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posted on Jan, 18 2014 @ 02:51 PM
I don't know what led me to this thread but I do have something to say.

I laughed a bit to myself when I read the OP's observation that this is certainly not sociopathy as sociopathy is something totally different.

To be perfectly honest, you described me down to the letter. I have been diagnosed (and rejected by MANY psychoanalysts because of my tendencies) as a sociopath by several doctors of various backgrounds. I of course disagree as I find myself to be more of a misanthrope and do feel a form of love towards a few humans and animals (I'll take a dog over a human any day, though).

I have encountered other "sociopaths" before and one thing I can say for certain is that they are more aware of any situation they are in than you can ever hope to be. None I know (or myself) feel the need to take advantage of people they feel are lesser beings as just being superior in and of itself is enough to nurse the ego. Manipulating situations is a different story however.

The person OP has described as his example of a socoipath sounds more, to be blunt, like a dumbass.

I fully realize my problems and have done my best to isolate myself from most of society while I work on certain points of my personality. I will say that there are agencies that find people such as myself extremely valuable and sometimes they push a bit too hard and break even complete waste of life psychopaths down into normal people, albeit with a measurable amount of emotional trauma and less significant psychological problems but that is another story for another time in another thread.

What I didn't know when I withdrew myself from day to day life was that I am a vampire so thanks, OP. I'll let you know when my chakra flu clears up.
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posted on Jan, 18 2014 @ 06:40 PM
Text Purplereply to post by TheDualityExperience

lol! If you are male, want some piece of mind, then check out www.psychologythenand... now/worldwide/crosssectionalstudies/

The latest stats on the Sociopath/Psychopath. They actually began this in the late 1960's. A Cross Sectional Worldwide STAT Report. They have found that throughout Historical facts versus today, that even cave drawings showed female Sociopath/Psychopaths were approximately 43%, that they've been aware of. One easy example is," Queen Mary of Bathory. " That is very well documented. There are many many more. Some, such as Pharo Nepherty ? are more documented than the average female only because of their life's station, though many are documented, most names would be too unfamiliar so there is less attention on those.

That was the Historical study & conclusion yet what is considered as today's female Sociopath/Psychopaths, begin in the late 1930's.
Not much was known about this topic. Not enough to have a better look. There is documentation though, as such things were mainly thought to involve hormones. Even stating that historical documents showed only females to turn into Werewolves or Vampires going on killing sprees during the full moon only when," The Curse would overtake their thoughts." lol! That was basically dismissed by, you guessed it. Men. Men could not & would not accept any females with such strength, thus the onus was placed on males. Sadly lol! I & others find it funny as it is fairly simple to figure out that females committing such acts ONLY during full moons, usually once a month, was most likely a female's er...period. PMS. lol!

Then they go into real women being akin to the two little, seemingly frail & sweet old ladies in the movie, " Arsenic and Lace. " Women such as the notorious, " Black Widow/S gave this even more credence. Then came the checks into hormonal imbalances. They took firm hold of that & stated that many females poison their husbands or any abusive men & even women if they saw threats to their relationships or children being good Mommies that they were lol!

During wars, many more women than men were sent in as double agents of war, to kill the most influential men of war as not a lot of men seen women as a killing threat and most likely just information traders. One of the most sadistic being the SS woman from the 3rd Reich who made lamp shades & other various items out of, usually tattooed skins of both males & females flayed & worse, children...

The list goes on & on including the most recent studies which shows a 2% increase of Sociopathic/Psychopathic females know of, across the globe today so I really do not know where you got your Stat info from.

Also? It HAS been proven that with the right amount of Progesterone, violent, tempered, rapist men can become," Normal Citizens. " Yet there are so very many violent, killing kinds of women proven to carry too much Testosterone, making them as they are & kept in check mainly from regular Progesterone, Estrogen & Oxytocin treatments.

So that is not saying a lot for my own gender. If the above link doesn't won't work, just go to which covers a fair amount of this topic + gives you links & links to other links lol! I'm not redoing that as I seem to be unable to get my links or youtube videos posted on here....guess I just haven't figured it out yet.... Have a great evening

posted on Jan, 20 2014 @ 08:39 AM
reply to post by TheDualityExperience

Most of those studies are half assed things, sure if you overlook 90% of variables and some plain obvious things then 97% of males are psychopaths. But in all its quite obvious "somebody" is aiming for something with all this, that is you first must have the answer in you head already then you go about proving that even if it takes peer previewed thesis.

