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Happy Birthday Howard Hughes Dec. 24, 1905

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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:23 PM

Noah Dietrich, on the right.

This is somewhat of a book review. From page 25

"Mr. Hughes wants to see you." I made my third journey to the Ambassador Hotel, and this time he hired me. Salary: $10,000 a year.

"What do I do?" he asked. "Pay you a year's salary in advance?"

I was astonished at his lack of knowledge of elementary business practice. "Most of your workers are paid every week -- executives probably semi-monthly," I said. "Tell the boys at the plant to put me on the executive payroll."

That was the start. It was Thanksgiving Day*, 1925." Source The Amazing Mr. Hughes Noah Dietrich, 1972

*Thanksgiving must have been an important date for Howard Hughes (or someone very close to him.) as the years go by and by the timing of his Las Vegas habitation at the Desert Inn penthouse suite shows that Hughes came into Las Vegas by train on Thanksgiving Eve 1966 and departed secretly on Thanksgiving of Eve 1970 to Nellis AFB taking flight in a Lockheed Jetstar - destination Bahamas.

For all those decades Noah Dietrich (1925-1957) had been the one supervising the golden goose, Hughes ToolCo, the drill-bit manufacturer who gushed a profits and paved the yellow brick road for Howard Hughes. The excess ToolCo profits built up Hughes Aircraft, supplemented TWA's income and made it possible to fight censors, to buy out RKO pictures and micromanage the studio into near bankruptcy. Dietrich also handled a large percentage of Howard's dirty work, including pay-off's for political influence.

The Toolco's golden eggs paid for Hughes Aircraft research, electronics and the payrolls for over 3,300 PhD's that were hired in the 1950's to research the lasers, missiles, mobots and lunar landers that would become so important to national security of the United States.

Anything that Howard Hughes wanted Noah Dietrich could get. On page 283 Dietrich details why he had a chat with Arthur Eisenhower, the brother of a sitting President, and coincidentally a fellow board member at TWA**. A meeting was quickly arranged to see the Vice-President in Washington.
**TWA at this time was 78% owned subsidiary of ToolCo. It is modestly easy to imagine who pays off who and why.

[Hughes] "I want the Nixons to have the money," he said briskly.
[Dietrich] "Do you know how much is involved?" I asked.
The amount seemed unimportant to him.
[Hughes] "It's all right. Let 'em have it."
So I had the $205,000 transferred from the Hughes Tool Company Canadian subsidiary and turned the money over to a lawyer.

A ridiculous deal: a Hughes loan to Nixon's brother for a failing restaurant and the only collateral was a vacant lot owned by Nixon's mother. According to Dietrich he thought it was a bad deal and tried to stop it from going through.

I had no difficulty in obtaining an appointment with the Vice-President. He was extremely cordial and showed me around his office, pointing out mementos of his visits to foreign lands. Then we sat down for a serious talk.

"About the loan to Donald," I began, "Hughes has authorized it, and Donald can have it. I realize that it involves a loan to your brother and not to you. But I feel compelled to tell you what's on my mind. If this loan becomes public information, it could mean the end of your political career. And I don't believe that it can be kept secret."

He responded immediately, perhaps having anticipated what I had said.

"Mr. Dietrich," he said, "I have to put my relatives ahead of my career." Nothing further was said about the subject.

Dietrich tried again to influence the operations of the restaurant and nudge it toward profitability but another message was received from Washington "My brother wants to run it his way."

Dietrich then explains as a matter of fact how much influence could be bought in Washington for $205,000 ...

Something curious happened one month after the loan was made. The Internal Revenue Service made a reversal and ruled that the Howard Hughes Medical Foundation was entitled to tax-exempt status. The request for tax exemption had twice been refused by the IRS and the Treasury Department. But in early 1957, Howard was able to win that status for his foundation, which owned all the stock in Hughes Aircraft."

Dietrich's salary by the time he left Hughes was beyond princely, it was the kingly sum of $500,000 per year ($4.2million in 2014 money). Dietrich had spent over 30 years with Hughes and ripe & ready to retire from his service. This put Hughes in a difficult situation.

