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Psionic (Energy Manipulation Awareness) Diet...

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posted on Dec, 31 2013 @ 06:08 PM
On food and water:

Water provides and channels energy. Water is a natural buffer for electricity. The more water, the more space the electricity has to travel through. Giving yourself more space to practice in, even in your own mind and body, will help hone where you are directing your energy and strengthen the amount of energy you are able to output. Water is also the buffer for chemical transitions in your mind and body. The more space you have to make changes to your chemicals the more balanced your changes will be, the more likely they will have achieved the necessary change before they reach your target. Water does not cause breakdown of chemicals, additions to water do, so the more water you take in the less additions per amount. The more water the better.

Salt is another story. The more salt the more random electrical transmissions will occur, the more charges that occur in directions unintended, and the more chemicals will be needed to make changes occur in your mind and body to cause changes to occur in your life. Lots of water, low salt diet. If you are attempting a psionic ability that would require more thought then expect to need more electrical transfer; if you are trying a psionic ability that would require more physical action you require more chemical transference. Both are helped by more water and less salt and more so drink plenty of water. Salt will also dilate your chemical receptors and they will take in more chemicals faster and require you replenish them with haste.

As the rule of thumb the viruses we destroy always have a .01% chance of becoming super viruses. This is the same for psionic abilities developing. So differentiation of trials is important in practicing psionics and eating but, ensuring the area of control is not differential and the variety of trying new things isn't overwhelmed by the amount of controls it has to line up to be a valid experiment is important so there are not more than necessary experiments running at once. Eating a diet that is stable with the same ingredients daily during multiple experiments and varying your diet with different amounts of meat, starch, and fat during a single theory testing phase could help produce results.

Monitoring energy is important to understanding our abilities. Sugar is what drives our minds and our bodies. Everything we take into our bodies is broken down into vitamins and sugar. Simple sugars that we take in can be converted directly into energy and are the fastest used. They break down into single units of energy. Breads, starches and carbohydrates are the next used molecules for energy production. They have to be broken down by enzymes in our stomachs and intestines into single sugars used for energy in joules. They break down into nine units of energy. Proteins and fats are usually stored when they are needed to be used for energy production when needed and not eating. They also take approximately 20 minutes to metabolize the surface of and get stored in muscles and fat cells. While fats are being metabolized they are considered lipids. Proteins and fats break down into four units of energy.

Also, each different substance effects your enzymes slightly differently with its different minerals and vitamins. Vitamins A, B, D, and K and iron are fat soluble and should not be over eaten under any circumstance. Make sure you get enough though. Changing the time you eat, the amount, and the type of food you eat are all variables in your diet. When you find which substances work for you to produce the results you want make sure you don't overdo them because some foods act like addictive drugs in their responses. Unless you are using hunger as a trigger, which I strongly recommend against, you should never practice hungry or thirsty. And remember drink plenty of water.

Whether you are eating three pizzas a day or browsing on every different food you find, consistency is key. Keep constant the amount of change in your diet. The core idea of a psionic diet is to understand how much energy you are taking in, how much energy you are using, and how much energy you are changing from one form, or from one task, to another form or task. First you make yourself aware of what energy is coming into you and in what form. Second you experiment with what energy you burn. Third you take action and change. When in doubt count calories. Calories are simply the measurement of energy. I think 1 calorie is 8 joules of energy but I may be wrong. And always remember, water has zero calories and tastes like you perceive it to taste. But perceiving taste as anything requires calories.

posted on Dec, 31 2013 @ 06:49 PM
You have some of this right, but there are flaws in your knowledge about the electrolytes in the body. Our bodies do need salt and if you drink a lot of water you could be in trouble without enough salt. You may be able to go a few years like that but the chances of big problems will increase over time. Sodium is needed to break down and recycle cells and also repairing cells. There are a lot of necessary micronutrients that get washed out with constantly drinking water also.

You should do some more research looking at both sides of the issue, I don't want anyone having some of the complications that can occur from long term depletion of minerals and certain fats. It may take a couple of years before the problems associated with sodium depletion manifest.

Our bodies can either burn glucose, and the glucose needs to be regulated with proper chemistry of food, or we can burn ketones. Most proteins are slow burning carbs.

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