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Duck Dynasty launch their own line of guns and may try to move to another network

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posted on Jan, 2 2014 @ 10:37 PM
Seems as though Phil Robertson feels betrayed by the bosses at A&E and not only is he branching out into selling guns but also may be planning on going to a different network

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson may have emerged victorious from his recent spat with A&E, but the millionaire patriarch is already plotting revenge on the TV network behind his hit show and reportedly has a plan in the works to move his family - plus millions of dollars of advertising and merchandise revenue - to another broadcaster.

Humiliated by A&E’s recent attempt to silence his conservative religious message, Robertson - whose Duck Commander business is worth an estimated $15 million - is secretly plotting to form his own TV production company so he can jump ship to a Christian channel more in keeping with his views.

Duck Dynasty launch their own line of guns as Phil hatches plot to move his family to rival TV network after A&E bosses 'humiliated' him over anti-gay storm

-Phil Robertson feels betrayed by bosses at A&E and is plotting to get his family out of the $200,000 per episode contact they signed last August
-He has plans to move to a Christian TV network and launch a new show named Duck Commander after is $15 million business
-The family's latest money-making venture is a range of nine different shotguns, two semiautomatic rifles and a semiautomatic pistol
-The weapons, which start at $500, come in a 'waterfowl pattern' camouflage design and include a free stars and stripes flag bandana
-A&E last week announced that Phil was returning to Duck Dynasty as they moved to protect the show which generated $885 million in 2013

The public support for Pat's comments have convinced the clever businessman that he and his family could be better served elsewhere on a network more understanding of his views – such as religious TV networks Trinity Broadcast Corporation and Christian Television Network.

Even though they signed a contract back in Aug. for several more seasons, Robertson is confident that he can get them out of it on a technicality after the forthcoming fifth season ends.
They really don't need any network as successful as they are
In fact, A&E will feel the loss if they move their show to another network

Just more products to rake in the money with

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posted on Jan, 2 2014 @ 11:05 PM
Willie already went on air and established that all is well with A&E. A jump to a Christian channel would be a highly questionable idea. I am not particularly religious. Most other people I know who enjoy the show are not particularly religious. The show is not particularly religious.

They are doing a great job by leading by example rather than shouting Christianity from the rooftops. People watch them and enjoy because, much to "progressive" bigots' chagrin, they speak to genuine values like the importance of family, community, civility, and decency. As well as good old fashioned ruggedness. Of course, most of the situations on the show are fabricated, but the genuine quality of the folks shines through as the interactions and how they treat each other seems genuine. I doubt that is what A&E was going for as most of shows depicting rural Southerners are manufactured to cater to the small minded insecurity of "progressives". Watching a "progressive" squirm as intelligent people around them discuss the show in terms other than condescending is actually quite entertaining.

I love the family prayer at the end and I love how they obviously put family first, but if the show got too preachy and Christian, I'd stop watching as would a huge percentage of the viewers.

Most of us sided with Phil because his suspension exposed the intense intolerance, ignorance, elitism, and bigotry of the "progressive" gatekeepers in much of the mainstream media as well as the lies, slant, and propaganda they use to demonize anyone who does not march in lockstep with their largely regressive, illogical, and authoritarian belief system. Religions hate competition, which is why "progressives" hate Christianity.

Some Christians have taken the wrong lesson. It does not mean that Americans want Christianity forced on them the way that the lame "progressive" religion currently is.

The Robertsons won. Keep the show the same and if they do end up leaving A&E, they should stay on a regular network like Spike or CMT.

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posted on Jan, 3 2014 @ 12:08 AM
Yea they should go to Spike or CMT, agreed. Christian channel, well idk if I even get those channels, and am I going to scroll through all those bible thumping channels to find Duck Commander? Probably not. They need a main stream channel, heck even Comedy Central, then they can say all the anti-gay things they want, Comedy Central loves that! Look at Tosh and that other dude who says the most racist insensitive things out there, and then smiles it off.

posted on Jan, 3 2014 @ 12:19 AM
I'm sure they are contractually tied-down very well.

posted on Jan, 3 2014 @ 12:26 PM
Jezuz on a crutch.....what do the people of America have inside their pointy little heads if thats what they want to watch.....?
Absolute mush head propaganda for the NWO.....just keep watching this and the reality" shows and get stupid

posted on Jan, 3 2014 @ 01:43 PM
I just bought a new Sig Saur M400 Enhanced on 12/27/13 if I knew they were going to be selling their line of firearms I would of waited, but you can never have too many firearms so I am sure I will be getting one of there's by summer.

posted on Jan, 4 2014 @ 05:30 AM
Bigots AND now this.

Who would ever have thought...


posted on Jan, 4 2014 @ 06:06 AM
Someone described America as having a "knuckle dragging, moronic culture". I thought it was bit harsh, but the more I hear about Duck man, the more I tend to agree.

posted on Jan, 4 2014 @ 06:13 AM
reply to post by snarky412

Aaaannd who cares? Seriously. Either watch it or don't. I don't watch reality TV shows (except for maybe an episode of Hotel Impossible every now and again) so needless to say, I've never watched Duck Dynasty.

Eventually they'll fizzle out like all reality TV shows do. Other more interesting shows will come and they'll be left out in the cold.

To summarize: Meh.

posted on Jan, 4 2014 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by winofiend

Bigots how exactly?

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