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An explanation of Elvis

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posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 06:03 PM
I was sitting down to eat breakfast and i forgot the milk. Just as i stood, I noticed the cereal bowl was slowly spinning on the table. I sat and stared in puzzlement at the bowl. What I failed to notice was there was someone standing outside looking at me through the window. When I finally managed to tear my attention away from the bowl and turned to get the milk from the fridge, I noticed the person at the window.
I froze as I stared at the person outside who was looking straight at me. Quickly I realized i recognizedthe person. It was Elvis, not Elvis Costello, but The King, Elvis Prestly!
“You’re dead.” I heard myself say.
With a slightly shocked look he replied,
“No, I’m not.”
He looked better than I expected, older, but fit, also thinner and tanned.
In shock, I could only repeat my previous statment, “You’re dead.”
He just shook his head, as he did a spaceship came into view behind him. It was ugly, it was pink, and it silently landed not twenty feet behind him on the lawn. Looking over his shoulder at his gaudy pink ship and grinned. As he turned back to me, he grinned an even wider grin and said,
“No, I faked all that, I have to go.”

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 06:19 PM
HHEHEHEHE... The King is back!

In high school, me and a few friend had a strange obsession for Elvis, that I never really understood. (never liked or actually listenned to any of his song, at least not intentionnaly) We used to wrote "Elvis is not dead" everywhere.

Teachers would often find that their class board had been "vandalized" with this writting while they were looking away lol.

So, my question: what had u took that daY?


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