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Quake Watch 2014

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posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 09:05 AM
There is just a stupid amount of quakes in Oklahoma today. They are listing a half dozen but there's more little ones. It's been ridiculous over the last week- month, etc. New norm. ick. 44 in the last month greater than 2.5M.

Oh, as for our 7 pointer. I guess China had a close one while I was sleeping. A month ago I said, mid Asia, 6.9M. I was way off on timing. But I don't know why I thought it was too quiet. I had forgotten about The Scotia Sea in early winter.


posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 09:06 PM
We live right over the epicenter of the latest swarm of )klahoma quakes. It is ridiculous, lots of small rumbles and shakes, then the medium shaking, and a really strong one last night, that knocked some pictures off kilter and woke up the whole house.

It is very disconcerting!

posted on Feb, 18 2014 @ 12:11 AM
reply to post by gluetrap

Why don't you write to your Congressman?,
tell him/her to get the fracking stopped,
those pesky wee quakes can be quite annoying

posted on Feb, 18 2014 @ 03:37 AM
Martinique Mag 6.7 6.6

Magnitude M 6.7 6.6
Date time 2014-02-18 09:27:14.0 UTC
Location 14.75 N ; 59.08 W
Depth 10 km
Distances 192 km N of Bridgetown, Barbados / pop: 98,511 / local time: 05:27:14.0 2014-02-18
183 km N of Holetown, Barbados / pop: 1,350 / local time: 05:27:14.0 2014-02-18
176 km N of Bathsheba / pop: 1,765 / local time: 05:27:00.0 2014-02-18

GFZ Potsdam Mag 6.4 (Automatic)

More details in a moment

US network data now in

Magnitude 6.7 - Windward Islands (95) [T]

Location in Google Maps
  • Date-Time: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 @ 09:27:14 UTC
  • Earthquake location: 14.694°N, 59.015°W,
  • Earthquake depth: 17.5 km
  • Distances:
    172km (106mi) NNE of Bathsheba, Barbados
    187km (116mi) NNE of Bridgetown, Barbados
    203km (126mi) E of Le Francois, Martinique
    204km (126mi) E of Riviere-Pilote, Martinique
    207km (128mi) E of Le Robert, Martinique
  • Event ID: usc000mskt

Derived from Event Data Source: USGS
Powered by QVSData

EMSC back up to Mag 6.6

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posted on Feb, 18 2014 @ 03:42 AM
reply to post by PuterMan

Scientists have been saying they fear that area is ripe for a big quake. Just read the article the other day. Lookout, might not be all. Saw it come in on CU.ANWB.... wowza... monster.

posted on Feb, 18 2014 @ 03:58 AM
reply to post by TrueAmerican

I think BBGH is closer. 112 miles against 275.

Largest event in that region in the last 20 years - Mag 7.4

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posted on Feb, 18 2014 @ 04:10 AM
reply to post by PuterMan

Yes, but BBGH was clipped at 1.4 e7 counts.

ANWB better read.

posted on Feb, 18 2014 @ 05:21 AM
reply to post by PuterMan

yellowstone had an reply on that 6.6......

posted on Feb, 18 2014 @ 11:57 AM
reply to post by gluetrap

After loading the ones USGS had to an interactive map all I can see is fracking pads in the area, its like out in the rural area every 5th farm has a drill pad with a drill rig or a pump on it!. And those sat. images are probably old too.
There must be some data/map somewhere with all the pads marked on it, maybe ericblair4891 would know?

I wouldn't be the least surprised if the ground water was contaminated too, look at all those lakes and reservoirs around the area.

Someone should match the quakes, going back to about 2000, and see how they match up with the oil holes. zoom out for the quakes around this pad.

Just noticed its near Guthrie, enough said.

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posted on Feb, 18 2014 @ 05:55 PM
Things are warming up after a bit of a lull, it appears!

20 min's ago...

M5.7 - 11km E of Santiago, Peru 2014-02-18 23:35:58 UTC

posted on Feb, 18 2014 @ 09:40 PM

We live right over the epicenter of the latest swarm of )klahoma quakes. It is ridiculous, lots of small rumbles and shakes, then the medium shaking, and a really strong one last night, that knocked some pictures off kilter and woke up the whole house.

It is very disconcerting!

