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Earth Might Become Unlivable By 2100

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posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 05:36 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

I think we are 'two minutes to midnight', I do not think it is majorly due to 'global warming'.

I think and believe that humans are to blame for the demise of our living environment.

Consumerism, greed, psychopaths in charge [ driven by monetary concerns - example being the destruction of the orangutan habitat in order to grow ' palm oil'].

We have acted terribly as a species and I am deeply saddened / ashamed by the consensus opinions that are driven by / shaped by the psychopaths in charge.

There is little respect for life in the Western and Eastern world view .. it is all about profit / growth / money - sod the consequences and the lives that are destroyed in the process [ animal / plant and mineral ].

We have behaved disgracefully and the so called ' global warming' agenda is just an excuse, put out there by TBTB and pandered to and 'debated ' to oblivion by the unthinking masses.
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posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 06:11 AM
reply to post by eriktheawful

Then look at the paleoclimate data during that period, and look at what not only humans, but all living things have endured on this planet as far as the climate changes are concerned.
I think what they are saying is that our present way of life will become unsustainable within the next 50-100 years - as direct result of climate change, unless there is some radical action taken. Past climate is irrelevant when considering the looming catastrophe - the earth has never been so over populated - therein lies the problem.

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 07:20 AM
Be it 500 years 200, 100, 50 or even 10 it just shows we need to grow up and move out into the solar system.

The earth or its resources cant sustain our way of life or population, the solar system can. So we need to move out.

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 07:21 AM

reply to post by SLAYER69

Well we kinda do......

We have mars, a number of moons of satern and even our own moon that with a bit of hard work could sustain us here on earth.

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 08:27 AM

reply to post by eriktheawful

Then look at the paleoclimate data during that period, and look at what not only humans, but all living things have endured on this planet as far as the climate changes are concerned.
I think what they are saying is that our present way of life will become unsustainable within the next 50-100 years - as direct result of climate change, unless there is some radical action taken. Past climate is irrelevant when considering the looming catastrophe - the earth has never been so over populated - therein lies the problem.

Ignoring the past is most likely a mistake:

So our planet will become "unlivable" in a very short amount of time (20 to 90 years from now) due to severe drought.

Really? Severe drought where? Globally? The water cycle here on Earth is going to shut completely down globally due to a few degrees rise in the average global average temperature?

Water will no longer evaporate over the oceans, no longer condensate over land and no longer fall as rain anywhere?

Every single piece of ice will be gone in that short amount of time (hmmmmm....I seem to remember a prediction by the AGW crowd that this would happen by 2020.....and then was redacted by them). Every lake, pond and river will be dried up by then too? Every aquifer?

I do believe in climate change. Earth's geological record shows that indeed the Earth's climate is not something that is a steady state. It's something that has always been changing, well before humans were even around.

The Earth itself has tried many times over to wipe out life on her. Everything from freezing solid all the way down to the equators, to having massive eruptions that last millions of years on a scale we've never seen before, release a LOT more CO2 than us humans have ever done such as the Siberian Traps. A time period when our oceans average temperature rose to 105 deg F (40 deg C).

Continental plates moving around. Mountain ranges forming, and eroding away. Ocean levels rising and falling. Gigantic rocks called asteroids slamming into us.......

A massive CME from our own life giving star to a nearby star going hyper-nova......

Seems that the Earth itself, and the rest of the universe is out to get life here on our planet.

Humans, or at least Modern Humans (Homo Sapiens) have been around for about 200,000 years. We've gone through some climate change in that time:

We've gone through at least 2 Glacial Periods (not to be confused with the term Ice Age) and two Interglacial periods (we're in the 2nd one now).

That's a large temperature variation, and yet.....we're still here. So are a lot of other living organisms.

We humans have a unique ability to learn to adapt quickly, unlike many other species on this planet.

Yes, we humans now amass in a greater number than we ever have before (looks out my window....nearest human near me is a few miles away), and that is a good question: how many is too many? But then, that's not about global warming. That's overpopulation. A different discussion.

So the article is not about all life being wiped out on our planet? It's only about how our way of life now will cease to exist?

