing eventually without fear...just takes time and a building of strength-which I'm sure you already have-just needs to be brought outward. I've recently come to realize that when 'questionable' things happen to us, we don't even know what the heck it was...much less fear sounding like a fool or something trying to explain it to someone else who wouldn't have a clue what we were talking about we tend to keep it all bottled up inside us and try to deal with it whenever it comes and try to forget it when it doesn't(but sometimes going at it alone can be a long long struggle) one which can drain any power you possess inside you. And then what? We are weak and therefore an easy target for these 'things'

My about it, learn about it. Build up some confidence to face the thing. This is advice given to me that I'm just now heeding myself and so far it's working...

posted on Jul, 16 2003 @ 08:52 AM
Do a search on old hag -

posted on Jul, 16 2003 @ 08:56 AM
Already done
And that isn't always the case..there are numerous things that cause this..I'll let her decide though whenever she returns. But it wasn't the case with me..

Welcome to ATS btw..


posted on Jul, 16 2003 @ 09:12 AM
Ya, there are alot of different posssibiities - I figured a good number of them would come up on that search.

posted on Jul, 16 2003 @ 10:18 AM
I had one lay along side me while sleeping and say "Hello (my name)" and it was as if it was coming from inside my skull. As I awoke I saw a bright flash in the corner of the room. This happened two nights in a row.

I have also seen a gray figure (ektoplasam) walk accross the room and sit down as it made a friendly gesture and it cast a glow bright enough to read by.

posted on Jul, 16 2003 @ 07:55 PM
That's something. I can feel, hear (not exactly with my ear), smell, dream, 'just know', ect....but not once can I say with certanty have I ever seen one blasted thing.

posted on Jul, 17 2003 @ 01:15 PM
i dont know if my experiences warrant posting in here but here goes anyway...

when i was a kid (around 8-9) i use to wake up sometimes paralyzed. like i felt like i couldnt move even though i was telling my body to move. i also had the feeling like something was there. for awhile i use to think someone was watching me or stalking me. once i thought i saw something when i woke up during one of those times i could move at all and i really freaked out but i couldnt move or make a sound, i just laid there with my heart trying to pound its way out of my chest. also during this time i had dreams about aliens (more like nightmares) and it was the same dream night after night, it played out a little differently but it was always the same scenario and i'd wake up terrified, like it was so real and i knew even then dreams arent real so its not like i was "just being a scared kid".

the sleep paralysis didnt last long, it was only for a short period of time after which the alien dreams went away too. i dont know if the two are connected or not though.

posted on Jul, 18 2003 @ 11:25 AM
I know it wasn't a hag in my case even though I have never looked.

A hag has horrible ragged hands with claws as nails. I'm sure I would have felt the difference. The hands I felt were very human & gentle feeling.

Also a hag would have fought with me to get me to look at her. My encounter was not forceful even though it was not solicited.

posted on Jul, 18 2003 @ 09:35 PM
I have had a similar experience, you could say. First, I have to say that I am not sure how to take some of these things I will mention, because I think I have a tendency to do things in my sleep. If I go to bed without a light on, almost without fail, I will wake up with most if not all the lights in the house on. So, just keep that in mind, and see what you think. My version of the night paralysis/someone seeming to be there is this: About once a month, I will awake with a jolt kind of feeling, with my arms crossed over my chest, hands to each side of my neck...think mummy style....and for a minute or two, I cant move at all, but I am awake, and can see, hear, etc...and two of the times this has happened, there has been someone there....but here is the the classic sleep paralysis, you see someone or something threatening or at lest interacting with you....but in my instances, they were leaving....and a shadow person is the best thing I could call what I have seen....I have a light on, usually, keep in mind, and there will be this..blur....not a translucent plur, but at the same time, its not like it is really a color, either....does that make any sense? but it was heading away from me both times, then once it was out of sight for a few moments, I can move.
Now, in terms of related events, twice I have heard a voice much like someone else here mentioned, a...inhuman, sort of like a computerized this sounds really cheesy, I know, but anyways...the first time, I was laying in bed, staring at my alarm clock because I couldnt sleep, and a voice that sounded like it was standing beside my bed said "you're dead." you can understand that I was a bit unsettled, Im sure. The second time, I was not the only witness to this voice, and it was the same voice. The second time, I was at my kitchen stove, making dinner, and talking on the phone with a friend, when a voice from my living room (nothing was on in the living room, no tv or anything) said "human." It was loud enough that my friend heard it over the phone, as well. I probably should have tried replying, but instead, I just armed In any case, I have no idea what to make of my experiences, at all, but I thought I could at least share them, so that others know that its not just them.....

posted on Jul, 18 2003 @ 10:04 PM
Hey, Questor!

....My humble opinion only for you...if you have been exposed to certain para/spiritual entities, the door has been opened for events like these to occur...what you do to stop this may start another thread-I don't know what your beliefs are, sooooo.....

posted on Jul, 19 2003 @ 07:09 PM
I wanted to say that "old hag" is a term, kind of a gerneral term I believe is used for the night time visiter that pins you down or keeps you from moving ect.

It doesn't have to be a mean or malisious thing nessasarily, but usually the person with the 'problem' is frightened and deems it so.

My BF had this proplem for years and after we got together I helped him to kow the 'person' there and it was no longer scary because he was able to communicate with it. His telling it his fear of the pinning down stopped it completely. It then began something I am assuming the male wouldn't mind....

posted on Jul, 23 2003 @ 04:53 PM
What is this sleep paralysis it sound freaky as hell!

posted on Jul, 23 2003 @ 07:47 PM
Lately, I've been going to sleep at 2:30 Am (around that time) and after laying in my bed for a while i feel like someting is "tickling" the top of my head. When this happens I am not paralized though. This happened 2 nights in a row. I Just pulled my comforter over my head until i couldn't take the heat under it any more. But when I was under the conforter I "sensed" shadows or some thing flying over me. I like talk in my head and say "Leave me alone" and it stopped both times when i did that. I usually sleep on my side. Once I felt a REALLY cold blowing on my chin. I didn't feel threatened(sp?) when this happened. And there was another incident. Where I was convinced that strange beings or spirits were in my room, so I pulled the covers over my head. I felt my heart beat 3 times VERY hard, the next thing I know it's 4 am and when my heart beated(is thsi a word) hard, it was about 12:30am-1:00 am.

Hope this helps

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