But hey, look at the bright side...

state revenue via new taxes on those wells

home owners with a little extra cash on leases for those wells

lower heating bills across the country thanks to those wells

new jobs, lower unemployment thanks to those wells

corporate stockholders and oil barons getting filthy rich from those wells

other nations around the world lining up to lower their own heating bills from those wells

politicians lining their pockets, getting rich to ensure the future of those wells

Billions and billions of dollars and all at what cost?

Lost methane gas spewing into the air causing you know what...can I say climate change?

A few earthquake tremors that may sooner or later start destroying property and causing loss of life

Contaminated water supplies

Anyways..sorry for the rant, I know this isn't the thread for that. Maybe I'll go post it on that 20 Oklahoma earthquakes thread.

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posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 01:25 AM
reply to post by muzzy
replying to gluetrap

Not sure if this site has been posted before by those concerned about fracking in Oklahoma
an interactive map of 4203 well sites in that state. Some of them have closed.
Not sure if I read it correctly, but one I clicked on the site pdf says it only operated for one day in 2013, surely it takes longer than that?, given the time it must take to set up all the gear/rig/holding tanks etc, it used over 2 million gallons of base water in a day?????. Where the heck did they get 2 million gals of water from?
I'm no expert, but it doesn't add up.

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by muzzy

Here's one link I found, that says 4 million gallons of water for each well,
(under one of the pics), & lasts for several days to several weeks.
It sounds like it means just the fracking part of the operation???
Because extraction goes on until it goes dry, or becomes unprofitable.
The truck traffic around our nice, quiet county has exploded!
They have to be bonded too, because of the wear & tear on the roads!

That's part of the controversy around here!
Where do you get that much water from?
At first, the trucks used to just back up to the nearest stream, & suck away!
People downstream then got just a trickle! The EPA put a stop to that!

No wonder why T. Boone Pickens is supposedly buying up all the land,
over Texas' largest fresh water aquifer!!! Next, new trading commodity???
Multiply millions of gallons of water per well, times how many wells have been drilled!
Then injected underground & taken out of the 'water cycle'!
Fresh water is not an infinite resource, despite what some people seem to think!!!

Our water authority saw an opportunity to bring in some revenue,
by selling treated water from the sewage treatment plant,
to the drilling companies, instead of discharging it into the river!

Big shock, the companies didn't want 'treated' water!
It wasn't good enough for them!!!
Then the water authority saw another opportunity to make money,
by taking their fracking water & charging to treat it & dispose of it.
Until they found out, that there was no way they could treat it, for everything that was in it!!!

The latest news is that they are trying to get a permit for a disposal well in our county!
We weren't able to stop them from drilling, I hope we can at least stop them from 'dumping'!!!
Our daughter & son-in-law were approached by several companies, to drill on their land.
WOQ had to do some pretty fast talking to 'wake them up'!
Their neighbor got $100,000, just to sign a contract! Not to mention a percentage of output!
That can be darn enticing to young people with big student loans, that are just starting out!

They have really researched their psychological marketing techniques!
They hire local people, (more likely to be trusted than 'outsiders'),
to go place to place & dangle the 'money carrot' in front of the land owners!
Of course, all the while, proclaiming how safe it is,
& that all the other land owners in the area have signed!
They say, if you don't sign, they can still get what's under your land,
because of horizontal drilling! So you should make sure you get the money for 'your own' gas!

They are very aggressive & the individual companies are very competitive!
Our daughter & s-in-l got the second company that approached them,
to double the first company's offer! So you know how much money they must have to play with!
We were very proud of them, that they didn't fall for the 'carrot'!!!
The companies were incredulous, that they would turn down their offers!
They must not have it happen too often. It left them speechless!
"Everybody wants/needs money!" Ha, ha, ha! Some things are more valuable than money!!!

A lot of hurried cell phone calls, by the carrot danglers, to corporate headquarters!
They came back for months, sweetening the deal every time! Just wouldn't give up!
Our s-in-l said, "Look what they ended up offering us,
& all those poor fools that took the first offer that they gave them!!!

How many retired people have signed, thinking they are leaving their kids a nice legacy???

The real truth is, really, really sad!!!

