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New Night Time "things" Happening to me

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posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 04:41 PM
Hello all.

(For those who want to skip this wall of text check out the TL : DR at the end, or if you simply want to see the events as described and not the back story leading up to how it all works in my personal timeline look for "Event #" down below.)

Several years ago i had posted a story under a different username
(I lost the password to that account and lost access to the email it was opened under)

Here is the link to the first time i posted something like this:

Since that time i have additional events happen to me at night in very similar ways. I probably should not have waited so long to share these and as a result i am sure i have forgotten some of them but the ones that have happened this year are worth sharing.

At the time of the first story i shared i lived about 800 miles from where i live now. Additionally i have lived in 5 different houses/apartments since that time. After the events of that first story i moved to a different house in the same town and i cannot recall anything similar happening during my time there. 6 months after moving into that house i moved to a different state about 700 miles away with a friend, we got a 2 bedroom apartment. I was unable to find work and ended up moving back to my home state to live with my new girlfriend. We lived at her studio for about a year and a half, again i don't recall anything similar happening there. We then moved into a house in the same city with her brother and lived there for another year and some-change, and there, a few strange occurrences happened and may be worthy of their own thread at some point but overall no real memorable events on the same scale as the original story. Finally we tried the other state again and i moved back there (700+ miles away). We started out staying at a friends house while i worked and we looked for a place of our own.

The strange night time happenings return:

EVENT 1 At our friends house we setup a futon mattress on the floor of his living room in the corner near a window. I don't fall asleep very easily as my mind tends to be very active at night so 9 times out of 10 my girlfriend is asleep before me. So i was laying there in the dimly lit room trying to sleep, eyes closed, spooning with the girl. All of a sudden i felt a strong breath blow directly in my face. I heard the air and felt it strike me with a good deal of force. If i were to relate it to something, i would say it felt exactly like someone blowing a quick puff of breath at you from only a few inches away. I immediately opened my eyes and expected to see my girlfriends face. But we were still spooning, she was facing away from me and was fast asleep. The window was closed so i know it wasn't a gust from outside. Her hair was laying in a position that suggested it wasn't my own breath somehow bouncing off her head, it was not blown away from me. I was very startled by it.

A month and a half after moving in with my buddy we found our own place. Once we had our own home we were able to move our cats in from the other state. They adjusted rather well to the new home but for the first few weeks they would look at things as if they saw something, staring at a wall with that look cats get when they see someone or something. Sometimes they would run away from things, not in a playful way but just startled, run out of the hall stop and look back. There was never any sights or sounds to accompany this. This eventually died down and they stopped acting weird.

About a month or so back, events very similar to the things i used to see years ago in that other house started happening again. The first one i can recall went down like this:

Sometime between 12am and 3am, I was asleep in my bed beside my girlfriend, both cats sleeping at the foot of the bed, and i woke up. I can't recall if i woke up because of the dream or just because. Either way i wake up and open my eyes. Floating about 3-4 feet above me and my girlfriend is this strange orb like thing. It's very hard to describe, it was not quite spherical and not entirely transparent but definitely round and had a very very soft whitish glow to it. I stared at it, at this point i felt completely awake and as i watched it it slowly, without sound, moved towards the wall, i followed it with my eyes and watched as it seemed to pass through the wall and was gone. When i told my friend about this he obviously suggested, as some here might, that i was still asleep. However at no point from when i first saw this thing to when i was wide awake getting out of bed to think about what i had just seen did i "wake up" again. I didn't awake from sleep after having seen his, i simply woke up, opened my eyes, watched it do it's thing and was still just "awake". I would also describe a sense that the object was watching me, or it some way was aware of me and was aware i had seen it. I would say a small feeling of a presence in the room. Nothing else happened that night or that week.

Weeks after the event posted above. Again, at night, just after 12 am, cats both sleeping in the bed at our feet as usual. I wake up from sleeping and open my eyes. I spot something floating above the bed, it was a dark arm like object extending from the ceiling. Very similar to what i saw in the original story posted above. In this area of the room there is a strip of shadow created by the light from the window in the bathroom and the window in the bedroom. Whatever this thing was, it was in the dark strip between those two light sources. As i watched it it started retracting into the ceiling. In the opposite corner is a smoke detector. Every 30 seconds or so the green light on it flashes quickly. As i watched the object receding into the ceiling the green light flashed and i could see the object slightly illuminated by the green light! It quickly moved into the ceiling and was gone.

