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A Chaotic Past [Dec2013]

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posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 12:06 PM
Dec[2013] [non-writer]

The U.S was struggling to develop the first atomic bomb before Germany did. When German scientists fled Germany to go to the U.S, Franklin Roosevelt considered them terrorists and they were accused of sabotage and shot. Germany was thriving at this point, because Adolf Hitler had sworn off alcohol and other drugs at the age of 30 in order to get his life back on track, he did not suffer from terrible sleeping habits or become depressed or as stressed as he would with alcohol. This caused Germany to finish the atomic bomb before the Americans and deployed it in the U.S to further set back their research.
When the time came D-Day was unsuccessful, Operation Overlord had been aborted because of the extreme amount of casualties. The British along with the other allies also had to many casualties to continue on and also had to retreat.
The U.S was never able to attack Hiroshima because Hitler had ceased their research thus advancing Japan farther than they would have if the nuke was dropped. The U.S was in chaos, Japan’s raid on Pearl Harbor was successful and there was a little over 100,000 casualties. World War II kept advancing, Germany continued the genocide and Japan was unharmed by it considering their alliance they had made after D-Day was unsuccessful.
As the years passed Germany had taken over 30% of Europe and Japan had captured 40% of Asia with help from the Germans and were slowly advancing. They could not be stopped now and the allies knew it. Germany had so many new Arian recruitments and kamikaze became a lost military strategy of the Japanese because of all the casualties. Japan knew they would need all the soldiers they could get so they sent out mandatory drafts.
Once they took over Asia, Europe, and Africa they met at the Mediterranean Sea and began the long trek to South America. They had 24 aircraft carriers and 15 destroyers armed and ready at the Argentinian Coast. They worked their way up to central America and then to North America. By now over 15% of the world was now uninhabitable due to radiation.
Germany and Japan made great technological advances over the course of the war. They now had hover plate technology by smashing a Galicium particle, element 144 and Anotonium particle, element 151 to create a material that seemed to have anti gravitational properties. Their tanks and jeeps now hovered over the harsh terrain effortlessly.
When Germany and Japan made it all the way to the Great Lake they split up, Japan would capture Canada and Germany would make their way up to Greenland.
They would march together to capture Antarctica and German geologists would stay in New Swabia, a recent outpost set up by the germans. There they would continue their research on the hollow earth theory. Since there was no Operation HighJump to previously stop the Germans from their research in Antarctica they had greatly advanced in their research.

Now the year is 2013 and Germany had successfully carried out mass genocide and the Aryan race is supreme and living amongst the Japanese. Well, Germany had occupied the Western Hemisphere while Japan controlled the Eastern hemisphere so they kept their distance.
The German outpost in New Swabia had brought in astounding results. They proved the hollow earth theory true and discovered that there is a whole other civilization living down there. When the word got out to Welt der Träume (which included North America, Canada, and Greenland) the nation was taken back and plans were made to interact with the civilization. Under the command of Fuhrer Rudolf, Hitler’s second in command, a nazi exploration party was sent into the winding caves of antarctica to find the long lost civilization.
Since Fuhrer was never kidnapped in Scotland, due to Hitler’s success he remained second in command and later took over hitlers throne when he died in 1985.
The exploration party tried to make peace with the lost civilization which called themselves the Empriums, but it only ended badly. The party was captured and tortured because all the harm that was done to the earth such as nuclear meltdowns, pollution, and extreme industrial colonization. The Empriums warned the party before they released the exhausted and damaged crew members and showed them the way out. When surfaced they all were immediately taken to a medical outpost near the site with severe damage to their vital internal organs. They warned Fuhrer who warned the Japanese causing industrial and radioactive pollution to be cut by 53% in the Western Hemisphere.The Japanese refused to shut down their metal smelting plants used for making armour, guns, and swords which lead to an invasion of 忘れられた土地 which included Europe and Russia.
The Japanese had the bigger army between them and the Germans, much bigger, so when the Empriums arrived on the Russian northern coast they were greeted by millions of Japanese soldiers. The Empriums made an attempt to make peace with the Japanese like they did with the germans but only if they cut down on pollution by at least 50%. When the Japanese disagreed the Empriums showed their hostile personality by declaring war on the Japanese. The war was called The War of Lost Souls because so many Japanese died that the Empriums took hold of the Eastern Hemisphere and killed off the Japanese. They made their new kingdom there and made peace with the germans. They also offered to share their advanced technology with them so they were equally technologically advanced. After 5 years, with the use of the new Emprium technology, the germans decreased pollution and atmospheric damage by 40% more than they previously had. They were both happy with each other and the planet and it was no longer in danger of pollution. But what the germans did not know was the Empriums were hiding a dark secret that if revealed would completely change their allied relationship forever.


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posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by golden23

A suggestion?

Place the [dec ] and title of your story in the "title" space instead of writing contest entry.

Good job so far, keep at it!
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posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 12:11 PM
yea i didnt bother with it because this thread is linked in with the original Writibg Competition post. it has the title and everything there


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