Sensing that his empire could fall at any moment, (documented insider threats were considering to challenge his mental stability) and with Dietrich "the hatchet man" no longer available to service his mostly private personal and business problems, Howard Hughes had little choice but to replace him quickly with a variety of other legal protections, namely, a marriage to Jean Peters and a consultancy for Robert Maheu and Associates... and the purchasing of a Vice-President.

The era of Noah Dietrich was over. Howard gave the order to "Lock up the office!" which meant to secure Dietrich's office at 7000 Romaine street. Dietrich had to use legal remedy to retrieve his own personal affects!

Dietrich is careful not to divulge too much about the man he worked for. He reveals the method/madness of Howard Hughes thinking and follows it along for the 30 year wild ride... and then parachutes to safety in the late 1950's. Very interesting book.
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posted on Nov, 26 2014 @ 10:16 PM
The Howard Hughes fans out there probably know about the shake up of 1957: Noah Dietrich quits, Howard marries Jean Peters, and Bob 'IBM' Maheu based out of Washington D.C. is taking on more "odd jobs" for Howard.

There was a second shake up that occurred in 1970 when the embedded Mormon Mafia realized that Maheu was in the process gaining more authority in the Hughes empire. The Mormons, especially Bill Gay and Nadine Henley, didn't like that.

What did the Mormons do to take Maheu out of the picture? They cut off communications between Hughes & Maheu which was easy to do since Bill Gay had the 99% loyalty of the Mormon aides. It wasn't 100% loyalty, and some messages were delivered from Maheu to Hughes and vice versa. Nevertheless, the Mormons were still threatened by Maheu and fooled poor, drug addicted Howard into signing a proxy statement in favor of Bill Gay and Chester Davis, solidifying their power base and effectively removing Bob Maheu from all Nevada operations.

The Mormons took the proxy affidavit and hid it away for a few days. They then orchestrated an undercover exit from Las Vegas which has been well documented in the source materials. Once Howard was safely out of the Desert Inn and into his new digs in the Bahamas the Mormons revealed the proxy statement and had Maheu legally removed from the organization. Maheu attempted some legal jousting concerning the authenticity of the proxy but the Mormons and Davis had won the battle. Iron Bob was officially out.

It was Thanksgiving, 1970.

posted on Nov, 26 2014 @ 10:58 PM
The purpose of this thread is to share information and talk about Howard Hughes. That's why I originated this thread in the General Conspiracies Forum. My hope is that more people will become familiar with his place in 20th century history. This is also a research thread. However, I don't want to have this thread in the Research Forum because only Research Forum Scholars are allowed to post in the Research Forum.

If there are any Howard Hughes researchers out there on ATS please feel free to post your thoughts here. If you are not a Howard Hughes researcher but have questions about him - I would be happy to get questions or work with you in finding answers to questions about Howard Hughes.

Conspiracy research, acquiring the source materials, is expensive. I've spent well over US $500 dollars accumulating my Howard Hughes bibliography/ source materials and I am still not complete with it. I am getting a lot of my goods from eBay.... In fact, I would recommend that anyone interested in the Howard Hughes conspiracies to just go search for Howard Hughes on eBay. That is where I am getting most of my source materials from.

What I am finding in the Howard Hughes books is that between 1957-1970 there is a total disregard for Howard Hughes involvement with space, electronics, satellites and lunar landers. Many of the Hughes books are focussing on the TWA litigation or the drug abuse and the habits of a reclusive billionaire.

None of the Hughes books I have read, so far, have contemplated the Hughes paranoia for communism in the context of the era of space exploration, where Hughes was at the cutting edge of space technology... building communications satellites and lunar landers with tv cameras. Those who have explored the Hughes chronologies will know that he had an early monopoly on space communication satellites during the Kennedy administration. He also had a significant amount of clout in Washington D.C. through his financial connections with the Vice President, Richard Nixon, as early as 1956.

And by the way, there are no less than 15 references to Howard Hughes on the wikipedia page for the Watergate Scandal.

In this thread we will discuss Howard Hughes. I am looking for some good questions and some good collaborations. If you are interested then let me know by PM.
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posted on Nov, 26 2014 @ 11:06 PM
I want to tackle the myth that Howard Hughes was a racist.

Howard was not a racist. If Howard Hughes was a racist then he would not allow these Bahamanian black men to touch his barbells.

