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the truth

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posted on Jan, 1 2014 @ 02:25 PM
Concerning what do you seek the truth ?
And which type of truth do you want ?

a) the quality of being true:
b) the real facts about a situation, event, or person:
c) a fact or principle that is thought to be true by most people:

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posted on Jan, 1 2014 @ 06:16 PM
If the elite or the powers that be , made someone less intelligent or you heard about maybe being the victim of conspirators? And also talk about Apocolapse cola. If you see things that others don't or the majority of people, try not to jump to conclusions. Their is a system in place that is multi layered that certain people were required to participate in, and they also got to think of what sells. They are working and this is Capitalism , they gotta survive.

We " the little people" are being pushed around by giants. Left with dreams and hopes pulled apart by a unforeseen motives or direction. Sometimes I think they used to flood things just to put a "hit" on someone. Try to remember what's important to you and question where these influences came from. Was it a legitimate place or some punk or gang member. I think people's faith is extremely important and sacred, and I was thinking for days with this in my mind . What exactly made you question yours? Or reinterpret or philosophize in pessimistic ways.

The cup is always half empty. Maybe they meant something else? The truth......maybe it's not true. Just an illusion that you added up, by your math being wrong. Maybe you forgot to add the "1" or the "2" or something. I didn't mean to critisize your beliefs, just help you out if you weren't thinking healthy or rationally.

I almost died when I was younger and went through a rebellious phase, when I was young and nieve. I used to think what if you just fall asleep,( I was in a coma and didnt wake up for three weeks , so I didn't know better). I was afraid to die and very thankful and appreciative to still be here and well. I was about 12 when this happened. I didn't have experience of knowledge of the wonders of life or the majesty of it all. Since then my outlook has changed a lot.

Are you talking about the " rapture". I remember that 144,000 were supposed to be raptured. Not nessacarily Heaven on Earth. Or Hell for those " that aren't intelligent". If you feel the Apocalapse is upon us, you can research things. I heard the Bible was translated through four languages , and some here know the origins of the words in different languages.

Just trying to help you out man, peace.

posted on Jan, 2 2014 @ 11:06 AM
reply to post by introspectionist

This was a strange post.

Truth - the quality or state of being true........

Quality - a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something.

State - the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time.

True - in accordance with fact or reality.

Reality is the key here. We don't even know what "reality" really is anymore. So therefore the truth will continue to elude us.

posted on Jan, 2 2014 @ 12:32 PM
You know, there's things we know and things we don't know, the knowns we know we know are known as known knowns. Things we know we don't know which are known as no knows, among the knowns and the no knows we know go with the don't knows.

posted on Jan, 2 2014 @ 01:35 PM

Why is it so hard to grasp the truth?


Because the Real Truth is subjective.

Read my signature line if you don't believe me.

posted on Jan, 4 2014 @ 04:57 AM
reply to post by MrConspiracy

All you can truly know is from direct experience. Separate this from learned beliefs and that is TRUTH. Trip some stuff that is TRUTH. Whatever you see, touch, feel, smell is truth.

The experiment where an amoeba consistently finds the shortest way through a maze to a food source like the double slit experiment of quantum physics poses more questions than it answers if it answers any at all (perspective). From my experiences on different levels of consciousness starting on an atomic all the way up to universal and beyond I can tell you that everything possesses MIND and WILL. From an amoeba finding its way around a peatree dish to a star and any and all matter it all has a purpose driven desire and experiences the world around using whatever senses nature has endowed upon it while always seeking harmony and homeostasis.

Everything is relative, nothing in this universe exists in and of itself. The conscious desire of God was to have split his consciousness due to feeling lonely(notice ONE). On the highest plane of "existence" there is Christ consciousness which is observed as a sphere of pure white light and orbiting around it similarly to Saturn's rings are SHARDS (Like broken Glass) of pure energy light particles glowing and pulsing radiant energy same as the sphere. After transcending this plane there becomes nothing, one is all alone and in fact one doesn't even seem to exist as if there isn't even ONE. There is a deadness, a quiet like nothing you could imagine. Then, one's mental visions return suddenly, and reappear from nothing like a hologram in dead space and you then realize all of the universe is your projection, that everything that has ever happened to you that you willed it, asked for it, wanted it. That you create what you want to dream, that pain and sadness, joy and ecstasy keep you entertained. That you are eternal, infinite all knowing. And it feels amazing, you can move a star at will; make it zig zag blink at you whatever, change the colors of the street lights, set off every car alarm in the neighborhood with your mind, anything and its a pure state of joy and love. And it feels sad. Sad to know what you are, that you are alone, that this is just an illusion. And that you always will be.. forever and ever and there is no one to save you, no one can kill you and no one else is there to hear you. All there is, is you.

