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Cat Just Died ;(

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posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 09:44 PM
Sorry for your loss. I am owned by 8 of the finest felines ever.Cats are apex predators, as long as you dont have their claws removed..going into the wild and surviving is natural. I had one my son owned, he took him away when he moved out...about 9 months later he moved back home for awhile, He brought Sampson with him. About three days later Sampson is gone. Two days after that we get a call from my son's ex-roomate..Sampson was back at that house....9 & 1/2 miles away. How he knew which way to go is any bodies guess...he missed that sweet lil Siamease that lived next door. He stays home now as his nads are in jar somewhere.

posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 12:35 AM
We lost our 2 cats this year after the move, one just a month ago. We have 4 little kittens now, and plan to fix them, the one boy first, and install a screen door on the front too so any smokers at the door will not let the cats out. And to create a little cat fence out of pvp pipes and deer fencing in the back yard next summer.

With our elderly beautiful cat dying, we knew, there was a forboding that day. And I kept thinking it would be ironic, give the puppy back to the guy who dropped it off, it was on its way to the shelter and probably being put down so we had a agreed, but not into dogs, and the cats were traumatized. So one month later the dog was returned to the one who dropped it off and he can keep her, the one cat had run off and there are bears and coyotes around here so we have not much hope. And Kala seemed to say goodbye that day. She didn't come home when it got dark and we called. Those cats you coudn't be keep indoors, we took each in as adult cats, and they were set in their ways. Loved the outdoors, loved rolling around on the warm cement, and perching on the fence and were good mousers.

These kittens are going to have more of a caged life as a result.

But I still can't forget how Kala said goodbye. The strong sense all day that the day the dog goes she is gone too. And going into shock. Then I was going to just hunt around for a few free kittens on kiji, but instead, I felt Kala, felt her spirit and it was like, go rescue some of the kittens at the petstore, the boys need them. It almost felt like she was saying, she had done her duty trying to soften up their hearts an keep the two younger ones who fight calmer, and now it was time for some new kittens to help, and she was watching over us, but free and happy.

So I went and bought 3 kittens that the kids picked out, and the pet store worker said she was so glad because they often got put down if homes weren't found, plus there was a lovely little girl on kiji for free near us.

But I love Kala and Oreo still so much, but especially Kala, bonded more with her.
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posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 01:08 AM
So,so,so sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. I sometimes dread the moment when the great cat God in the sky will eventually call our dearest friends that I have ever known,,,home.

posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by NoRulesAllowed

10 cats, wow do you have a farm or something? I recall when I was a kid I would deliver leaflets to make some pocket money and there was this woman who had her house full of cats. I used to call her cat lady and thought she might be a witch !

posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 04:48 PM
link wife and I did have 10 cats, (4 of which are ours) we do rescue and fostering, (did, I mean) since she left me Dec. 4.....I'm trying to find homes for 3 of my neutered males and also a home for a special needs blind female kitty. All our animals have current medical records, shots etc. Its expensive to properly maintain that many animals. Today's cat foods are extremely fatening...if a cat you have is losing weight (you can feel its back bone when you long stroke them) something is wrong. Also, on the back of their head if its very easy to feel the back of their skull at the top of their neck or their hip bones are easy to feel on their hindquarters, it is a bad sign. I just took one of my youngest males to the vet because of this, he had a gum infection (unknown to me) which made eating so painful he wasn't getting enough calories. Now after a cycle of antibiotics, he's put on 2 pounds and is happy as a clam; although it cost us $136 bucks, its worth it to see "Blue Kitty" looking good.

posted on Dec, 21 2013 @ 09:18 PM
I'm so sorry to hear about Seabee, and I hope you find some counsel here. I am also a huge cat lover and losing them can cause so much pain. My thoughts are with you and your wife. I read somewhere that the Egyptians thought that cats existed in the astral and thats why they slept so much; I don't care if its true or not, but I like to imagine all cats find themselves in a wonderful existence, only separated from us by a illusory veil.

Salame Seabee x

posted on Dec, 22 2013 @ 02:50 AM
I feel your loss, I really do.

I watched our family cat at 19+ years old die in my arms staring at me with the same blank stare as I was desperate to try and help her. This was over 10 years ago but I still feel the pain and loss of a great family member. This was an intelligent and compassionate creature that was treated well and lived a long and healthy life, but I have those memories and feelings intact and will always share them when needed, like now.

Seabee, you were a great part of someone's life, and made enough impact to be remembered always. Your family will miss you dearly and hope you are in a place of joy now.

posted on Dec, 22 2013 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by Aliquandro

Yes this was really the most awful thing to happen, ever ;(

On a more positive note, it was equally awful when similar happened to the one cat (Hiperber) that we rushed to the ER vet at 5am in the morning some months ago (We still suspect that it was some sort of poisoning).

We put him in one of our transportable carriers and walked/ran to the vet who is about a 10 min walk away from our home. Vet told us she'll be there in 20 mins, I woke her up calling, obviously.