But, we know these are not Howard's barbells because Howard was less than 100lb human skeleton in 1972 according to the source material.

So, the real question is, who's barbells are these?

Take another look at this image, you see the name of "Davis" on one of the bags. It's probably Chester Davis.
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posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 10:44 PM
Howard Hughes allegedly died on a jet flight from Acapulco, Mexico to Houston, Texas on April 5, 1976. Isn't it ironic that Hughes AirWest was advertising flights going in the other direction! It's Friday night people, this thread could get pretty crazy. Howard's birthday is coming up, Christmas Eve.... Merry Christmas Rob Agar, Jay Weidner, Mark Feeney, Clifford Irving, Richard Nixon, Orson Welles and Howard Hughes (the cinema critic and author of several film books hailing from the UK) and the other Howard Hughes (the conspiracy radio host named Howard Hughes, also, coincidentally, in the UK)

posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 10:48 PM

1959: Industrial Giant Helps Shape the Space Age


Perfected 3-D Radar

When this article came June of 1959 Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon were running the United States of America.

Here is Ike's farewell address January 17, 1961 warning us about the military industrial complex. He was warning us about Richard Nixon and Howard Hughes! Historian Chalmers Johnson has told that Ike originally wanted to say "military-industrial-congressional-complex" but he was told not to go that far.

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posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 12:11 AM
Howard Hughes was an outsider and a renegade in Hollywood. His early conflicts in Hollywood really show us how determined he was to be an independent film producer in a film community that disabused him of entry into their domain. They were always offended by his money and his willingness to use it to buy people, actors, directors, fleets of planes, zeppelins, and the loyalty of those closest to him. The Hollywood establishment were also offended when Hughes wanted to make a film about them, the Hollywood elite. He was eventually thwarted in his plan to produce "Queer People". It was to be a "sexpose". Powerful forces in Hollywood made him quit he film.

Anywhere you go it's all about the money. Who pays off who... and why? Hughes understood that from an early age.

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posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 11:50 PM
Here is a news story about jet drones from 1955. This is another example that Howard Hughes was 50 years ahead of his time.

posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 12:21 AM

originally posted by: SayonaraJupiter
Here is a news story about jet drones from 1955. This is another example that Howard Hughes was 50 years ahead of his time.

Excellent find S/J
quite some guy was Howard Hughes well ahead of the game when he could do this in 52 , i had this Argument with commercial pilot
ivar Karlsen in this thread about remote control tech for planes

posted on Dec, 13 2014 @ 02:14 PM
a reply to: douglas5

Remote controlled jet drones and remote controlled lunar landers are two things most people don't associate with Howard Hughes. Here's an article from Aviation Week Vol. 58 No. 21 May 25, 1953, showing the factory at Culver City.

Hughes Aircraft (HAC) Dr. Simon Ramo and Dr. Dean Woodridge later left HAC to form TRW... another very successful avionics company during the Cold War. Excerpt from wiki page on TRW,

In 1953, the company was recruited to lead the development of America’s first ICBM.[5][6] Starting with the initial design by Convair, the multi-corporate team launched Atlas in 1957[7] after some spectacular failures. It flew its full range in 1958, and was adapted to fly the Mercury astronauts into orbit.[7] TRW also led development of the Titan missile,[5] which was later adapted to fly the Gemini missions.

This screen cap is a little blurry so I'll provide some highlights,

The Gamble That Paid Off

"Howard Hughes originally did not intend to turn his airplane company into a top avionics concern. The company backed in the avionics field via a missile study and development contract."

"In the early postwar years when airplane contracts were hard to get, Hughes settled for an air-to-air mis-sile program which eventually devel-oped into the present Falcon."

"The study and development of suitable avionic control AND GUIDANCE for the missile forced Hughes to as-semble a small electronics staff. Two early members of this staff, who have since become HAC vice presidents, were Dr. Simon Ramo and Dr. Dean Wooldridge."

"In 1947, Hughes entered the low bid and received an Air Force contract to produce the APG-33 radar for use in all-weather fighters. The APG-33 was an im-proved, lightweight version of the APG-3 developed by General Electric late in World War II. With little radar production know-how, or facilities at that stage, Hughes was taking a big gamble. But it estab-lished the company in the the then in-fant interceptor fire control field."

