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Idea to Religion (God and Freedom)

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posted on Dec, 21 2013 @ 07:22 PM
Old ideas are rooted in our societies such as ideologies, governments, religions and so on.
These ideas have been thought up for good such as Jesus teaching and treating less well off to the bad in say Nazi Germany.

Governments and leaders make new ideas or adopt a trending one. Regardless generally they will manipulate the original idea to benefit themselves in the now.

New ideas such as NWO's, One Religion, No religion etc have not taking effect. Ideas face barriers such as government rejection, other belief conflicts but also because the old ideas are deeply rooted in society.

is there new idea spreading?

I follow one like this:

God is Good
We define our own laws

This means that regardless if you believe in God or not to follow this idea you must believe in good.
This challenges us to consider God only not to enforce our views other than Good.
This says that we must define our own laws during our own times and not rely on those of old, only to take knowledge from them.
This says each individual has a say on their own life but that say is governed by laws.
Those laws are made by the followers of this idea.
This is simplistic so that it could not be corrupted, only the current law can be.
Ideas are changed for good and bad but questioning and considering new ideas is our free will.

An idea of such taking hold would change quite a lot of course, such as who defines our laws and how non followers are dealt with.

As I follow the idea I would suggest some current laws for a start:

Laws are decided by all followers within a group
Non followers within a following group would be treated as equals
Non followers from outside a following would be monitored for precautions
Oppressive groups would be dealt with by the followings police

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