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The JFK assassination---The Big Event made Simple---50 years is long enough!

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posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 07:20 PM
Most know the JFK 50 th just passed and much information has been written. In an effort to sort out some of the confusion factors and make the crimes more simple and transparent, the following is submitted:

The Big Events By Magnum Opus

Oswald was working for Bannister and Company even when he went to Russia to make them mad about U-2 spying, Oct 1959. Many didn't like the 50's peaceful co-existence Khrushchev efforts with Eisenhower, and worked to end that. Peace was not profitable for Texas or the USAEC nuclear weapons makers of Oak Ridge, which hated that Russian Effort. So, in comes Bannister and LHO to the rescue.

On LHO's return June 1962, Owald's infamous Mr. B was Guy Bannister, who was an infiltrator of organizations, which is what Oswald was doing, and at the same time being sheep-dipped to be a Communist and Castro supporter. Mr. B kept the FBI heat off LHO.

Bannister was tight with Hoover, part of all the anti-communist groups and part of PERMINDEX and DISC. Bannister was even tight with Marcello.

Bannister passed LHO of to new handlers in Dallas, and they continued to set him up for the JFK visit. Jack Ruby was right in the middle of things there, along with Marcello's Corsican shooters, and a few helpful CIA types. They had a huge anti-JFK group there to draw into the JFK hit and get involved even at the levels of LBJ and Hoover. Such knowledge of that gave them immense black-mail power.

PERMINDEX person Jean DeMenil put Castro into power with the idea of cleaning up Cuba and keeping the Lansky drug dealers out and that to keep the English, French, and Canadians (Montreal) in the drug business. Except Castro went communist due to the Russian's gift of a ship load of crude oil, which the US owned refineries refused to process, so Castro took those over. Then the US owned companies tried to further screw Castro, so he booted all of them out of Cuba. PERMINDEX got exactly what they wanted, which was US embargo to Cuba and no way to run drugs or alcohol from Cuba to the US and upset the French and English drug trade. Plus, the PERMINDEX black-mail got endless nuclear freedom for Israel's bomb efforts that stole the US blind and LBJ and Hoover ignoring it all, even sending Ed Teller to help them get the H-bomb.

The US tried to kill Castro some 30 plus times, and they always failed because PERMENDEX operatives, in the US, told Cuba's chief of security, who was educated at Columbia Univ., when and where the hits would come. PERMEMDEX wanted Castro and they kept him in place, and they had the goods on LBJ and Hoover and got lots more payola. PERMINDEX was kicked out of Europe and on the run, but soon made the US their new homes. Until, Jim Garrison sniffed out PERMINDEX operatives connected with Bannister and Shaw, then things heated up seriously! So, they killed more than LHO to silence the leaks Garrison found.

Next to develop some of the material with Reference type materials. Con't

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 07:24 PM
Con't from above:

With the CIA office in the Mason's Building in New Orleans and Guy Bannister's extensive connections to the FBI, DISC, CIA, and PERMINDEX, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the NEXUS role of Mason Guy Bannister with LHO:

"On the afternoon of November 22, 1963, two men sat drinking in the Katzenjammer Bar, located in New Orleans next door to 544 Camp Street, where a puzzling parade of anti-Castro Cubans and intelligence agents -- including Lee Harvey Oswald -- were seen the previous summer. (see The Patsy)

One of the men was Guy Banister, the former FBI man who was running a private-investigation firm with intelligence connections out of an office at 544 Camp Street. The other man was one of his investigators, Jack Martin.

According to a police report prepared that day, the two men returned to Banister's office where an argument erupted. Banister, his irritability inflamed by alcohol, accused Martin of stealing files whereupon Martin reminded Banister that he had not forgotten some of the people he had seen in Banister's office that summer. Banister then beat Martin over the head with a heavy .357 magnum pistol.

In the heat of the moment, Martin screamed out: "What are you going to do -- kill me, like you all did Kennedy?"

A police ambulance was called and carried the bloodied Martin to Charity Hospital."

Source :

Source Link:

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 07:25 PM
I watched a documentary the other day that explained that one of the secret service agents in the trailing car shot him by mistake when he raised his m16 to return fire at Oswald. It was very convincing but not as interesting as a big conspiracy.

