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Seeing Through the New Age Psy-Op: New Podcast

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posted on Jan, 14 2014 @ 01:31 AM
Many of you on here are very astute and this is a little problem that won't have caught you out. Others will have fallen into the new age 'trap' of narrow thinking and cold heart'd attitudes. It's got so bad that some in the new age movement claim that people who suffer ill health must deserve it because it is their 'karma'. Of course this is insane thinking (in my view). The point being that the truth about life and the universe is even better and these new age muppets are there to get in your way and relieve you of your cash into the is a link to a podcast section of the Ascension help web site that also takes this view.

Ascension Help Podcast; Seeing Through The New Age Psy-Op
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