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Has the mystery of nine skiers who died half naked in the Siberian wilderness in 1959 been SOLVED? A

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posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 07:33 PM
I think those who discredit the power of infra-sound, think that the wind was whistling and that scared them.

I mean, infra-sound can make you hallucinate, it can make you panic, it can make you feel imminent doom, dread, discomfort, nausea. The right frequency is going to make you feel like you are not alone and whatever it is with you, wants to eat your skin, slowly.

Something did make them flee their tent. I imagine it was '___'.

And those saying that hypothermia makes you hot, no, no it doesnt. You lose sense of hot and cold, you feel warm, you are not cold anymore. You dont feel like your in a sauna, prompting you to strip.

If they cut their way out of the tent. someone or something was infront of it, waiting. they didnt have much time. the women were probably raped.

I wouldnt be surprised if it was military. they came across the tent. no one around they couldnt dispose of. rape the women, chase the men into the trees.

I dont know.

posted on Jul, 6 2014 @ 06:11 AM

originally posted by: smirk
And those saying that hypothermia makes you hot, no, no it doesnt. You lose sense of hot and cold, you feel warm, you are not cold anymore. You dont feel like your in a sauna, prompting you to strip.
There are various stages of hypothermia. Your extremities become numb due to lack of blood flow, but after a while the muscles restricting the flow of blood get too tired and the blood rushes in to the extremities and yes it can make them feel hot, and yes it can make them undress:

To shut down the loss of heat from the extremities, the body induces vasoconstriction, the reflexive contraction of blood vessels.

Over time, however, the muscles necessary for inducing vasoconstriction become exhausted and fail, causing warm blood to rush from the core to the extremities. This results in a kind of "hot flash" that makes victims of severe hypothermia — who are already confused and disoriented — feel as though they're burning up, so they remove their clothes, researchers have concluded.
However, I'm not sure the evidence points to this cause. I think it's at least as likely that their clothes got wet, and they got out of the wet clothes as anybody in wet clothes in cold temperatures would do. Maybe they didn't have any dry clothes to put on after the snow got in the tent.

If they cut their way out of the tent. someone or something was infront of it, waiting. they didnt have much time. the women were probably raped.

I wouldnt be surprised if it was military. they came across the tent. no one around they couldnt dispose of. rape the women, chase the men into the trees.
Never heard anything about rape so I'm not sure where you got that idea. There are detailed autopsy reports which don't mention any rape.

I read the KGB might have some files they still haven't released on this case. If that's true it would be interesting to see what they contain. I'd be a little surprised if the military had anything to do with it directly, though they could have done some things indirectly, like launched a rocket over the area which could have startled the campers, etc.
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posted on Jul, 8 2014 @ 05:18 PM
Has anybody determined if the photo of a menk/yeti/sasquatch from the mockumentary and then the documentary following that was supposedly the last one on the roll of film the group took was real?

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 02:37 AM

originally posted by: Swing80s
Has anybody determined if the photo of a menk/yeti/sasquatch from the mockumentary and then the documentary following that was supposedly the last one on the roll of film the group took was real?

There was no such photo.
in addition, the claim that they wrote "We now know yeti exist" is without substantiation.

Regardless of what caused them to cut their way out of the tent was done out of sheer terror and desperation.

This was not a fun night.

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 03:09 AM
When people get cold or hypothermia sets in, they become disoriented, get lost, might sweat and even remove clothing.

Were toxicology tests performed back then? Perhaps they ate something that causes a fever, overheating and ripped open the tent in a panic

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 05:00 AM

originally posted by: IMAnonymous

originally posted by: Swing80s
Has anybody determined if the photo of a menk/yeti/sasquatch from the mockumentary and then the documentary following that was supposedly the last one on the roll of film the group took was real?

There was no such photo.

