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Another AIPAC Bill Designed To Get US Into A War With Iran

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posted on Dec, 22 2013 @ 07:28 PM

reply to post by cayrichard

The reality is, Israel owns the Pentagon, Congress, Senate, supreme Court, media, lobbyists, AIPAC, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Hollywood, the Financial Industry, Government Think tanks and most importantly the media.

The pentagon is one place that Israel doesn't own. In fact they are getting fed up with defending Israel.

This is news to me, and good news at that.

posted on Dec, 22 2013 @ 08:22 PM

reply to post by Kurius

The reality is, Israel owns the Pentagon, Congress, Senate, supreme Court, media, lobbyists, AIPAC, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Hollywood, the Financial Industry, Government Think tanks and most importantly the media. That is a very broad and impressive power base. If this is not enough there are many pro israel groups in the US with plenty of political clout, like the AJC, Bnai Brith, ADL, JDL, ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center and Evangelical Christian Churches etc. All have substantial political influence to shape America's perception of reality, it's political System and policies, in order to achieve any desired outcome. US Politicians lack the intestinal fortitude to say no to Bibi or Israel, and, resistance to Israeli demands, is a career limiting move. The Israeli political machine can and will destroy you. Look what it has done to Ron Paul's presidential aspirations. Opposing Israeli policy, labels you an Anti-Semitic and exposes you to media induced public ridicule. This is a classic technique to silence political, corruption, genocide or criminal or other charges made against Israel by converting legitimate criticism into a racist attacks.
A minority of Americans have it figured out, but the vast majority, mainly through media manipulation view Israel as America's only friend in the middle east. This friend will not sign the Nuclear non proliferation treaty, allow nuclear inspectors into the country or permit UN human rights officials into gaza or Israel. This small nation has violated over 200 UN resolutions. Most importantly the IAEA has found no evidence of a bomb making program in Iran. If Israel is such a close friend of America, why does Israel continue to spy on the US. Remember the Jonathan Pollard story, or, all the Israeli spies arrested at the time of 9/11. We have not even touched on illegal settlements and genocide of the Palestinian people. If any other country interfered and manipulated American politics and behaved the way Israel does, the US would have closed it's embassy eons ago.
Iran, other than an 8 yr. war with Iraq, which, by the way was instigated by the latter, has been a peaceful country for hundreds of years. Can Israel make the same claim. Israel, a small nation with a lust for war, and possessing an estimated 200-300 nuclear weapons is provoking a conflict with Iran, who is non nuclear. In the early 90's Bibi claimed in two or three yrs. Iran would have a bomb, and, here we are a decade later listening to the exact same regurgitated rhetoric. The US military is little more than an extension of the Israeli military, and ,Israel effectively uses it as a shield. No wonder such a biased policy has gained the US and Israel an international reputation as the bullies of the world. Is is any wonder why the US has a problem assembling a coalition of the willing for it's Kinetic Military Actions. Other nations have figured out what Americans will probably never learn; you are judged by the friends you keep. When the US and Israel are together, there are no bi-partisan policies for others.
Alas, Americans are the only people in the world that still believe the propaganda of their government and it's lapdog media. Even though the middle east is of little strategic importance to the US, the Israeli political machine through media, campaign funding, lobbyists etc. continues to keep middle east politics on the front burner. In essence, Israel will continue to hijack the US political system and it's military, and use it as an Israeli proxy. Any politician who dares to challenge Israel (Cynthia McKinney an American patriot) will be attacked as an anti- Semitic and relegated to the political scrap heap with the accompanying damage to any subsequent career.
If Americans only knew how pervasive the Israeli influence over US politics was, they would be in a state of shock. The media does an excellent job of keeping a dumbed down US population in the dark. As Americans go to bed hungry and unemployed, Israel, a middle class country, continues to enjoy $8 million a day in foreign aid from the US. Americans should be proud of a leadership who puts their interests first.
Until Americans figure out that their real enemy is a rogue nation undermining their political and propaganda system from within, they will continue to believe in, and be vigilant for external enemies, like Al Qaeda, Syria and Iran and all muslims.
The Kerry peace proposals were designed to fail from the beginning. Even now, Bibi wants the US to tighten sanctions against Iran. There will be continuing pressure to ramp up sanctions and create new obstacles that will ultimately lead to war with Iran. The zionist traitors in the house and senate, will continue to push through legislation to guarantee that the US sends in the proxy Israeli military as soon as Israel attacks Iran.
The result of the ignorance of Americans, and their lack of critical thinking skills will soon lead to lead to nuclear war in the homeland. This will be the reward for unconditional obedience to a nation that views America as a disposable asset. China and Russia have already warned the US about the consequences of a war with either Syria or Iran. Chinese and Russian leadership are acutely aware of where the US and Israel are taking the world and are making appropriate military preparations. There will be push-back.
Ironically, the nuclear issue is an excuse for conflict. If the US really wanted to put the breaks on a hypothetical Iranian bomb making program in Iran they could insist, and force Iran to build Thorium reactors which leave less radioactive waste with a much shorter half life than current uranium reactors and which cannot go hot Fukishima style. To do so would wake up Americans to the real reason why dangerous uranium reactors continue to be used to supply an abundant supply of plutonium leaving behind a nightmarish amount of radioactive waste with a half life measured in thousands of years. Alternatively, the US might pressure the Israeli's to dismantle their arsenal of nuclear weapons, which would diminish the motivation of other neighboring states to do copy Israel , if, for no other reason than providing a deterrent from potential attacks, from a belligerent and aggressive nuclear neighbor, as are now being planned. Iran,a peaceful nation being singled out as the bad guy. N. Korea who has openly threatened the US with nuclear attacks is not considered a problem. What am I missing here?
This upcoming conflict is all about taking oil, and eliminating a petrodollar threat posed by Iran . On the Israeli side, it will provoke Iran's allies into action, enabling the Israelis to take over Lebanon, the Gaza strip and annex more land in Palestine.
As in every Kinetic Military action taken in recent years, American Citizens pay in taxes and blood while the corporations win coveted resources for free, provide the materials of war and enrich zionist bankers.
Israel gets a greater Israel, corporations get free resources and Americans get more wars, deaths and taxes. As Kissinger, a zionist, once joked "Americans buy war like children gobble candy,” so from that perspective everyone wins.