Has anyone downloaded the free 3D simulation, ive had hours of fun with it. lol

JFK reloaded

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posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 07:30 PM
Con't content support:

In recent excellent article the CIA office in the Mason's building is exposed and these days well known. At one time this was secret knowledge, as Banister was a Mason, along with lots of others involved in the JFK cover up process:


"Using his connections with the local CIA office, located in the nearby Masonic Temple Building, Banister obtained jobs for Ferrie to fly missions in which he dropped supplies to CIA-sponsored anti-Castro guerillas."


" Russo claimed that at the party, Ferrie launched a tirade against President Kennedy, calling him pro-Communist and demanding that action be taken to eliminate him. Ferrie then talked in detail about assassinating Kennedy, about how he should be killed while he rode in a motorcade. Ferrie then laid out plans to catch the president in a “triangulation of crossfire,” in which multiple gunmen firing from different positions would kill him."

Excellent 50th article

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 07:36 PM
Con't thesis support:

Consider that General Walker of Minute Men fame and Guy Banister are well associated and during the JFK hit General Walker was down in Lousiana and very vocal and worried of being connected with the JFK hit:


"One of the more interesting characters is Edwin Walker, the former general who was the leader of anti-Kennedy opposition nationwide. In April 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald tried to assassinate him by shooting him through his window as Walker sat at a table. The shot hit the window frame and was deflected enough that the bullet passed through the general’s hair.
On November 22, Walker was on an airliner on his way to Shreveport where he was to make a speech against civil rights and supposed communist control of the government. When the airline pilot announced the terrible news, Walker started collecting the names and addresses of other passengers so he could prove he was not at the assassination site."


What Gen Walker was doing on the plane

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 07:40 PM
Con't thesis support:

General Walked lays down a Smoke Screen from Louisiana and he needs to tell Germany the news and try to make himself above suspicion for the JFK hit:


"November 23, 1963, one day after Kennedy's death, Gen. Edwin Walker called Munich, Germany, from Shreveport, La.
Walker's important story, via transatlantic telephone, was to the nazi newspaper Deutsche National Zeitung un Soldaten-Zeitung. Walker couldn't wait to tell them in Munich that Lee Harvey Oswald, the lone suspect in the Dallas murders, was the same person who shot through his window in April, 1963.
There was never one shred of evidence, or a reliable witness, that could make this connection Dallas police and FBI were taken by surprise.
In order to cover this over-exuberance of trying to link a Marxist assassin to this altercation, it became necessary to have Ruth Paine deliver that ridiculous letter to Marina Oswald on December 3, 1964. The delayed letter was to have been written the night Lee was out shooting in Walker's home.
The only piece of bullet that remained in custody was never positively identified as coming from the 6.5 Mannlicher Carcano, and there is no proof Oswald even handled this rifle.
Why was General Walker in such a hurry to get his information printed in Germany before anybody in Dallas ever heard about it?"


What Gen Walker does as soon as he gets off plane

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 07:45 PM
Con't thesis support:

How Lee Oswald's quick exit from the military and running down to New Orleans PERMINDEX operations to go make noise in Russia that eventually gets FGP's shot down some six months later, and the end for the Eisenhower and Khruschev Peace discussions:

"No one knows the reason for Lee’s decision to move to New Orleans in April 1963. Although his aunt, Lillian Claverie Murrett, and uncle, Charles “Dutz” Murrett, lived there, his mother and brother lived in Fort Worth."


"After leaving the Marines, he travelled to Fort Worth, then to New Orleans, where he caught a Lykes freighter bound for Europe. In October ’59, Lee defected to the Soviet Union, where he would spend the next two and a half years. In April ’62, with funds provided by the U.S. State Department, he returned to the United States, bringing with him his Russian wife, Marina Prushakova, and their daughter, June. For the next year, Lee and Marina lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, before his move back to New Orleans."

Ref for above:

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 07:48 PM
Con't theme support:

Most everyone knows that LHO was involved with the plotters against JFK, and knowing the full extent is what had LHO killed by Jack Rubenstein. The initial game was for LHO to be fingered for killing JFK and then LHO flee to Mexico or Cuba and become the Castro hero, but times changed as JFK was making friends with Castro, and they had someone that knew way too much, and the Hero for Castro plan would not fly in Cuba. But, they needed a lone nut then, and not a Castro hero that could be used to take out Castro down the line. The Kennedys knew the issue was not just LHO and that he had numerous connections, especially one with Mr. B, as in Bannister, who worked for PERMINDEX, DISC, and belonged to every anti-Communist group he could find.