In general like attracts like, in many ways that is true, but as such I have come to realize that I just may have not insulted some of these females enough. Considering that sometimes and days on this site and others, a day has not gone by were I did not insult them that is saying much. But once you realize what they really are, and what they really are about, you come to the conclusion that miles away is just to close in proximity to be with them and there pre sanctioned mental games. To put it simply whatever they are or whoever they are be they male or female, they can # off. BAM problem solved. Oh noz the scary vampire and psychopath...What ever shall I do...Hey maybe I can write a paper on it, # I could write a whole book or encyclopedia on it. Its not that hard to do in fact. But the fact stands that this whole thing is gravely exaggerated and your not dealing with anything more then people and there ego. Oh noz definitely no higher being, and no mystery here, or all that vile or evil then anybody else, just more idiots who want to be right, because if there wrong then they would come out as the bad guy. Go figure eh.

Really I mean what the hell? Ever wonder why it takes so much effort in creating all kinds of jargon and excuses writing papers and papers for something were in a majority of cases you can literally ignore or just tell them straight out what you think. Were in a lot of cases three words would solve a majority of problems. Those words being # off dip#..And if you kid is acting up and being a little psychopath, I have found that slap upside the head is most often the cure. But now a days its more popular to put them on medication, make up some study for it and call it a day. Its also much more profitable, and self serving, but like all things it will create more cycles.

However its never that easy, since all things are real including the believes they half baked in there heads, which I think ultimately this thing is about. Merely bad timing on the mental construct angle, because everybody is the center of there own universe, and sometimes the worlds we make up in our heads do not fit with other worlds that others have made up in there heads, and sometimes its like those jigsaw puzzles were the pieces would fit together, only in this game the pieces are always changing and the overall picture is never the same. A transient thing, but all things in this world are transient, in fact all life is transient change being the only constant variable.

Anyways...I call shenanigans on a great lot of these studies and theories they all have. And ultimately like I said, for every type of animal and creature under the sun, its equal exists somewhere. It just happens that they happen to ultimately eat each-other, and so for every male psychopath there is a female version who goes about achieving the same thing though albeit in a more feminine manner, most of which involves a sort of reverse psychology which they try to impart upon there victims, because get this, some people just cant stand being wrong, and some are not even aware of it.

At best it would be better if they all just stumbled against each other and override each others programing. But hey all is fair in love and war, a sort of hell on earth I suppose. Were the ditch everybody digs just gets bigger and bigger with each bull# and construct we all built to blame the other guy or gal, its gotten to the point were literally two contradicting mental constructed worlds guide each other into limbo, ever going down and down, till eventually it all comes crashing down, which makes for some serious cognitive dissonance in the mean time. And sure as hell everybody will have there theory on why it all went bad, and in of those story's you can guess who the good guy or gal will be.

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posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird

Text Purple lol! Very interesting take on this issue but......Ah, who am I kidding? lol!

posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 08:58 PM
I see it differently.

1. I see ET labs, and some earlier hybrids, a bit more like the tales of old, mythology, however, not to so much the garlic, etc. An blood is important.

2. Satanists and blood is a mocking ceremony.

3. All PTB or elitists living of others.

4. ETs and lower beings that use body fluids, perhaps some insectoid.

posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 04:53 PM
reply to post by Magnivea

There is something i wanted to add to the thread as I was able to see a vampiric entity through the higher dimension (yes it sounds silly but I actually saw the shadow humanoid shape with a red vampiric aura which looks like this:

The red aura as you can see is the vampiric one.

If it is in red color then is it right to assume that psychic vampirism has a certain link with red to infrared and further lenght of wave in the electro-magnetic spectrum ???

Here is another picture depicting a vampire (the woman) feeding on it's host (which is the kid) and then the kids aura becomes vampiric too ( in the red spectrum ) in order to replenish itself of the lost energy from the soul. It all ends up creating a chain of vampires feeding on each other ... This has to ends folks and it will once the recognition of the reality of the soul comes from an open-minded scientific community, which I believe will happen sooner than later.


posted on Jan, 30 2014 @ 11:50 PM
reply to post by StormyStars

I gave you a star just because I dont know what your talking about, and because of the purple text and emoticons. And well yes, vampires...They exist... And the sad part in that were all vampires in one way or another, in a universe were everything is just energy flowing and feeding off eachother is the norm, and in those myriad of energies everything has positive and a negative charge. The only thing that can be constitute a vampire is an unbalance in that flow of energies, something that takes more then it gives back, or something that just takes and gives nothing back.