Thank you for connecting the dots. An excellent read!

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 12:11 AM
I think we should just turn the guns on Israel altogether. If there is one country that desperately needs a purge, it is that place.

Now I am not talking about mass murdering Jews, just a nationwide crackdown to get the Zionists out of the government and install more moderate minded people who will listen to both Israelis and Palestinians.

A strong ultimatum could preface this, but since America is so attached, it would be impossible.

It's like Israel is a psychopath murderer child and the US is the parent that believes it isn't him.

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 12:31 AM

reply to post by cayrichard

The reality is, Israel owns the Pentagon, Congress, Senate, supreme Court, media, lobbyists, AIPAC, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Hollywood, the Financial Industry, Government Think tanks and most importantly the media.

The pentagon is one place that Israel doesn't own. In fact they are getting fed up with defending Israel.

Nah, they are just going to open up new things to defend, call it boredom.

Who owns Israel ??

Could it be that Saturn really does have something to do with all of this ??

Seems to me that to find the actual original source for all the insanity on this planet is the ONLY real thing to do, and Israel and everyone else drown out the majority of people , by causing chaos that seems to be needed, for ALL THE CHAOS.

I, personally will focus on something far deeper, entirely, and GOOD LUCK TO THEM !!

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by ParasuvO

My research has led me to consider that extra terrestrials have a role to play in control of the population. It is difficult to deny the existence of ET visitations. Presidents have admitted seeing them, the former gov. of Arizona, countless airline pilots and other very credible people some formerly military have even come forward to testify about their experiences with UFO's while in the military. We have evidence of cattle mutilations and human abductions and implants. Victims of abduction invariably relate stories of the harvesting of genetic material.
A former Defense Minister in Canada believes in ET's. The gov't of the US denies the existence of this phenomena, yet this topic has a higher security clearance than nuclear weapons. Some writers actually believe that there are treaties between the US gov't and at least one ET civilization; they get unrestricted access to genetic material and black ops and the military gets technology. Many FOIA requests into gov't material related to this topic are refused based on National Security. Why classify and redact something that doesn't exist?
Clearly the ET's do not wish to make their presence public. After all, they have the technology, so they call the shots. Consider, for example, that they want to repopulate our planet with a new version of humanity (2.0). Obviously, with their technological advantage they could simply invade and depopulate the planet. I cannot speculate as to why this has not happened. Perhaps as some speculate, there is forced compliance to some "prime directive". An end run perhaps would be to create a more advanced human being, perhaps with a hive mind combining ET and human DNA, then claiming that human elites are in support of their initiative.
The advantage to ET's, in bringing government's on board, is to enlist co-operation and maintain secrecy while they advance their program. This might explain why they need to enlist "useful idiots" to assist them. The obvious ally would be the controlling elite of this planet who already have an organization and structure that could be adapted to their purposes. After all, the elites and ET's are both, seeking control of the planet, so why not enlist their assistance, up to the point where their respective agendas begin to conflict. At that point, the human elite could be discarded and the planet repopulated with humanity 2.0.
Of course this is speculation, but can help explain some aspects of the geo- politics and the insanity we observe in our existence. We, as the top predator on the planet treat other animals with total disregard and contempt, and at times, with unimaginable cruelty. Why then, would we expect advanced ET's to regard us any more respect than a wild beast. Our past is replete with examples of human violence directed against other humans. Where we are headed today, will eclipse anything we have seen in our history, and will be on an unimaginable scale. We would like to believe, that even the most psychopathic personality would be repulsed by some extreme level of horror and violence directed against the greater human population. After all, depopulation of an entire planet would be on a scale unimaginable by a Hannibal Lecter, Jefrey Dahlmer, or Ted Bundy. If this is the case, then it is not difficult to imagine that ET's who are an entirely different species would no more empathy for our existence, than we would for a mosquito. Through advance mind control and other technologies, they may be able to manipulate human beings to carry out the depopulation program without regrets or remorse.
In order to implement a program of depopulation through nuclear war, plagues famine etc. the elites must endure significant discomforts for an extended period of time. That might include living in underground bunkers, or off planet refuges until the planet's surface becomes habitable again. Why would an enormously wealthy human being, who has a finite life span, and, who has the financial base to enjoy all the finer things life has to offer, volunteer to spend years, if not decades living underground? These folks are not accustomed to deprivation. This, however, could be explained by an alien intelligence imposing it's will on humanity.
For this reason, I believe that an ET race is at the top of the food chain running the program.

