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Half-remembered Dreams That Seem...Important: Any One Else?

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posted on Jan, 1 2014 @ 12:51 AM
Within the past year or so I've been having dreams that seem to take place in the same dreamscape. But I can't seem to remember them clearly. But they seem... important. Somehow. Any one else having this experience? If so, please describe what you can remember from your dreams...

posted on Jan, 1 2014 @ 01:10 AM
reply to post by HoboHumpinSloboBabe

I think this is a fairly common experience but I'll give it a shot and explain my dream of a similar nature:

It always feels great to be there. Like really being home and belonging. The best way I can describe the way things look or feel is that the interior looks similar to the airport in Iceland (Reykjavik). Exterior areas have a lot to do with boats and water but maybe that's just where I go in the dreams. Also and area I go to by boat that passes under a large sloping white bridge with a walkway underneath. This area has a sheltered cove type area where I think I live in that dream. But not sure.
There is always a couple of relatives in these dreams. One uncle who died violently when I was maybe 18. And someone I know is a relative but I never met anyone like him in my family.
There's always something important-y going on. Something I need to do mostly, but sometimes something I need to do because something important is happening. Hard to explain but, hey, it's a dream.
Always wake up wishing that was the real world and that I could stay a little longer because it feels more right.

Anyways... I'm guessing you asked for details to compare your dream to others'. Any similarities?

oh... and, I've only had these dreams since 2009 or so.

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posted on Jan, 1 2014 @ 03:08 AM

Within the past year or so I've been having dreams that seem to take place in the same dreamscape. But I can't seem to remember them clearly. But they seem... important. Somehow. Any one else having this experience? If so, please describe what you can remember from your dreams...

My experience with dreams is that a few years ago I went to do a workshop on deciphering them, they also showed us a method for remembering them.

It took me a few months of practice to get it to the stage where I did not need to write them down when I awoke.

Firstly the method was this:
Last thing before I go to sleep I make a request to remember my dreams.
When I awake, the first thing i do is ask myself "did I dream?"
I used to in the early days keep a notebook by the bed, if I awoke during the night, I would scribble a few descriptive words to assist me to remember my dreams.
Eventually, you do this naturally, on waking you remember your dreams.

I now have amazing dreams, so much so that I look forward to going to bed, I often adventure in my dreams.

Some dreams I have are very significant, they often explain to me concepts or relationships that I am having problems dealing with in my daily life, my dreams can give me clarity or explanation for events or even difficulties.

In the last 6 months or so, I seem to have reached a point of interference, where when I wake, I get bombarded with thoughts, almost as if something is interfering with my consciousness to distract me away from remembering them.

I see very few of my dreams as predictive.

Most of the dreams are extremely colorful, almost as if i am in a place that has more color than my reality.

One dream I had a few years ago may have been a prediction:

I was in a room, made of asbestos, with 2 Huge windows either side. When I looked out of one side the scene was one of serenity, grass blowing softly in the breeze, sunshine, lovely colorful trees around a clearing in the center. Blue skies people dancing and playing.

Through the other window was a background of black, buildings on fire, fireballs coming down from the sky, people running and screaming.

I went into the other room, and there were trains arriving one after the other, passengers were disembarking, my best friend was next to me, I saw a book over in the corner and flicked through the pages of the names to see if i could find anyone I knew.

My best friend said to me, " I must go back for my daughter".
I said "you may not be able to come back here if you go"

My best friend left, and I went back to the room.

On waking, I wrote the dream down. I have since lost that transcript, but the dream stays with me.

I have had many more than this one, some are less impactual than others, but all seem to mean something on some level.

posted on Jan, 1 2014 @ 04:48 AM
Been having sort of the same thing, last few years. Dreamscape is literally a landscape I can actually map out and know what lies in each direction. It builds with each dream. Except these are dreams I remember better than the average ones. And yes it seems important. Important why...not sure. I almost feel as if there is someone out there that I could cross reference dreams with and come up with some commonality.

Can't say more for now as I had a few drinks tonight. I so hope lots of people respond to this as I am really curious

posted on Jan, 1 2014 @ 05:39 AM
I seen years one dream that have many ends, i have hard time to remember the actual center piece of the dream but i have kind of feel memory, in day time i may feel something becouse of seeing, hearing etc something and it just pops in my head for split second and its enought to remind me about the dream and i feel it but cant hold on to it.
I remember some ends thou, for example this one time we was scouting huge cave with 2 of my cousings to savety for large group of ppl and it was hard to get in the cave, it was flooted but we got deeper and soon we found this opening and we walk in to it and saw this weird drop of liquid midd of air, we go see it closer and it expanded all around us, next we were in the water and start diving up, on top we saw beatifull night sky like never before, well it got 2 moons and very close so they were huge, there was forrest all around the lake.

posted on Jan, 1 2014 @ 01:29 PM
I kept a dream journal for years, and in time I stitched some of them into a short story. In time, the dreams caused me to come up with some philosophical ideas as to the nature of existence and the mind. Read the story here, though it is not the current draft (the story has gone thru 20+ drafts):
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