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Taking the Leap of Faith....When to Believe?

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posted on Dec, 30 2013 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by adjensen

Yes, we have had these sorts of conversations and yes, I'm still looking to see where I fit in to all of this....if I fit in at all.

I was trying to make sure I was in the right mindset when I picked up the book and I think it's time. After I read your post, I picked it off the shelf.

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posted on Dec, 31 2013 @ 03:59 AM

Good afternoon, my fellow members!

On this cold Sunday, I wish to ask a simple question. But before I simply throw it out there for you to ponder and respond, let me provide a bit of info about my stance on religion(s).

I am an agnostic. I am open to the possibility that god exists and I am open to the idea that god does not exist. Either way, I remain open-minded and feel that its pointless to claim or believe in absolutes when there is no evidence to suggest either outcome.

That being said, I am fascinated by the "story" the bible tells and its historical relevance and the teachings of Jesus. Believer or not, his teachings were one of peace, love, forgiveness and fellowship. It does not take much to agree that Jesus' teachings were in a way "universal".

But I find it hard to take the step to becoming a follower of Christ or becoming religious, per say.

So my question is this: When did you know when you were a follower? Did you have to make a leap of faith in to giving your heart and mind to your faith? Was there an "event" that took place or was it common sense conclusion?

I look forward to the variety of answers this should produce and I would love to get some responses from many different faiths.

Thanks for reading,


There is no "event" or leap of faith..that is religion.. which wisely sounds like what you are trying to avoid.The fact is there is NOTHING you can do to know the creator God unless the creator God wants you to know.There is nothing "wrong" with you if you "don't believe" because there is a very good reason you don't....The creator God doesn't want you to.

A very sensible question is asked by many....."If there is a "God" why doesn't he make it "easy" to know"...precisely.If there is a creator God surely he is powerful enough to communicate efficiently to someone regardless of their "willingness or desire...and that's the point.The creator God is not like a needy 12 year old boy pining after the girl "wishing" she would "notice him.That's absurd.The creator God does not "need" anyones "love".
he isn't hoping and wishing everyone would sign up for "his religion" so he doesn't have to send them to the eternal torture of hell!That is the most insane thing ever thought of.

The fact is the creator God has you exactly were you should be.You have absolutely nothing to worry about or fear.God has zero interest in religion.It is the "wide" path the many are called take that leads to destruction and think it is the agnostics and atheist and "other" religions.The fact is Everyone HAS to go down that path(religion) to enter the gate of destruction where their"religion" is destroyed.EVERYONE is religious.It is the nature of mankind to believe in a false God.Its all "part of the process"(salvation) for ALL mankind.Everyone does it differently.

All paths don't lead to the creator God they all lead to destruction.You'll survive as everyone will.The creator God is infinitely more powerful than mans religious imaginations.Everything is in fates "good" hands..the creator God.When your "religion" is destroyed you'll know.However it won't be when you believe "another religion.That's just leads to more destroying.
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posted on Dec, 31 2013 @ 09:11 AM
reply to post by adjensen

Your instincts are good, adjensen. There is a definite statement to my stance.

@SS247. Anything written by Lewis is a good read, whether or not one is, or ever becomes a Christian. Whether or not you ever agree with him, you'll come to respect him.

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