On the spirtual or mental plane( My ego is still young 23) I encountered an entity that many would call Satan. He was a sharp looking black man with a nice fade and short curly hair in a shimmering black old school gangster business suit a in a huge hall with a checker patterned black and white floor. He showed me my various existences in other worlds/universes. I had a feeling like I known him forever. A lot of this was filled with tragedy, close calls, and very emotionally strong experiences. He showed me all the riches I ever could dream of some of the most amazingly cool and beautiful things that far transcend all the riches of this world. We came at last to some golden gates. Everything in these scenes was more fiery, more intense and brighter than anything of this world. His eyes burned red with fire but i was not afraid of him at all. But at these gates which were to me the gates of heaven and I could see paradise within (which was empty fyi there wasn't anyone there) he said "WE HAD A DEAL." Then my visions instantly changed to scary things. Rag dolls that oozed black blood and primitive weapons like axes and dark lines crawling through my vision. I stopped wanting to see it and it went away and that is when I saw the Ginormous sphere of pulsing white light.

Interestingly enough when the devil was showing me visions I saw Chris brown as a half red REPTILIAN demon like entity (it was like i could see beneath his skin) as well as a few other actors that aren't famous enough for me to know their names. I also recall seeing a futuristic planet with huge skyscrapers like new york except they looked metallic and were different colors like blue and red and shaped kind of like space rockets. On this planet they had different alphabetical symbols on their ipad like devices but so much better, transforming flying cars that looked like the batmobile from the new movies, and tv screens that had nothing solid to them and seemed to hover in the air and unlike projection screens the picture didnt reflect off the wall. The image just stood by itself in thin air razor thin like you could walk around it or through it. The picture clarity of the movies was suuuuperb the sound was penetrating deep inside you like you were there when they filmed transformers.

And I saw the future developing through the many stages of cycles and each cycle spinning off another cycle from itself like an exponentially growing quadratic equation in patterns and revolutions however as different parallel universes. I saw evolution and technology continually advancing like this until everything reached an apex and at this point saw a golden flash appear off the apex of the cycle in my mind and then it was time for the cycle to finish its circular revolution and RETURN to where it all BEGAN. I saw where my location was in this cycle and it was near maybe about 15-20 degrees from the peak or apex of the cycle where the golden flash had occurred.

I also encountered another entity that looked kind of like a NORDIC HE MAN Super saiyan with bluish aura

Words, symbols, gender, masons, history, biology and the bible all came into clear focus.
I saw myself as a father disciplining a teenage son and giving advice (which is what im used to getting instead lol)
A troublemaker in some futuristic police state being desperately asked why I did something by a detective type who knew me personally. They had a room full of cameras video taping everything in the city and I had led police on a wild chase that ended up revealing a sick truth that they were actually leeches to society or something like that
A Paul Walker looking guy in a badass whip looking at myself on a sunny day along a strip with palm trees in the side view mirror smirking
and more

There was a background feeling that the older generations of people (or whatever race there's more than humans but they are similar) hold on to controlling things (like politics or businesses) for too long and in extreme fear of change instead of allowing succeeding generations to take over as if they're too scared to let that happen and it creates serious problems and unnecessary misery.

On different planes there are different forces. Duality is HUGE on this one like the serpent eating itself -vs +
I also noticed things become more complex/advanced to satisfy the desire for change, but also require more energy to sustain, and reminiscing being a simpler organism with simple desires is less intense and relaxing.
I can sometimes read people like a red blood cell recognizes a white blood cells function in the body and understand everything in their nature as it relates to their organic function

Most profound was my experience that I could be any creature, organism or the like at any point in time of the cyclic universe whenever i wanted like I could just leave this meat suit whenever I wanted but I felt as if I was exactly where I wanted to Be.

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