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Al Quds al Arabi: Editorial Diligence Please!

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posted on Dec, 31 2013 @ 10:08 AM
Recently, I have started to look newspapers of other countries. (I love the Phuket News, from Thailand, especially in winter.) Thanks to Google Translate, one can get a rough idea of what is being talked about in foreign languages. It's interesting, but there are jarring moments. Recently I had a very confusing moment while reading Al Quds al Arabi from Egypt.

They ran the following story:

Driver sets fire to himself to death in protest at a traffic offense !

December 30, 2013

Chinese taxi driver set himself on fire , which embraces the policeman refused to cancel violation liberated him. The driver Guo Huang , 43, was staying passengers when he saw a traffic cop frees violation of his right to a place forbidden to stand in the city of Tangshan in Hebei Province, north China .

According to the passenger , the driver came out of the car screaming at the policeman , who refused to cancel what was the offending driver , however, bring cans of flammable liquid poured out of his car and threatened to set fire to himself in his body until death if the policeman insisted on his position .

After the insistence of the cop on the driver's refusal to embrace the policeman and campfire both. But the policeman managed to escape from the grip of the driver, who tried to catch it and flames rising from him and ran a distance without looking behind him and survived minor burns . However, the driver died from his burns Guo and stayed for a while charred body lying on the road in front of the sight of passers-by.

I recognized the photo as being of a Tibetan man who had set himself on fire at a protest in Delhi, India.

At first I thought that Al Quds was mocking the Tibetan protester or had just made up a story about a taxi driver, but looking further into it, I turned up the story again, from The Daily Mail, including authentic looking pictures of the actual incident.

Memo to readers of Al Quds: Interesting newspaper that might tend to fudge things a little occasionally. Not that we haven't seen that before elsewhere.


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