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Choose and Perish!

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posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 12:40 PM
Hi everyone. As you might see, I haven't had too many posts since I joined in 2007. I was running a windows 98 OS then, and it was just too outdated to work really well for me here, as far as posting. I've always been a faithful lurker when I've had the chance, but I know these places are like rabbit-holes that tend to suck you in and never let go once you start to comment regularly. Been there/done that at football/political sites. Once I get into the weeds (defending every view I have to the nth degree), I sometimes never come back out. lol. So, I will try to keep my opinions to myself most of the time, although I do find myself wanting to express them more lately, which is why I guess I'm taking this plunge to begin with.

Anyway...enough about myself...

Something I've always wanted to ask the ATS community, is this: If the "Gozer" scenario (choose & perish) in Ghostbusters ever came true(whatever you think of, if you think if J Edgar Hoover, then JEH will come along and kill us all) what would be the form you would choose for "The Traveler," if the choice were up to you? What would be the form of your prefered destructor? I'd prefer to keep this within the realm of "natural science" like ELEs and stuff like that, but if you have ideas like- "Oh, I'd prefer a giant, 500 foot tall, angry, hot babe to go around and stomp everything into the dirt..." that's OK too!

I've always enjoyed the debates between the skeptics and the Nibiru/planetx...etc...believers. I don't believe in anything Sitchin or Nancy Leader say, but I do find that a rogue, giant body, moving randomly through space, encountering our solar system and earth, would be my prefered method of destruction, if I HAD to choose one.

It's not completely impossible, either. Improbable, yes. I've seen, heard, and read articles by astronomers saying there is at least one rogue planet for every solar system in the galaxy, which equates to a lot of rogues that are not attached to anything. While the vastness of space makes these encounters a remote chance, they are possible, right? Hypervelocity planets/stars that get slung like a slingshot around the central galactic disc, flung out of the galaxy itself, some of them approaching incredible speeds.

I want my destructor to be slow and majestic though. You know, you look out the picture window and it fills the whole landscape type thing, then sucks us into it's orbit and we wander around it through the cold of space forever. That or it flings us into the sun. Each one would be a heckuva way to go, right?

(Are those scenarios scientifically possible? Please tell me YES!)

If not, a big ol comet I guess would have to do. Comet Gozer, the Destructor.

Remember, in this scenario, some Superbeing comes to you and says "You're all going to die now. It's up to you how..."

Why do I ask such a question? I guess if some being ever approaches us and tells us our time is up, we should have some good ideas ready, so we don't get stuck all dying by some silly method, like our heads pop when we hear Slim Whitman music playing. Why not go out with a bang, like a giant planet sucking us out of our solar system? That's more of going out with a whimper I guess, but still, we'd all know what was happening and we'd have time to make our peace, go nuts, whatever, before we all froze to death (the elite would dig tunnels to keep warm at the core of the earth, if they had time. lols).

Remember, this is an exercise in "if you HAD to choose" not if you would actually want something bad like this to happen.

Why not a giant rogue planet that goes by us, really, really close? It'd be really interesting for awhile! Right?

The Goze

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 10:30 AM
You've been here since 2007 and never realized you posted this subject/topic/thread in the Introduction
ONLY forum???

Since you have posted over 20 times, you can start a new one. I'd get the topic youre questioning/bringing into the right forum where members interested in it will see it there and respond.

Not everyone will look for topics you've started the INTRODUCTION Forum.

Welcome and see you around the forums>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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