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Base Camp / Plan Columbia followup

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posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 02:04 PM
First a refresher course:
Base Camp 101: the not so secret base by highway 6 in Nevada
Plan Columba aircraft at Base Camp

You have the links. Base Camp is either a recreational area for the USAF or a CIA training camp in the desert.

The Base Camp page on Plan Columbia is a dire need of being updated. Let's just say the CIA contractors were eventually freed, and nobody is talking about the money.

Ronald B Powers, the person acting as the front man for the Cessna Caravan leases managed to get into some hot water a few months ago.
USAF scammers
Usually when someone knows too much, i.e. like Ronald Powers, the government looks the other way or the guy gets two to the head (Gary Webb). So it is odd they are letting this go to trial rather than protect their guy. It will be interesting if Ronald Powers takes the stand. ("Mr. Powers, what is your relationship with the US government....")

But the latest news is more interesting.
US aids Columbia in killing FARC
Similar article

Under the Colombian programme, the CIA is not allowed to participate directly in operations. The same restrictions apply to military involvement in Plan Colombia. The new covert push against the FARC unofficially began on February 13, 2003. By then, the US had already declared the FARC a terrorist organization.

Initial reports indicated that these attacks were part of Plan Columbia, but later reports indicated the funding came out of a different account.

None of the press specifically says the US provided JDAMs, but that is a GPS guided bomb. There is no report where the Columbia air force trained in deploying JDAMs. Could be in Columbia, or they could have trained at the Nellis Test and Training Range (NTTR).

Possibly related, Super Tucano aircraft were flying around the NTTR about two years ago. This news source appears to be trying to link the aircraft and the bombing together, though I don't know if the Super Tucano can drop much of a bomb.
Super Tucano and Columbia

These photos were taken at Nellis, showing the Super Tucano with a camera pod.
Super Tucano at Nellis

Democracy Now is going to have a report on this on 11/24. They usually have good sources.
Democracy Now

posted on Dec, 25 2013 @ 01:32 AM
Here is the Washington Post article. Note the cropping of the photo of the Super Tucano. You can't see the camera pod.
Washington Post article

posted on Feb, 4 2016 @ 12:07 AM
Any Updates on Activity at or around Base Camp lately?
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posted on Feb, 4 2016 @ 01:36 AM
a reply to: fouroneone

I drove past it in Sept 2015 and nothing happening. Yeah, and that Base Camp page still hasn't been updated. ;-)

The thing with Base Camp is you sort of need to combine visiting it with some other trip because most of the time nothing is happening there. Now if you are heading to Brainwash Butte from say Rachel, take the detour and check out Base Camp. But your average "tourist" just hits the front gate of Groom Lake, eats at the Little Aleinn, and considers that a trip.

The Obama administration doesn't have the same zest for screwing around in Latin America like the Bush II administered, so I suspect Base Camp isn't quite as busy. The only events that come to mind there was the C-130 with the fake tail number (never solved) and that nasty looking quad with the rifle attached.


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