Here is the story on the photo which does exist but the source is unknown. A researcher was mailed the full collection of photos taken and included in that collection was the "yeti" picture. However, it does not exist in original Soviet file of photos and is believed to be a hoax (perhaps by the researcher who claimed to receive it as he's the only one to ever see it.).

in addition, the claim that they wrote "We now know yeti exist" is without substantiation.

Correction. The Soviet file shows that Dubina did write those words.

You can find my research on the case as a Kindle book on Amazon. It's titled "A Compelling Unknown Force" by Clark Wilkins.

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 05:24 AM
a reply to: andy06shake

This is not accurate...
The original investigator made a full report based on many testimonials of events as well as all the physical evidence...
The testimonials came from a wide range surrounding the incident...
The investigator and his report were silenced...
Although he did not have full knowledge of the event quite a story was told...

posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 08:51 PM

originally posted by: Oannes
They actually appeared to suffer some kind of radation burns. Also, there tounges were cut out. No animal I know of would be capable of this. The only other time i've seen anything close to this, is cattle mutilations. They fled there tent in the middle of nowhere. Something was out there with them. The natives of the area have claimed to see strange lights in the sky for centuries.

I seriously doubt the radiation stuff. Why would the bodies have been examined for radiation? It makes no sense. It would be like examining the bodies for malaria.

The bodies were not found until a month after they didn't come back when expected and some were found under the snow. This discredits the claims about single-file footprints. If it had snowed enough to cover up a body, there would have been no footprints.

As for the cuts in the tent, we don't know whether they were made before or after the deaths. A bear, wolverine, whatever, might have been searching for food.

An avalanche could well have caused broken bones and those uninjured might have stayed with those too injured to be moved. A mile might not seem like much, but it's a huge distance for someone with internal injuries or broken bones and, if there was a snow storm, it's extremely easy to become disoriented. THey might not have known they were only one mile from the tent.

I know you didn't comment about most of these things. My comments are general thoughts about the case.

posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 09:27 PM

originally posted by: Astr0

reply to post by 4ajodster
The aliens seem to want animal and human sensory parts that taste,smell, see, and feel (the broken bones are from dropping the victim from the sky after they're done). There must be other cases of human mutilations besides this one and the one in Brazil , but the majority of cases are shut up and locked up in secrecy. This case in Russia fits the legend of the Windigo a tenticled being that hunts during snowstorms near Native American camps .

Oh for goodness sake. The broken bones were found in people that dropped into a ravine. Ever fallen into a ravine? ice hurts. Badly. Think smashed to pieces type of hurt.

There is zero need for any alien type intervention here.

The people were in a bad place to start with (were supposed to be lower altitude inside the treeline for starters) and woefully unprepared for what the weather threw at them.

I'll give you an example from my own past.

Mountain terrain northern Scandinavia, static air temp -37 degrees, wind whipping us at 40 gusting 65 / 70. Do you know how cold that was? -78 degrees. We were fit, strong, prepared people in the most cutting edge equipment the 1980s could offer. Think down suits, polar boots and mittens.

It was a frozen hell.

It was here I came across a victim of CIVD (not part of our expedition, a local who had fallen into water via an ice hole). Cold Induced Vaso-Dilation. You want to know what happened? this person stripped off all of their clothes (paradoxical warming) and was violent. VERY violent. A nasty side effect of CIVD is that the person suffering it feels they are absolutely in total utter control of their faculties and every one else is insane.

We had to tie this person into a sleeping bag system. That's how violent they were until warmed through.

So - aliens? no. These people suffered terrible deaths at natures hands through what I feel is a sad culmination of unrelated events that led to panic and abandoning relative safety.

