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UK Moving Backwards: Half a Century of Social Progress Reversed in Last Decade

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posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 07:39 AM
reply to post by SecretFace

I agree with everything you posted. The foreigners seem to be getting more dominant by the week.
You dont notice this but the kids do. They are the ones getting bullied on buses,in parks, in schools,in shopping centres-everywhere. The kids are sick of it. I reckon the teenagers of today are being forced to be racist by the attitudes of immigrant teenage gangs. We p.c adults must listen to our own children. But realy listen,listen in private for the underlying sense of injustice is not legal to express in the "free u.k "

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 09:13 AM
reply to post by symptomoftheuniverse

You honestly don't know the half of it and what you know is enough. Like I've said, I have to deal with this rubbish every day and I don't even work for immigration. We have coppers from Romania here, because the amount of crime that they are involved in in this country is off the scale. We had exactly the same a few years ago with Nigeria, only when our officers went out there they discovered tonnes of training camps that simply train NIgerians on how to claim the maximum benefit in Britain!
We've got Vietmanese drug factories, once were confined to London and a few other cities, are now everywhere! What kills us when doing this is they're renting council flats and houses from foreigners who have been given these properties and they aren't even in the country! They don't even live in this country! It was so easy for them to get a property that they all come here and get a property and then rent it out to whoever, most of the time Vietmanese. This isn't just eastern Europeans, this is Asians and Africans as well.

Now on top of this is the violence, unless you are involved in one form or another, you can't imagine the level of violence that's on our streets now. Its horrific! It's kept out of the news simply because at present most is confined to their own nationalities, but beleive me, its only a matter of time before the general public get the reality of what is going on hit them straight in the face and those who live in "multicultural" areas, already have an understanding, just probably not the scale of it.

We're not used to this level of violence that these people are bringing to our country. They are because where they are from life is cheap.

I can understand them coming here, its free money. However, we have to protect ourselves and our own as we have nowhere else to go and these people are ripping this place off something chronic. Hardly any have any time, respect or care for Britain or the British people. You have so many here now from such a wide variety of backgrounds, all with their own agenda, all wanting to get a bigger piece of the pie, something is going to give. If it isn't Muslims wanting to annex areas from British rule in order to make them Islamic land, its Eastern Europeans ripping the place off, its Somalians turning the place in to a skip, its Asian gangs preying on white girls, its Jamaican gangs, its Vietmanese drug factories, it's Nigerian fraudsters, it's British born of parents covering the above that want to follow all of the above.

It's going to get a lot worse and people to the left can rubbish it as much as they want, it will not stop the growing storm. Conflict will happen and easily on a scale that resembles that in countries which we only see on television, this will be a battleground and it will be for all of these so called ethnic minorities, because they can ALL escape to their homeland, while we are left in the debris.

As dramatic as this sounds, this is a reality to certainly everyone I work with and the government know this, they have always known this which is why their policies have been based around attacking, demoralising and dividing the British people because had we had knowledge of this from the start and known years ago what we know now, this would never had been allowed to happen as it has and politicians would've been hanging from lamp posts.

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 09:16 AM
reply to post by Aloysius the Gaul

They are only following behind the U.S.A. we are positively going to be in the dark ages this time next year.

Hope everyone gets their tetanus shots before then.

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 09:25 AM
I live in Manchester in a racially mixed area, my children attend a school where as whites they are the minority.
However it's a good school, with a good community feel, there is no trouble in the area, everybody gets on ok.
It's not all doom and gloom in this country, there are areas where people can and do get on regardless of colour or religion.

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 09:56 AM
reply to post by Freeborn

I don't blame immigrants themselves, but believe me, you are wide of the mark when you fail to address the negative impact that this level of immigration is having on this country. It's always gonig to be government policy that is to blame, both past and present and yes, handing over so much power to the EU mafia is also to blame.

