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2756 - The Experiment

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posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 05:02 PM
If you are receiving this message it is likely that I am dead or somewhere in the ancient past, if the experiment was successful. No one really knew for sure what will happen as it had never been successfully tested or more accurately there was no way to verify the results by an form of feedback.

The year is 2756 and the earth is dying. Our scientists have known for a while that this day would come when 200 years ago the severe damage to the atmosphere was linked to human flatulence. This in turn was directly linked to the fast food industry. The Mega Corporations had been using GMO products in their food which had an unforeseen side effect. It altered the DNA of the humans eating the food which had turned their flatulence into what was later discovered to have an acid like effect on the ozone layer.

With the ozone layer completely destroyed and 90% of the worlds biological life perished as the land turned into baron dry deserts, a small portion of the worlds elite working class took refuge in deep underground bio domes. This is where the scientists have been working around the clock with time travel. We discovered that we could send messages or signals back that could be received in the past if they were received and decoded.

About 100 years ago our scientists did make contact with another intelligent species. This was deemed to be first contact. The funny thing is that this species has been here on earth since 12000BC. They claim they did not come from this Universe but their ship when attempting to cross the vast distance of space in their home universe encountered a gravitational disturbance which caused them to phase into another alien place. They eventually landed here on earth but are out of phase with us. From what they understand they are stuck out of our tethered timeline and do not age.

Their influence over humanity has been recorded since they arrived. They have found ways to communicate with us although the problems has always been on our side they say. Anyway they have left the planet as it is destroyed and are seeking a new home world. They never shared their technology with us, they only existed along side us for all these years without us really knowing. I mean, some people knew but always thought of them as something else. They really couldn't interact with us directly but they discovered ways to influence us through each other.

We had also learned about consciousness and how it could be stored in crystal type computers. Most of the technology used in 2756 consists of crystals as the data that can be stored inside them is immense. One human mind requires 5 million terabytes of storage data space so we constructed a 5 meter high quartz crystal pyramid to store the minds of 500'000 people. This device would then be sent back in time, somewhere 1 million years into the past. Everyone going in knows the chances of success will be almost zero but out time here has run out. When the crystal arrives at its target destination no one knows what will happen to the consciousness once we are uploaded into the planetary grid.

Our scientist theorize that the stored consciousness will inhabit the biped creatures most compatible with the signature frequency of the individuals essence. People are really worried about the consequences of this but as I have said the impending death is enough to go ahead with it. Some people even believe in reincarnation and that they will incarnate in that time era.

Me I think I am toast either way but I am all up for time travel as the last thing I do before I die. With our pervious attempts at time travel we created artificial pilots. A combination of biological material and technology, quite durable really and they were sent into orbit with saucer shaped craft to perform the experiments and study the effects of the EM fields on the biological material. No one has seen or heard from them since the attempt.

So today is the day, we have sent many message transmissions back in the hope one is received and alters the impending future of mankind. If our mission to use the pyramid to travel back and reboot the race is successful this message will be redundant. My only fear is that I go back and end up as a monkey.....


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