I agree. People who have not experienced extreme cold weather don't realize how deadly it is and how quickly someone can become mentally and physically incapacitated. Although we'll never know exactly what happened, an avalanche explains everything except the alleged radiation. IF an avalanche hit the tent, the occupants would have been frantic to get out and would have cut open the tent and exited immediately with only the clothing they had on. If the avalanche happened during a snowstorm, they would have been horribly disoriented. By the time clear visibility returned, they likely would not have known where they were. Climbing a tree to get a better view is a logical thing to do and would explain the broken tree branches. Only the three people found in the ravine had broken bones and a fall into the ravine would explain that. Some people, probably those without boots, would have died very quickly and their clothes would have been taken by those who lived longer. The missing eyes, tongue, etc. would likely have been eaten by birds or rodents during the very short period of time before the body completely froze. Unless there's evidence to the contrary, I would guess that the radiation story is bogus. It may have started by someone saying the bodies looked like they had suffered radiation burns and, after a couple re-tellings, became "they had radiation burns". Severely frost-bitten flesh turns black. Medical experts would have known that. Why in the world would anyone have tested the bodies for radiation, anyway?

posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 09:35 PM
a reply to: 4ajodster I thought of one more possibility. Originally, there were ten people in the party. One became ill and turned back after the first day. I don't know the nature of his illness, but if it was contagious, some or all of the rest of the party might have become ill. Illness/fever/extreme cold and rugged terrain are a recipe for disaster.

Although anything is possible, I don't understand the tendency of some to look for the most bizarre and unlikely solutions to mysteries that are explainable by more mundane means.

posted on Aug, 29 2014 @ 07:33 PM

Ancient aliens left nuclear-powered anti-aircraft lasers buried beneath the rocks the area. The lasers, effective against meteors, comets and other stuff that would nail the earth, are automatically activated when needed by a radar array of some sort.

Humans on earth in this timeline have no control over the lasers and their existence is only hypothesized by a few people and unheard of by most.

The lasers where activated either to neutralize an incoming threat, by accident, or as part of occasional automated maintenance drill.

The enormous energies required to unlock the lasers from their underground moorings, their elevation to the surface and the radiation from their ignition was proximate to the skiers and accounted for their deaths and injuries.

Note: the TV program Ancient Aliens posited this is as part of the explanation for the Siberian meteor back in the 1900s. I merely suggest it might have also been the case at Dyatlov.

posted on Aug, 29 2014 @ 09:32 PM

originally posted by: CharlieSpeirs
Assuming they took their clothes off due to Hypothermia, that would make it Moderate Hypothermia, rather than Mild, or Severe...
But moderate also brings Drowsiness and dificulty moving around... so how did they travel half a mile from base with this alleged Hypothermia???

Why did the animals that fed on a few of them eat so little of each member??? Savouring each body? A flock/pack with seperate meals?
Surely one vessel would have been food enough for a single predator rather than trying them all out like a wild Goldilocks?
And a pack would surely have feasted on just one as is customary, even then how did a pack consume so little?

Why was the tent torn open from the inside??? A struggle in the tent between the occupants? Or defense against an intruder?
Anything else is pretty much unexplainable. Lack of resources may have caused an in-war explaining some of the violent deaths.

An avalanche? That didn't bury the bodies but was powerful enough to break bones and kill them via blunt force trauma?
I've personally never heard of such an avalanche to be honest, maybe some of our fellow members have heard such cases. Let us know please!

I've heard the radiation was untrue so I'll be hesitant to comment on that.

Doesn't sound like this has been solved at all.
To be honest it sounds more mysterious now.


You're assuming they developed hypothermia before leaving the tent. IT's far more likely that they developed hypothermia while away from the tent and were disabled and/or lost and unable to get back to the tent.

Very small rodents or birds might have eaten the tongue, eyes, etc. of one victim while the others were still alive and before the temperature dropped enough to kill the rest and quick-freeze the bodies. A woodchuck used to visit my garden and take one bite out of each squash rather than eating one entire squash. This was despite the fact that I put out a delicatessen of delectable greens and apples closer to her den to prevent her from raiding my garden and she gorged herself on this feast before visiting the garden.