But hey everybody has there theories.

posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 06:03 AM
Text Purplereply to post by galadofwarthethird

lol! Thx anyway Galadowarthethird.

Yes, I agree we all have our own theories on most things in ATS.
But most of mine came straight out of Psychiatric textbooks, training & job experience.
Although I really never thought much about any kind of Vampires to be anything but entertaining movie fiction & family superstitions to perpetuate fear in the young as a disciplinary method.
That was before Scientifically dissected, Psychologically dissected, Theologically dissected, reading many case studies, & doing a self argumentative thesis not of my choosing, we picked topics for such thesis in Sociology from a little fish bowl as we walked into class. lol! In University no less. Our Professors in Sociology, Theology, & Psychology, did not often come to the classes unless posting a note on the door stating a date in which instead of a Video or recording of them teaching, they'd be there in person on the dates posted. Those dates were either a test/exam, teaching us information not in our text books or the University Library, an experiment or an assignment or project.
They were the best, most quirky & entertaining Professors I ever had.

Taking University differs from College in; We get degrees that are, Bachelor, Masters or a PHD, all are good for jobs, but the latter 2 are also good to become Professors ourselves.
I got to work & teach. Much experience is gathered that way. Sometimes we come across something/s we wish we hadn't.
I was agreeing with the OP, only, trying to inform in a more, I guess, scientific way? I suppose that scientific would just be a broader umbrella term for only one topic such as this.
A lot of what I was stating is not easily, if at all found online. Especially summed up in one reply. Just up to a few $120.00 to $300.00 textbooks, experiences of our Professors & ourselves is information on such matters/issues/topics.
But however the OP presented this topic, it IS a topic to be taken seriously, but not in a superstitious, mythological, movie grandiose, fearful, hiding under your covers with a cross & bible way lol!
Just a more informed way.
Like being aware there are signs of tooth decay. We are now, as in modern & informative way, more aware of what to watch for & what to do with that awareness. ie; If you have tooth decay, you should know that if not fixed right away, we'll have toothaches, it could spread to other teeth & gums resulting in blood poisoning from Priya, & lose a few or all teeth.
And lastly, there are still so many real things that science & study can not or has not, to our knowledge, be 100% proved or disproved. Yet.....
Have a great day or evening

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by StormyStars

Yes well. Putting all that aside, you did not really answer my question.

The scientific method eh? Now were does the rope tangle with the knot, leaving all knots eloped in holy matrimony. They say every nut wants to be cracked, and everyone in a knot always seems to like to be untangled, but in the end if you crack the nut, or untangle the knots in the rope, you are left with nothing because those very things define there world and the world defines them as such.

So there mister StormyStars what particular things have you noticed to constantly repeat themselfs were this vampire thing is concerned. Does not one just feed off each other growing ever larger, kind of like how you paid your professors, and for them expensive books, and how all of that must itself ever be feed again to lead to anything for you. Like I said dude, its all just energy transactions, now what is the difference between a vampire and the tax man?
Everything just sort of feeds and creates more copy's of itself, till eventually it can no longer sustain itself. Not unlike a population of wolfs who have depleted there deer and rabbit populations in an ecosystems. Everything just may be about ecosystems, only of the more esoteric kind, but what is more esoteric the concept of $$, that to is merely something which one day a group of people thought up and over time became there whole mental, social, the whole of there ecosystems. Yet, all of that came long after other things, in fact its just a cheep paste job over and to cover much more important realities.

posted on Feb, 6 2014 @ 09:41 PM
Text Purplereply to post by galadofwarthethird

Apologies Sir, but could you be more specific? I really didn't see a question, just rhetoricals.

I will however, give you a little snack & wish it appeases your quench at least a bit okay?

When I was 14, I'd still not heard of any kind of Vampire other than Vampire Bats in school.
I had been walking the 1 mile walk from the Curling & Skating Arena. Figure skating. By 10 pm, I reached the local Post Office, the halfway mark. As well as the 10 minute warm up mark lol!
However, when I pulled out my thermos of tea, I felt the little hairs on the back of my neck.
I honestly felt like prey being stalked & watched. I mean prey as in a possible victim of rape or a kidnap victim. Maybe even a possible victim of murder.
Yet somehow I felt even more creeped out than a possible victim of those 3 things. I still can't seem to find the right way to describe it. I never wished a place had a customer phone so badly ever before. I locked the glass doors, sat in a corner where I could see out but I wouldn't be seen from outside. I was drinking my tea wishing an adult I knew & trusted would come to check their P.O. Box. That happened more than you'd think.
I was almost done my whole thermos of tea & sweating under my Snowsuit. I looked at my watch & it was 1020 pm. I figured if I waited another 10 minutes, my now late Mom would send my now late Dad, to come looking for me cause I'd never been more than 10 minutes late & even that was unusual.
I admit I was feeling just as sleepy as creeped out by that point.
Now the weirdness.