That is NOT the same thing. Which means the title and the body of the article is over sensationalized tripe!

So which is it? Is this an article warning me that soon, my children and grandchildren won't be able to go to Walmart anymore?
Or is it saying that every single living thing on this planet is going to be wiped out in less then 100 years?

How arrogant. The Earth itself has tried many times over to do that....and failed.

I'd lay even money that even if we humans detonated every single nuclear bomb that we have, and let every single nuclear power planet melt down.....even then, life on this third rock from the sun will continue on.

The only way this rock is going to become unlivable is if it's average temperature gets above the boiling point of water (or falls way below freezing and stays that way forever), and stays that way.

That will happen. In about 5 billion years when our sun expands into a red giant.

I suppose that will be our fault too, right?

I agree that we need to take care of our planet, reduce or waste and toxins we put out, find cleaner energy to use. I do believe that we humans can wipe out other species of life (and we have).

But even if we find a way to make ourselves extinct....I highly doubt we can make this planet unlivable. Life is tenacious. It's had literally billions of years to practice at being here on this rock we call Earth. It will simply adapt and move on.
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posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 08:50 AM
Book of Al Gore

Environmental Apocalypse chapter 3, verse 4: And there shall be global warming.
Environmental Apocalypse chapter 3, verse 5: It shall happen soon, within 100 years.

Come soon, my Lord!!

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

Seems believable to me that our Earth might be "unliveable" by 2050. Whatever the cause, our planet is going through a (relatively) unstable period. The climate is changing dramatically and we're already rockin. The lives and livelihoods of billions of people are threatened already.

It's all happened before and as in the past, a few areas of relative safety likely exist. But don't look for the line-up or expect a 'lottery.' TPTB have already decided there's no way and no point trying to save humanity as a whole. They're jockeying for power and position, protecting their wealth, locking the gates - and planning to run what's left of the world. They've already chosen their servants, armies and lieutenants.

It's an old, old story. imho - the strategy has never worked and won't work this time either. It simply preserves and protects the very worst of humanity. As in the past, our species' quality will be ensured by small groups of survivors who are neither "chosen" nor of the "elite."

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 10:47 AM
As of now, Earth is the only place, in all of the universe with life. We float around through space, on a ball of dirt and water. Too bad we abuse the privilege. Imagine what she could look like, if we cared.

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 10:52 AM
Just remember to keep trusting those who presented the hockey stick graph.

We were supposed to already be 10deg above average by 2010. just bump that out a little, and all us suckers will be taxed and dead already. good plan.

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 10:57 AM
reply to post by webedoomed

Absolutely brilliant article. Thanks for the link.

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 11:03 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

Humans are so clever they will be extinct before they know it. Predominantly vandalous children playing in their own excrement. On the bright side, it will free the Earth from "intelligence" for at least 1M years.

I'm sure the last two humans will argue if it's real or not. I'll be long gone, but I hope the last arrogant eco-vandal will get his skull caved in in honor of generations that never saw sunlight.

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 11:33 AM
reply to post by AlphaHawk

Superfund sites !!

that map doesn't tell the whole story though. Those are the admitted and acknowledged(unclassified) sites.

the whole area down river of Oak Ridge TN is a superfund site..

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by SLAYER69

This whole climate change debate is tiring, and my patience with the ignorance is wearing thin.
So here's the deal.
First, there's very little point in talking about whether it's real or not, or whether it's anthropogenic or not. As far as the policymakers are concerned, the debate is over, because the plans they want you to believe will fix the problem are already in the works.
Your city/town/community is most likely under the direction of a local non-governmental organization with a sustainability initiative, and they are moving forward with it whether you know about it or not; whether you agree with it or not. It's all "under the radar" of Federal and State Government, going directly to local legislation that very few people are going to oppose.
The good news is that we will probably save the planet.
The bad news is that you just have to give up your rights to property, individuality, and freedom of movement so we can all live on a healthy planet.
Of course, a clean global environment isn't the end goal. It's just a pleasant perk to the real objective.
According to that real objective, in 36 years (2050) we will all be living in little apartment blocks in major population centers with everything we could possibly need close by. Your job, recreation, and personal goals will all be dictated by what is in the best interest of the community.
That's just part of it.
Yes, it's Agenda 21. No, it's not a "conspiracy theory" that doesn't have any weight because it's non-binding (a fact that means nothing in light of the fact that your community is already on board). It's not "coming." Its foundations are set, with full implementation by 2040-2050.