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 04:14 PM
reply to post by wasobservingquietly

That is gobbsmacking....but not surprising....
*goes off shaking her head in despair*

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 06:56 PM
I had a bunch of news articles. I deleted them. I'm even getting on my own nerves. I keep reading my inbox and it's the same old stories- running over the same old ground. I'm even ignoring my conspiracy theories. That being that Oklahoma is some sort of testing ground. But that's wrong when I remember the details. Colorado was a testing ground for waste water injection. And, probably Arkansas. Maybe, Oklahoma has become another type of test.

If you want some news, search Arkansas families file suit over injection wells.

I'm trying to do my best Alfred E. Neuman impression. "What, me worry?"

But I am. Because I believe that the stresses in Oklahoma are going to load nearby zones. The New Madrid has been relatively quiet. It has regular small earthquakes. So, a earthquake there is nothing new. However, along with the uptick in Oklahoma's earthquakes, there has been a slight increase in New Madrid earthquakes. Yes, it's a slight increase. So, nothing to worry about. Right?

What, me worry?

Oh, and here's a new reason for me not to worry. Or, not.
Yellowstone is definitely having some kind of fit. The activity is not like other swarms because this series is spread out over four main areas. It almost seems as if there's some sort of progression. Movement. Magma injection. Whatever it is, it's not noting usual. I've been watching since 2008 and this seems to be different. Yes, there's been pockets that go off at the same time, but this seems more organized.

And, it doesn't seem like it's slowing exactly. There's been a couple recently. So, it's ongoing.

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posted on Feb, 20 2014 @ 08:34 AM

Magnitude 4.1 - United Kingdom (533)

Location in Google Maps
  • Date-Time: Thursday, February 20, 2014 @ 13:21:30 UTC
  • Earthquake location: 51.361°N, 4.184°W,
  • Earthquake depth: 5.0 km
  • Distances:
    17km (10mi) NNW of Ilfracombe, United Kingdom
    32km (19mi) NNW of Barnstaple, United Kingdom
    33km (20mi) SSW of Swansea, United Kingdom
    35km (21mi) SSW of Landore, United Kingdom
    262km (162mi) SSE of Dublin, Ireland
  • Event ID: usc000muba

Derived from Event Data Source: USGS
Powered by QVSData

Mag 4.3 on EMSC

posted on Feb, 20 2014 @ 08:37 AM
These don't happen too often in our neck of the woods : U.K. - Wales/England borders initially reported as 4.5 just downgraded to
4.3 by EMSC but reported on the BBC by the BGS as 4.1....

beat me to it P.M. ! I did a search also on historical Bristol Channel quakes and it threw up this interesting nugget:

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posted on Feb, 20 2014 @ 08:51 AM
reply to post by PuterMan

Is it an erroneous impression . . . or . . .

are more quakes happening in rare-quake places?

What's the current level of quake activity above 3 compared to the last 5-10 years?

posted on Feb, 20 2014 @ 08:58 AM
reply to post by wasobservingquietly

In the UK and Ireland the Gubbermint own the mineral rights of everything under your land - you can't stop them. In fact you don't actually own your own land, you hold it in fee simple but it actually belongs to the Crown and as far as I can tell even in Ireland we are in the same situation

In 1921 the feudal ownership of 26 counties of Ireland was transferred from Britain to the Irish State, and this system remains in place today. The Irish State is in effect a feudal landlord and nobody in Ireland owns their own property.

Who owns Ireland

Basically if they want to frack both in the UK and Ireland there is not a darn thing you can do to stop them. If they find for example extractable minerals under your land they have the right to throw you off the land, for some sort of compensation, and strip mine your home and land as they see fit. The question then is, if the government approved fracking causes earthquakes and damage can you sue them for that damage?

I would venture to suggest that in the US a company could be sued for extracting gas from under your property without paying for it. Their threat to drill sideways and get the gas is a declaration of criminal intent. People need to install small seismometers to ensure that this is not being done.

posted on Feb, 20 2014 @ 09:14 AM
reply to post by slidingdoor

Yes I am aware of that 1607 flooding. I think it was storm related, as the current flooding is and not because of a tsunami

Haslett and Bryant found significant evidence for the tsunami hypothesis

Bryant has tsunamis on the brain and sees them everywhere he goes. I think he is the same Bryant as:

Bryant and Young 1992 "Catastrophic wave erosion on the southeastern coast of Australia: Impact of the Lanai tsunamis ca. 105 ka?"

Another masterpiece if inventiveness and not accepted by many.

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