What the Kennedys thought on Lone Shooter LHO

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 08:46 PM
I've strongly suspected that Oswald was CIA-trained since I found out that Marina thought he was native Russian, his language skills were so good. It's been written that he 'taught himself Russian' but I find that highly unlikely without Russian relatives as a child. It's not the kind of language you get fluent in without training, certainly not by one's early 20s.

Once you get past the CIA connection, the rest becomes pretty clear. That they could know they'd need a patsy and have one on hand for this goes to show you how corrupt the system was.

There's no reason to believe they're not creating hundreds of these kinds of people at any given time for whatever coverup reason they might need.

You can always tell, though. The newspaper stories are always immediate, just like with Oswald and bin Laden; 'defector held in President's death'...'angry loner'...always with the best possible incriminating back story. Then the patsy is either silenced immediately or disappears in the mists to be used over and over again whenever a boogieman is needed.

Good compendium, I hope it gets more viewers after the holidays subside.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 09:41 PM
reply to post by signalfire

There's no reason to believe they're not creating hundreds of these kinds of people at any given time for whatever coverup reason they might need.
Adam Lanza? Sirhan Sirhan? Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 11:09 PM
I'm not buying the usual CT's around JFK's assassination and think Oswald acted alone. It really is the simplest explanation. A marine armed with a bolt action rifle shooting at a large nearby target moving slowly away from him at a small angle. A cake walk for anyone who made it through Marine Corps boot camp in my opinion.


posted on Dec, 25 2013 @ 04:58 AM

I'm not buying the usual CT's around JFK's assassination and think Oswald acted alone. It really is the simplest explanation. A marine armed with a bolt action rifle shooting at a large nearby target moving slowly away from him at a small angle. A cake walk for anyone who made it through Marine Corps boot camp in my opinion.


Why would that Marine pick a piece of crap like the WWII surplus Mannlicher Carcano? It couldn't be expected to give very good accuracy and it certainly isn't what even a deer hunter would wish to carry, much less a fellow that is getting geared up to assassinate a popular US President.

That is one question that always bugged me.

posted on Dec, 25 2013 @ 07:00 AM
Most people realize that Lee Oswald found out about Fascism, as well as Communism. Polar opposites, but each destructive for the rights of the people and American Economic Freedom.

LHO got his rifle and pistol over Fascist General Walker, who was playing the big banking games of playing up the anti-communist theme. Good ole boy Rockefeller had bought Robert Welch for the European bankers, and Welch kicked off the John Birch Society in Indianapolis, Indiana on Dec of 1958. Indiana was a huge area for Hungarians that all hated Eisenhower over not backing Hungary over Communist take over.

This became one of the fulcrums for why Eisenhower warned of the Mil / Ind Network going out of control and elements of the JBS calling both Eisenhower and Warren as Communists, and as JFK came into the play the same group called JFK as Communist also. And those elements played a strong role for why JFK was killed.

In Indianapolis, retired Boston candy manufacturer Robert H.W. Welch, Jr., establishes the John Birch Society, a right-wing organization dedicated to fighting what it perceives to be the extensive infiltration of communism into American society.


The society revived the spirit of McCarthyism, claiming in unsubstantiated accusations that a vast communist conspiracy existed within the U.S. government. Among others, the organization implicated President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren.

JBS Founders Day

posted on Dec, 25 2013 @ 07:20 AM
Though the major driving elements in the JFK hit were about money, few people know how to follow the money. In the issues of the Castro and Cuba affair, it was again about money. A PERMINDEX person named Jean DeMenil down in Houston, Tx was behind the facilitation of Castro into Cuba.

Batista had become highly corrupted for the want of US Dollars and the Mafia bought Batista with drug money and the long range plan was the Mafia Drug dealing would be based in Cuba and they would go legit, and pattern after areas like Marselles, Fr., French-Canadian Montreal, and Liverpool, England, which all knew the drug traded exceeded the gross domestic product of most countries. Drugs were money makers in European economies and even the UK built their Navy with drug money from the Sassoon dealings with China dealing drugs. Drugs were an issue in French Vietnam and so on.