Personally, I have an open mind and happen to think that human activity is partially responsible for climate change. We're definitely responsible for all the pollution. But I'm also cynical enough to understand that we're not being given the actual truth about the quantity of our involvement in climate change, because the info we're given right now is basically the antithesis stage of the Hegelian Dialectic (thesis, antithesis, synthesis) which is the fancy-shmancy term for "problem, reaction, solution."
I also like to believe that we (humanity) could work on this problem and make real progress, without giving up what I believe to be core requirements for human freedom. Unfortunately, those decisions have already been made by someone other than me (or any of you).
However, if you don't mind making that sacrifice because you're being told it will pay off in the end, then you really don't have to do anything besides what you're told.
It's the rest of us who have a long road ahead in trying to educate and inform.

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by Jodash

Nice post. Thanks. I agree with a lot of what you say but have some differences. Could you please check out my post above, maybe comment?

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 12:30 PM

reply to post by Jodash

Nice post. Thanks. I agree with a lot of what you say but have some differences. Could you please check out my post above, maybe comment?

Okay, your earlier linked post describes what I think is the most plausible rationale for the whole thing. I didn't go into it, because I thought my post was long enough already. I couldn't find a way to put that in without derailing the thread.

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 12:39 PM

I feel this is a conservative figure. I think by 2050 most of mankind will be gone, we will have great wars that destroy almost everyone....over water. We wasted and continue wasting the groundwater. I brought my kids into a world that is going to be hell.

There is no fixing this, people will not change their ways, because of this we have gone over the tipping point. It will get much worse. I have confidence in mankind, they always wait till it is too late to do anything. Greed is the great destroyer. The people who do care are few in numbers compared to the masses of wasteful people. People will deny something exists if it is in contrast to their desired way of life.

So plan on this place coming uninhabitable within your grandchildrens lifetime. I'm glad I won't be stuck in an underground shelter. Neither will my grandchildren. They are not wealthy or of a powerful family. We probably won't be around to worry about it. For those who are religious, why would God or the Angels save us when we have trashed this paradise. Earth will undoubtedly become hell.

It is not just the pollution that is an issue, it is many things.
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How do you plan on eating your words when none of this happens?

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 03:27 PM
I won't have to eat my words. I probably won't be eating anything in 2050. If I am miraculously still alive at age 95 I sure won't be worrying about what I said when I was 58.

We are changing the chemistry of the planet. That will probably make it unlivable for humans but not for plants, unless we kill off all the beneficial insects. I am not concerned that much about CO2 emissions alone, but when you add in all the environmental chemical changes it becomes a great concern. Just changing the ph of the environment to a little more acidic, makes bacteria and fungus have a foothold. Once they get involved, they consume everything and the whole thing has to start over. Not a problem though, except for humans who will become extinct or at least have their numbers reduced to a hundredth of their present numbers. The only survivors will be in cold areas if they exist. There will be a war to take over Canada and Siberia. If this whole thing goes into reversal, then that would be better, a super fast ice age will take over, then in 2050 Ice will cover Europe and the USA and Canada. Again wars will cause destruction of most of the people.

No win to this game.
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posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 04:44 PM
Well, there are enough different sights on Google saying that the global mean temperature has not moved for the last 16 years, such as climate depot, most of America under snow, snow in Cairo! ice at both poles above 'average', three cold summers in a row in Europe, What I found really perplexing is a female scientist visiting the Arctic last summer and getting hysterical that the sea ice was melting!! really? in the summer?? for those that want to register with climate depot, you get daily reports on what the so called scientists are up to.

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 05:11 PM
Thanks for all the replies. Great stuff. Made this a very interesting read.

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 08:59 PM
With global warming, gmo's, fukashima, comets and the upcoming reptilian invasion, I don't know what I'm supposed to worry about! Lol

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