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Best Holiday Wishes / Along with a Dream...

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posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 12:17 PM
Hello Dear Friends,

As some of you have perhaps noticed (or not) I have been out of here for a while – as John Lennon once said...”Life happens” and without going into much details, “life did happen...over and over and over again...” - but as all good times (and bad ones) tend to come to an end eventually, it makes me extremely happy to be back into this world’s best internet forum that is called Above Top Secret, along with its admin, staff and membership that I have had the honor of coexisting with for a few years.

And I do come back with wishes.

Those wishes – even though I was raised a Christian and still hold deep feelings about Christmas and what it truly represents – are mostly ones of Community bonds (on & off the net), Friendship salutes and overall good matter what God you follow (or don’t), which religion you were raised into or willingly adhered to after your own conclusions (or perhaps just tossed aside), no, what I really wish is to touch into this part of your world that makes everything around you what it is...and that is...YOU.

Yes, I do have a dream.

No, not a Martin Luther King type of dream, just a simple dream...

And that dream is that YOU and me, YOU and others, YOU and your family, YOU and your friends...YOU start dreaming also...of a better world...all around...

It’s that simple, really. It starts with YOU.

YOU choose if you’re going to have a crappy day today or a good one. YOU choose if you’re going to smile today or give bad vibes all around. YOU choose how this day will turn out. No matter the circumstance, no matter the illness, no matter the bad luck, no matter what bad happens to you, no matter if your world seems to be coming apart altogether, how you react to it is only up to YOU. No one else. Tough but true.

I wouldn’t be saying this if I hadn’t been there, done that. It was only yesterday that I decided that day in day out crap was enough and I wasn’t going to fall for it any more. It’s only up to me. It’s not what seems to happen to me that counts, honestly, but it’s how I react to it. That choice is always mine and mine alone. No one else’s. And the same goes for YOU.

We are into Holiday Festivities, no matter where we live, what we believe in, whether we see it or not and for a whole lot of people around us, Holiday Festivities are meant to have fun, to have joy and to feel good in general.

So why not try? What do we have to lose? Why not start with this forum right here, right now?

I do have a dream.

More smiles, more joy, more good feelings.

And it starts with me.

And YOU.

It is my dream and my wishes, for all of you, at this time of the year.

A better World...all around.


posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 01:36 PM
'Nice to see you again, Son. I echo your dreams and wishes. Hopefully, they'll reverberate through a joy-hungry world.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by SonoftheSun

I am very happy to see you around again... Welcome back.

Also, I will join you in your dream, I think I have not done a great job this year, but I will try my best to do better next!

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 03:50 PM
I Thank You for your post and I truly Wish that All wars Would be Over and a Wonderful Song by John Lennon fits the Season and the times we live in and maybe All wars will be over.

Merry Christmas.

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