DeMenil installed Castro into Cuba to prevent this major upset in the Drug Profit taking from America via what was largely the Jewish Based Mafia in the US, which was Meyer Lanski and Jack Ruby based and both had strong ties with PERMINDEX. These PERMINDEX operations also financed much Zionist operations via their banking partnership with Tibor Rosenbaum, and many Hungrarian assets of PERMINDEX in Europe.

Persons like William King Harvey were born in Indianapolis, Indiana, which has much Hungarian people from Europe, and this connected with William Harvey in Rome dealing with some of the PERMINDEX knowledge there. PERMINDEX, with US help, tried to kill France's DaGaulle and PERMINDEX was chased out of Europe and ran to South Africa, a British state. Soon PERMINDEX moved into the US with Ferenc Nagy moving to Dallas, Texas.

The Dots are easily connected into a line, and Jean DeMenil was protecting the Europe Drug trade route stability when he and PERMINDEX put Castro into place in Cuba to toss out the Mafia drug operations of the US. Unfortunately, the Russians gave Castro a ship load of oil that the US owned refineries in Cuba refused to process, and Castro just took away their US Control and became close with Russia.

Schlumberger also helped bring Fidel Castro to power by helping overthrow the Batista regime. It was involved in the assassination of Kennedy through company president Jean de Menil, the White Russian husband of Schlumberger heiress Dominique Schlumberger de Menil, acting through the New Orleans office of the Swiss-based company Permindex. Permindex had also organized several attempts on the life of French President Charles de Gaulle.

There are indications that both Halliburton and Brown & Root were also involved in Permindex. According to the Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal manuscript written under the nom de plume "William Torbitt," both Halliburton and George and Herman Brown were among the principal financiers of Permindex, along with Jean de Menil, mob lawyer Roy Cohn, Dallas oilman H.L. Hunt, and others.

Castro and DeMenil Linked to PERMINDEX

posted on Dec, 25 2013 @ 07:41 AM
One of the things the US News agencies used to realize was that Lee Harvey Oswald's middle name was the same one as William King Harvey, the big Operation Mongoose CIA operative. Many news outlets were so scared of the name connections they reported only of Lee H. Oswald, to avoid the Harvey name. Oswald's Harvey relatives were Hungarian Communists and spoke Russian, and the Y in many Hungarian names is associated with Nobility. The same associations apply to William Harvey of the CIA, and his origins from Indianapolis, Indiana.

One also finds the like naming Conventions for Ferenc Nagy, where Nagy is the top Hungarian name and connected with Nobility there. Nagy was the PERMINDEX operative living in Dallas in 1963.

Likewise, one will find that Judyth Vary was from Indianapolis and Vary is a Hungarian Derived name, and she spoke Russian with Lee Oswald, and more things should click into the light of day, which the mainstream media won't speak about, nor the book of Judyth Vary. Vary even moved to Hungary, and now has many Jewish supporters that won't speak to the Hungarian PERMINDEX issues and how they related to Israel. It appears Vary is very much like Nagy and PERMINDEX in her avoidance of highly sensitive issues connected with PERMINDEX and Israel's military finance methods using drug money. imho

For Lee Harvey Oswald, he was likely coming to terms with his origins to some degree, but still working more for New Orleans based PERMENDEX in Russian, than for any real CIA legit sources. When Lee Harvey Oswald was sent to Minsk, he encountered the dead end for many Hungarian Jews sent to their death via Hitler, as Hungarian Jews were killed in Minsk. Lee Harvey's first gal flame in Minsk was a Jewish gal named Anna German, and she turned him down for marriage and Marina was his quick rebound, which was a pretty bad choice for him.

In many ways, communist and fascist movements had opposing ideologies but both ended up being repressive political systems based on the control of a single leader. While communism is based around a theory of economic equality, fascism is based around the glory of the state and strength displayed through violence and conquest. Both communism and fascism originated in Europe and gained popularity in the early to mid 20th century.


Fascism issues

Likewise it follows that Hitler type IG Farben Corporatism is connected with Fascism and extreme right capitolism:

Fascism should more appropriat­ely be called Corporatis­m because it is a merger of state and corporate power.

- Fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini


Corporatism and Fascism

Competition is a sin therefore it must be destroyed.
The only question about wealth is what do you do with it?
The above are the quotes of the first billionaire in human history, John D. Rockefeller who died in 1937.