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 11:56 AM

reply to post by watchitburn

If only common sense had anything to do with Congress ::Sigh::
No, it seems grandstanding and threatening war is common practice among those who will never fight it.
It looks good on camera and makes them feel manly.
Same reason they hire hookers so often.

I don't like it anymore than you, but come on, you really think they're so shallow they need to do this to feel manly? That's something I'd do, maybe, if I was deranged.

I give them more credit.

But why do they do this then?

My guess is they have a feeling of duty to stand by a friend. That's much more likely and also something very human and the rest of us can share that trait.

I may not understand why they give Israel a green light and come down hard on Iran all the time, but Iran doesn't help the situation by constantly dismissing the right of Israel to exist and by also funding anti-israel groups and/or nations.

This whole middle east thing confuses the **** out of me and honestly I wonder maybe things would be better if Israel hadn't been created after WWII as a home for the Jews. They already had places to live, just no single country to call their own. Did we feel guilty about the holocaust? Either way, when it was created, some nations in that region did not agree with us and war raged and the war has burned to this day. This hatred that fuels the fighting goes back further in time as well. In fact, when I researched some of the history I saw the Canaan region has been a place of conflict for thousands of years. Religion and culture and history brew this war.

We can't can't reset history. We have to live with the consequences. Somehow, the UN and everybody has to figure out something to encourage peace. Maybe we'll never solve it, though. Maybe it'll go on for thousand of years to come. This doesn't seem unbelievable to me because the tensions are thousands of years old.
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posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 04:21 PM
Interesting theory, however there are too many holes. Existence of ET...likely. They colluding with people like the Zionists...wait a minute here.

cayrichard is not difficult to imagine that ET's who are an entirely different species would [have] no more empathy for our existence, than we would for a mosquito. Through advance mind control and other technologies, they may be able to manipulate human beings to carry out the depopulation program without regrets or remorse.

Let's say you intend to depopulate mosquito colonies in your neighbor's property (hey, you have nothing else better to do, anyway). Would you:
A)Just spray/fog them or
B) work with the elite mosquitoes and make a deal with them to allow you to do what you must?
I would choose A.

Then, let's say you plan to repopulate that same property with more advanced version of non-biting mosquitoes. Would you, in the name of secrecy,:
A)mind control and give the elite, "useful idiot" mosquitoes technologies to ensure the property is clear for you to breed your new mosquitoes or
B) just mind control all the mosquitoes in the property to commit suicide?
I would choose B. Dead mosquitoes won't buzz a word.

If you are saying there are "prime directives" that control how you should go about getting your mosquitoes into your neighbor's property, would you:
A) blindly follow them however illogical they may be or
B) mind control the "prime director" to make it alot easier to accomplish the task?
I would choose B.

In the case where the "prime director" possesses more mind control capabilities than you, would you:
A)realize that you maybe under his/her silly spell to rid moquitoes, of all places, in your neighbor's property or
B)continue with the experiment anyway and comply with the convoluted rules despite knowing for certain there are easier ways to get your experiment done?
Well, you know which I would choose.

My feeling is that there are simpler answers staring us in the face but we tend to choose ones that are difficult to fathom.

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 07:02 PM
reply to post by Kurius

You people really need to get with the times. We've practically made a truce with Iran at this point.

The only nation left preventing peace is France, and I doubt they're conspiring to cause a war.

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 07:43 PM


The members of AIPAC care nothing about America or it's citizens all that matters to them is the terrorist nation of Israel. These people should be deported or arrested for treason.

Terorist nation ? Be honest (even on internet) and answer this.If you have to choose where to live with your family your choice will be ? Israel or Iran? Israel or Jordan? Israel or Iraq? Israel or Saudi Arabia ?

My answer ( and answer of every free and civilised man ) is Israel in all choices.
edit on 21-12-2013 by xavi1000 because: (no reason given)

Why MUST we always have to choose between one of the two semite groups? These people were seemingly put on Earth to cause trouble and the rest of the world has been duped into getting involved. Let them do what they want, time for everyone else to step aside.

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by Kurius

You need to use google news more often because the government of iran often issues press releases that are so anti jewish it looks like hitler wrote them.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 04:02 AM
It seems some people didn't get this memo - particularly in what is supposed to be the season of goodwill.

**ALL MEMBERS** The recent surge in Hatred, Racism, and Sheer Stupidity STOPS NOW.

Some of the comments in this thread are not of the standard ATS expects from its members.

Thread closed for review.

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