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Good vibration :

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posted on May, 22 2003 @ 03:09 AM
This is a theory from RAMPA, so I know that it can be controversy, but anyway, it's an intersting one :

This is it :

In fact, soul and mind are respectively electrical and chimical energies. Soul have a wavelenght and always try to enhance (Increase) his wavelenght until she (soul) arrive at the light wavelenght speed... (Follow me ?

Rampa (GOD Bless him) describe uiverse as a wavelenght bow (And he is not wrong, according to quantum physics theory) :

These are the wavelenght bow (Lower to upper):

Material World (Sense of taste, touching)
Sound (Sense of Hearing, Feeling)
Radio frequencies (Sense of feeling)
Psychometry (6th Sense, Clairvoyance, télépathy)
Light (Sense of vision)

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