According to Wikipedia “fascists seek to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values and, systems, including the political system and ideology”. Hence oligarchic and fascist ideologies are similar. Historians Eugen Weber and Robert Soucy view fascism being on the ideological right, rather extreme right.


US Corporate Fascism and Oligarchy as LHO connected Walker
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posted on Dec, 25 2013 @ 07:54 AM
Everyone knows that JFK went after the Federal Reserve via Ex. Order 1110, which got well into PERMINDEX issues of big banking support. This connected to Rockefellers games with Robert Welch and the John Birch Society. Then easily to General Walker and German, plus Dallas HL Hunt and Merchison and others in the big oil money cult.

Follow the money to find the allied interests intent on killing JFK:

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posted on Dec, 25 2013 @ 08:03 AM
Now it is interesting to bring in the insights of Mike Piper, who knew about PERMINDEX long ago and spoke to that issue. Jim Garrison knew about PERMINDEX as it was a part of New Orleans and Clay Shaw and Guy Banister's operations and this group recruited Lee Harvey Oswald to go make trouble in Russian and end the Eisenhower Peaceful Co-existance talks in the US with Khruschev. Six months after Lee Harvey hits Russia, the Russians shoot down Francis Gary Powers and Khruschev bangs his shoe on the podium and ends US talks and starts going toward the Berlin Wall methods to deal with the US.

These days some of the Mike Piper First Editions are collectors items and very expensive to purchase, but there are other sources to read his book these days that are much less expensive.

This video serves as a good introduction to his insights on JFK:

posted on Dec, 25 2013 @ 08:14 AM
So now the connections of Lee Harvey Oswald to the PERMINDEX gang in New Orleans via his handler Guy Banister is coming into sight, as well as Jacob Rubenstein (Jack Ruby) being a PERMINDEX connection in Dallas. Then one finds out why Lee Harvey has to die and Jack Ruby is forced to do the hit on national TV.

Why did Ruby kill Oswald?
“He had no choice,” Raven said. When I asked her to explain why he “had no choice,” she replied only, “Jack had bosses, just like everyone else.”
Raven says she believes “he was instructed on what he needed to do, therefore he did it. And when the opportunity presented itself he went ahead and took it.”


Ruby's Dancer knows he followed orders

posted on Dec, 25 2013 @ 08:20 AM
Next one finds the CIA's Hungarian suspected with Killings to hide himself and PERMINDEX opeations in the US that involved Lee Harvey. There were two factions on the Cuba issue, one CIA, one PERMINDEX, and the Crossover was via William Harvey.

John Whitten, a retired CIA employee, said that he suspected his colleague William K. Harvey, one-time head of the CIA’s assassination program, might have been involved. Whitten was a rare CIA hero in the JFK story. He was deeply involved in the CIA’s first investigation of Oswald, only to be ousted for seeking to investigate Oswald’s Cuban connections. Whitten also knew Harvey well from their time working for the CIA in Europe in the 1950s.

Harvey served as chief of the CIA’s program to overthrow Fidel Castro in 1961-62 and openly derided Attorney General Robert Kennedy for what he regarded as the Kennedy administration’s weak Cuba policy.

CIA leadership sees Bill Harvey as killer

posted on Dec, 25 2013 @ 08:30 AM
Then one has to take notice of this item from David Copeland, per a Customs Agent and Narcotics agents look into the JFK hit. Here we find the Fascists element wanting to frame Lee Harvey, else they dump the connections of the Dallas banker and oil types into the news media, which would take down both Lyndon Johnson and Edgar Hoover, due to their associations with Ruby and Merchison.

This work is an enlargement of a working paper furnished to Torbitt by two agents - one with the Customs Department and one other with the Narcotics Bureau. For obvious reason, their identities must be protected, but the author gives highest credit to the investigative work of the two well-informed officers.

The author especially credits the working paper of the two agents with revealing the heretofore highly secret Defense Industrial Security Command and its intelligence assignments on behalf of the munitions and aerospace manufacturers.


The author says "The Fascist cabal who assassinated John Kennedy planned to lay the blame on honest right-wing conservatives, if their first ploy, to lay the blame on Oswald and the Communists was not bought."


Torbit File

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