"Shortly afterward, Hughes received an Air Force contract to modify the Sperry A-1 computing gunsight for use with the APG-33. In the summer of 1948, when the cold war threatened to get hotter, the Air Force rushed this 'system,' called the E-1, into production. Hughes admits it was a much bigger job than anyone had anticipated and required major redesign."

"E-1 system experience suggested a much improved and more powerful fire control system, and Hughes soon was at work on the systems which are now used on the F-86D, F-94C, and F-89D."

"The Payoff- In the spring of 1950, in competition with more than 20 other companies - including GE, Westinghouse and Sperry Gyro- Hughes was selected to develop the advanced fire control systems for the USAF's new stable of supersonic intereceptors, first of which is the Convair F-102."

"Hughes previous fire control ex-perience and the fact that the ad-vanced system was to fire Hughes-developed missiles undoubtedly played a part in the Air Force selec-tion."

"Firm is a major producer of air defense weapons."
"And its annual sales now top $200 million."

"Discolosure that Hughes Aircraft has grown from a small airplane company into a profitable $200-million-a-year avionics concern with a $600-million backlog last week gave added significance to speculations about its sale."

Note: HAC wasn't sold until after Howard's death.

"Story of the company's phenomenal conversion from a business grossing $1.5 million in 1947 into a major powerin the electronics industry, and probably the nation's largest producer of avionic (electronics in aviation) equipment, was revealed in Aviation Week by com-pany officials."

"The story could not be told before, on orders from Howard Hughes."

"Negotiation and Speculation - The status of negotiations between Hughes and Lockheed Aircraft Co. remained unchanged (Aviation Week May 11, p.7) Both parties have denied that any deal exists."

"Prior to the Lockheed conversations, Hughes' talks with Convair, Westing-house and others had fallen through."

Note: According to biographies, Hughes was not really interested in selling HAC in the early fifties - but he was interested in knowing how much somebody would pay for it if he decided to sell it. That's how he operated.

Not only is HRH involved with automatic jet intercepters in 1955 but he's involved with radar tracking and targeting/guidance systems. If you put all three of those systems together - it means he was probably working on jet drones in the early 1950's which may, or may not, have anything to do with the Washington D.C. UFO flap which happened in July of that year.

Coincidentally, the Republicans were having a nominating convention in July of 1952 to select the candidate for the president of the United States. Not surprisingly, little Dicky Nixon was thrust into the spotlight with the vice-presidency. The financial connections between Hughes & Nixon have been mentioned in this thread and highlighted in my other thread,
Nixon's Apollo: Howard Hughes and the Apollo Hoax

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posted on Dec, 16 2014 @ 10:37 PM
Howard Hughes, is in one respect, always a tireless promoter. Howard always promotes what he is producing. He is both the means of production and the opiate of the masses. This is exactly his modus operandi for Hell's Angels, Scarface and The Outlaw.

That same dedication for promotion can be found again in July of 1938 with the Howard Hughes spectacle of his round the world trip - which was a publicity stunt for the New York World's Fair 1939. He named the airplane "New York World's Fair 1939". How obvious can you get?

He flew a Lockheed Model 14-N2 Super Electra, also used in the transport industry, it was called a "Sky Zephyr". And 1939 is coincidentally the same year that Hughes took control of TWA.

These planes were also sold the the U.K. in WW2 where they were called "Hudsons". As reported at this link,

At the end of January 1940, Hudsons were the first aircraft in RAF Coastal Command to be fitted with air to surface vessel (ASV) radar, which was to prove so effective against sub-marines when trying to locate them at night and in bad weather.

Radar testing.

As reported in

“While the Hughes flight is a remarkable tribute to powerful and reliable motors,” noted the July 23, 1938 Science News Letter, “it is to this robot navigation computer that much of the success of the flight is credited. No matter how well a plane may fly, or how easily, it matters little if the navigators cannot, at all times, exactly fix the plane’s position and plot the proper direction over distances of thousands of miles.”