However, that is little consolation when you live in areas truly beaten down by overwhelming numbers of immigrants. If they came here and integrated, no big deal, the vast majority do not, the vast majority want to raise their homeland's flag and carry on as they were which is why in the London area only 1 in 7 arrests are of Brits, the overwhelming majority are foreigners and the crime isn't just petty, nor their intentions anything other than violent.

Yes the government is to blame, but what the majority of these people are doing here cannot simply be shrugged off.

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 09:58 AM
reply to post by WilsonWilson

There is a difference between multiracialism and multiculturalism, the former works, the latter massively fails. Come down to London and see how schools are in inner London, the experience will not be positive I can assure you.

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by SecretFace

I think if you re-read my posts you'll see that I don't dispute there are major issues surrounding immigration levels into this country.

But I don't think immigrants themselves are the cause of all this country's problems. Sure, there are some freeloaders and some, far too may in my opinion, who have come here and are actively trying to alter the very nature of our society and have no respect or regard for our culture - and this needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. But many immigrants, possible even most, simply want to look after their loved ones the best they can.

Now I don't dispute that in the present climate and to the extent that its happening doesn't also have a detrimental effect on the UK job market and other economic repercussions.

But it isn't solely the fault of the immigrants - in fact I'd say the bulk of the responsibility lies with the 'movers and shakers' of the world, who for various reasons have allowed this happen. They seem to have a wilful disregard and disdain for the cares, concerns and interests of the British public. Any attempt to enter in to open yet reasoned debate on the subject is brushed aside and instantly labelled as racially motivated.

Its the policy makers and those who implement those policies who we should direct our anger and discontent at and not the majority of immigrants themselves.

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by stumason

Granted, I am not as doom and gloom as my good mate Freeborn, but the system is buggered.

For all we agree on many things mate, we also disagree on a few issues.
The doom and gloom was deliberate to make a point - this country is going backwards and to once again borrow your phrase, "We need a full system re-boot".

Revolution by a few is the only answer really, because we will never get the general majority to wake the hell up and realise what a state everything is in


On the plus side, if Freeborn is right and Cameron wants us back in the Victorian age, this is actually when the people of the UK were most politically active and the Establishment had a genuine fear of revolution of the masses, so grinding us into the ground will actually work in our favour, it just won't be enjoyable for us.

Now I'd never thought of that stu.
The thing is I think 'they've' learnt from their mistakes and have convinced 'us' that they only have our best interests at heart and that all that 'progressive' social improvement nonsense was actually bad for us.

As for The Miners Strike - one of them difference of opinions mate.
I experienced it at first hand - I saw the police brutality and witnessed the decimation of whole communities, many of which have never been able to recover and are now being held up as the epitome of benefit scrounging layabouts. Until The Miners Strike they were honest, hard working people who were very proud of what they did for a living and what they provided for their families. All they wanted to do was protect that.

Scargill certainly lined his own pocket and was nearly as stubborn, arrogant and self-centred as Thatcher. Neither had the best interests of the miners or this country at heart.
But as a point of interest everything Scargill predicted has come to be; the complete dismantling of UK coal industry, the stripping of all union power and subsequent restrictions on workers rights, the development of the "I'm alright Jack' attitude that is now so prevalent and accepted within society, (the irony of that phrase being somewhat synonymous with todays ME generation and not its original target won't be lost on the older members of ATS), the privatisation of all nationalised industries, blah blah blah.

As I said previously, many people also seem to miss the irony and hypocrisy that Thatcher supported the proposed Pit Closure Plan because she was so against the continued subsidisation of British Coal and that she could buy coal cheaper from Poland which was a Communist country at the time, a doctrine she was supposedly vehemently against, and whose coal was 100% subsidised.

The final irony is that they became friends once both were removed from positions of power.

edit on 23/12/13 by Freeborn because: spelling

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by Freeborn

Aye, I know you do it to make a point, which is cool and you make very good points - which is why I rarely (if ever) take it upon myself to debate you on them in detail. I don't disagree with a lot you say, just perhaps the way you say it

As for the Miners, I think our difference of opinion does stem from the fact you saw it first hand from one side of the fence, while I only know what I know from reading about it from a 3rd person perspective so I am perhaps more objective/neutral in my views. Sometimes first hand experience is good, other times it takes a new pair of eyes to look at a situation. I don't mean this in a bad way though
each has it's merits.