The look in his eyes when he looked at us from the carrier, he hyperventilated like crazy and I was really convinced he wouldn't make it. He had this absolute look of panic in his eyes not knowing what was going on, looking at me while I was talking to him trying to calm him down. Same thing then we we brought him in after the vet finally arrived and we put him on the table some 5 mins later. (On a funny side-note vet needed to give him TWO shots to calm him down since he tried to bite the vet..which naturally he never, ever would attempt with anyone else ...
I will also never forget this look, just that in this case whatever the vet did saved him and he improved very quickly. Seabees himself when we found him he was already too far gone, but the look of panic and horror in Hiperber's eyes I will also never forget.
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posted on Dec, 26 2013 @ 03:40 AM

We had pretty much the same symptoms yesterday with our oldest, black female cat, Diablita. With the difference that she didn't vomit. But she sat eerily still in one spot inside the entertainment center, didn't eat and drooled. We KNEW that she has something wrong with her teeth because since about a month or two she always licked her upper lip and sometimes has her tongue sticking out, something she never did in the past.

Now..picture.... 1ST CHRISTMAS DAY 2am in the morning. It was almost like a literally repeat of last week when my wife came into the room and said she's worried about the cat, like the day when Seabees died ;( (We had otherwise agreed we need to have Diablita checked by the vet *after* the holidays because of her teeth but also didn't consider it an emergency, by a long-shot).

But now...I was already wondering where she was because I assumed she was outside and not in the home for almost 2 days...just for my wife telling me she is actually HERE in the house the entire time but behind the entertainment center, obviously something seriously wrong with her.

Obviously we called the vet at 2am, vet first didn't sound too pleased we woke her up and she tried to scare us off saying how expensive it would be...blah blah. Asked us whether we can wait til 9am in the morning...seeing that another cat just DIED and there was definitely something wrong with her I said it's certainly an emergency and we cannot chance it. It's not that we call the vet "for fun" or when we think it's not something serious at 2am on the biggest holiday day of the entire year.

So...packed her in our carrier and walked to the vet.

She looked at her and we described the symptoms, and she told us it's Gingivitis, the mouth/gums inflamed making it too painful to eat. To our astonishment she also said that feline Gingivitis can very well be fatal, so there is a chance that Seabees had the same thing since Gingivitis may ultimately also lead to other problems like kidney failure etc.

Vet gave her a cortisone shot and an antibiotics shot and told us that for SOME cats this is enough since the cortisone is an inflammatory that gets rid of the gingivitis...and some cats may need the shot every two months or so. (I was assuming if cats have this problem their entire teeth need to be extracted). She also gave us some special cat food for her. The entire bill was only €100, for 2am on Christmas day which is more than decent.

Anyway now we're home again and Diablita is still resting (now she's actually sleeping in a normal sleeping position), I am pretty sure that it will need some time for the inflammation to heal. I also looked up how to make a re-hydration solution (water, salt, sugar) which we may try to give her later on to drink. Right now I am glad she sleeps and I hope the shots will do their work.

Edit: Obviously, the entire week now we feel bad having had Seabees not checked by the vet since we always thought he had some sort of tooth problem. But here again, we simply didn't know that such a problem can be fatal and we had no idea that he was in a shape that he died, basically from one day to the other. He STILL ate his food (although sparingly) and drank milk and otherwise seemed "normal", not really any obvious reason for concern that would make one think he could die until the last day when it became obvious that something was very wrong. ("Obvious" also only after reading-up on the internet later...)
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posted on Dec, 30 2013 @ 09:28 AM
NEW UPDATE on our current CAT situation

As you might have read we had Diablita at the vet on the 26th in the morning.

Ever since she is still behaving lethargic, probably from the cortisone and antibiotics. We got more and more worried since Diablita essentially didn't eat anything since approx the 25th although we managed to have her drink. (I made this special re-hydration solution from water, sugar and salt). But the fact she didn't touch ANY food seriously started to worry us.

So today I went to vet and told him and he gave me this rather expensive special liquid cat food and a syringe to feed her. I did some other errands and then came home. Diablita was in our bed (which I first objected to due to the drooling etc.) because she started scratching wanting out from the middle-bedroom where we have her otherwise to rest.

I GOT A REAL SHOCK. Having assumed there was a slight bettering of the situation the bed was all full of blood and bloody unidentifiable chunky pieces.

I woke up wife and we immediately called the vet. Vet was about to close for siesta (2pm to 5pm) but we explained the situation looked REALLY, really bad and we cannot wait 'til 5pm. The blood REALLY horrified us, needless to say.

So we rushed her to the vet and the vet took a closer look at her. He already was pretty much up-to-date with the situation since he had all the information from the emergency visit earlier on a sheet.

He explained to us that the blood and the bloody chunks are from what accumulated in the mouth from the infection, and the cats would also swallow in time at some point she would throw it up..that's what it is. So thank god it is not something internal but still related to the gingivitis.

However, vet looked at her mouth and did a general inspection and told us that she's in a really bad state....dehydrated (despite her drinking my electrolyte solution)...and she lost over 2lbs of weight from the time we had the ER visit to today.

He also mentioned there is a possibility it MAY be feline leukemia or feline aids. (I guess for this he would have to do lab and blood tests).

I want to mention that Diablita otherwise always is and was a healthy cat and I simply cannot see that she would have leukemia or aids symptoms basically from one day to the other.

ANYWAY...the main concern is NOW to get food and water into her.

We already started with a small amount of the liquid food which she surprisingly took very well and will repeat this every 2 hours. If she is healing, even when resting..she NEEDS food and water. She cannot just rest for 7+ days and sleep all day without eating any food. The fact that she spit out all that bloody stuff today is PROBABLY even a good thing, but that's just my own view. Very well aware that the vet said she's in a bad state...but right now we'll do everything to energize her again. And by the way, vet didn't charge us a thing today despite spending 30mins with us.

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