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Well Let Us See!

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posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 09:12 PM
BERLIN (Reuters) - Europe and Japan voiced strong concern on Saturday over the slumping dollar but the world's 20 biggest economies, nearing the end of a two-day summit, looked divided over what if anything to do about it.

German Finance Minister Hans Eichel, playing host to the G20 meeting, said there was consensus that sudden currency swings were undesirable but ministers disagreed openly on whether the dollar's slide fell into this category


Never thought it would happen this fast. We are about to discover if Bush has a brain in his back pocket, for we all know he does not have one in his head! His administration is going to show it's color here. I mean they failed miserably at interpreting our greeting in Baghdad, even I knew flowers would not be placed in gun barrels. Now we are faced with a true crisis, not a made up politically WMD situation. This is a true crisis that could hit home on Monday Morning. The arrogance of this administration has left our nation with few international supporters other than third world countries. Russia, China, Opec, Japan, The E.U. etc... and even Canada and Mexico are gunning for us.
Talk about our backs against a wall.
We are about to find out what this 2.0 gpa from Yale and Harvard truly knows. He is our leader, where has he led us? Even the God Greenspan has no idea how to get out of this mess. C'mon Georgie let your intellect fly

Our New State Department will gather our friends to support us and back us in these difficult economic times, no doubt.

Rice is known for her inflexibility, fanaticism, her profound Christian conservativism, so akin to Bush's messianic fundamentalist vision which conceives the US as the world's judge and executioner. The change of personnel at the State Department would seem to suggest a deepening of militarism and a reinforcement of unilateralism.
Mexico's La Jornada

And they are our friends and neighbors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Polar Bear

posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 09:18 PM
This cracks me up! Of course GW wants the dollar lower! You really think he doesnt?

THe Sky is NOT falling. The US economy is recovering and the EU doesnt want a weak dollar because it HURTS them.

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