I awoke. At 1st I thought I'd fallen asleep in the Post office. Till I turned my head & saw my bedside lamp. On. It was 6 am & still dark out. I thought maybe I dreamt it before the odd dream I woke from which was;
" I dreamt I was walking home from figure skating only I took a shortcut I normally wouldn't have as it was the darkest part of a dying town & most of the buildings empty & derelict but I didn't want to be late home. Then I saw an odd light in one building that I knew was unlivable. I had to check it out. I peeked in a window & saw a fire glowing in the old crumbly fireplace, 2 candles at the ends of a long work table, in the center, an old glass oil lamp. There, was where an odd looking man in a red flannel Plaid shirt sitting on a high wooden stool, wearing a jeweler's eye scope holding something near the lamp & looking at it very intently. He looked to be 30-35. Sandy looking frazzled hair under that light, cheeks looked hollow-ish, lips looked big, he had a Roman looking nose but I didn't see his eyes for awhile, his skin looked so pale, kind of yellow & blue light dancing over his face & long fingers with long nails making him look scary. I felt uncomfortable, thought, " Ok, a loony science old man moved in & was probably going to be our new Science teacher, who was probably waiting for his electricity, water, gas, etc, to be turned on. I turned to leave but when I tried to step forward but thought my hood or scarf must've caught on something like a nail. It was the man. He'd grabbed my hood from the window. He said," Why don't you come in & chat for awhile to warm up & drink your tea with me instead of the at the the Postal Outlet across the street."
It was a statement, not a question or invite. I said okay with the intent to run as soon as he let go of me. Till he told me to hold still so I wouldn't tear my jacket & he would come out & unhook me from a broken wall hoop meant for electrical cords, hoses, w/e. I wondered how he could even see it. He was massive. Didn't see that where he'd been sitting.
I was leaving feeling fuzzy warm & sleepy like when I got into my now late Oma's Laudum Brandy. I looked at the ring this old Ian man put on my ring finger as a gift for chatting with, " A boring old man." I wanted to refuse but he said he'd made it himself, & remember he only moved there for it's peace while he made one of his jewelry design collection & not hurt his feelings. It was a red as blood, coloured gem shaped into a heart & set in what I thought was silver. I tried to remove it but it cut me, waking me."

The alarm for school went off at 630 am so I could always have coffee with my now late Dad, in our family business. Dreams already fading...
Until I turned the main light on in my room. My body had on a red flannel plaid shirt on like a nighty. My hand was freshly bleeding, I was wearing a ruby heart ring on my ring finger, it looked silver. I also had 2 red dots on my neck that were far apart. Not like the movies. I thought they were pimples as they got bigger , then turned into moles a year later.
My late parents were acting the same as always, not questioning the nighty shirt or ring.
I waited but they never did say a thing so neither did I.
I tried to remove the ring several times over the years & each time it cut & I bled as though the cut was in a tiny vein.
It wasn't removed till 2006 when I broke those 2 fingers by trying to undo a gate clasp & the spring broke.
The ring was cut off. Had it checked. 3.4 K Ruby in a white gold pewter mix.
I gave it to a pawn shop owner friend.

My Grand-mere knew immediately of course & was a tiny bit frightened. Her and Pepe believe because they and their sisters & sisters all claimed to see real blood Sucking Vampires.

I didn't believe any of them as I guess it's always been illogical to me even though, I'd taken biology & chemistry & was Vegan who tore into one of my Mom's extremely rare steak, got hives, blisters & wheezing if ate garlic, couldn't tan, just blister, not painfully though, became anemic in the extreme, & reflection looked slightly transparent , eye colour changed drastically on emotion + few other little gifts, coming back to life a few times & look 20+ years younger than I am....
I'm not always anemic, no longer allergic to garlic, and have no problem in the bright sun anymore. As long as I wear quality & quantity SPF-UV blockers , hat, & sun glasses. & no one has run home because my eyes change colour once I got the 1st coloured extended wear contacts....