Unless the tent was closely examined by a forensic expert, I don't know how they could have determined that it was cut from the inside. But let's say it was. An avalanche, even a small one, would have caused panic inside the tent and led to someone cutting the tent to get out quickly.

How would creating an opening in the tent be a defense against an intruder? By the time they knew there was an intruder (human, bear, whatever), it would be too late to relocate to avoid an attack. Why would a struggle between the people in the tent cause ALL of them to abandon the tent improperly clothed?

The only people with broken bones were found at the bottom of a ravine. The injuries were consistent with a fall into the ravine. Easy to happen in a snowstorm.

Did any of them have guns? Had the guns been fired?

posted on Aug, 29 2014 @ 09:44 PM

originally posted by: IMAnonymous
Exiting the cut out section of the tent was conducted in a very hurried and unorganized manner (contrary to the unhurried and organized manner in which they then walked away afterwards.).

The second misconception is the assumption of an avalanche. The slope was 19 degrees which is not a condition for avalanches and the tent was pitched near the very top of Hill 1097 (not 300 meters below it as one poster noted.). This reduces the chance of avalanche by an even greater amount (to almost nothing). Searchers no sign of disturbance to the site, the standing skis not even slightly moved and all tent stakes were in place. There was however, almost a foot of snow that had been added to site in the approximate 4 hours between when they set up the tent and when they left it. This is, indeed, a lot of snow to fall (although they were camped in a snow storm) but it would have caused no injuries even if it did originate from a minor slide. Curiously, the storm ended almost to the minute they left the tent, suggesting a connection.

I'm glad to see no one fell for the "sound" theory as there is no documented case of any such thing/effect either before or after 1959.

If the bodies weren't found for a month or more after they didn't show up when expected and at least one was found covered with snow, how was it determined that they walked away in an organized and unhurried manner? If it snowed enough to cover a body, wouldn't the tracks have been covered?

Your information does raise questions about an avalanche. Even a minor slide might have scared them into cutting open the tent in panic not realizing that it wasn't a full-blown avalanche. Is it possible that the snow began to collapse the tent (even if the tent poles stayed in place) and that's why someone cut open the tent? Still doesn't explain why they left, though.

How was it determined that the snow fell during the four hours after they set up camp and ended just as they left the tent? I can't imagine how that was determined more than a month later.

The tenth party member turned back because he was ill. Do you know the nature of his illness?
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posted on Aug, 29 2014 @ 10:13 PM
a reply to: Tangerine

didn't the tenth have altitude sickness? I will go double check and come back here. well I checked didn't find anything specific so far...

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posted on Aug, 29 2014 @ 11:02 PM
a reply to: research100 I believe that they had spooked themselves before the chaos began. The wind was howling the cold was impossible to get away from, they had been out in the elements for many days, they were physically,mentally ,emotionally spent, they were in the tent and noises were heard, so they put the eye level slits in the tent wall to peer out, something was seen or they believed was seen or possibly a freak gust of wind blew a chunk of snow that hit the tent at that very moment of peering outside, one or two of the more dominant ones in the group got scared, real scared and the others naturaley followed as they had been doing all along, the word was given RUN!!! and off they went somehow splitting up into two groups, I believe there was a fight, a fight amongst the males in the group, I would guess fighting over a difference in choices that were made, and they beat each other up pretty good, leaving bruises, why they didn't go back to the tent can only be explained in my opinion is because they feared an avalanche, if they feared a yeti or aliens why try to start the fire and why not move and keep moving to get as far away as possible, the missing tongue? how much of the tongue was missing? could she have fallen and accidentlly bit it off herself, it is a great mystery, I just believe it has a more less then fascinating truth behind it, I truly believe one of the leaders in the group got real scared and paranoid about , most likely avalanches or possibly yetis, but whatever it was it naturally affected the whole group and it just fell apart from there, this is a great thread I will be anxiously watching for more info. oh yes and the radiation, ?? dunno keeps me thinkin, if its true it was detected

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