This was the first time that any of these events seemed to be effected by something i knew was in the real world (a real light source). Before this, everything could simply be explained by the mind in a "just waking up" state. The fact that it reflected the green light was shocking to me. In my mind it made it more real. I got up and went to the restroom, and after some time thinking about what i had seen i eventually settled back into bed and fell sleep.

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posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 04:41 PM
The same night. Not sure how much time had passed. I wake up, eyes still closed i can feel small light footed footsteps on my pillow above/behind my head. It felt exactly like one of the cats walking across the pillows behind our heads, which they do from time to time. I always wake up and pick them up to move them back to the foot of the bed. I open my eyes and try to do exactly that, the small footsteps stop, and i immediate spot a strange object floating above the bed. Not an arm and very similar to the orb like thing only much darker (not a whitish glow) but rather a darker black opaque look to it. I was also unable to move my body, just my eyes. I looked at it and felt an obvious presence near me. Whatever the light footsteps were i felt like it was still sitting/standing right behind my head. I could feel my body and could feel a force pushing down on it. I focused my eyes on the object floating above me. I don't know why i tried what i did next but i felt like if i could focus my thoughts towards that object i could maybe effect whatever energy field this thing had on me. I focused my thoughts and tried to reflect the energy back at the object, the moment I started this the weight pushing on me intensified greatly. It didn’t exactly hurt but my whole body felt like it was being crushed, I felt a sudden malevolence as if I had pissed it off trying to do this. I tried to yell out but couldn’t make any words. I lay there almost shaking from this weight on me trying to scream. Needless to say I was slightly #ting bricks. Suddenly the dark orb floating up into the ceiling and was gone. I stayed motionless for a few moments just going over what had just happened, I lifted my head and moved my arms. My legs still felt heavy until I moved them and then they suddenly felt normal. I looked behind me and there was nothing on the pillow, and both cats were fast asleep at the foot of the bed.

I did not go back to sleep that night.

I’m thinking it might be high time to burn some sage in the house. I have no idea what these events mean. My friend says its obvious that whatever it is it is either all in my head or it’s following me.

I still kind of hold onto the idea that whatever these things are they are not from our dimension. Just the gut feeling I have about it. After I saw the one object illuminated by the green light I stopped being able to justify the events as just dreams or just dream like states. At this point they’ve become far more real to me and I certainly don’t enjoy them.
Used to wake up to see strange things in my room, they stopped for a few years but have since returned. The latest was the most intense and terrifying of all as I woke up paralyzed, a strange object floating above me, something sitting on the pillow behind my head. I tried to fight back mentally and it seemed to react in ager as the weight on me increased by a lot until finally subsiding and I watched as the weird object floating away into the ceiling.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by tpsreporter

Definitely sounds like some type of sleep paralysis. I've woken up before unable to move or call out with the feeling that something is holding me down. What it is, I don't know. Some say it's a sleeping disorder/mental phenomenon.. others think it's supernatural.
I've never seen anything in this state, though. But some people do.

posted on Dec, 26 2013 @ 05:07 AM
Sounds like a lot of spiritual and demonic activity.

posted on Dec, 26 2013 @ 07:05 AM
First question I have is - how old are you?

This is probably the most important question that can be asked, given the nature of these events as you've experienced them.

(I'll comment more on that when you've answered that question)

As for seeing things in the dark, I've been seeing things in the darkened room, while absolutely awake and alert for as long as I can remember. It's rare that I can "feel" anything from what I see, so I simply credit it these visuals to a schism in my brain's visual processing system, and enjoy the show. For example, we have a ceiling fan above our bed, and I never know what it's going to transform into as the night progresses. It grows, changes shape, adds blades to its configuration, eliminates blades at times so that it can become a human shadow form doing a Spiderman cling to the ceiling; it's always something new and interesting.

If I concentrate, I can visually produce bright flashes of color - primary colors like red, blue, yellow - in the air before me, and even see them darting toward me and across the room. However, as I said, I don't "feel" anything from these flashes and streaks, so I'm content to enjoy my brain's inability to simply process the visual stimuli that actually exists without seizing the opportunity to add a little of whatever it would like to see along with what's coming in from the external sensory data wash. I hallucinate, but since I don't suffer associated delusions, I'm okay with the fact that my visual cortex is "unique" in this manner.

I have experienced visualizations that are accompanied by the "feeling" that there's more to it than my usual mixture of internal and external stimuli, and I'm quick to mentally punish the intruder (there's an extremely effective method for this which is loosely based on the same thing you do when you "stare darts at someone"). I've lived like this for many years, and since I've presented and enforced very specific boundaries, I haven't had any trouble with anyone or anything taking advantage of how my brain prefers to experience darkened rooms.