It is still too illogical that a Vampire is the cause or ring stamp is I.S.I./78.01.

posted on Feb, 8 2014 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by StormyStars

Quite a story.

I take it you may be female by the places you hang out and crowd you draw. In all, whatever it is and whatever happened. Now you know about inviting strange people in, or excepting there gifts. If mister pasty comes back around. Well I always say a problem that does not exist anymore, is easily solved. But if you can not do that, just tell him to # off.

Personally my vampire problem if I had one, I would say it is more esoteric in a non locality sort of way. In fact its quite dross compared to all that you regaled, no fancy shiny ring, no awesomely cool sweater, none of that, and I dont think breaking my fingers would free me of it. If it stems from anything it is much much deeper then that.

Anyways. I personally think that if you cant turn into a bat, or fly, or have super strength, or glitter in the sunlight, then your not a vampire, your just a weirdo who sucks blood or has a fetish for quote on quote sucking energies. But then the definition for what exactly a vampire is, are quite broad if you think about it. Its like they throw the joke ones in with the real ones till you dont know which is which.

posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 01:17 AM
Text Purplereply to post by galadofwarthethird

lol! Yes. Female. Used to be Starry with a cute little avatar. Till ATS changed & I also had changed browsers & Email.

Like I said, I thought it all a dream with some odd coincidences that were & still are illogical.
It had been in my 20's when my late Grand-mere & Pepe noticed & told me their stories as well, over time, their sisters & husbands.
I never thought myself to be a Vampire, ever, even though I'd just got hooked into Buffy the Vampire Slayer lol!
Have to admit the majority of the Vampires were such major hotties, I kind of romanticized it being real. In other words, some hot daydreams lol! But that's all.

But not all the coincidences or gifts went away & I still have no clue where that ring came from when I was 14. lol! Someone could've hit me with acid in my pop again for all I know. I don't think so but it's possible.

A Psychic Travelling Caravan tried to employ me but these gifts are not very controlled, that I wouldn't lie if I couldn't get anything on a customer PLUS, I swore to my Grand-mere to never charge anything for use of these gifts.

But that still leaves what occurred & some of it still does, though I am back to Vegan lol!

But yes, a similar dream will still occur, though the man is not always the same & not always a man but so far all adult, never a child or younger than 21 in appearance, but usually late 20's to 35 ish. Always.

And every time, I become anemic, a bit photosensitive, dragged out for at least 3 weeks it's difficult to stay awake but I force myself to as 98.8% of the time I wake at 3 to 330 am & if I sleep more than 3 hours, 99.8 % of that ends up as a migraine.

None of the other stuff anymore, no gifts of rings or anything lol! I wish! lol!

I've taken & aced Anatomy & Physiology and Gross Anatomy. I'd say that that kind of Vampire would be physically & mentally impossible, now OBE, or awake, Psychic or Energy Vampires could be possible but how does anyone prove that either?

posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 01:30 AM

There is a third type of vampire and this is the one all the legends are about, that is the type who realises they can access this energy from nature, they learn to literally rip the energy from the air surrounding them.

sounds like me love crowds get lots of energy

Completely removed from the sick child they once were they become magnetic to a very high degree, look several years younger then they actually are.

Oh me again

Others can sense this in them and find them very attractive individuals.

Still me

This magnetism gives them unusual ability's, animals behave strangely around them.

dogs love me cats hide from me so me again.In fact heres a funny story a friend has two cats when i come over they vanish one hides behind there refrigerator. Well it was late i was gettinga beer from the fridge and i heard something. Looked behind the fridge and her cat saw me hair went up and i swear he ran up the back of the fridge and leapt for these blinds. They came crashing down and i got yelled at. She said he doesnt climb the blinds isaid well he just did and she swore i put him up there.

Their eyes are hypnotic often bristling with energy, wide pupils.

Hear this all the time apparently its my best feature.

They can manipulate people to a very high degree, if you should draw the attention of one you can expect to not be able to stop thinking about them, to see them in your dreams etc

Wow i didnt know apparently im a vampire this is so cool cant wait to post it on facebook.

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posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 07:07 AM
reply to post by StormyStars

Just reading these now as been away from this thread.

Well I don't know what these children did when you say no punishment for their actions but yes the military would find their skills useful and doubt would turn them in to the worst people you could dream of, not good to hear at all!

These people are not without a soul, thats not correct, you literally could not exist in a human body without a soul.