Here is a newspaper depicting Howard Hughes landing at Floyd Bennet Field in New York, in his plane, dubbed "New York World's Fair 1939". More images can be found over at

That is his Lockheed 14 after landing in NY. Howard Hughes is photographed variously with a jacket & tie in New York. Earlier in the day he was photographed without a jacket and tie in Minneapolis.

He is also photographed leaving Floyd Bennet Field in this U.S.N. car.

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posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 12:11 AM
In my continuing search for the real Howard Hughes narrative I found this newspaper nugget that (sort of) consolidates some conspiracy lore with regard to the secret life of Hughes and the reportage from Hughes watchers of that time, such as Mae Brussell, that were following his movements from the Nixon eras which included 1946-1960 and 1968-1976. I think that this important background information would benefit the conspiracy researchers who are interested in anything from Alger Hiss in '46 to Paul Jerrico in '52, to the Bay of Pigs '62 and Dallas in '63... Gulf of Tonkin '64, fast forward to Memphis and Los Angles '68... to Chappaquiddick '69... to Watergate '72.

Is this a mega-conspiracy...? or a meta-conspiracy...? I don't know yet. All I know is that we don't know enough about the real Howard Hughes narrative but he's taken a back seat in conspiracy for too long. The Hughes narratives of his life is a great exploration into American conspiracy history. His personal life saga is both inspiring and sad to read about, his conquests and defeats are of mythological proportions - yet it's hard to understand the sadness part by watching "The Aviator". It's easy to misunderestimate his towering presence in Hollywood and aviation and space industry.

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 12:17 AM
Brucks Randell.

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posted on Apr, 9 2015 @ 10:46 PM
Howard Hughes as he might have looked with a beard. Image credit: unknown.

posted on Apr, 22 2015 @ 02:55 PM
Thank you for this thread, I have been looking into the gemstones for some time know and I now think that maybe I was going about it in the wrong direction, instead of Onassis , I am turning my attention to Hughes. Great source material once again thank you!

posted on Jul, 16 2015 @ 10:02 PM

originally posted by: hrmorels
Thank you for this thread, I have been looking into the gemstones for some time know and I now think that maybe I was going about it in the wrong direction, instead of Onassis , I am turning my attention to Hughes. Great source material once again thank you!

Onassis? He is a sub-folder under Howard Hughes file

I always wondered why Jackie married Onassis. There is a lot going on behind the scenes.

posted on Jul, 16 2015 @ 11:39 PM
a reply to: SayonaraJupiter

Since you asked me to talk about Hughes in this thread, I wonder how would Hughes react to today's world and social issues if wakes up from cryosleep?

posted on Jul, 16 2015 @ 11:49 PM

originally posted by: starwarsisreal
a reply to: SayonaraJupiter

Since you asked me to talk about Hughes in this thread, I wonder how would Hughes react to today's world and social issues if wakes up from cryosleep?

Cool! Maybe Hughes did not die in 1976 or 1972 or 1966 or 1957. Maybe he used his HHMI to freeze his body for a time. If Hughes were to wake up today... he would see that the NASA has retreated from manned space flight... the space shuttles have been shut down... there are no moon bases to occupy... the only thing in space worth taking over is the ISS.

I think HRH would be surprised if he woke up today... because there are no space bases, other than ISS, for him to occupy.

posted on Jul, 16 2015 @ 11:57 PM
a reply to: SayonaraJupiter

That's pretty disappointing for him.

But if he was in his secret space station do you think he has an emergency plan should our world suffered the collapse of civilization? I mean in Moon Raker, Drax had that plan. I'm pretty sure Howard Hughes right before he went to space, would of brought some people up in his personal space station like Noah's Ark. As a man ahead of his time he would probably foresaw the possibility of a nuclear war or even a pandemic.
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posted on Jul, 17 2015 @ 12:27 AM
a reply to: starwarsisreal

As a man ahead of his time he would probably foresaw the possibility of a nuclear war or even a pandemic.

Hughes, definitely ahead of his time, with access to all the best medical technology, would not sit in Managua eating blue bombers during the 1972 earthquake. He could have faked his own death and he had the power to control his personal historical narratives, but the Carl Byoir public relations agency, and other pay offs, for example, Bob Maheu and the CIA, and the Clifford Irving affair, seem to be, in my opinion distractions from the real Howard Hughes narratives.

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