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How do they control the big-time poiticians?

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posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 05:55 PM

reply to post by droid56


During WWII and the Manhattan project, nobody knew what the other groups were doing, or what the end goal was. It was just get what you have to do done.

This is largely the same concept used in modern politics. Keep a very few, very well informed and the rest busy working towards goals that you've convinced them were theirs.


So true.

That and a feel good altruistic cover story. Most people will do extremely evil things just so long as you tell them "its for the right thing" or "for national security" or "keeping us safe" or "helping them out".

Psychopaths tend to use this tactic to puppeteer their unknowing minions into destroying their competitors or perceived threats to their position.

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