Its an energy thing not a soul thing

posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 07:20 AM
reply to post by Magnivea

Maybe part of your condition is to try to say "your just like me" to make yourself feel better. I'm not a sociopath, I know someone that is and he has NOT the ability to even know if your really pissed with him, he does the most inappropriate things and is totally not aware of it. Once he asked If I would go out for a beer with him, so I'm there and waiting and he doesn't turn up. I phone him and say where are you, he says I'm at home. I'm like you told me to meet you at 8pm at the pub, been here almost an hour waiting for you. His reply, oh I decided not to bother. Well I had a few words to him as you could imagine about how "normal" people would actually phone to say plans have changed. Now he was a sociopath, clumsy, say stupid inappropriate things in a conversation, was not aware of his own personal space, could not read facial expression etc clueless would be a good word to describe him.

posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 05:45 PM
reply to post by LUXUS

The child can kill without guilt or remorse & their only punishment is to, be locked up in a group home for children of a certain criteria, where they did as they pleased, still went to a public school AND besides family days, all of those who had family, go home for holidays or special event days.... it is more like rewards.....

posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 06:09 PM
reply to post by StormyStars

lol! Yes. Female. Used to be Starry with a cute little avatar. Till ATS changed & I also had changed browsers & Email.

The purpule text should have cued me in on that fact, but I dont read to well these days, have no inclination or time. But then when I read that you had some sweaty ol English type pale mid 30 something vampire give you a ring, it sort of clicked in my mind that your female. Its generally females that get visits from them types and even if you were making stuff up its usually females who have a thing for that sort of stuff. But anyways.

A Psychic Travelling Caravan tried to employ me but these gifts are not very controlled, that I wouldn't lie if I couldn't get anything on a customer PLUS, I swore to my Grand-mere to never charge anything for use of these gifts.

lol you saying that your psychic. Now that I got to see, but I seriously doubt even if you had any such "gifts" that they would work on anybody not specific to you, and definitely especially would not work on me. But OK do tell, so can you read minds, not sure what exactly your talking about when you say gifts. Unless your talking about pale old dudes giving you rings, in that case I dont think its that an uncommon of a phenomenon in young girls cases, most romanticize or phantasies about it for periods during that age group.

If you could turn into a bat or guess what color and number I am thinking of, now that would be cool.

But that still leaves what occurred & some of it still does, though I am back to Vegan lol!

Generally most females I run into to are vegan, even the more energy sucking kind seem to be vegan. Not saying anything about you, though I do think your a bit nutty. Just saying vegan is the thing to be these days for a majority of females it seems.

And every time, I become anemic, a bit photosensitive, dragged out for at least 3 weeks it's difficult to stay awake but I force myself to as 98.8% of the time I wake at 3 to 330 am & if I sleep more than 3 hours, 99.8 % of that ends up as a migraine.

I have went for weeks and months sleeping only 3 to 4 hours a day. Its not very healthy for you, I should know. But you do get used to it, your body adapts. Also yes you do get headaches when you first go back to normal sleeping patterns and you do get used to only sleeping a few hours and waking up like clockwork in your old routine ie 3 to 4 hour sleep patterns. If you eat poorly it will and mess up your internal clock. That could be and is usually it for young adults, just poor eating habits and to much caffeine and an overworked mind generally leads to sleepless nights.

I've taken & aced Anatomy & Physiology and Gross Anatomy. I'd say that that kind of Vampire would be physically & mentally impossible, now OBE, or awake, Psychic or Energy Vampires could be possible but how does anyone prove that either?

I would say keep up on your classes before you go and try to tangle with any of that whole trying to prove that psychic or energy vampires may or may not be possible.
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posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 06:40 PM
Great thread, vampires just need to be loved, they need to learn to love.

posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 08:50 PM
True story, when I was younger and first started going out I would get turned down by the door man a few times. I would ask why and they would say not tonight, I would say what do you mean....your eyes.

So I was aware of this and did not like making eye contact, if I felt threatened, angry etc. Then one day I figured it out, if I concentrate on my eyes and inhale at the same time I can shrink the pupils back down. The only time this happens to me now is if someone really makes me angry the black of my eye expands right out until there is almost no colour in my eyes, and yes people freakout if I make eye contact with someone when my eyes are like that. On one occasion one guy was being a real dick and I decided instead to let it happen, did not try to stop it but instead looked him right in the eyes and smiled....he almost fell on his ass lol

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