Just some ideas.

posted on Dec, 26 2013 @ 08:26 AM
reply to post by NorEaster

If I concentrate, I can visually produce bright flashes of color - primary colors like red, blue, yellow

What do you do when concentrating ?

What position are the colours located at ?
Is the red on the ground, blue high up and the yellow seems to connect the red and blue together ?

Just curious, because that is what ley lines look like (from a vision) in the spiritual sense of this world.

posted on Dec, 26 2013 @ 09:33 AM

reply to post by NorEaster

If I concentrate, I can visually produce bright flashes of color - primary colors like red, blue, yellow

What do you do when concentrating ?

What position are the colours located at ?
Is the red on the ground, blue high up and the yellow seems to connect the red and blue together ?

Just curious, because that is what ley lines look like (from a vision) in the spiritual sense of this world.

They're just flashes - points of light in various sizes - and I kind of look into the darkness as if I'm looking past the room itself. If you remember those 3-D pattern designs that were popular for a short period of time in the early-mid 90s, and how you had to refocus your eyes and find the "point of focus" that suddenly revealed the hidden 3-D design inside the random pattern, then it's kind of like doing that, only into darkness. For some reason my brain's visual translation circuits produce point-light flashes and movements of color when I do that. It's not anything that actually exists beyond my brain's visual translation circuitry, but it's pretty cool to watch.

posted on Dec, 26 2013 @ 10:40 AM
reply to post by NorEaster

Hmm, interesting stuff. i think i know what you are seeing especially brief flashes of blue.

Thanks. Star for the help. i will see if those colours are easy to focus on tonight especially after listening to my spiritual frequency of 112 Hz.

posted on Dec, 26 2013 @ 07:23 PM
I have similar weird stuff happening to me at night, I won't go into detail on here, not yet anyway, but mine involves sleep paralysis episodes that turn into full on 'visions' of a far distant future, a massive futuristic city, ETs, time travel, serious breaches of the laws of physics, and things even the most logical of people would find hard to get their heads around.

So in a short reply, I understand, but as far as an explanation, I'll do my best.

The human brain is a very complex organ, and sleep is even more of a complex thing that very few if any fully understand the mechanics of.

As an open minded person I cannot dismiss anything, including external supernatural or even just natural (we don't know half of what nature is capable of) forces (aliens, spirits, time slips etc), but I also cannot dismiss the power of the human brain and how little we truly understand this organ and it's functions.

So in short, yes it could be aliens messing with you, or a spirit, but it could also be your brain using parts of it's self it would not use in your waking life. We are said to only access a very small part of our true brain capacity, so who knows what our brains are up to while we sleep.

Sleep it's self is also a very mysterious, complex human body function which we still do not fully understand.

Some basic advice would be to:

Reduce your brain stimulation about an hour before bedtime. Turn OFF all technology in the house, phones, tablets, computers and TVs as these can all hype our brains up.

Reduce your intake of caffeine, even if you get to sleep with caffeine in your system, which is impossible for me, it can still have a stimulating effect on your brain while you sleep, making you more prone to strange dreams, sleep paralysis etc.

Reduce all other chemical substances (apart from if your doctor has prescribed them and told you when to take them), such as nicotine or any other drugs before bedtime.

Reduce alcohol before bedtime, you may think it makes you sleep better, but it certainly does NOT and it cant do any harm to reduce it if you do like a drink.

Try to avoid sleep aids, again they may make you fall asleep faster, but can cause all kinds of sleep disturbances, from sleep paralysis to vivid dreams to confusion, they are best avoided unless a doctor advises otherwise, and still even then be very wary of these medications.

Try cutting down on dairy, this can effect sleep, it certainly does with me, the whole 'milk before bed' thing is a cue for my brain to go flipside while I sleep lol.

Sorry if this is not much help, maybe I will tell my story one day but I am not going to hyjack your thread with it

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posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 07:07 AM
Also on the subject of medication, are you on any meds? If you are, ask your doctor if hallucinations or night time sleep disturbances are part of the side effects. Lots of medications can interfere with sleep including:

Opiates - painkillers derived from opium such as codeine and morphine.

Anti anxiety meds - drugs like Diazapam and Temazapam.

Anti Depressants - prozac, citalapram etc

A wide array of medications, even some which you can buy over the counter can all disturb and alter your sleep.

See link for a larger list.

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