The miners could have struck a deal where it not for Scargill's arrogance and far more pits would have remained open than what actually happened. By the time the strike came about, the Unions had already dug the grave and Thatcher had to make a tough stand otherwise they'd have had her over the barrel. I'm not saying she was right either, but you can see how the situation got to where it was.

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by stumason

Looking at things from a detached and unbiased perspective has many merits and to be fair I always try my best to do so - guess we are too close to some things to be able to do so.

Thatcher's use of agent provocateurs is indefensible.
Doing so she was complicit in deliberately starting and provoking violence that resulted in fatalities and literally tore families and whole communities apart.
This was a deliberate attempt to drive a massive wedge between both sides and ensured that only the outright victory of one side over the other would end the strike - compromise from that point was impossible. Given the governments resources it was obviously only going to end one way.

I have no respect at all for Scargill, I suspect his motives and its without dispute that the power of some of the larger unions needed reigning in but Thatcher smashed the proverbial egg with a hammer.
And she killed the chicken that laid the egg along with it.

Many believe this was the culmination of a plot hatched by leading lights in The Conservative Party many years previous.
I wish I could recall what the plan / plot was called, who was involved etc but I'm sure it went along the lines that there was a plan to bring about the demise of the power and influence of the unions which in return would herald the dawn of Monetarism, Free Enterprise and the restriction of workers rights etc.
It's been bugging the hell out of me for a day or two now.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by Freeborn

Well whatever the plan, they have achieved exactly that. The unions are absolutely useless, totally and utterly useless but still people cling to them as if this is the early 1900's still. Workers now have no rights, that contract of employment you have you may as well wipe your arse with it, because that's what your employer has done. The average British employee, has no rights, regardless of what anyone thinks, we have no rights at all because it is all subject to change at no notice and most of the so called "rights" we have, are usually superseded by company policy which we generally be go f*** yourselves, but in HR terminology to make it sound employee friendly.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 03:47 PM
reply to post by SecretFace

I am curious as to what exactly you mean when you say workers have no rights. My contract of employment is pretty much as it was 10 years ago - the only difference is since being bought by Vodafone, we lost the private medical but were compensated with a £2500 uplift to our basic in return - we could then use that to buy in private health insurance if we so wished, but of course I haven't

Apart from that, my rights have actually got better. If they make me redundant, I am entitled to 4 weeks pay per year served, rather than the 2 I had previously, so with 10 years service I am a happy chappy should the worst happen. Notice periods remain the same and I still get my shift allowance which has improved year on year anyway.

posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by stumason

Are you allowed to join a union?

Also what you are given is not your "rights" - often employers will give good conditions to skilled workers who are expensive to replace - but unskilled workers who are "easy" to replace get the bare minimum - and if legislation has lowered that minimum then they are getting "less".

In my case IO am a skilled worker - I am well paid, good leave provisions, etc. But the admin workers at my work are paid low rates. Also 2 of my team members recently had their jobs redefined and upskilled - they already had the skills and were doing the work - but it still took 20 months top get them the new rate of pay for what they were now doing (they already had the required qual's and competence) E)- and that was actually a fight with the management even though it was mangement who had redefined the job!

There is a lot happening in the "lower" parts of the social picture that is not pleasant - the last 20 yeas - "trickle down" have been characterised by many as the greatest transfer of wealth in history - from the poor to the filthy rich!!

For those of us in the middle class there hasn't been too much of a hassle so we have been blind to it.

posted on Dec, 29 2013 @ 02:29 AM
reply to post by Aloysius the Gaul

We can - In fact, the CWU occasionally turn up to see if we're interested but they largely get ignored as we've had bad experiences with the Unions before where a minor issue gets flared up into something major and we're all made to look like twonks.

But you do have a point, for those of us a little further up the crappy tree, I suppose we have been insulated against the worst of it.

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